Complete team BIG BANG shows up today… “All members will attend ‘MADE’ preview event”

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Popular idol group BIG BANG is making a public appearance as a complete team, after a long time of absence.

BIG BANG will attend the media preview event for movie “BIG BANG MADE: The Movie”, a music documentary film that celebrates the 10th anniversary of BIG BANG’s debut, which is held on June 28 at CGV Yeongdeungpo located in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

It is the first time for all the five members of BIG BANG to make a public appearance together in four months since their world tour concert “MADE” held from March 4 to 6 at the Gymnastics Arena of Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

As the preview is a very meaningful occasion to unveil BIG BANG’s documentary film that celebrates the team’s 10th anniversary, all the five members decided to attend the event together, despite their busy schedules. Notably, Seungri will directly go to the preview right after his schedule in China on the day.

After giving short greetings for the media in the preview, BIG BANG will meet viewers in advance in NAVER V-APP’s movie talk. BIG BANG will also attend the following VIP preview.

“BIG BANG MADE: The Movie” is a film that vividly depicts BIG BANG’s “MADE” tour concerts that were held in 32 cities in 13 countries. It was produced on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of BIG BANG’s debut. The film will show the member’s true hearts that have not been able to be unveiled on TV so far, as well as what they are actually like in their everyday lives.

“BIG BANG MADE” will be released in the 2D and Screen X version at CGV. Screen X is a technology that plays films on three sides of the front, left, and right. The 2D version of “BIG BANG MADE” runs for 114 minutes, and the “Screen X” version for 122 minutes. The movie will be released on the 30 this
Source: Star News via YG Life