Big Bang to come back with a new single end of October

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Big Bang to come back with a new song.

YG Entertainment revealed through a phone call with SBS E! Entertainment News on the 16th, "Big Bang's Japanese dome tour begins in the middle of November. Prior to the dome tour, the plan is to release a new song in Korea and promote in Korea and Japan at the same time. The single's release date is expected to be at the end of October or early November at the latest."

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  • Laura

    OMO! OT5 is BACK ^.^ i love you bigbang <3 VIP UNTIL WHENEVER/....

  • Lilin Hasan


  • Bb daesungie

    Taeyang album?

    • mandy hepburn

      I just think the same!!! WTF? what about TAEYANG album???

      • nadia nayaa

        i thought taeyang album will be release in september . but , now we are already in the middle of september . just wait and see what will happen .

      • shelicious

        its going to be on October i think
        and probably promote it with bigbang

        i dunno T______________T

    • Amy

      I have a feeling we'll get Taeyang's teasers soon... like this week!

      • Twinklin star

        It will be really soon. He is filming his MV now ^^

    • mytopsecret

      i think what gonna happen is that taeyang will release an album this oct ..i doubt if BB will have a new full album (esp that bb album takes a lot of time before it will be release).or maybe a single album will come out..but im so certain passing the torch from gd to tae will happen soon :)

    • G.O.O.D. Music

      Dont worry Taeyang's next..after GD

      • Tbaby

        I sure hope so. YG still hasn't given any fixed date. I've been waiting for more news about his album but he announces this instead. It makes you think, well what about Tae and what he has been working on all this time?...Sigh.

        • G.O.O.D. Music

          He wants make the perfect album..

          • Tbaby

            Yep but I'm pretty sure he's already chose his tracklist. I think now Taebaby's just waiting his turn...

      • Stacie

        if that's the case, that doesn't give enough time for promotion, or rest. Fuck that... We've seen everybody but my boo at this point. Even Dae got to promote some music in Japan. TOP had his movie, and GD and VI both did their thing... da hell YG?

    • swinter101

      i heard his filming the mv now so just wait a little

  • fayelfrida

    OMG my BigBang heart is rejoicing... OT5 !!!
    November ghaaad october for YB , November for TOP's film.. and late November wahahahah BigBang ... im so happy!!

  • areemuse

    aaaaaa finally. i miss the so much

  • FC

    BIGBANG as 5 coming back T____T *cries tears of joy* but but but...just a single?? not an album??



  • Baby Fraise

    OT5!!!! Aarrrrrgghhhh so excited! :D hope this is true and YG is not trolling again :p

  • jasmineVIP

    Continue from yesterday BIGBANG FEELS! I certainly hope YG papa doesn't drag anymore ): OT5! GD > Taeyang > BIGBANG! BLOWWWW! Never ending of YG babies~

    • Twinklin star

      Yay! My boys are coming back! .<

      • Maknae

        LINE Chat? :o Where did u see it? I wanna c it too ;-;

        • Twinklin star

          GD had a line chat and he called YB and panda too. When he spoke with YB they talked about it. I saw trans on twitter. Should have waited for BBU to update about it but I couldn't help myself teehee ^^

          • Maknae

            Hehe thanks anyways xD Now to wait for the subbed LINE video ^-^ So interested to know what he said to both Taeyang and panda..:D

          • Lina90

            WOW!! Thanks God!! When I first show this, I thought?? WHAT?? How about Taeyang?? And I know it's not the most suitable place, but I feel pity for 2NE1.. What happened to them.. :(

          • Twinklin star

            Well 2ne1 have released 2 singles only last month. It's not like their still on hiatus. They were promoting on music shows only a couple of weeks ago. I think their album is scheduled for an october release too because that was the original plan ;-)

  • cute_riel

    I'm so excited for their daebak! :) Clap clap! :D

  • ahjumma

    world tour please!!!!!!

  • elerieC


  • Amy

    So world tour by next year!?

  • Audia

    ---I, i cant--breathe... ;A; welcome baaack! ;A;

  • Mikichan20

    Kings, my babies, my precious all..<3

  • nadia nayaa

    is this real ?? omgggg T.T i'm so excited ^^ . but hey guys , we knew YG well, right ? LOL . i just want taeyang album first then their new single . next , my life will be perfect ^^

  • Guest

    This is such crap! That means they're only gonna give taeyang a month of promotion. If they even release his album at all! Why must yg take so long. Then rush everything all at once?

    • Amy

      Seungri only promoted for 1 month and GD will be doing the same, so it makes sense. 1 month each, then BB. And I don't think they're rushing it. YG has been saying that the Korean way of promoting one song over and over again in music shows is getting boring. I think it's actually good that they're spicing things up. It's more interesting for them and for the fans as well.

    • ForeverYoung


    • Liz

      GD seungri and taeayng will promote 1 month in korea, but seungri have doble promotion korea an japan

  • jeshkahhh

    oh my god ... im finally going to see them perform together :"
    i love you bigbang.

    uhhh, but guys?

    ... how about taeyang?

  • Hyun Hee MalaysiaVIPs

    yayyyyy ,. finally ,. i can see my fourth bias ,. TOP ,. huhu ,. it's not easy to see him ,. and OT5 ,. ToDae too., wahh ,. i'm so jealous look GRi shipper scream through their fan services ,. but i scream together ,. GRi is to romantic to resist..

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Can't wait!

  • xxxdrgnfly

    YES. YES. YesYesYesYesYes. YES. Finally! I missed them as a whole for too long.

  • Kimia

    All 5 together! Awsome!!

  • linnunrata

    Single-like a delicious appetizer..
    Album-main course will follow it soon I hope..

    • Noona’s for BB!

      World concert tour - the sweetest dessert! ^^

      • linnunrata

        It will be "crème de la crème..."

  • Federica Savio


  • xxxlolxxx

    YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!*crying right now*
    I miss them soooooo much <3 <3 <3
    BIG BANG <3 <3 <3

  • Andy Tjhin

    there's must be something with Taeyang New Album ????????????

  • lovesBB

    Sooo Haaapppyyy!!!

  • TOPism

    OMG, this is a miracle !!!! Can't wait

  • apple

    Taeyang's album?? 2ne1's singles? YG said 2ne1 will release single every month before release whole album.., YG said Taeyang&Psy will comeback in September, whoaa..YG's schedules really confusing, LOL
    dont get me wrong, i love YG's products, but seems they're a bit overlap for this 2nd half year, this is not YG's style that i know, YG always take a time before release a comeback. btw TOP's new movie also come out in theater in Nov,
    well..i hope everything is okay and Welcome back, BigBang!! :)

    • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

      yeah he's so weird , maybe he want another teamkill !!

  • Visindahouse

    Huh vips are so insatiable
    We got new BIG BANG song!!! YEAAA

  • tabilovesmetoo

    My OT5 feelsssssssssssss~ <3

  • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

    i knew it they can't do such a big dome tour without any new single , oooh i'm so happy right now can't wait for them

  • Adisty D Hardianti

    FINALLY! *tears of joy*

  • Sunny

    not sure if YG-trolling is intentional to hype fans...or is just really confused himself e_e

    like I want to be happy and excited, but this is one hot mess of a schedule! I mean seriously - Bae's album...BB's single...Korean AND Japan promotions watwatwat?? ugh totally excited/conflicted/confused/

    • Noona’s for BB!

      Lets just think positive that it will all fall into place! <3

  • ryuhara

    Strike! Strike! Strike! WORLD TOUR!

    • MickieJay

      Yes, PLEASE!!!!

  • shaboom

    Dream come true!!! World Tour 2 next please...after the dome tour. Jebal jebal..

  • Pick a boo

    Uhhh, I can't even......asdfghjkl
    So, are they going to perform at MAMA this year? At least?

  • febri ria

    finnaly , i can't wait ^^

  • Linda Vang

    Ohh can't wait!! It's going to be a show down between Big Bang and SNSD!!!

  • nHurs89

    yg! i' m waiting in 2ne1 3rd comeback !!
    where is it~~just trol us.
    i'm happy if bigbang and 2ne1 comeback in october.
    and kill again the stage w/ swagger rules.

  • Jelena S.

    infinite happiness.

  • BMT

    YG doesn't even keep the schedules he announces HIMSELF much less vague announcements those from anonymous representatives on the phone. I wouldn't get too excited about this until it's confirmed.

  • o_O

    too rushed, it was vacant for the first half besides what lee hi and psy? and now the guy has left way too many artists to promote. he's got winner debuting in october now too. he could've at least released 2NE1 and CL earlier, they obviously had Falling In Love done for awhile since they used CL's intro rap for it. could've eased the breath a bit for seungri and pushed his comeback earlier so it wouldn't overlap with gd and now taeyang who will probably also be in the same predicament. although i do understand that it's not all yg's fault because his artists release when they're ready. but it is just so awfully messy that he needs to be a bit more strict on scheduling. but this is really good news, i thought they wouldn't comeback for awhile! hopefully it's followed by an album *__*

  • Myra Gahid

    O_O This is what VIPS need!

  • Liz

    I just knew it, they said they dont know about a album, but they will try a knew single for the dome tour. ANd GD and seungri are prompting only 1 month in korea ( seungri doble promotion korea and japan) so taeyang will get a month too

    • Noona’s for BB!

      I am beyond excited for this upcoming single....
      Even just one song-I'll take it! <3

      • Liz

        me too!! I really hope everything goes good in japan!

  • Ribka Oktaviana S

    aahhhhhh YG Feeling baby..!! I hope this will be TRUE..!!!

  • Mouna Youssouf

    But... first i want Taeyang's album.
    Even tho Gdragon is my favorite artist in Kpop or in US music
    I think that Taeyang's album is the album i always listen to when i want something that is truly my taste.
    With Gdragon's album i am always surprised ( in a good way ) but with Taeyang i am always like : " ah..that's exactly Taeyang. It's totally him"

    Anyways am happy to hear this tho

  • madzri

    OMG!!! I hope they release it on October. That'll be the best birthday gift ever!!!

  • ester2608

    finally 2 good news..
    1. the boys comeback!!!!!!!!
    2. hallelujah~ my money is safe at least till this end of year.. since it's a single and not an album..

    win-win solution..

  • ChiChi


  • TOPudding_addction

    hell YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tasking

    As much as I want this - this is nuts. Let's face it: poor Seungri didn't get proper promotion due to GD; 2NE1, who have been on the back burner for over a year will probably get placed there again - if they haven't been already. Remember they were supposed to release stuff every month until the end of the year, but it's already the 16th and there have been no mentions of anything new, so I doubt they're gonna continue with that idea. Their album is supposed to be coming out in October too, along with Taeyang's, right? Then it's BB's November release... the poor guys are gonna be so worn out by then. :(

    YG is so weird - it's either nothing or everything with them lol


    and you think I have enough money to buy all of YG's artists albums???!!! HELL YEAH I HAVE!!! HAHAHAHAHA *gotta do a garage sale this week*

  • MissusTabi

    teaser spot,video,some kind of proof or never happened
    i've become skeptical after all this years with YG
    don't mess with me YG!
    BB comeback is as important as a matter of life and death to me

  • xxxvip

    I literally screamed !



  • min ah

    hey fellow VIPs!! have you heard a rumor about TOP having a girlfriend? i was watching GD's crooked performance in mcountdown on youtube when i read a comment saying this: "TOP HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!: in South Korea here news is, TOP and Kim Ha Yul are dating, she's a model, not too popular. it's a rumor going around here in SK, and john lee is following her on twitter (‎@modelhayul), we all know he and john are like BFF, so it puts more truth to this dating rumor, she was even in 'oh yeah mv' and also the making of it, and you can see them flirting!, TOP's sister is friends with her on weibo and facebook'' Gyna Laksed posted it. have you heard this rumor? is this an old rumor, since she said Kim HA Yul was in the 'oh yeah mv'?

    • VIPSeungHyun

      Even so, what about it? Can't he have a relationship? It's delusional to believe they don't have a lover.

      • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

        it's clear they all have girlfreinds , and they always say that they date/dated after their debute

      • min ah

        well, of course i know that :D i was just wondering if you guys have heard anything about it :D

    • Noona’s for BB!

      She is lovely! What a striking/beautiful couple they would be!

    • Dadadadada…

      Kim Hayul and TOP?
      mmm....I approve ^o^ (id approve anyone as long as he's happy)

    • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

      mm i don't like her lol i wish him a cute and lovely girl , but at the end he have the right to choose whoever he want , as long as he's happy

    • Sàbrina Ihadadéne

      and minah are you from SK ? is it a popular rumor ? why YG didn't spoke about it yet ?

      • min ah

        no i'm not from SK i just read that in a comment :D i also don't know if that rumor is an old one :D

    • fei

      just heard about this rumor few days ago. if this is true, then i'm happy for TOP. i mean...we should expect all 5 members have girlfriends/dating now. they deserve to be happy with their girlfriends and enjoy their private time.

  • Nanamz

    PERFECT!!!!! XD

  • Nanamz

    Really overwhelmed by all these boys. Album release here and there! New songs all over the place! Can't wait for ALL YOUR SURPRISES! YAHOOOOOO! XD

  • dloor VBP

    my poor VIP heart cant take it any more !!
    those 2 days where like dying and going to heaven <3

  • Noona’s for BB!

    You know you really, REALLY love these 5 boys when even just a picture from the back (like in the article intro above) is enough to make your heart flutter <3

    • gdbaby8282

      Noona!!!! How about SIDE VIEW..?

      • Noona’s for BB!

        Oh I LIKE side-view....thank you! ^^
        <3 <3 <3

        • gdbaby8282

          Noona, i give something to sunny at facebook GD's handshake event ^_^ and to kimbo at GD's handshake event ( you will LOVE it) later will give you a full view of BIGBANG ^_^

          • Noona’s for BB!

            Oh those were so wonderful! Gonna go look at them all again......

            Can't wait for the "full view" ^^

          • gdbaby8282

            "Till they comeback... Everyday is yesterday....."

          • Noona’s for BB!

            Oh our BABY boys!!! Their sweet, young, fresh smiles! :)
            Love them!!! <3 As always, thank you my far-away friend <3

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    oh my, cant wait!!!
    wonder about YB's album :/

  • Dadadadada…

    *mouth hangs open*.... this real....

  • YEN

    Srsly bankrupt now

  • GoodGirl95


  • LuiggiOppa


  • wooaaah


  • Stacie

    Da fuck...what about Tae and his album?

  • florizza

    I am beyond excited to hear this single!!! I wonder what genius they'll come up with. <3

  • LoveYB

    I'm dying of happiness, I'm so excited !! But right now, I really need Taeyang's album ...

  • Bran Clayton

    Damn, GD practically had zero rest since the preparation for their Alive album and tour, + his solo promotions. I admire his hard-work. Respect.


    NO freaking way!!!! I'm srsly
    going to pass out of happiness <3

  • Ilostmyursus-2004

    I think bigbang and entire YG is illuminati, they should drop that metal genre and do something else

    • no name

      metal genre??LOL

  • ForeverVIP

    Yes baby yes!

  • 긔미코


  • Katinka

    I´m soooo happy right now RI still Japan promos and concerts,GD till end of Sept then Taebabe with his sexy new more adult Album comeback INBETWEEN GD&TOP BUBBLE Bs and THEN BEST ALL BBBOYS TOGETHER AGAIN!!!OMG!!!HOLE YG-FAMILY WORKING HARD FOR US YEAAAAHHHH!!!<3<3<3
    Aigoo Big Bang @ Singapore F1 Grand Prix is happening too right?

  • Ariya V.I.P. 5

    WTF!??!?!?!?!?! THEY'RE HAVING ANOTHER TOUR!??!??!?! WHY!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?

  • defrancess

    PROMOTE=VARIETY SHOWS. c: i doubt theyll need to promote though. <3 LETS MOVE TO JAPAN.

  • Baby Don’t Kill My Vibe (파리)

    Yesss! Taeyang is recording his new mv today AND BIGBANG IS COMING BACK?! My heart CANNOT take this *faints*

  • shena

    OMAIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWDDDDDD YES YES YES this made my day!!! super excited!!!



  • gggggdVIP

    yay!! now i have reasons to be happy..

  • Dami Kim ♠

    WE ARE READY!!!!!!!~

  • fantastic bigbang

    *YG calls SBS representative* : Bigbang will release a new single
    SBS: when?
    YG: end of October
    SBS: exact date,pls!
    YG: why don't u tell me!
    SBS: u're kidding
    *YG hangs up the phone* : snap he caught me trolling
    I hope the comeback is true!

  • Ranthi Whesi Umbarani

    FINALLY.....after all these long waiting,it feels like an oasis in the middle of sahara,oh my....can't wait for their comeback,can't wait to see their new song will be in the top of every music chart

  • AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

    OMOOO THIS IS IT!!! ALL OF THEM 5!!! Waaaahhh *VIP heart is JUMPIN' for JOY*

  • Guest

    daesunggggg><and ot5

  • hush baby

    daesunggggg with his brothers

  • no name

    only single? what about mini or full album?? cos I'm not their solo project fan..

  • 이하나

    No way, I don't wait. I don't want to feel troll again.
    When I see it, I know they r comeback <3

  • Merilk

    YES!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! x_x

  • MariaFM

    I'm ecstatic to see them together again!!! Specially T.O.P. since he hardly comes out...

    I also miss Taeyang, Daesungie!

    Hope everything turns out well.

  • wat

    tbh i'm not excited. it's just a single plus yg is so fucked up nowadays

  • beibyimuetz

    WAW I LIKE IT I waiting for you opa2 BIG BANG

  • LulilaNinja

    YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I now have something more to live up to!!!!! FIGHTING!!!! SARANGHAEYO OPPAS!!!!!!! Taeyang's upcoming album, BB's new song...I am literally crying from joy! <33333

  • Bev Ng

    Hope they come bk to singapore for a concert!!

  • steVIP

    i'm so excited!...and i just can't hide it!... hahahaha