Seungri on SNL Korea [VIDEOS]

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Seungri’s cuts on SNL Korea:

RICE CAKE BOYS [SUBBED] (Note: This is a parody of this)

SEUNGRI’S CLASS: (Seungri filming a music video)

Seungri: I guess Mr. YG knows who’s making hits, that’s why he sponsored this.
Director: We got super model Clara.
Clara: Hello, I’m a big fan. *tries to shake hands with Seungri*
Seungri: Hello *only grabs one of Clara’s fingers*

Gangsters come to the set saying YG owes them money. They get the expensive bike, which was replaced after with a delivery bike.
Seungri: It’s okay. It doesn’t matter (to making it popular)..

Gangsters get the expensive chair and wine, which were replaced after with a small chair and soju.
Seungri: It’s okay. It doesn’t matter..

Clara walks out and then was replaced by an older lady.
Seungri: It’s okay. It doesn’t matter..

Gangsters come back to get Seungri’s clothes.
Seungri: Who do you think you’re dealing with? I’m YG Big Bang’s Seungri!!!!
Director: Should we stop filming?
Seungri: It’s okay. It doesn’t matter..


Seungri: You’re a regular customer in this restaurant?
Shin Dong Yup: Yes, this egg. They cook it the same way my mother did. *Cries while eating the egg, then gets consoled by a beautiful woman*
Seungri: This curry! It’s very delicious! Mom! Are you watching?! This tastes just like yours. *Cries*
Shin Dong Yup: This abalone soup tastes just like my mom’s. Mom, I won’t cry this time. *Cries*
Seungri: *Asks for dessert and gets tomato juice* My mom used to make me this for my health! Mom! Are you watching?!
Seungri’s Mom: I’m here!

Translations by @Huisuyoon, onewomansubs