T.O.P Receives Rookie Award at BIFF's Asia Star Awards

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Actor and singer T.O.P of Big Bang received a Rookie Award at the Asia Star Awards during the 18th Busan International Film Festival on October 5, 2013 in Busan, South Korea.

His agency YG Entertainment said, “(T.O.P) received the rookie award, given to a promising Asian actor of the year, at the Asia Star Awards at Park Hyatt Hotel in Busan on Oct 5.”

The award was given out in four different categories. The Best Actor and Actress Award was given to the Hong Kong actor Jimmy Wang Yu (Movie, Soul) and Shahana Goswami (Movie, Vara: A Blessing), while Kim Byeong-woo received the Best Director Award for the movie The Terror Live.

After 3 years, since T.O.P made silver screen debut from Into the Fire in 2010, he received the Rookie Award with his latest movie The Commitment. The Commitment is a story about a North Korean sibling, Myung-Hoon (T.O.P) and his sick younger sister Hye-In (Kim Yoo-Jung), who are sent to a labor camp after their father was wrongfully accused and killed, where Myun-Hoon has no choice but to become a spy in South Korea to save his sister’s life.

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  • pattyluv

    I feel so happy for him! It must be a big accomplishment to be the only person of your race to receive an award. Our Tabi is just that amazing :3

    • pyong pyong

      race? haha i see ure enthusiasm but still u should'nt say it like that in my opinion:) just saying... TOP congraddds!!!!

      • fer

        Hi, I was about to vote up the original comment until I read yours. I don't speak English as a first language and I have a question: does the word 'race' have a negative connotation? Would it be an appropriate comment if the commenter had used the word 'ethnicity' instead, which is a synonym, or would it still be an issue? Or is it problematic for people OUTSIDE of North and South Korea to speak about Koreans and their ethnicity like that? (I'm leaning towards the last option). I'm not Korean and I don't know exactly how racism works there so I'd be pleased to find out, because I'd hate to come off as racist or to be compliant in the pervasive racism that exists among K-Pop netizens. I know the K-Pop world is full of problematic stuff like that and I don't want to be part of the problem so I thought I'd take this opportunity to be educated.
        If anyone else is reading this, would you care to redirect me to some website that deals with these matters and what's appropriate for international fans (netizens) to comment on, regarding their idols? Thank you.

        • xx

          pyong pyong's comment has nothing to do with north/south korea.

          pattyluv, on the other hand, used race here wrongly. it's ASIA star awards and asian is considered 1 race, so her comment doesn't make sense at all lol.

          "I'm not Korean and I don't know exactly how racism works there"
          - racism is racism everywhere. if you want to educate yourself, just google what racism is and don't think of it as something confined just within kpop.

          • fer2

            Oh, I see. Thank you for explaining, even though it seems so obvious now I can't believe I missed it. I was shocked because there were so many upvotes on the comment and I thought pyong pyong might have been pointing out something that was important but that eluded me. When things like this happen it's usually indicative of having a racist bias (not bias as we usually use it here). I'm trying to be responsible about the fact that the culture I grew up in (in which racism prevades) reproduces racist / xenophobic / generally ignorant ideas which people -myself included- internalise, and I'm in the process of deconstructing all those ideas.
            Concerning racism: I follow some blogs on Tumblr where they mention problematic tendencies of K-Pop fans specifically, such as exotification and colorism, but that's about everything I've learned to avoid.

          • Crisy

            Hold up! First of all Pattyluv was not being racist at all. cause I know her and she's fucking asian. Im not backing her up because i know her im backing her up because i think you guys misunderstand her. She consider Korean as a race. If chinese is a race, why isnt korean a race. She's saying that T.O.P must be proud to be the only KOREAN actor who got an award. the comment was suppose to be a compliment and not for fuckin bitches to bash on her. Im pretty sure you guys aren't bitches, just sayin. but in this case base on me i had to use that word.

          • Holly

            Korean and Chinese fall under ASIAN race, so her comment about TOP being proud to be the only winner in his RACE is incorrect.. She probably shouldve used the term ethnicity or country or Korean lol. And I don't think people are saying she's racist. It's just that she used the word incorrectly.

          • pyong pyong

            hey guys... i see the discusions that i managed to rise up ..im NOT making her a racist or something. i know she didn't meant it but her exprimation is wrong .. u gotta agree don't u? i'm coming from a country with little racism and im a med student .. so i know a thing or 2 when it comes to the meaning of "race" as a word with a scientifical meaning not what some of guy's might have understood.. asian's are the yellow race considered right? so u can't say that TOP just coz he won and that hes asian he was the only one of his race that did as she said in her coment ...the other winners are also. im not saying it as a bad thing about what she said just that is incorect. i saw so many upvotes and confused me why others agreed with it ... so i'm not trying to bash anyone here just to point a fact her sentence was wrong:) thats it... no hard feelings oki? let's keep suportingTOP!!!

          • pyong pyong

            calm down crisy.. i did not called her a racist i just said her way to write that sentence is wrong~ that's it..why the suden jump? u on the other hand u should'nt call bitches and then take it back just coz the u realise it is wrong afterall to call someone like that ... ure friend wrote wrong and that's it .. u can't change that . just to agree. just coz u might be confused or something there is NO such thing as chineese race or korean race ... there are only .. black race... white/caucasian race .. yellow race( wich are considered to be ALL ASIANS in this category meaning the yellow race)and red race .. the north american indian's if im not mistaken~~ so calm down coz no one is bashing anyone . race is just about the colour of the skin the humans as a specie has~does'nt matter the religious or idk polictical social context in wich that word can be usually confused with when u talk about racism . i was just shoked that so many agreed with her comment and didnt realised it was wrong that's it:) so no hard feelings oki?

          • fer3

            I think this debate reached its conclusion but I want to clear some facts because I'm not sure if the original commenter was offended, although clearly her friend is upset.
            I'll start by saying that it wasn't the original comment that threw me off, just my lack of understanding 2 different ways of reading the same news - I understood and was ready to upvote the first comment, but pyong pyong's was confusing to me (at first).
            It has nothing to do with the content of original comment and everything to do with how - and WHY - I was so ready to upvote it. THAT was my conundrum.
            How it works: It's all to do with how *emphasis* I percieve other people's opinions and it has nothing to do with the CONTENT of their opinions per se. The fact that I'm immediately receptive of some people's opinions and not others' is indicative of ideas that I've internalised and - like I said in a different comment - some ideas that I've internalised are questionable. I'm being self-centered here. My worry was that *emphasis* I might be biased because I didn't understand what pyong pyong was getting at, I didn't mean to suggest that the original commenter might have been negatively biased as well - I was only speaking about my own experience.
            So if I came off as bashing on the first commenter, I apologize sincerely. When I explained where I was coming from, I should have been clearer on the fact that I only spoke for myself. I don't think anything wrong about the first commenter and her comment was not out of line.
            TL;DR: I wrote these comments for self-serving purposes and not with the intention to point out anything good or bad in the original comment, just to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the first comment and pyong pyong's reply; and also for the personal purposes I just laid out.

        • sist

          Actually, there is only one race, the human race.

          • pyong pyong

            humans are a specie not a race... races are the types of human's fizionomy.. i said it below also :)and depens of some caracteristics that humans have .. in this case skin color

          • sist

            Race: each of the major divisions of living creatures. // Species: a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.

            "race" doesn't have to mean the skin colour or the subdivision of species, but this topic is not certain. for biology or social science (the one i study), both have different visions. theres not right and wrong here still. so i stay with my concept and you with yours ^^

  • macy_12

    wow! TOP is awesome! just curious, is this BIFF major?

    • suitlyfe

      The Hollywood Reporter calls BIFF "Asia's biggest film event." and "the region's biggest film festival".

  • SmileAgain

    Congratulations to our one and only Tabi..He truly deserves that award. VIP's are so proud of you!! <3<3<3

  • Annette

    super happy!!!!=D congrates oppa!!!!love ya

  • jasmineVIP

    So proud of him! (': He's talented. Both as a rapper AND an actor. Can't wait for Commitment to be out!

    • Noona’s for BB!

      ...and as a DANCER! ^^

      Sorry, couldn't resist ;) love our bingu boy!!!! <3

      • jasmineVIP

        Yes unnie! Haha! Unnie totally IN LOVE with Bingu TOP, handsome TOP, charismatic TOP~! Oh wait, I'm too HAHA!

      • Connielicious88

        i like it when he dance the "what is right".. so cute ;)


    HELL YEAH This is TOP we are talking about. TOP Baby you always make me feel so proud of you I can't stop crying and I'm so happy
    You are the best man I ever saw
    congrates the the best man CHOI SEUNG HYUN ♥

    • xx

      what, are you really crying? i'm for fangirling and all, but this is over the top

      • TOP The Life Ruiner

        So you can't cry because you're happy for someone? Tsk. I myself was teary-eyed when I found out he got an award! I'm so proud and happy.

      • Myra Gahid

        Respect other people's opinion dear.

      • mybabyTOP

        are you serious now??? I could do what ever the hell I want ok so leave me alone

  • Guest

    This is the best news I ever saw :) WOW you make us even more proub being a VIP OMO what can I say you are just amazing <3 *.* congrats we need to have a big party for this ;D


    This is the best news I ever saw :) WOW you make us even more proud being a VIP OMO what can I say you are just amazing <3 *.* congrats we need to have a big party for this ;D

  • BundtcakeVIP

    I love seeing all of this news about Tabi, it seems like he's making up for all of those lost days where he was hiding away in his house! ^_^

    • Sue

      he can never make those up, unless he does a TOPless scene ;)

  • http://alltheshadesandcolors.tumblr.com/ ♥EUNJAE_IS_VIP♥

    I am sure that it wil be given applause. Not just applause but a standing ovation! ;D CONGRATULATIONS, TOP! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! :D

  • Tiffany


  • TOPfans

    yeah....congratulation TOP, our Tabi is the best.....:D

  • Holly

    I already foresee him getting a lot of awards. Top and all of BB work nonstop and are committed to what they do--> Big Bang deserves all da awards! Mwahaha!

  • guest

    congratulation my dear..I'm so proud of you..is it for his alumni or his prev movie?sorry I'm confuse :)

  • Elizabeth

    I think TOP is the only one in BB that knows how to rest. That is why he has been hiding in his house. He was resting up for all of these events!

  • sizukachan

    BIGBANG HOTTIE!!! he deserved it!!!!

  • Thandy

    YAY! Happy for him

  • bangs

    congratulations TOP, you deserve it! you worked hard for every award you gained. VIPs are happy for you. we will never stop to support whatever your endeavors are.

  • Vikeejeah

    To quote Taeyang from Extraordinary 20s "That's right, yo. That's right!" He's T.O.P for a reason babeh!!!

  • Mazzy

    Congrats TOP! I have a feeling that there is more great things like this coming for you. So you have to stay out of your room...LOL

  • Picumanchu

    bbu admin closed the picture attachment again to avoid the spoiler.

  • Kimbo

    Congats Tabi you do indeed "Shine Bright Like A Diamond". Next stop Hollywood! Your time is now. Everytime you hit the big screen its award winning. We've known it and the rest of the world can play catchup... Now back to my dreams... handsome face, big chest, tight pants, and... big feet and hands...hehehe. Perfection

    • gdbaby8282

      Only the Superior gene.. ^_^ shine brightly.. He's one of the 5 precious Diamond.. Purr...

      • Noona’s for BB!

        Oh your reference! ^^ "5 precious diamonds" ....it's perfect! :,)

  • G.O.O.D. Music

    He was great actor, famous rapper from big group, handsome & hot as fukk
    What a PERFECT guy

  • linnunrata

    Congrats Tabi....I feel more will follow this after your new movie...

  • Arvena

    Right now I'm so proud of he! He isn't just some star that started acting. Right now he is a rapper AND real actor. Wow! You are soo talented Tabi! Fly my little butterfly! :D One day I heard that some fans considered him and Dara as the least talented in their bands. I hope that now they will see all the mistakes in their thinking. Go Choi Seunghyun! Go! I will always stand by your side and loudly cheer for you on the other side of this world ;)

    • Truth

      I could never understand if someones said TOP is the least talented in BB.T.O.P made songs and produce too how can he be the least talented in BB?! Whomever said that definitely know nothing abt Bigbang
      As in Choi SeungHyun he also write mini-scenario for Gummy MV "I'm Sorry" along w/ John Lee who directed it.
      This man is actually multi-talented but he never once brag abt it.
      Many only know him as a bingu but for me he's really smart and talented.
      Just bc he can't dance that well on stage many just side-eyeing him. Maybe the should try to see the diff side of him not just the bingu.
      Know i understand why TOP in family Outing said he hate to be called like that.

  • http://shippingmyselfwithji.tumblr.com/ arelesdici

    You really deserve this *me clapping slowly, a bit of tears in my eyes with matching standing ovation like a proud choi eomma :">

  • suitlyfe

    OMG I'm so happy for him! (• ◡ •)/ (●^o^●)

  • shaboom

    TOP TOP TOP. Top in everything.

    • JegElskerTabi

      I remember he said he is somehow feel burdened with his nickname, TOP, but he really nailed his own nickname :D

  • 34571N4

    Congratulation to Top.. Just a little question and I'm not really understand movie business.. But the commitment is not even release yet.. How could he get an award base on that? That's the first thing that pop up on my head.. I'm proud as a VIP though.. Just thinking.. ermmm.. Is this popularity awards? Please don't bash me.. Just explain nicely okay.. And I am a VIP...

    • xx

      it was screened at the film festival

    • Guest

      This is what all major film festivals do. They show films that haven't released wide yet, and some art films that will never get wide release. They screen for critics, judges, international film buyers, and the general public (who manage to score tickets). They also judge the films and give out awards. These are not the industry end-of-year awards. That comes later. But they are part of the awards season, where every critics award pushes you closer to winning the final industry award. Like before someone wins the Best Actress Oscar, she has already won the SAG award, Venice Film Festival Award, or at Cannes. Nobody comes into the Oscars and wins that as their first award for a role. You won't even get nominated if you haven't won some critics awards first. At times it is argued that certain film festival awards are even more important than the industry awards, like Cannes and the Spirit Awards or Sundance. They have more (hipster) critical credit, but most people still give the industry awards higher prestige. Still, festival awards can be a very big deal.

  • Sunny

    asdfghjkl this is awesome!!! :') so proud of Tabi. after all the hard work he put in (especially taking on this role while BB were on their world tour, the gruelling hours he put in, not to mention his injury..) it's so wonderful that efforts have paid off and his work is being acknowledged! ^.^
    TOP is on top~! (.....ehm lousy pun, i know...but I had to fit it in somehow >.< lol)

  • fgd

    omg im so proudddddd! even though im like 10 years younger than him or something lol. but still! im so proud!!!
    but didnt he already receive a rookie award before?? wasnt it for Into The Fire that he got a rookie award? a person gets a rookie award once in their life, right?? isnt that what he said on a show?

  • Potatop

    *BOOOM -- a sudden nuclear explosion of TOP erupted* My weak heart is not used to so many TOP news. ~.~
    But I feel so proud of him! Feeling like a mother now, though I am younger than him. ahaha.

  • gdbaby8282

    CHOI SEUNG HYUN! Bravo my man!!
    Imma so PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't fit the seat.. LOL!!!

  • Ranthi Whesi Umbarani

    he deserve this,remembering a big hard work he has done....alumni filming while he also had BIGBANG alive tour schedule last year,so proud of him

  • Mary

    I'm such a Proud Mary! Wooohoooo

  • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

    chokahmiindaaaaa TOP so proud of you

  • Foodie loves TOP

    Omygossshhhh I'm so shocked that he got the award so early! Wow, the movie is even not out yet but he's already gotten an award. I'm so so so proud of you, Tabi! You're such an amazing artist! This news makes my day <3 <3 <3

  • Myra Gahid

    <3 All I can say


    My bad boy is so amazing!!! congrats to the one and only TOP <3 LOVE YOU <3

  • defrancess

    no white hair this time ehh t.o.p (;

    • fgd

      lool yeah!!!

  • suziii-shiiiiiiii

    I'm not surprised he's the FUCKING BOSS!!!!
    congrats TOP

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    aww so proud of our Tabi =) a big Congrats!
    Tabi looks so cute in those pics =)

  • Rainyi

    I just realise his "sister" is the same girl in exo wolf drama version...Gosh she is just so damn lucky...Hope to see this movie soon in my country, got ready to cry a bucket..haha...Just wondering if she is a great actress because erm (I think she did quite badly in exo mv...lol...but then again..maybe the story plot is different...so)

    • Ayusa

      Kim Yoo-Jung with BIGBANG. Backstage pics ^^

  • Azucar

    Congrats T.O.P I'm so proud of you!

  • Connielicious88

    wooohooo!!! congratulations T.O.P.!!! 사랑해요 ;)

  • Bonchie07

    Congratulations to our Big Seunghyun :) As always, I'm proud of you :P ♥♥♥