Preview of G-Dragon for W Korea's January 2014 Issue [PHOTO]

Shared by on December 13, 2013  

Preview of G-Dragon's pictorial with W Korea for the magazine's January 2014 issue:


From G-Dragon's Instagram 4 weeks ago:


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  • Momo

    Jiyong oppa, your nippur.....

    • amy

      lol that was one of the first things I noticed. I is pervert. And I really love Jiyong in yellow. >///<

    • Lina90

      Lol thought I'm the only one lol

  • minakwon

    Woah...Jiyong sunbaenim's face is too shiny!Gold&Diamond Boy they said. Kkk...Shortleeves! Chowa~~

  • ester2608

    the magz won't take any responsibility for the chaos because of his freakin handsome face, so they cover it.. so please understand VIPs.. *wink*

    • Christine Destyara

      i think so lol

  • Mirka Komárová

    woa, his back is so crooked. Straighten up G' or you soon meet spine problems :(

    • Mylenne Shindou

      to be pretty you have to see stars (?)

  • Holly

    At first glance on the home page, I saw this title and thought it said something about G-Dragon in a movie. I spazzed for a millisecond...

  • michigopotato

    This is really ridiculous!!! My eyes always ALL THE BLOODY WAYS shift towards his fingers!!! >_<
    And how coincidentally convenient it is that his fingers are partly hidden behind the word "LIP"
    KYAAAA!!!!! My mind!!! Ottokhae???!!!

  • xxxvip

    Lol almost every Ji photo with tide sweater his nipple are shown ! :D

  • Eveminoz

    I cant see you...GD ..was it was it you? LOL..:D) why put on a spark so bright covering ur face? hmm..dont be shy GD babe..u have beautiful hazelnut eyes and oval shaped face..u need to show yourself out mysterious these two pic cuts. its unique though.

    • Mirka Komárová

      its only a preview of that magazine, so they covered his face to not show who will be on the cover. But we fans know, cuz of his tattos :D The spark probably wont be there when the magazine comes out.

      • Eveminoz

        haha yeah that tatoo was obvious enough..though i didnt realise the cross the one he had on his cheekbone..wasnt there at some pictures. so im wondering if it is a fake

        • Mirka Komárová

          asi know its fake. It suits him well, he should make it real :D

  • Myra Gahid

    VIP colors! <3

  • skedaddle

    oh jesus christ, i can only see his body but ugh so hot

  • RingaLingaYB

    Wow, I love GD's magazine cover. I love his shirt...I'm obsessed with stripes for some reason. :p

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    I like Jiyong's t-shirt :) i think the concept of the photoshoot is really casual and i like it :)

  • Mylenne Shindou

    Is a little gay shirt but, come on, is GD, he can use whatever he wants, and still look good and least for me jaja.

  • CrownLove

    How could they do this to his face!? >_< A tressure like that can't be covered!