G-Dragon @ Incheon Airport to L.A. (130823) [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

Shared by on August 23, 2013  

G-Dragon at Incheon Airport in Seoul on his way to L.A. for KCON 2013 on August 23, 2013:





































































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  • jasmineVIP

    New airport fashion? xD The Jiyong 'Ring'! :P The usual, he looks A.W.E.S.O.M.E! But he looks tired! :/ Make sure you have some time to rest oppa! <3

    • xxxx

      its not ring...... its phone case same with cl's

  • BIGBANG’s Wife♥

    I wish I could go to KCon!!! If Ji is going next year hopefully I can get my mom t take meee!!!

  • shaboom

    scroll-die *scroll-die* scroll-die *scroll-die* scroll-die* (it's a repetitive process until the end..so many pictures I have to pause to breathe)
    To VIPs who are going to the KCON, I just wanna say "haengshoo!!!!" HAVE FUN.

    • shelicious

      T_________T <333 one hug thats all i'm asking !

      • shaboom

        shelicious, deep inside I'm so so so jealous. *hugs* Noona must be so happy and excited. XD but we....just keep drooling over those pictures.

        • Noona’s for BB!

          Happy & Excited!!!! :) :) .....YES that is exactly how I feel! And seeing the words "GD on his way to L.A." just makes it all the more real.......Can't wait to tell you girls all about it!!!!! <3

          • shaboom

            can't wait to hear you spazzing about it. I can understand how you are feeling right now. To tell you the truth, I actually couldn't sleep the night before GD OOAK last June. I lost my appetite and what else....oh...please don't let me start about my heartbeat. XD

          • shelicious

            have fun sweetie <3333 and shout as hard as you can <333

    • Kris R.

      lol. you died so many times! I think all of us did too.

      • shaboom

        what to do..we just can't help it XD

        • Kris R.

          ikr! I've been resurrected so many times too... scroll-die-gotoGDheaven-resurrect, scroll-die-gotoGDheaven-resurrect.... LOL

  • shelicious

    that simple yet sexy style ~(*Q*)~ * in a trance *

    That light stubble *shamelessly turned on ~(*///*)~ *

    and that arms stretching * drops dead on the floor *

    if i could i would do a message session for him xD lol

    i'm so jealous of those who lives in LA T________T have Fun and Scream ur hearts content !!! show the world who VIPS are !
    and if a could i would do anything to go there T_T i dunno if i should feel sorry for my self in not living in Korea or LA i just can't chose lol

  • http://twitter.com/fayelfrida fayelfrida

    Very handsome!
    have a safe flight Jiyong-ie !!
    to those gonna attend the k-con have a blast!

  • ester2608

    catwalk before having a long trip..
    warming up first.. stretch stretch.. and then walk like a boss..

  • Jelena S.

    is that giant red handbag jiyong's?? hehe... he looks tired, but cute as always!

    • shaboom

      yes..that is his bag. I want that bag but I only can dream.

    • ester2608

      he brought it too when his trip to London..

    • Noona’s for BB!

      Yes, and that's one of his fave scarfs tied on it too!
      (Gotta love how he accessories with the colorful scarf to dress-up the plain, but beautiful bag.....such a fashionista boy ;)

    • Jelena S.

      thx guys... it looks so huge, i wonder what he's carrying in there lol... probably some extra clothes that wouldn't fit into his suitcase! ^^ unlike most people he looks great even while travelling, a true fashionista

  • dloor VBP

    its just not fair to look that good while just walking in the airport :(
    La vips.. u guys are SOOO lucky

  • pang

    Same shirt with YB's, same sunglasses with YB's and same shoes with YB's? kkk
    Of course you're besties :D

    • pang

      And even the same earphone line !:)

  • xxxx

    dang!!! i want those awesome shoes!!! G back to blonde ahhh love it!!! he is look the best in blonde *^*

  • Ashleigh McKinnon

    Omg I can't wait to see you baby, I can't wait to see you aasjdfilaeruialdfjsailrjeailrjlds

    • shaboom

      asdfghjkklasdfghjklllasdf I'm so jealous. Please tell him that I love him. <3 Scream to all your heart content and fall in love.

      • Ashleigh McKinnon

        God if I could actually meet him I would completely freeze up and faint and lose so much blood in a nosebleed that I'd have to be carried out on a gurney........preparing my cough drops already ;)

    • Noona’s for BB!

      I'm so excited Ashleigh!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
      Btw-do you have VIP/floor seats? O_O
      I don't, I'll be WAY up high but I don't care, just happy to be there!!!! ;)

      • Ambernicholl

        do you have a KCon buddy?

        • Noona’s for BB!

          Haha that's cute-"KCON buddy" ;) and yes I have a few.
          I actually might only be going for the concert itself Sunday night....not sure if I'll be able to get to the daytime convention/activities, especially since I don't have the VIP/floor seats that enable you to get into the fan signings......do you?
          I'm just so excited to see GD, and of course my OT12 EXO cute boys! <3

          • Ambernicholl

            no, but I like going to conventions and stuff. my mom is going to have nervous break down because I have nobody to go with. She has been freaking out all week.

          • Noona’s for BB!

            Oh yes, mama is worried about her baby girl <3 (even though you're 19 she will ALWAYS worry) but you will be just fine and caught up in the masses of fellow Kpop lovers....it will be a pretty safe crowd as there will surely be ALL ages there. Are you SOOOO excited???? :)

          • Ambernicholl

            yes! When I saw the pictures of GD at the airport, I got shivers. I am so ready!

      • Ashleigh McKinnon

        I'm like in the middle, dragging my bf with me (I am determined to make him a VIP) so you will probably notice us as the girl with people-sized GD banners screaming her head off while the guy next to her sits stone-faced.

        • Noona’s for BB!

          You're bf sounds AWESOME to put up with you & your all-consuming passion for another man-LOL <3
          I will look for you & your poster ;)

          • Ashleigh McKinnon

            Oh please do! And I will be looking for Tabi in a bathrobe giving seductive looks all around ;P
            And lol yeah I made it clear as day to him the minute we started dating that he would always have to share my heart with another man, it took a couple of years but he's finally resigned to the fact!

        • shaboom

          LOL. I dragged my friend to GD OOAK concert, she is SuJu hardcore fan and she don't like GD. But, she fell in love at first sight with him and now she is a hardcore VIP and still an ELF. XD

          • Kris R.

            nice! good for your friend

          • Ashleigh McKinnon

            Yeahhhh! Fellow Elf-VIP here!

  • 행쇼 unniniveh♕


  • Benj

    May i ask what type of cap is that?? Is there a specific name for that cap? I just want to know what type of cap is that :D

    • xx

      I think they call them snapbacks?

  • gdbaby8282

    be safe and have fun GD !

  • NajaLane

    What do they use on their skin? His complexion is always flawless. I'm kinda jealous lol.

    • xx

      BB cream probably! but GD has good skin so even without heavy makeup, it looks flawless

  • mythb

    With other artist you'd be like "oh! he's going to be blonde for the event!! :))" but then it's GDRAGON...

    and holy hell!! He looks so good!
    I love it when they wear those pants. idk i have a fetish for those lol

  • Maknae

    Enjoy your trip leader Ji <3 He looks tired though. Also, anyone else remember Seungri when seeing Jiyong's tattoo? P: The VI keeps reminding me of panda xD

    • gdbaby8282


      • Noona’s for BB!

        Omg this picture is GORGEOUS!!! <3

        • gdbaby8282

          it's like, wanna bite me ?

          anyway,noona.....prepare your heart.... ;)

    • GoodGirl95

      GRiiiii forever REAL!!!!!

    • Sunny

      lol yes! (btw that pic is o_o wow..) speaking of GRi.. a VIP on twitter pointed out that for their concepts both boys had the same colour-theme - RED, WHITE and BLACK..i was like :O omg *mindblown*

      • Maknae

        Oh really? ^^ But which concept do you mean? Speaking of GRI....in case you didn't see:
        130818 G-Dragon comment on Seungri’s instagram picture
        Trans: You are so handsome. Cr:@jitori


        • Sunny

          hehehe yep saw that! ^^ love it <3
          and ah I shouldve been more specific :P


          (edit - idk why it posted the same pic so many times T^T fml..lol)

    • shelicious

      oh my oh my *____________________* yumm

    • Ashleigh McKinnon

      Omg what is this beautiful gorgeous incredible mind-blowing photograph of this perfect man asdjfiaelrjaifljarilejl

  • Lina90

    I envy his skin o_0

  • Avi Will

    He always walks like he owns the place ;D like a boss~~

  • GoodGirl95

    I really hope Wong Fu go to KCon :D

  • GoodGirl95

    I'm so happy seeing him wear the Pyrex plaid shirt, YESSS i finally have them both in red and green, me going to wear the green one now so i can feel part of GD's crew loool

  • linnunrata

    He looks tired but his casual airport fashion is great ...

    (By the way, wasn't this metal knuckle duster iphone case banned in the USA???)

  • Myra Gahid

    Waaah! endless Ji! <3

  • Peachy

    so may HQ press pics.. @.@

  • YEN

    Im waiting for korean fansite to post these photos lol

  • YEN

    He had a cough I think, take care ji!

  • Ribka Oktaviana S

    this is a photoshoot or just a little boy who walking to the airport?
    aahhhhh really envy to LA VIPs!! :(

  • didi

    may i ask here, about the manager. i keep wondering here. is that TOP manager? but recently i often see him with GD. i think i miss something. thank you.

  • britain

    do anyone else notice the tattoo on his hand on the fifth picture? not his finger tats but a cirlce tattoo? Guess he got another tattoo. :)

  • KGPD

    Man I wish I can go to kcon. I'll only b 30 mins away. At least we're breathing the same air. But does GD have a new tattoo on his left hand?? Looks like it.

  • cheakie18

    Ahhhh love his laidback style in his airport fashion!! <3 ^^ Wish I could go to KCON to seee him ;~~; VIPs at KCON HAVE FUN~!

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    I like his pyrex shirt :) the sound of the flashes taking lots of pics kk
    safe flight Jiyong !

  • Mazzy

    Sometimes I just feel so bad for Ji. He is just like..man I just want to get on the plane in peace and not have a red carpet moment...LOL

  • sexydonut

    omg, stop looking down, i wanna see your beautiful face D:

  • 486

    are they going to show the kcon on TV like the other concerts or not?
    I'm sad that I can't go I live in NJ and I only heard the news that he's coming yesterday but at least we breathing the same air :p

    • Ambernicholl

      Its MCountdown. So it will be on TV when it MCountdown usually airs I guess.

      • 486

        Thanks :) mcountdown airs on Korean channel right? do you know if it's going to air on American channel?

        • Ambernicholl

          If you have charter then it is channel 143. I don't know about other providers. it's on Mnet. They usually post it on their youtube page later.

          • 486

            I don't have charter I have Cablevision do you what channel it's going to be on ? and thanks for the help :)

          • 486


          • Ambernicholl

            I am not sure, I have actually never heard of cablevision. Sorry!

          • PrimarySeconds

            I used to have Cablevision. Last time I checked, they didn't have any specific Korean channel like MNet America. It should stream live from their Youtube channel, though. If not live then it will definitely be put up on their website later.

          • 486

            yeah I checked too and I think the only available Korean channel is KBS but you have to pay extra for it, I'm going to get it soon and thank you for the help :D

          • Nadia Kwon

            You can watch MCountdown on a live stream at Mnet America's website.

  • Lauren

    Loving those shoes GD!!!!

  • Paula Chambers Lautner

    omg, i wish i was going to kcon! he's so beautiful so if he even asked for my name i would die in peace <3 VIP for life <3

  • http://rins-world.com/ Rin Sanada (真田 りん)

    I'm trying to find out what time he actually left because assuming these were posted right after they took them, then that was like 5.5 hours ago, which was like 3/4am 8/24 Seoul Time. I'm guessing it's really early or early evening. And from the airlines there were no flights to L.A. until 3pm on 8/24 from Incheon. But there was a flight to Tokyo, which still hasn't landed yet. So if the timing is right, then he'll get to L.A. at around 9/10am tomorrow. Assuming that he was at the airport around 3/4am in Incheon on 8/24 Seoul time. If not, then I'll have to recalculate. So if you want to help me guess the time then let me know the actual time he was at Incheon and I can check the flight times and so on.

    • http://rins-world.com/ Rin Sanada (真田 りん)

      Never mind. He already landed. I saw the video finally at the top of the page. He left yesterday evening (8/23 Seoul Time), which means he arrived around 3/4pm today (8/23 L.A. time).

  • huhhh

    hi does anyone knows where to get his phone casing? thanks!

  • http://sweetsandbrains.com/ Marnelli Jauregui

    waaaa...that's a jumbo birkin.

  • theTOPgirl

    justin bieber will be knocked-out of his mind if he saw GD's styles! haha

  • 유랑자

    oh. my. god. /nosebleeds to death/ UR KILLING ME GD

  • LulilaNinja

    so perfect!!! <3 i cannot get tired of staring at these photos, never!!! .<

  • Vikeejeah

    His airport fashion is so friggin killer! so happy to have King JiYong in the USA again. My friend is going to Kcon and will video it for me which I am so grateful for because I'm recovering from surgery so I couldn't physically go :( But I will be watching from home. I hope MNet streams it live (crosses fingers)

  • Liyananoat

    GD's been admiring himself haha

  • Ribka Oktaviana S

    is he got a new tattoo in his left hand?? near his fingers..in 5th photos it's like a little circle..

    • CrownLove

      I don't hope so... :(

  • CrownLove

    SO sexy! The people who gets to see him don't know how lucky they are! But what is the weird thing in/on his hand??

  • https://www.facebook.com/sung.yomin Sung Yo Min

    handsomeness :)

  • Ji-D

    tottaly cute *.*