T.O.P’s non-mainstream ‘Doom Dada’ stands on top: What does this mean?

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Non-mainstream T.O.P’s ‘Doom Dada’ stands on top: What does this mean?

BIGBANG’s T.O.P is attracting a lot attention by sweeping music charts with his song ‘Doom Dada’ that seemingly would not appeal to the public.

It's quite rare for such a song to rank high on charts, because songs that appeal to the general public normally dominate music charts. A song this difficult to understand and peculiar maintaining its top position for more than a day is indeed bizarre.

Since its release at noon on Nov 15, ‘Doom Dada’ has been on top of eight major music charts and is keeping its position. The rap is hard to follow, the song reeks of dreamlike ambiance, and the sound is simply strange. The music video is even more peculiar. Considering all these factors, a truly mind-boggling phenomenon is happening in the music world.

This strange event can be analyzed by looking at the changes in the tastes of the audience. The ‘public appeal’ aspect of the songs that topped music charts is important, and this concept usually contains mainstream taste, pattern and genre with an addictive hook. But it seems like T.O.P has created a whole new category of ‘public appeal’ with ‘Doom Dada’.

This came as a big surprise to the entertainment agency itself. T.O.P has repeatedly said that his new song has no public appeal, and the entertainment agency hinted from the beginning through a series of teaser images that this song will be a peculiar one. Their hints seemed as though they were not too caught up with the rankings, so his song topping charts is unexpected.

Until now, many thought that the value of an artist and the pursuit of public appeal went against each other. However, with ‘Doom Dada’, T.O.P successfully included all his true colors, and yet it was extremely well-received by the general public. This is indeed a positive sign in the music market.

In fact, positive reviews on the song and the music video are flooding the media. T.O.P sounds as if he is chanting in the song, and the music video takes full advantage of T.O.P’s appearance that portrays numerous scenarios with a just simple twitch in the light. Many are unanimous on the fact that only T.O.P “can pull it off.”

T.O.P was fully in charge of writing the lyrics to the song, while he co-composed it with Choice37, who composed BIGBANG’s ‘Bad Boy’ and G-Dragon’s ‘One of a Kind.’ ‘Doom Dada’ carries a story from T.O.P’s point of view, in contemplation of the contemporary pop culture. T.O.P describes what he sees and feels, with a somewhat rough edge and abstract lyrics, along with a surreal ambiance. The song shows an aggressive side of the high-flying artist.

He also actively partook in the production of the music video. T.O.P, who has great interest in furniture, unveiled some of his personal collection including Antonio Gaudi's and Salvador Dali's. But the highlight was undoubtedly the painting titled ‘Deer’ by painter Kim Hwan Gi. The painter is known as the frontrunner of Korean abstract art, who is also the uncle of T.O.P’s maternal grandfather. The painting was included to pay tribute to Kim Hwan Gi, fitting the lyrics of ‘an extraordinary Korean.’

Some scenes that parodied Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and Director Kim Ji Woon’s ‘Nom Nom Nom’ are also providing a source of entertainment for the viewers.

On Nov 22, T.O.P will be showcasing a performance that symbolizes the regression of contemporary pop culture, taking the audience on a journey of evolution at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong.

Source: Osen via YG Life

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  • shelicious

    well why is it that they are doubting him ? i might sound like a typical VIP but
    it doesn't take experts to know that his song is amazing and perfectly weird in a very good way !

    i see TOP in doom dada and i bet that everyone did this is why they were attracted to it !

    he even shared his loved furniture !! xD <3

    • Myra Gahid

      I definitely understand your point. The real VIPS understand that DOOM DADA fits TOP's personality so well that ranks on charts do not really prove his awesome talent and artistry. I just hope doubters and haters don't bash this weird yet awesome song. Oh well, like Ri said, haters are still fans. :D

      • Namrah Shafiq

        haters just dont get good music i guess! they prefer meaningless lyrics with a dance choreography

        • Myra Gahid

          True! The part of meaningless lyrics to dance choreography is exactly what Big Bang is just not giving us. And I love them more for that.

  • G.O.O.D. Music

    He's doing Non-mainstream Trap hip hop music (not public friendly genre)
    But got an allkill in music chart

  • Foodie loves TOP

    Ygunited has posted this since early morning.
    I love the article so much!

  • Foodie loves TOP

    Okay, I has posted like 30 comments on various sites about TOP's Doom Dada so this might be the last one (I should stop being too obsessed with TOP & the song)
    So all I wanna say is:

    • Kimbo

      YES! Keep posting the world needs to know even if they don't understand.

      • Foodie loves TOP

        Have u checked out the lastest pictorial breakdown of Doom Dada on Tumblr? It's quite amazing

        • bobo

          what's the link? :0

        • Kimbo

          No which tumblr?

        • er

          Pls linK!!!

        • TOPfans

          pls share the link or tell us what does it says, thanks

          • Namrah Shafiq

            i have all the links ! bt this site isnt making my link related comments visible

        • Foodie loves TOP

          I'm sorry guys! I've just had an exam this morning.
          Erm, u can just find #Doom Dada on Tumblr and scroll down more
          There are other insightful explanation there, too

          I can't find the original link, sorry :(

        • Haven

          Scrolled Tumblr for 30mins and still didnt find it hahas

    • tabikilledabutterfly

      share this news on the other sites! i'm so happy it's doing well on the charts!

    • Jacqueline

      I don't consider any part of BigBang as K-Pop. They, to me, have always been way beyond K-Pop, South Korea, and Asia, PERIOD! The beginning!

    • Dragon Fly
  • shaboom

    His name is TOP for a reason. XD

    • Kimbo

      Enough said.

  • Hapiangle

    What else can I say.... That's T.O.P!!

  • yazni hussain

    What can I say... It's just TOP.. He is always on TOP.. ^^ Choi Seunghyun JJANG!!

  • JegElskerTabi

    He's so artsy, I have no regret for being TOPstan tbh

  • Nanao

    Not TOP biased but what TOP did is truly amazing! :) But while reading the article, I just find it strange how a lot of ppl from the industry think TOP's new song won't be as successful. And the fact that they allowed it to be released anyway with that knowledge just sounds a bit like nonchalance from their side? Idk, I'm new to K-pop so reading such things baffles me and will take me some time to understand.

    • JEAN

      lol it's just YG and his "humility" media play. but seriously though, i love and i like doom dada, but seeing the trend in #1 songs in korean charts, i didn't expect the korean public to like doom dada. it's really surprising that he's staying on top.

    • Kimbo

      The powers that be put enough space between themselves and TOP's project to give themselves wiggle room to back away if he fails and pat him on the back if its a success.

  • NVMreally

    My VIP heart gets prouder every time.

  • guest

    ..TOP.."Show Time"...XD

  • Kimbo

    T.O.P / Choi Seung Hyun has shown what the music world has lacked for some time "TRUE ARTISTRY" in every aspect and sense of the words.
    He put himself out there in the lions den of a mainsteam, trending, cookie cutter arena with little support and said here I am love me or hate me. In one note he has paid respect/hamage to sound, visual, and written art forms (and family)
    He's MIND FV©K€D us all; giving the music and art world a mental orgasm... left us in the bed clunching wrinkled sheets hoping he calls the next day.

    • Doom lingalinga

      True, he has proven that music isn't all about telling people how much your are worth but by proving that you've got skill....... He has changed the entire game with just one song. He should borrow GD's coup d'état title as this really is a music evolution............Hahahahaha he has really fucked mind the entire music industry.......

    • Guest

      True, he has shown that music isn't about telling people how much you are worth but about proving your skill........ He should borrow GD's coup d'état title as this really is a music evolution....... Hahahahaha he has mind fv#cked the entire industry.....

    • Akisan Aki Antonia

      Truth!…and I am a virgin to this whole genre... but this week alone...I have been turned out by the feel and the vibe and the flow…I understand the references and comparisons to Dali and surrealism…. but as one of Sensai has said F…comparisons…how about we are seeing the wave of the beginnings of a new Future….and a shift 2 whole Nu energy in…music This merde just got interesting again!

  • gdbaby8282


  • gntsy a

    is it a real baby? O_O

    • Vikeejeah

      lol no.

    • drifter

      lol. this cracks me up

    • icy

      thats from movie spirited away.

  • toptoptop

    can somebody share this on omona? spread the love! :)

  • GGGG

    I mean come on, if it wasn't TOP singing it, and if it wasn't the now famous TOP that people love singing it, ppl would just be like wtf and it wouldn't even see any music charts. This song is carried by TOP's personal charisma and artistry, and people are beginning to appreciate that! That means a brighter future for all the BB boys. And possibly and hopefully end to bubblegum spit pop… no hate, just evolution.

    • damn

      same goes to GD's coup d'état??

      • GGGG

        i wouldn't say all of coup detat, who you and black were very popular when they were first released, crooked is still on the charts, thanks partially to infinity challenge though. but definitely niliria was a trap experiment, which kinda flopped tbh. but GD did it again with the infinity challenge song, that song is the weirdest shit ever, but it was oddly fitting the GDony romance, so lots of people bought into the pink fluffiness for that song, otherwise, who cares about a song about "Hong Hong Hong"? also, an example would be girl's generation's "i got a boy", there were comments on the internet saying that the song was all bridges and a mess really, but because GG sang it, it still got big, but if you give it to a new girl group, it would have flopped…

        • damn

          honestIy I don't Iike the song and the MV of GD's coup d'état...

          • damn

            and fangaIs stiII Iike it cos its GD

    • GGGGG

      OH and TOP made the song & gave the ideas and helped to direct the video! He's rapping anyway not singing :)

  • Kimbo

    Doom Dada is said to be different, weird, awkward to understand...
    But its definitly "A CLUB BANGA"!
    Been dancing for a few days...

    • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque

      That reminds me of, WE NEED A CLUB BANGER, WE NEED A CLUB BANGER !! XD

      If you never listened to his first solo song you won't get it xd.

      • Kimbo

        That's what I was referencing...lol you got it; old school Big Bang.

  • bluevip

    LOL tabi!!!!

  • Tami Menzed

    I'm the only one who thinks the MV isn't weird LOL maybe I'm weird
    and saying doom dada isn't addictive is senseless, to me it's so addictive I keep replaying and replaying

    and maybe the people who can't follow the rap is because T.O.P rapping style is extraordinary, the best to me

    • Kimbo

      You are not alone...lol

      • noona

        me too...I raped the repIy button...this is dope

        • ringalingaringalinga

          offtopic but use a different word other than rape. let's not make that word a slang for something.

          • Kyra☞TOP

            everytime i read someone "raped the replay button," i kind of cringe, or get overwhelmed, somewhat. i think the word is too strong for something so simple. lol. like, no, no, its okay, you dont have to say that specific word.

    • Doom lingalinga

      Mine is still replaying........ Can't wait for Friday oops am on the night shift toooo bad

    • Myra Gahid

      Did the same : replay and rewinding the beat and addictive lyrics. <3

  • T.O.P iz da TOP

    i Think i know the reason, its very simple, its because this song is "new" or can i say this song give new vibe thats rare or never exist in kpop or even korean music,, this song same like "lies" when bigbang bring new fresh genre to kpop, its different, nuff said,, top didnt meant to made an public appeal song, but just because of that he make a brave fresh new kind of music to kpop act....

  • ListlessAgent

    The underdog song basically killed the charts. I love he was able to achieve this without comprising his music and vision and without promotion.

  • baynstalk

    wow! WHAT AN ACHIEVMENT! AND TOP IS REALLY SMART,,, daebak! and tnx to the writer,im aware now what TOP wants to convey in his song and mv

  • Myra Gahid

    ONLY TOP! <3 But hell to the doubters. TOP's talent needs no proof

  • TOPfans

    I dun understand this article, why should they doubt TOP of sweeping all music charts? what's wrong with that? I'm not Kvips, so can Kvips pls explain to me, does it means so far no musician kill all music charts before?

    • Kyra☞TOP

      TOP mentioned himself that the music he was going to release wouldn't appeal to public opinion and he admitted it, and yet, it's soaring high in the music charts. that's what just awesome.

      • Bryan

        I agree with another poster...as much as I like the song and video, the fact that it is T.O.P is why it is so successful. I really admire T.O.P for being bold and doing something different. Hopefully with this, T.O.P can help promote a different genre of music and this genre will be able to enjoy some of the spotlight.

    • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque

      Lol you don't need to be a k-VIP to understand it. It's just that only catchy songs or famous artists manage to sweep the charts in Korea, but he managed to do it not for who he is, but for his talent and what makes it more outstanding is that he himself said the song wasn't made to please general audience.

  • tabilover

    Cool . that kind of music is trully amazing .

  • chiffonandsilverlinings

    Value of an artist = the pursuit of public appeal

    BIGBANG: Defying this equation since 2006

  • linnunrata

    Because everything about DOOM DADA is very unique and so T.O.P.ish. So different than almost the same look and concepts you see in K-pop that's why it is not eveyone's cup of tea..It is a fresh air in a stuffy room if you want to take it..
    Like I wrote in my first comment to his MV-it is one of the best MVs I've ever watched with its Dadaist, Surrealist, cult movie Space Odyssey and art references+ wonderful editing and cinematography..
    I think many didn't know or T.O.P studied Theatre & Film at Dangook University (and now he is doing his MA in this as far as I know) so I couldn't expect less from an art student like him...

    • ringalingaringalinga

      lol i doubt he really does attend classes. and the MA is just so he can postpone military

      • linnunrata

        If you are an MA student attendance is quite lenient (at least it was the case for my and many departments when I did my MA since many of us had jobs )...You can do online courses+T.O.P has a good mentor on cinema and directing called John Lee...

        Whether he wanted his MA degree to postpone his military or not, I love the fact that he is studying cinema and theatre that can improve him well artistically as in the example DOOM DADA....

      • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque

        He can't postpone military because of his studies lol. University isn't compulsory but military service is, does what you said even have sense ? I mean, why delaying something that has to be done because of something you do because you want to ?
        Half of my family has important positions in my country's army, I know what I am talking about...

      • nn

        are u stupid or what?he can enter his miIitary service in 29/30 years oId

  • orangejuice

    osen *sigh

    • NajaLane

      Lmao, am I detecting shade?
      It still doesn't change the content though. I personally didn't think it would reach number one, or if it did it would drop like a rock. All the K-pop forums I visit are having this same discussion.

      • guest

        because no promotion?

        • NajaLane

          No, because even though TOP is very popular the song itself doesn't really have mass appeal, the video is also a bit strange if you do not understand the film and art references.

          • guest

            TOP already said that. It was surprising that he did reach number one

          • guest

            and people said the song gives addiction reaction. They don't know for sure why It's addicting, Is it because the voice or the beats

  • LulilaNinja

    what does this mean? this means the new era that begins with T.O.P!!!! wow...fighting! TOP!

  • Keazar Rain Campillos

    "only T.O.P can pull it off".... AMEN!!!

  • Kyra☞TOP

    now, i just feel like TOP is a god.

  • Guest

    People will appreciate what needs to be appreciated and they have different tastes. You can't pleased everyone. "Many are unanimous on the fact that only T.O.P 'can pull it off'." Yeah because the song and the video represent TOP himself. I'm waiting for another review.

  • Hyun Hee MalaysiaVIPs

    he really a king of rap in k-pop world ,. this my opinion ,. really ,. admit this ,. huaa ,. i try plenty time to download this video but can't ,. so this first time i watch ,. i love his rap ,.

  • BIGBANG’s Wife♥

    At first, of course I liked the song already, but it took a couple plays to get the feel of it. After 2 or 3 plays, I had already fallen in love with it and I have quite a funny story to tell you about it. Last night, I was listening to music and Doom DaDa was the last song before I fell asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night my brain kept replaying doom dada over and over again xD!! I couldn't even fall asleep it was playing so much !! Now remember, I wasn't listening to music at this time. IT WAS MY HEAD!! It seems that brain likes it xD! Well yeah, the MV might be "different" but it and the song are both really catchy and pull you in. It's like a dream that is in between nightmare and dream. It pulls you in even though you feel like you are surrounded by... outer space. Something that you feel airy when you listen to it and strong and powerful at the same time! In all, this song is super duper catchy and T.O.P has worked very well to make it at it's peak. BIGBANG and T.O.P, fighting!!

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    Everything about doom dada is unique :-) i knew it about the furniture Tabi showed in the mv :-)



  • datgirl

    Well... Is it okay for me, as a VIP, to say that I don't exactly like this song? It just doesn't fit my taste... Hm... I'm glad that a lot of other VIPs like it though :D

  • Belle Toptaeleeryeohyun Choi

    its sooooo addicting for some reason <3

  • Guest

    When I read comments such as "This is the worst song I've ever listened" "Shitty song" "It's not a good song" "The song is bad"... I thought, Oh It's not your forte to appreciate every genre of music. You are not ready enough to appreciate this kind of music. You are just trapped in a certain music. Prolly It's the first time you listen to this kind of music or not familiar with it. But overreacting by saying the worst or shitty? Well, It just showed how poor your ability to sensing music in your life. You could like a certain genre without become very judgemental to other genres. Seriously could you explain what is good or bad music? Music could express someone's feeling & thoughts. Music could be the platform whatever the genre is. It's not about follow the trend. That's the matter of Doom Dada. Hmm, do you even know what makes a chair so expensive?

  • Stacie

    If it was any other hip hop rapper in SK, this would never happen. I love the fact that the it's dong well, but it's because it's TOP. I listen to mainly SK hip hop over kpop, and this type of Hip Hop is nothing new in South Korea, been around for a while now. But because Hip Hop in SK isn't mainstream, you don't hear it.

    • Guest

      For me TOP made a dope song with his complexity. Thanks to TOP & Choice.

    • Bryan

      You're probably right...

    • icy

      yep, the difference is none of the rapper made it to the chart. gladly top did.

    • keyboard

      "If it was any other hip hop rapper in SK, this would never happen." Clearly, you don't know who G-Dragon is. But no worries *tight smile*

      • Foodie loves TOP

        GD isn't famous for only rapping. He is famous because of many things together: Bigbang's leader +main composer, fashionista, ooak style, etc.

        If GD only rapped, he wouldn't be that famous, uknow? And GD's songs still have melodies, not as heavy rapping as Doom Dada. So this kind of song is like really rare in SK and only TOP can pull it off without public appeal intention.

  • Aunt Rita

    What does this mean? He's T.O.P. He's clever, sexy and full of skills. That's how it's possible.

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

    Because he's TOP! .. and his voice is just addicitve. u just wanna close ur eyes and listen. rough? ! yeah well, "mad crazy" about this song. It's just addicitve.!!! and the video is just AWESOME!.. so different.. non-mainstream but manages to TOP IT! ;)~

  • Vikeejeah

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEESSSSSSS DAMN IT!!!! T.O.P IS KING!!! This makes me so happy, I can't even formulate the words MY GOSH T.O.P YOU ROCK! This is thrilling, I can't wait to see this performance. Also how sweet is it that he included his relatives art in the vid and gave him a shout out in the song "Extraordinary Korean". That family is blessed with talent! He is going to SHUT THE MAMAs DOWN!!!

  • Aunt Rita


  • Dragon Fly

    "T.O.P is attracting a lot attention by sweeping music charts"
    RIRI did it.
    GD did it.
    YB did it.
    TOP didi it.
    Who's next? Daesungie, I'm waiting!

    My OT5 <3

    • nn

      top did it without any promotion

      • G7


  • CrownLove

    The Bigbang book, the one GD maybe is Reading at the Train in michigo, when was it made, who wrote it, and what it is about? (I know it doesn't have that much relevance but...)

  • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque

    As a Catalan grammar Nazi, it's Antoni not Antonio and Gaudí and Dalí have a 'closed accent' í...

    Sorry XD

  • lisa

    this article is just so true.b4 the song's release i read top said this is an experimental song which is not mainstream. he will be satisfied if people say 'this guy is not afraid to try something new'. i think thats why yg didnt put him on promotion as well. so when i watch the mv i was prepared. this song is indeed very strange,there is little melody which seems to be the essential thing for a hit song. the lyrics is also totally different from the 'love' talk in every kpop song. but in two days its getting more and more addictive!!!now i feel totally addictive. for the mv,top said he played many roles in it,at first didnt realise but after watching those films and art ref, each time i watch it i find something new.top u are amazing!!!

  • B3autiful Hangover

    When I look back on BIGBANG TV when YG was visiting the boys dorms in Japan. He clearly stated that he was afraid of TOP will show too much HIP HOP style, and that his uniqueness will be a problem. This was around when TOP was working on his first solo/album. TOP was an underground rapper before he debut with BIGBANG. Doom Dada truly shows his unique style that YG mentioned before, and was afraid that the public may not like it. This proves the point that Doom Dada was successful for being something that is not mainstream. I'm just glad YG finally allow TOP to be himself this time around instead of holding him back despite the public wants or likes.

    I hope future solos or albums from TOP would be like this. Hip Hop style is TOP not mainstream KPOP. People need to accept other genres.

    • Jacqueline

      I get the feeling that YG just doesn't like hop-hop. I could be wrong, yet it seems like every time the gentlemen of BigBang that carry a fondness for hip-hopp try to express themselves in that manner, he vetoes it or hates it. Then they have to fight for it or am I imagining that?

  • Mrs. Choi pra

    First heard it when only audio version has been launched and I still didn't get it ( i heard it 10-15x), then when the mv came out I play it many times, thank God I can enjoy the song now.. ^_*

  • Amber Be

    there's one thing that's for sure, nobody else in the world can pull off this song...
    well Kanye can try since he's done trap, too.

    but only Tabi and only Tabi can make DOOM DADA work.

  • Celeste

    I can't even tell if it's the TOP fan or the art student in me that's freaking out more... All the ways in which he is so unique and creative... I cannot express how much I appreciate him giving zero thought to a mainstream appeal and just being the artist he wants to be... you do you TOP. I think it's obvious we'll stand by you and have the capacity to appreciate the amazing uniqueness to your work.

  • sunontop

    only TOP can pull it off!!!

    YEBAHHH truethat

  • Namrah Shafiq

    i knew it !! the moustache was all Dali!! so much symbolism in the video!! surrealism i'd say !! too goood! this is what k-pop/hip hop should be !
    excellent lyrics aswell!! all you fake ass rappers out there get your shit straight

  • Namrah Shafiq

    when he means the media is not ready for something different like this or the people
    eff them...we're ready and we loved it !! this is what music should be nt just dance numbers to sing along to

  • NK Mantatao

    Does this mean more pregnant women? HAHA

  • Haven

    It's really addicting after a while. That kind of unusual song that gets stuck in your head. All day long I've been "DOOM DADA DIVI DA" and "HAKUNA MATATA" Hahahas. The things T.O.P do to me ~

  • chanrae

    Now that a few days have passed and I can recall my senses, I have only this to say.

    DOOM DADA is 100% pure TOP, love it or leave it

  • Katinka


  • TerryChoi

    TOP, why are you So HOT !

  • Bev Ng

    I like dat cute chubby person with him. Yes i knw its a mask but its def one of a kind! Hv to admit TOPs song is indeed a tad bit weird n his rapping was way too fast. How he does it is daebak! Muaks TOP!!

  • Jacqueline

    I don't know what the big deal is. I felt that this song was my jam from jump and the video is deeply creative. I felt that it was about time that the abstract and rap came together in one seemless dance. Bravo, darling!

  • caitlin

    Even though the music sounded weird but the lyrics is amazingly true and people must have felt the sincerity of it. Truth always hurt but if told sincerely people will certainly accept it.


    only T.O.P “can pull it off.”

  • Invicta

    Interesting how this writer and many others didn't see TOP's Django references too. The opening scene, his suit, red font, etc. What about when he says Hakuna Matata -- perhaps from his childhood? (The Lion King). His rap and flow are sublime -- even though he is a very wealthy and successful man it did NOT diminish his skill, Tempo is alive and well! There is so much in this mv that it can be watched over and over and you'll see something you hadn't seen before. Which is the hallmark of all great art. Well done Mr. Choi. Brilliant.

    • Invicta

      *some underground/not mainstream rappers when they become rich and famous lose their edge/skills -- TOP has not. And I agree with Foodie loves TOP, this is not Kpop he's brought it to a whole new level.

  • CrownLove

    But I still actually havn't got what the lyrics mean... anbody who could help?

  • http://lucynpham.tumblr.com/ Lucy Pham

    People won't like it because it sounds "weird" or "different" and I can understand that because it does sound different and not everyone will like it which again, I understand.

    For international V.I.P's (or just the audience in general), the lyrics are completely irrelevant because of the fact that they can't understand the lyrics and if they don't like the way he raps or the song's beat (which I can respect their opinion), then they won't listen to it. The song has a different "vibe" or "texture" that most mainstream songs in both, America and Korea doesn't have so it's understandable if T.O.P's taste isn't like someone else's. Simple as that. But as long as T.O.P is doing the music he wants, he will be successful.

    I, on the other hand, love this song. I wish I never heard it so I can listen to it and fall in love with it again. Even though I get excited when I hear this song, it's never the same as the first time hearing T.O.P's second solo.