Seungri's Comeback Stage on MBC Music Core (130824) [VIDEOS]

Shared by on August 24, 2013  

Seungri performs "Gotta Talk to U" and "GG Be" on MBC Music Core on August 24, 2013:



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  • Meeyon(BB`s VIP)

    so gooood!in seungri`s version:you hoooo!!


    Red suuuit!<3 I've always love it when he wears something red~^^

  • ANNS

    i love how the music arrangement in the cd and for the live performance is different. cool! seungri fighting! :)

  • Keazar Rain Campillos

    too many washing machines at the background...
    ...okay I'm out!

  • Sunny

    Loved it!! You can just tell he's getting back into the rythym of being on music shows as a soloist, he's more comfortable and owning that stage! ^^
    and gahd that last pic of him >< love it when he has that serious look! <3

  • grilove

    awww. I wish the GG Be has an HQ ver.

    • ANNS

      it has. u can check youtube here /watch?v=wuWWcTTgRnY :D

      • grilove

        This video contains content from MBC, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

        SOBS. I'm sobbing.

        • ANNS

          u can check here then /watch?v=gVx-Jfd-pnQ. it's gotta talk to u and gg be in HD. :)

          • grilove

            Thank you so much!! xoxo

  • loveseungri

    I want to see the MV and the live of ''Let's talk about love'' QAQ

  • Myra Gahid

    Waaah! Really really great songs + handsome man + the perfect voice to the songs = SEUNGRI oppa! <3

  • Paula Chambers Lautner

    he's sounds the same live and on cd <3 that's real talent! and i love how they mixed up to make it more exciting! wish i was there! VIP for life <3

  • shigatsu90panda

    I want Justin Timberlake duet with Seungri
    It certainly would be great >.<

  • BIGBANG’s Wife♥

    GG Be was blocked!!! Darn!! Well anyways, GREAT JOB PANDA!!! People say when men wear red they become very attractive. Seungri has always been attractive but that red suit sure is working x3

  • ggbe

    So handsome ^^ Great stage!!

  • miss_blacque

    In Gotta Talk To You, I know the backgrounds are supposed to be speakers, but I can't help but think that Seungri is at the laundromat, surrounded by washing machines and dryers.

    He looks great in the red suit, btw.

    • Foxylady242

      LOL i thought the same thing!!

  • Lina90

    the ggbe stage video is blocked already T.T

  • Liz

    love it and VIps keep supportig seungri, buy his album and vote for him on m-countdown...

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    gosh, Seungri looks Gorgeous with that suit! love his sexy dance =)
    and that smirk he's doing when he dances woah!
    oh my, Seungri's so cute with the suspenders :) GGBE stage always cute!
    the fanchants are awesome!

    you can see GG BE stage here /watch?v=gVx-Jfd-pnQ

  • Teymommy Oc

    He looks so damnsexy and wild at GTTY and so sweet and kind at GG BE! :'3

  • CrownLove

    Really, really hot, but I prefer the first live show though...