Daesung Answers Fan Questions via Twitter (140716)

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On July 16th, to celebrate the release of his new album, Daesung answered fan questions when fans tweeted them with the hashtag #DLITE_DsLove. Below are translations for most of questions that Daesung answered. The photo below shows all the questions and answers from the event in Japanese as well. (Read Daesung’s 2013 YGEX Twitter takeover »)

q and a 1

q and a 2

Fan : What is scariest to you? Goblin, Live fish, Roller coaster, etc.
DS : Maybe a live fish…

Fan : Do you still play with LEGO ~? (^ ○ ^)
DS : I’m too busy to play with Lego these days…

Fan : Do you reply to only Japanese fans? T_T
DS : No, please participate, Korean fans. I’m waiting! 

Fan : Choose one that you are most satisfied with, among Eyes, Nose and Lips?
DS : Nose !

Fan : Who do you like more, a girl who has long hair or short hair ?
DS : Long hair !

Fan : When did you cry lately?
DS : Every time I do tours, I cry behind/back stage because I am so touched (by the fans) (laughs)

Fan : Oppa, what is your motto?
DS : You live for tomorrow? I live for today !

Fan : My beloved oppa, please send me a dot(.) if you see this mention~
DS : ^^

Fan : Oppa, Honey, Darling, Baby, How should I call you~?
DS : Whatever you want^^

Fan : Who will you like more later, daughter or son?
DS : I would not be able to do anything when I have a daughter…

Fan : What else do you want to try once at concerts?
DS : Kiss scene… Hahaha

Fan : What made you shocked lately?
DS : My nose is growing…

Fan : Please let me know how to make my nose high (taller)
DS : Do nose exercise

Fan : The thing that nobody can beat you on?
DS : Nose !

Fan : When will you get married?
DS : I got married with music again…!

Fan : Aren’t you lonely? because you are away from the members.
DS : I’m so good ! Ke (laugh) I miss them

Fan : Have you had scary thoughts these days?
DS : I’m feeling happy these days !

Fan : Do you like older ladies(fans)?
DS : I love them !

Fan : What should I do after you finish all the tours ?
DS : There will be (tours) again next year probably !

Fan : How about having a Takoyaki party at home?
DS : What’s the address?

Fan : Anything that you want to do this year? Anything !
DS : Bungee jump

Fan : My friend is missing now. Please help.
DS : Call the police right away !

Fan : Please make a nickname for me ^^
DS : Watermelon

Fan : What should I wear for tomorrow’s concert?
DS : Bikini !

Fan : What will you do after this?
DS : Going to the hotel~

Fan : Which part of you do you like?
DS : Eyes !

Fan : How will tomorrow be going?
DS : Good day !

Fan : I’m back from work just now. Please say Welcome !
DS : Welcome !

Fan : Have you ever thought that you look cool ?
DS : After taking a shower !

Fan : My mom who is 62 years old wants to send you a message too, but has no phone.
DS : I want to present one from France

Fan : I cry everyday after DS’s LIVE. what should I do?
DS : I will give you some tissue.

Fan : What fetish do you have?♡
DS : Achilles tendon !

Fan : Are there plans yet to make a pillow from/similar to your chest muscle shape?
DS : CEO is thinking about it

Fan : DaeSung, are you human? or an angel ??
DS : I’m a common person

Fan : Oppa, you know that you became more handsome right ?
DS : It’s a fool who doesn’t know that~

Fan : You are V.I (SeungRi), right !!
DS : I got caught ~ Haha”

Fan : When do you feel happy other than when performing LIVE ?
DS : When I’m eating !

Fan : Besides Queen, what rock band do you like ?
DS : MUSE !!

Fan : A country you want to visit ?
DS : Brazil

Fan : Can you ride a bike?
DS : Yes I tried/practiced (hard)

Fan : What do you think about your album jacket ?
DS : I get shy…

Fan : A person you want to meet now?
DS : You ! 

Fan : It’s summer soon, can you swim now?
DS : I can swim if it’s 25m

Fan : My phone battery will be dead…
DS : Charge it quickly

Fan : Who do you respect the most?
DS : My parents !

Fan : What is DaeSung’s dinner today?
DS : I’m eating fruits now !

Fan : Which one do you like more, summer or winter? 

DS : You !


Fan : DaeSung, are you naked when you are sleeping?
DS : I’m naked

Fan : What do you want to do for summer?
DS : Love

Fan : If the earth is going to end tomorrow, what do you want to do?
DS : Sing a song

Fan : What do you do when you refresh yourself ? ^^
DS : I’m thinking about you !

Fan : What instrument will you challenge/try next time?
DS : Drum is my life

Fan : What sports do you like?
DS : My dream was to be a baseball player when I was in elementary school ! I was a pitcher”


Source: @YGExStaff
Translation” @ShrimpLJY
Photo via: @Unl_nnn