Taeyang’s Instagram & Instagram Story Updates (170115) [PHOTO/VIDEO]

Posted January 15, 2017 by

From Instagram:

__youngbae__: (no comment)

__youngbae__: Tourist

__youngbae__: Life of Tourist

__youngbae__: He said he liked my hair and gave me a friendship bracelet. Then he asked me for 5 euros so I gave it to him for our friendship. #BestFriendsForever #BFF

__youngbae__: The Tourist #TourForLife (now deleted)

__youngbae__: The Moment he liked my hair.. #BFF

__youngbae__: Right before he came…

__youngbae__: The Tourist #Tourforlife

__youngbae__: The Friend ship Bracelet.. #5euros #BFF

From Instagram story:

Video via @YB_518