Seungri's 2nd Mini Album Fan Signing on August 28

Shared by on August 23, 2013  

From YG Family's office website:


Date: August 28, 2013 (Wednesday, 5PM)
Place: Times Square Atrium Stage, 1st Floor in Yeongdeungpo

Participation Details:
1) Lottery Event by HotTracks (CD Shop) in Times Square Yeongdeungpo
- 150 fans
- Entry Date: August 24-26
- Winners will be announced on the 27th on HotTracks' homepage.

2) Official VIP Fanclub
- 30 members
- Winners will be announced on the fan club's official homepage

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  • jasmineVIP

    Another reason why I'm sad that I'm NOT korean and NOT living in Korea... ):

    • Guest

      RIGHT! i say that every time i hear news like this!

  • Amal Saadoune

    I have no fucking idea why the fuck I am not korean when all the amzing shit is in korea!!!!!!!!! JUST FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!

  • shaboom

    okay...I know that life is not fair. *cries*

  • panda-riri

    ok so am just gnna go and cry now T_T
    why must I live halfway across the world??!!! :(

  • pandalovegd

    shit!! i want that!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaa..

  • Maknae

    Yep...I'm jealous alright >.<

  • Myra Gahid

    Lucky KVIPS! T_T

  • Sunny

    Heres me trying to find even cool pics of Ri, subbed videos, and little bits of news about him...and then there's kvips who get so many opportunities to see him in PERSON like it's nothing!...... *cue 5-year-old tantrum* T^T they're so lucky...

  • GisseleN

    Can i hope for SeungRi's fan meeting like the one he did in Japan... I really wish to hear him singing all songs from this album.. T.T lucky those vips who ever get a chance to meet him/other BB members...

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    oh my T__T I want or at least live in korea kk T_T
    one day before my bday T_T

  • bLack_RoSE0414

    *just sob..*sob...i wish i'm rich in order for me to reach this guy..

  • PandaLILI

    SEUNGRI has his own YOUTUBE CHANNEL now!! YOOOHOOO!)))) /user/OfficialSEUNGRI


    Sobbing hard at a corner...T.T

  • Paula Chambers Lautner

    why can't i live in korea... these korean girls are living the dream! why me? D':

  • CrownLove

    I just wonder how do you become an official VIP?? Do you have to be korean? I would do everything to become an OVIP, they get all those benifits... :(