G-Dragon's Cuts from Infinite Challenge (130907) [VIDEO]

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Infinite Challenge introducing the musicians participating in the show's song festival:


This year, the special guests are G-Dragon, BoA, Yoo Hee Yeol, Primary, Kim C, Jang Ki Ha and the Faces, and Rose Motel. The theme this year is the 'Infinity Challenge Night Club'.

G-Dragon chose Jung Hyung Don, surprising everyone. He explained, "I was thinking of someone else, but he didn't try to get my attention. So I got more attracted." Yoo Hee Yeol chose Yoo Jae Suk, BoA chose Gil, Primary chose Park Myung Soo, Jang Ki Ha and the Faces chose HaHa, and Kim C chose Jung Jun Ha. Rose Motel was absent from the show due to scheduling conflicts, so Noh Hong Chul automatically got paired up with the band.

Source: DCGD, allkpop

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  • Lex

    Soo he'll be with Myungsoo again? Poor GD!!!

    • gbebee

      no, worse... hehehe

    • Guest

      You want him with Hyungdon? LOL

    • Lina90

      haha I actually found their last collab hillarious. PMS is like those people who is annoyingly funny lol

  • Laura

    eng sub please :(

    anyway JIYONG looks so handsome ^.^ <3

    • shelicious

      it doesn't even work with me T_T

      • http://bigbangupdates.com/ VIC

        Updated with working videos :)

        • shelicious

          thank you thank you <3

          because of you i got to see GD dancing *_________* so sexy

    • https://www.facebook.com/meochi.nguyen ChiChi

      == is this video on Youtube???

      • Laura

        sorry. i don't know. but i think it should be :)

  • jijibubu

    Cant wait! I want him to be with HaHa or Jaesuk this time!!! :)

    • gageeage

      ur not gonna believe who he picked then

      • Justhavetosay

        who????? I'm dying of curiosity. haha!

        • Jessie

          you really wanna know? kkkk

      • jijibubu

        Jung Jun Ha? Gil?

        • BBshineTT

          SPOILER ALERT!!
          That guy from Weekly Idol ..

          • G.O.O.D. Music

            Jung HyungDon

          • Avi Will

            ....GD picked him himself or was he paired with HyungDon? o.o

          • jijibe

            he picked himself. lol, he actually got first turn, he can pick anyone, and every member got up to him to be picked, but he choose jung hyungdon.
            he's soooooooooo funny today, and he also got really positive feedback from netizen, which is rare. lol.
            anw, GD is so handsome today :"""""""")

          • Kris R.

            Hyung Don? ohmaaaygawd LOL.

            Please Hyungdon, don't make him wear clothes like what you did on infinity company episode...or else I'm gonna fly there to Korea, drag you to a desert and will bury you alive. LOL

          • Avi Will

            that's awesome :D maybe you have the video where GD chooses?

          • jijibe

            i stream it earlier, so i don't have it, sorry TT
            but you should see this http://cfs.tistory.com/custom/blog/155/1551858/skin/images/23.swf
            its when jung hyungdon dance to boa (after he already picked by GD) gd come to him and hug him cuz he's his partner. ahaha gd's sooooooooo cute.

          • Caelanca

            That's nice...know anywhere we can check out that reaction he got in English? :) or do you think you could please translate a few comments if you have the time coz I don't understand Korean :)

          • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

            hahahaa very interesting , he always criticize gd's fashion and make fun of him haha

          • jijibubu

            AHAHAHAHAHA :))) I hope he LEARNS what REAL FASHION is from Ji. hahaha :))) Im excited for the show already :)))

          • https://twitter.com/yoforeverxyoung foreverxyoung

            LOL. Why am I having this feeling that this will be EPIC-HILARIOUS :)))))))))))))
            I cant wait for their collab!
            I wonder what costume they'll wear :))))))))
            I could already imagine the two of them arguing what to wear :)))))

          • Jussy McCarthy

            I dreaded this, probably because after the last IFC and how much promotion their 'rivalry' got I could smell it cooking. Well he picked Mungsoo who was reported to criticise him in the past which was a surprise then, I guess it fits the bill he picks on his detractors rather than his admirers - conflict generates more interest for television as do greater challenges and GD certainly got one.
            Good luck to everyone.

  • Avi Will

    does anyone know where I can see full episode? :))

  • ybkdik91

    The only other member I want to see G-dragon with besides Park Myung Soo is either Gil or Ha Ha. I'm actually happy if he gets paired up with Myung Soo just for the fact that he already knows his strengths/weaknesses, he doesn't have to start from the ground up trying to work out his range and can just go ahead with the song. There already is a rapport between the two and it would lessen the load a bit on him considering everything else he has to do alongside making a song for this festival.

    Side note:- DAMMMNN !! He looks so good here & how cool is it seeing him in the same frame as BoA :)

  • min ah

    i can't wait for the english sub! this seems to be a lot of fun!

  • elise

    Wish seungri and jiyong can appear on hello counselor or happy together!!! I love those shows so much hahaha

    • Tawana

      I agree with you! That would be great since he has never been on those shows!

    • emVIP21

      WEEKLY IDOL juseyo!

    • Myra Gahid

      OMO! I should watch that episode if ever!

  • Sea Li Loung


  • GtotheD

    i smile everytime i see GD smiles and laughs. :DD
    it's just so pure and everything <3

    • Ji-D

      me too <3

  • Sunny

    lol ohh this is gonna be fun.

    cute shy GD <3 love it when he laughs :3

    • gdbaby8282

      SHY GUY ^^

    • Sierra

      His expression when they all started feeling him up while he was dancing! I LOLED when HyungDon suddenly popped out from between his legs XD

  • vip since 2006

    am i the only one spazing cuz gd and boa on the same show together?

    note to those newbies.
    b4 gd debuted. lets just say he was a fan of hers

    • Caelanca

      Hehe..thanks for the info..didn't know that..looking at the vid looks like he's long over that though ^^ how hard was it? :D

  • zoey 101

    with that hair it's 2011 all over again!

  • hananism


  • Myra Gahid

    No video already? T_T

    • http://bigbangupdates.com/ VIC

      Updated :)

      • Myra Gahid

        Thanks! :)

  • Zohe

    owwwnn it has been blocked for $%$& copyrights

    • http://bigbangupdates.com/ VIC

      Updated :)

  • H A Z E

    :'( its ban

  • bLack_RoSE0414

    is there such thing as favoritism here?
    my comments are not posting..why?why?

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    the video is blocked so i needed to read your comments to understand lol
    so Jiyong will be with Jung HyungDon right? i wanted Haha, Yoo Jae-seok or Nong Hong Chul kk

    • http://bigbangupdates.com/ VIC

      Updated with working vids :)

      • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

        thank you :)

  • violaone

    oh gosh, I hope it's uploaded again. I was so mesmerized by him, I didn't download it to my computer. *hopes*

    • http://bigbangupdates.com/ VIC

      Updated it :)

      • violaone

        Thank you so much! And this one has even more than the first, yes? He is wonderful, thank you!! <3

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

    ><~ Im late ~ Aish blocked :(((((((~

    • http://bigbangupdates.com/ VIC

      Updated :)

      • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

        Thankk youu!!~

  • vivian itis

    Deng it! I'm too late, the vid is already blocked! :(
    Can someone recommend where else I can find this vid?

    • http://bigbangupdates.com/ VIC

      Updated! :)

      • vivian itis

        Thank you so much for re-uploading the vids. So quick! And they're HD, too! ^_^

      • jeelee

        Thank you!

  • Giggles

    It's blocked OTL

    • http://bigbangupdates.com/ VIC

      Updated with working video :)

  • ForeverYoungVIP

    Any subtitle?? I wanna know what are they talkin about..

    And jii,, Gooood!! He is soooo fine here!!

  • LovieDovie

    GD so cute!! Can't wait for the eng sub on this! ^^

  • Lily Noa

    lol at the end when they showed Hyung Don piggyback GD.. so cute >.<

  • Sandra Tan

    i just noticed gd has a mole on his cheeks.i never saw it on the other pictures..but he is still so handsome^^ <3 as always

    • VS

      from where it's placed, it's actually a Beauty Mark.

      • Sandra Tan

        I was wondering why on his past pictures there isn't a mole on his cheeks?

        • VIPandaWife

          It's there in early, early pictures. It's usually covered in make up.

        • VS


  • GDYB

    For those who can understand Chinese, there will be Chinese subbed for Infinity Challenge (无限挑战)at dailymotion within 2 days like Running Man.

  • VS

    'O.O' i wawna dance with GD!!

  • Giggles

    He's so f*cking handsome here T^T. Have this style more often bb.

  • VIPandaWife

    Is no one going to mention the smiley face on his hand?

  • g-baby

    How can I watch it directly in the website?

  • hiy0ri

    I don't like park myung soo.. i don't find him funny at all

  • Noshin Nawar Sadat

    Okay, so he does not only make incredible songs that wake me up in the middle of the night and make me fetch the effing phone just to listen to them all over again, but also manages to look this sexy. >_< Kill me.

  • http://www.kiseopfan4life.blogspot.com/ Floradel Almero

    Oh my gosssssssssssssshhhhhhh.. happiest moment of my day?? kekekeke.. o love that wide smile.. and those killing stares.. agghhhkkkk!!!!

  • vanessa

    how can anyone be so perfect!! <3<3

  • M-Snakey

    i always see GD as an artist. but in this episode of IC, i see GD as a man. OMG he is sooooooo attractive soooooooo sexy. if i see his eyes directly, i guess i will die on the spot.

  • ladyperona

    HyungDon needs to stop pointing out GD's fashion it's getting so old it's not even funny anymore (it never was actually)... And the way he rejects GD every single time, I know it's just an act but it's a bit too much... even the other IC cast are obviously felt awkward about it, HaHa's face looking at HyungDon rejects GD even after he came for him the second time, I can feel he's a bit annoyed coz he wants to work with GD too... Poor Haha TT__TT

    • Avi Will

      yeah, I agree. I feel like GD chose him because HyungDon always talks about him but I think Hyungdon shouldn't have gone for BoA when he was already with GD, and even pushed him away....I think he's trying to be funny but usually comes off as rude...

      • ladyperona

        Exactly.. GD did a great job acting so cool about it and casually approached him with the second slow dance lmao.. and smile widely though HyungDon pushed him away.. GD is close with the IC members so he knows they're joking around but I don't know HyungDon just always comes off as rude to me.. The way he treated Jaehyung 2 years ago is pretty bad as well..

        • daebak dae

          yeah i don't like GD chose HyungDon...i actually like GD with HaHa..reminder when they in RM..when see GD tweet with HAHa n IC PD i think he want to pick HaHa. but in my dream only.

        • Avi Will

          Honestly, I wouldn't choose Hyungdon even if someone paid me >.> it's such a shame he didn't choose HaHa :(

          • ladyperona

            I was kinda hoping he'll end up with JaeSuk... but yeah I can see how choosing HyungDon is good for him since the public knows the history between them and will look up to their collaboration compare to others. It's an interesting choice actually. But yeah I feel so bad for HaHa, he looks so disappointed :(

          • Avi Will

            indeed it IS an interesting choice, they have this friend/enemy relationship and it's definitely more interesting for the public that way, GD actually is very clever for choosing him. But it's just that I don't really like Hyungdon, that's the only problem to me...anyways, can't wait for the next episode to see how it goes, hopefully Hyungdon won't be too harsh on GD :)

          • ladyperona

            If he tries to dress GD like that company episode again, I swear I'm gonna flip out!!

    • M-Snakey

      after reading all the responses to your comment, i was a bit surprised. I actually like HyungDon-GD relationship and i don't find HyungDon's act towards GD is rude. Maybe because GD was smiling all the way, so i don't see him get annoyed by HyungDon, but even enjoying it. GD-Haha pair can be boring from the aspect of variety show. I am looking forward to GD-HyungDon interaction! I don't even mind if HyungDon wants GD to wear like him. We see too much of handsome GD, I want some funny GD.

      P/S: I really wonder who was GD want to choose at first (He said he has a partner in mind but was attracted to HyungDon then)

      can't wait to see IC and RM. I want GD so much.

      • ladyperona

        I agree with you, I also think that him choosing HyungDon is a great move variety show-wise.. But the way HyungDon reacts to him after that, he says himself he has no issue with his music and only fashion, but still pushes GD away and goes to BoA even though he already has GD. When GD says his reasons of choosing HyungDon and how HyungDon flares up with anger stating he wants to work with BoA, none of the other IC members in the back are laughing or smiling, it's getting uncomfortable somehow.. Well perhaps it's just me, I like HyungDon but he gets on my nerves each time he started shouting too loud.. he gives off this feeling when he's trying so hard to be funny when in fact not.

        • M-Snakey

          Hehe, we, the loving mama can't bear to see our kid-Jiyong to suffer. Never mind, GD can handle it nicely. He is such a lovely person.

  • Keazar Rain Campillos

    oh my, even I can't understand anything, I am laughing so hard!

  • disqus_EHSR12Ui1Y

    is there a link for the second vid besides jz watching frm this page?

  • Misa

    But Jiyong's so sexyyyyyy


    i want full!!! where full video???

  • Nadia Kwon

    I want the full thing with subs, please

  • Nika

    Please eng sub :)

  • Thandy

    I really want to watch this , like right now . GD looks so awesome :-)

  • Tarry Scarry

    Oh, maaaan)))...
    How a guy can look so men-sexy while dancing with another man?)

  • Caelanca

    I think out of all the other artists, it's Primary who wants to see whether he can one up GD with his song's success...interesting that he chose PMS as well

    ....anyway, all the better for me..more quality music all around ^^
    Now if only we had subs...

  • xmviona

    i can't watch the first video :(

  • thomas

    for those who are interested its episode 346 of infinity challenge go google it

  • musicislifefl

    omgwadh... i wanna get picked like that by GD T~T <3333

  • shuqinnn

    Why dont have eng sub? And is this the latest episode? :)