Seungri on SNL Korea [VIDEOS]

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Seungri's cuts on SNL Korea:

- RICE CAKE BOYS [SUBBED] (Note: This is a parody of this)

SEUNGRI'S CLASS: (Seungri filming a music video)

Seungri: I guess Mr. YG knows who's making hits, that's why he sponsored this.
Director: We got super model Clara.
Clara: Hello, I'm a big fan. *tries to shake hands with Seungri*
Seungri: Hello *only grabs one of Clara's fingers*

Gangsters come to the set saying YG owes them money. They get the expensive bike, which was replaced after with a delivery bike.
Seungri: It's okay. It doesn't matter (to making it popular)..

Gangsters get the expensive chair and wine, which were replaced after with a small chair and soju.
Seungri: It's okay. It doesn't matter..

Clara walks out and then was replaced by an older lady.
Seungri: It's okay. It doesn't matter..

Gangsters come back to get Seungri's clothes.
Seungri: Who do you think you're dealing with? I'm YG Big Bang's Seungri!!!!
Director: Should we stop filming?
Seungri: It's okay. It doesn't matter..


Seungri: You're a regular customer in this restaurant?
Shin Dong Yup: Yes, this egg. They cook it the same way my mother did. *Cries while eating the egg, then gets consoled by a beautiful woman*
Seungri: This curry! It's very delicious! Mom! Are you watching?! This tastes just like yours. *Cries*
Shin Dong Yup: This abalone soup tastes just like my mom's. Mom, I won't cry this time. *Cries*
Seungri: *Asks for dessert and gets tomato juice* My mom used to make me this for my health! Mom! Are you watching?!
Seungri's Mom: I'm here!

Translations by @Huisuyoon, onewomansubs

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  • Pauline Vinuya

    where do I even begin? Oh seungri , you're just brilliant

  • Victoriii

    OMG!!!! The club part had me laughing sooooo hard!!

  • Baby Fraise

    A bit sad that there's no skit with Jay Park. However.....LOL LMFAO ROFL!!! I love how he mocks himself intentionally & hilariously. And again with the hilarious YG impersonation xD xD You just can't be mad at this guy. I'm mentally slapping & pinching his cheeks at the same time xD

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  • foreverxyoung

    I cant stop laughing watching him immitate YG :)))))))

  • foreverxyoung


  • daedae

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I cant stop laughing at the clubbing skit!


    the 3rd &4th video got me dying XD
    lmao seungri I love you so damn much for making me laugh so hard until I end up crying XD
    I love him more and more

  • Aryella Rossi

    I wanna be his omma xDDD

  • dor

    Hahahahahaha I'm laughing my arms off!!!!!

  • sunflowerfields

    i was expecting this to be good but seungri you just killed it. LMAO!!!

  • glow_glow

    He was made for this. I'm crying right now

  • Vicky Yang

    BWAUHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless... I love it! LOL I love Ri being himself and being silly.

  • Vicky Yang

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! His tongue!!!!!

  • Sierra

    I literally cried watching this! OMG!!! XD He's made for this show!

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  • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

    hahaha seungri is one of a kind ..... n Get your crayon pop bar bar bar hahahhaaa

  • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

    the club part , I'm daying of laughteeeeeeeeer , OKAY HAHHAHAAAA

  • choomTOP❤

    hahahha his imitation of YG is the best
    I love it *-*

  • Evi stomach...I' laughing sooooo hard...!!!! i couldn't stop even it's over...
    Seungri baby you're awesome>>>!!!!!

  • J4Y4


  • April Jong Hyun

    he is so good in varity show LOL

  • yujinbb

    Way to go "Mr. Pogi". LOL

  • J4Y4

    #MyBiasActREALLYSexy! <3

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    oh my puahaha Seungri always being entertaining and funny!
    the club skit was hilarious! I wanted to be the ahjuma with pick sueter kkkk

  • candyfloss

    I cracked up so hard. Seungri needs to go on SNL again, heck make him a regular coz that shit was funny. And that MC acting as GD was so retarded like wtf was that lmao. He sounded so crazy singing and smacking his throat. Pmsl XD

  • Maknae

    Omo the restaurant one . . . it was so disgusting that I sometimes would look away, but was laughing my butt off :D Panda is surely so naughty! xD And I can't believe how good an actor he is <3 I would LOVE to see the hyungs' reaction while watching this...xDD

    • Sunny

      the restaurant one had me blushing (esp towards the end). I mean I've watched SNL before, those kinda jokes aren't was Seungri!!! >///< He was so funny tho lol (someone's bound to make gifs of those hilarious expressions xD)

      • Maknae

        I swear it was not my fault for repeating the ending over and over.....his expressions were so fantastic if you know what I mean ;)

        • Sierra

          I believe those are his orgasm am I being to straightforward?

  • VIP

    Oh thanks for uploading....was wondering when it would be uploaded :D He is so damn awesome in this LOL <3

  • Vikeejeah

    Woo! Ri did his thaaaaaang! This is the perfect show for him. He has such great comedic timing and stage presence. Great job Panda!

  • GioVIP

    wahahahaha !
    maknae you nailed IT !

  • GisseleN

    Love it. As expected, SeungRi is perfect for this show..

  • RC reacts

    That push the maknae gave Clara was something serious...

  • Mand Gregorio Abello

    Oh my my...excited akon panooran ran!!!! sure na sure ko nga funny na funny to...!yoho!Saturday Night Live...kilig much..super..^_^

  • deyong

    pandaaaa, you are soooooo !!! =)))))))

  • Azucar

    :D made my day!

  • Sunny

    Omg I was literally shaking with some of the things he did on this show! (while smiling/giggling like an idiot mind you xP) Seungri was so ON POINT in each of these skits! When the crew of SNL said that he had a lot of amazing creative input for the "self-dissing" they weren't kidding! ^^
    So many funny things to pick out but I gotta say one of my favourite bits out of this was - "The magazine said she was choked, but if that's true, she should have gone to the police station." ......THIS!!! I was like omfghellyeah...suck it haters!! xP There were so many ridiculous things within that scandal that you could just tell didn't add up. But at the time Seungri couldn't say a word about it. He had to let people believe what they wanted to and take all the scorn of the public. I'm so glad he's being able to address those things now in such boss way! x)

    Seungri was simply epic on SNL!! Hope he gets to be a guest again ^.^

    • Sierra

      lol yea, I liked that part with the scandal thing too! His YG imitation is always so awesome. And oh lord, the club skit XD when he kept pushing the girls at the gym randomly and his expression when they beat him up at fight club....i couldnt XD hahaha!
      That last skit had me wishing I was the girl though >////<

      • Sunny

        hahaha ikr? that girl is so lucky!! and oh lord...Seungri's expressions! I hope someone makes a compilation of all the epic faces he made in this! xD

    • PandaLILI

      He can't tell or joke about that, cos its 19+, but in this program he could! I am sooo glad!

  • -solar-

    That club scene had me crying of laughter. I immediately thought of the movie, "A Night at the Roxbury"
    Go Seungri hyung!

  • ashbash

    Oh man every time i listen to "Let's Talk About Love" now all i think is that skit! HAHAH Seungri you are amazing xD

  • loveseungri

    I really think he should join some funny dramas like these!!!!
    He is a very good actor!!!

  • choi shiny

    The "Night Restaurant" omg so funny! Seungri's acting is so good ^^

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Hahahaha, as expected. Our seungri!

  • TaeYang_Wiffeyy

    Hehehehe the last one is sooo funny

  • Letti

    hahaha so hilarious!!! good job Seungri as always x3

  • Keazar Rain Campillos

    hhahaha,POCARI SWAG!!!!!

  • Eve | 에블린

    OKAY?? OKAYY!!!

  • Mazzy

    Seungri Power!!!

    I got my life on that restaurant skit. I never laughed so hard and been so disgusted at the same time. Seungri's facial expressions kill me. I think his brothers will be proud of him. I know I am he did a fabulous job.

  • SumOneHea

    Panda rocked! And he rocks them Loubs too!

  • grilove

    OMG I want to be his mom...... she touch Seungri's downsouth kjhkhsdkhkaihihais....

    His expression is just unf unf

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  • Mand Gregorio Abello

    excited na ako panooron sa TV..sure na sure akong funny much to..^_^

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  • moopies

    lol Seungri is hilarious!