Seungri’s Instagram & Weibo Updates (170111) [PHOTO/VIDEO]

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From Instagram:

seungriseyo: @xxxibgdrgn さん ヤキモチやくんじゃねよwwwwww ほんまにwwww ひさびさの #ワロタ
(@xxxibgdrgn san don’t be jealous wwwwww seriously wwww haven’t laughed like that in a while # lmao)

(Note: “wwwww” is like “lololol” in English)

seungriseyo: Happy new year 2017 from @naturalhighrecord now playing @realbeatrappa ‘ acid revolution ‘ plz keep support to all @naturalhighrecord DJ crews !🎊 @tpa_official @djglory @djfennermusic @crispicrunch_cheezy @crispicrunch_csp @goldtea4u @sam_sp3ck @ferryremix @subinibbo @djruppy

From Weibo:

Translation via @mshinju
Screencaps via @pandariko

Seungri’s friend DJ Glory also uploaded a picture with him:

Source: DJ Glory Instagram