G-Dragon's ‘Coup d'État’ Part 1 Lyrics Translation

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1) COUP D'ÉTAT feat. Diplo & Baauer

Composed by G-Dragon, Diplo and Baauer; Lyrics by G-Dragon;
Arrangement by Diplo and Baauer

The revolution will not be televised
The revolution is in your mind
The revolution is here

This is my coup d'état
Boomerang going from mouth to mouth
Hands up get high
The song starts, I’m the tagger

Hid more tightly, I can see your hair
I’m a new boiler in your dad’s house
Yeah this is a spoiler
I'm so fly, I’m scary F-Killer
Gorilla that steals girls’ hearts
Bang bang bang
I earn money with my teeth
With my one song
You can get robbed at the company
In this G.A.M.E, I am the hood to the winker
You are lo to the ser
You’ll never know FAME


If time is money, I’m so poor
1 year, 365 days, Hong Kildong, god’s grace
My phone keeps on ringing
Like a newborn child
My phone keeps on barking
Like that dog next door
Bow wow wow yippie yo yippieye
I’m the best at self-admiration and being cocky
I’m shameless
I'm so fresh so clean
I compete with the laundry house
And my flow so sick
Keeps on going to the intensive care unit


Head shoulder knees and toes
swag check mic check
one two three four
I’m Pacman who eats MC
Head shoulder knees and toes
swag check mic check
one two three four
This is a gospel AMEN

Ay you want some you want some more
It's not enough
Ay give me some, give me some more alright y'all
(Hook 2x)

2) 늴리리야 NILIRIA feat. Missy Elliott

Composed by Teddy, Missy Elliott and G-Dragon;
Lyrics by Missy Elliot and G-Dragon; Arrangement by Teddy

Missy Elliott:
G-Dragon feature Missy rappin
and I'm snappin and I get crackin
when I'm in the booth I'm blackin
Yall just yappin yall just yappin
We just laughing
I got hits hits hits
like a tennis racket
Big Bang clap it
In another bracket
Racks on rack it
If the track is hot then
missy smash it
Party crash tragic
Buss it like a prophylactic
Tactics man this aint no practice
Copycats u swagger jacking
Who am iz Missy Elliott
E to the L to the I to the O two TTs
That's effortless
Supadupa fly aint that a b
And my style be fresh
like a peppermint
On top I make em drop
G-Dragon this shit is hot
Don't stop I make em bop
Up in the club this how we rock
Turn it up now let it rock
Now til the clock
Go tic tock
Speakers loud until they pop
Let it drop like wop wop wop wop wop wop [3x]
drop it like
wop wop wop wop

Proud Korea, A crisis because of a few
A sigh, a yawn, the crowd getting cold
One King One Crown, A tattoo on my left arm
Creating a curtain of a new era, Welcome to my world,
I'm the shit, what's it gonna be
Whenever I release, it becomes a hit,
It's not difficult, For me
it's simple to make a line on that music chart
Have you heard about Missy and me,
You don't want none,
What what what what
Get your freak on baby
Get your cray on baby
This is an international diplomacy through rap baby
Born on August 18th 1988
It's my fate to have whatever more than you.

What what what what what, what drop it like [2x]
Niliria Niliria I'm going back (Drop it like) [2x]

Girls are all freaky freaky, why? Because of this Missy Missy here yeah.
Boys are all jiggy jiggy, why? Because of this GD GD here yeah [2x]

3) R.O.D feat. Lydia Paek

Composed by Teddy; Lyrics by Teddy, G-Dragon and Choice37;
Arrangement by Teddy

You are my pleasure
I feel like a little kid
Trying not to think about you
Only 10 minutes at the longest
Our relationship right now is between cold and hot
Anything is fine
If I could keep you right beside me
Your face is so beautiful like a sculpture
When I look at you I freeze like a statue
My superstar
You’re one butterfly
Butterfly effect in the flower garden
In your little smile
There’s a big storm in my heart
Keep running away
Fly away
At this moment, know more about me
Guys are either kids or dogs
Other guys will take you away like a hawk
I’ll give you the love you’ve never felt before
I'll be ya james bond, Until the end for you

Hook by Lydia Paek:
You got me losing my mind
The way you got me fired up
Never give up boy even
when they try us
You and me against the world
With you I ride or die tonight
You have my heart like the beat
The way you got me turned up
Never give up boy even
when they try us
You and me against the world
With you I ride or die tonight

If I’m a boring realist
You’re a dreamer
If you’re going there
I’ll follow you even if I’m dreaming
On that green field
Let’s build a picturesque house
On your ring finger
Let’s get a diamond as big as your thumb
I’ll give you the world
You can be the owner
This is a crazy love song
You can just be the main character
My calendar is red, why?
cuz everyday is your birthday
My calendar is red, why?
cuz everyday is your birthday
Listen well
Come here
Please stop lifting me up and letting me go
You might say two different things with one mouth
Let’s stop with the childish playing nah
We ride or die
You’re bonnie, I’m clyde
There’s no tomorrow for us tonight


Me and my girl friend, we ride or die
Me and my girl friend [3x]

4) Black feat. Jennie Kim

Composed by Teddy; Lyrics by Teddy and G-Dragon;
Arrangement by Teddy

The color of my heart is black
It burns black as coal, just like that
When I have time, I keep on breaking the glass
I look at my bloody hands and say why am I like this why
Your smile is shining gold
But the way you talk, feel so cold
You resemble me too much over time
Sometimes I feel like karma is chasing me
Real name for love is definitely hate
Hope and disappointment are parents of despair
Before I even know there’s a shadow on my face
How did I not know that it came from the light called you
Between you and me time has stopped for a long time
Always the cause of pain is from misunderstanding
Well, I don’t even know myself
But hoping that you’ll understand me
That itself is a misunderstanding

Jennie Kim:
Everyone tries hard to smile
Hiding the truth
Pretending like they’re happy
Hiding the hidden lies in the word love
Like it’s gonna last forever

Depressing, the color of my world is black
The beginning and the end change, white and black
Love is crafty
Sometimes I get some ideas
Really, why am I like this, why
His lips are red
Just like how he lies, it’s red
Overtime our language between the two
I think our own colors don’t match
Real name for love is definitely hate
Hope and disappointment are parents of despair
Before I even know there’s a shadow on my face
How did I not know that it came from the light called you
What's left after meeting you is
Endless agony
Everyday is a continuation of trials and tests
Now I’m singing you goodbye, I’m telling you
This is my last confession

Jennie Kim:
Everyone tries hard to smile
Hiding the truth
Pretending like they’re happy
Hiding the hidden lies in the word love
Like it’s gonna last forever
Someday at the end of this world, thrown by myself
I might miss you
Someday At the end of the sadness
I might be used to the pain and finally regret

I’ll go back, to the way I came (Black)
You and I were hot
That summer, It's been too long
I’ll go back, to the way I came (Black)
You and I were hot
That summer, It's been too long
Fade Away [8x]

5) Who You?

Composed by G-Dragon and Kush; Lyrics by G-Dragon;
Arrangement by Kush and Choice37

Baby I love you, I say this
But for some reason, I don’t feel good at all
I want you, I need you
I sing like this but
I don’t know why I feel bad
Who are you?
You met another guy in the meantime
I hope it goes well
It’s a little too early
It only matters to me if you’re happy
But I’m getting mad baby
What the hell are you?
Dududududududududu, dudududu ohohohohoh [2x]

Baby I miss you
Why do I keep on thinking about you
I can’t meet someone else
I don’t even want to
I can’t even tell if I love you or if I hate you
I’m still confused
I don’t know why I feel bad
What are you
Why are you in front of me
Arms linked with that guy
This is not right
Are you kidding me?
Who are you playing
Omo, that’s enough, Erayy
Dirty forsythia blooming in the streets
Instead of the bags and shoes that I couldn’t get for you
I bought a pillow covered in tears
Why do you have to be happy and why do I have to be unhappy
What the hell are you?
Dududududududududu, dudududu ohohohohoh [2x]

Baby I just want you back
I want you back I want you back
Baby I know it’s too late it
just too late it just too late
Baby I just want you back
I want you back I want you back
Baby I know it’s too late it
just too late it just too late
Fight, I’m begging
Break up, I’m begging
I always beg you to come back to me
Every town, every street, I’m looking hard for you
And I tell people that you guys are doing bad
It’s pathetic and lame
I’ve been lame
You didn’t know?
You’re the same too, you bad girl
I’ll do better, can you meet me for once?
I won’t bother you
Can you please comeback to me
Baby I hate you Baby I loved you
Ma baby hate you
Baby love you dududududu
What are you

Translated by twitter.com/BIGBANGGisVIP

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  • xxxvip

    BIGBANGGisVIP, You are a wonderful amazing human being !
    -reads like there's no tomorrow !

    • bigbangfosho

      -breaks into Tablo's Tomorrow-

  • shelicious

    "I’m scary F-Killer
    Gorilla that steals girls’ hearts"

    good so he knows he steals our heart <3 T___T


    i gotta say i was only able to listen to R.O.D and i gotta say i love it ! can;t wait to listen to the rest

    coup d'etat will be number one ! for now ! so into this slow beat and the meanings behind it ! shows what GD is all about ! he was trying to say alot of things through this song ! and i love it all ! it made me love him more !

    and this album ! the hardships the struggle and heartbreaks he went through !

    god knows how much i'm willing to take it away from him <3 T_T but i love how he is challenging it all ! slapping them bad media and antis !

    everyday he no ! bigbang are becoming more and more great ! artistically beautiful


    • gdbaby8282

      "We ride or die"

    • NVMreally

      Is it only me seeing this line in a different way? >> "Whenever I release, it becomes a hit"

  • hmmm

    "You are lo to the ser."
    Spanish? lo is it. ser is to be.
    Your are the it of the to be?
    I'm over analyzing this aren't I?

    • Jess

      It's just LOSER lol

    • SpanishMaleVIP

      Whoa! I don't think that's the meaning, but its really cool haha

  • Jess

    I love R.O.D and reading the lyrics made me like it more. Some may not like the dubstep but it actually makes the song more interesting? Coupdetat, maybe I need to listen to it more. Even with the music video, it's just not my cup of tea. Niliria, I like Missy's part.

    Listened to the 2 versions of Black and I think Sky Ferreira's version is better. I don't know, but I don't find Jennie Kim's voice super special. Who You is too pop for me. Probably need to listen to it more.

    So far, so good. Really anticipating the other songs especially the track feat Zion T.

    • bigbangfosho

      FINALLY. Someone who agrees that Jennie Kim's voice isn't that special. When I heard the English version (Sky Ferreira) I thought it was Jennie Kim and I thought her voice was so good. But in all honesty, even in GGBE, her voice is just average.

      • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

        i agree too here voice didn't much the song , and i find it very ordinary ( her voice )

        • Honestly I feel that some people, not necessary you would like it better if Jennie's name wasn't revealed. If she was anonymous, there wouldn't be much hate but because it IS her, a lot of people feel the need to discredit her no matter what.

          • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

            you're soo wrong , unlike the others i don't judge here from what i heard i don't even beleive what they said , and i find what the girl did very childish : she tried to ruin her career by bullying here it's reallly bad , and even if she was anonymous i would say that , bcs i am judjung her abbilities not her personnality bcs id'nt know here personnaly :)

          • lalala!

            ...............shes just a rookie lol and her voice isnt developed fully but the fact its lee hi reminiscent is pretty good to me considering shes pretty young so yeah and her voice doesnt detract from the song but rather its fitting of it though lacking slightly in some elements but should give props for her stepping up to the plate and trying cos even our boys grew more as they ..grew LOLOL =p ...and i have no idea what bullying thing youre on about sabrina

          • jianing23

            i agree, i mean given that shes still only 16/17 shes doing a good job. but her voice i have to agree, is just GOOD. not amazing

      • sam-LDN

        i agree too. much prefer sky's version. her voice sounds softer and dreamy. much better suited to the song. i found jennie's voice to heavy for this. i'm sure she sounds good otherwise, but just not for this.

        • bigbangfosho

          Dreamy! Yes! Her voice just flows, and it's not because of editing. I love her part so much.

    • https://twitter.com/yoforeverxyoung foreverxyoung

      Listening to ROD makes me feel sad for GD and her girlfriend.

    • sam-LDN

      i love it! gd is amazingly talented and gifted. have to say my favoutite so far is R.O.D. i feel for him though, from reading his lyrics, it seems like he is really in love with someone and is being held back with being able to reveal their relationship.
      looking forward to part 2, especially the song that has the mv shot in london. that's pretty addictive too!

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  • gdbaby8282

    Beyond my expectation,
    (setting my bar higher than ever) but he just jump off my bar, again and again.

  • zacha

    I love the songs!! to me coup detat is not that difficult to listen to! I love it! and the song of the London mv loved it as well bc I saw it in a fancam!!

    • BIGBANG’s Wife♥

      what song has a MV other than Coup D'etat ?

      • Jess

        Jennie Kim ver youtube. com/watch?v=omtontZ-LgM

        I think the other song with the MV that was shown at the concert is Crooked

      • zacha

        The other mv he filmed in London but it hasn't come out yet! is soooo incredible !!!

        • sam-LDN

          yeah, that's a catchy one. i think the mv will be released when part 2 is released - fingers crossed! i only saw some of it from vip uploads.

  • ILBB

    I LOVE this album! I can't wait for part 2!!

  • Keazar Rain Campillos

    He...is...just...so...G E N I U S! He is so CREATIVE! you deserve a 360 degree bow GD! (oh my,how will I do it!)

  • kkknnniiiBB21

    me and my girlfriend, we ride or die? OMG kill me!

  • GtotheD

    have you guys seen the charts? It's a total LANDSLIDE. m/
    burrying those beneath him lol
    KING GD and his COUP DE'TAT <3

    these songs shows the Dragon in him. he composed it and produced it. just PURE TALENT and ARTISTRY *u* <3<3<3

  • The End

    R.O.D. is superb!!! The whole album is dope, swag whatever you called it. It is SOOOOOOOO GOOOD.......

  • Sivakumar

    i absolutely love these songs..... Ii think lydia should debut as a solo artist . she got everything you need. she sings and dances awesomely

  • bLack_RoSE0414

    as expected from him..his songs are wonderful..:)
    congratulations oppa..you make another good record..

  • Sivakumar

    GD is just on another level!!

    he is a fucking genius in that he can create songs that are Dark and meaningful and take a 180 turn and sing about love with cool beats,

    Dududududududududu, dudududu ohohohohoh is stuck in my head

  • Guest

    Ji... I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • NS

    Wow, the tone of Black when Jennie sings the course in Korean is totally different than the English version that Sky sings. I can see why people thought it was more of a sad song. In the English version, I didn't think it was that sad. Thanks for the translations!!!

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  • Artrina Krishmawanti

    I keep singing R.O.D right now. It's so ear catching. I'm so in love with this song <3

  • Hyun Hee MalaysiaVIPs

    can some one explain what the behind coup d'etat song ,. i can't get it ,. some people say he rebirth , some say people just se him as GDragon not Kwon Ji Yong ,. help me,.:(

    • Virgin Snow

      scribd. com /doc/164805066/G-dragon-s-Coup-D-Etat-MV-Symbolisms delete the space and read this dear ^^

  • rrafanatic

    My fave is Who You?.In this song, he had proven, again, that he is not just an amazing rapper, but an amazing singer too...I love all of the songs that I can't choose my number 2 fave...This is crazy!!! How could someone be so artistic!!!

  • breemilk

    G-dragon is so cocky in some of the lyrics! But he does have bragging rights ! ^^

  • Sivakumar

    Missy rocks the shit out in niliria!! GD stood up to the legend

  • Rachel

    Kill me, Ji Yong! I have fallen too deep

  • Noona’s for BB!

    "I'll give you the love you've never felt before"........<3

    • gdbaby8282

      Just for the record: he always do.

      • Noona’s for BB!

        Ah yes, you speak from experience!?! <3

        • gdbaby8282

          Kind of.... 'Whispering' (With a shy gesture, the wifey will come and get me)


          P.S: noona, your big guy chest... Broader.. Ahh blackout!

          • Noona’s for BB!

            Oh your description....I want to hug him!....... NOW!!!!!!!
            (depressed sigh cuz it will never happen....)
            Cheer me up please gdbaby!

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    who you caught me ,. as my live ,.

  • Thandy

    Love the songs , GD be so awesome :-)

    • :Divya

      oops wrong person

  • 34571N4

    Wow!!! Seriously... His lyrics.. WOW! I'm in awe.. GD!!! You are amazing! These lyrics really captured me. I must say.. If I was having a little smallest doubt during your mini album.. I take back everything! Even if I don't. This is like.. Arts. You are undeniable on a different level. Out of anybody in kpop. Wow.. Just wow..

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    thanks for the trans :)

  • http://bigbangand2ne1.tumblr.com/ AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    Waaaah this part 1 is DAEBAAAAKK!! Can't wait for the whole album!!!! Woooo!!!
    MY G-DRAGON BABY~!!!!!

  • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

    i like the lyrics as usually GD is too perfect in releasing his songs , but for coup d'état i can't inderstund the deep meaning of it can somebody help me to understund it !

    • :Divya

      try this website :) scribd(DOT COM)/doc/164805066/G-dragon-s-Coup-D-Etat-MV-Symbolisms

  • JihunH

    "Real name for love is definitely hate
    Hope and disappointment are parents of despair
    Before I even know there’s a shadow on my face
    How did I not know that it came from the light called you"

    I love angsty GD ._.

  • Caroline Orange

    Just don't know what to say cz GD you're so awesome!!
    #wait for the album 0913

  • Avi Will

    what can I say, he's a genius :))))

  • Lina90

    The R.O.D one really sounded like gd desperately wanna reveal his girlfriend (or married soon??) lol. But doesn't it feel like eminem x rihanna stuff?? But it also sounded like "kill this love" by epik high? is it the dubstep? anyone?? OMG But Lydia's voice?? Why doesn't she release her own album/mixtape??

    I like the "Black" Sky's version better. I like jenny's voice in GGBE. But in this song Sky make the song stand out. Or is it because she has english line so I appreciate the song better haha idk so random.. But jenny just sound average.

    Hands down to Missy Elliot in Niliria. Ji you picked wrong collab. You should be stand out in ur own song.

    Who You is the catchiest!! lol It's like "without you" in ooak

    And I like coup d'etat, though I have to read the lyrics and play it in repeat. But not until the part of "Head shoulder knees and toes swag check" (again) Is it just me? But I feel GD used 3R method for his rap lines lately. Reuse, reduce, recycle. Thank god for disappearance for any snsd reference

  • http://twitter.com/fayelfrida fayelfrida

    haha reading the lyrics out loud so my mom can hear it..
    and she gives comment lol. yeah my mom is a VIP.

  • MissMizz

    GD: A tattoo on my left arm
    me: GD ARE YOU A DEATH EATER?????!!!!!

  • Ayumi Wilbertangmen

    May i know what 늴리리야 NILIRIA mean?

    • shaboom

      It doesn't have any meaning. Just the sound.

      • Ayumi Wilbertangmen

        Really...? coz it's sound great i think

        • shaboom

          Yes. It's from a Korean folk song.

  • o_O

    Loved all the songs. But I like Black with Sky Ferreira over Jennie. It's not all that different but the subtle way Sky hits her notes and the feeling she gives off makes the song more unique then Jennie who has a really average voice. And I knew Kush had something to do with Who You, love his old school vibes he puts into songs. Gotta say I still love Niliria the most.

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠


  • Sahar_Ko

    does anyone understand what "f killer" is a reference to?


    "if time is money, then im so poor" "my phone rings like new born baby" omg GD those must be really stressful. We VIP can't do anything to comfort u but we appreciate ur hard work and def buy the whole album!! BIGBANG FIGHTING!!

  • CrownLove

    I know it is good that we don't know who is or have been GDs girlfriends, but I'm just so curious. Anyway, I just Wonder who he has loved, and I Wonder if he has anybody that he is in love With now. I understand that it must be difficult to see a grifriend With all his popularity, but if he has had a grilfriend, then he has hidden it well, cuz at least as I know, nowhone really know who G-Dragon dates. He is an amazing man, and I only know, for one woman to become his girlfriend, she too has to be amazing. Both G-Dragon and SeungRi has songs about Girls who broke their heart because they left. I honestly don't understand how anyone could leave any of these five boys, I really don't, It is so unbelivebal. I thought that if you where so Lucky that GDragon gave you his heart, you would NEVER go to another. Cuz who the f** can be better then him???

  • jianing23