Big Bang to perform at Incheon Sky Festival on Sept 14?

Shared by on August 21, 2013  

EDIT: Big Bang is not listed on the event's official site (the info below is from Asiana Airlines), so let's wait for YGE to confirm for now. Thanks!

From Asiana Airlines' official Google+ Page:


ATTN: K-Pop Lovers and passengers traveling to/through ICN! Incheon International Airport (ICN) will be hosting ICN Sky Festival on September 13 ~ 14th. Got a layover in ICN? Stick around on Saturday, Sept. 14th until 7:30PM, when MBC will be filming

NOTE: This is a free concert and some seats will be reserved for foreigners. GUEST LIST IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

EDIT: Big Bang is not listed on the event's official site (the info above is from Asiana Airlines), so let's wait for YGE to confirm for now. Thanks!

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  • G.O.O.D. Music

    BB & SNSD in 1 event??
    I never see them together

    • Ribka Oktaviana S

      yesss... me too.. I have waiting for this thing to happen BIGBANG n SNSD in 1 stage!! yeeeaayyy!! :D

    • myTOPsecret

      oh they did..i believe that was in and bb did the finale, gg performed first and Bigbang in the end :)) it was in korean music wave in SG 2010

    • ELLE

      My soshibang feelss. <3

    • jasmineVIP

      Can't believe that there's soshibang shippers here just like me toooo~! I'd been waiting for AGES for them to be on the same stage! When they first debut, they're always on shows together, but right now, it's so hard :/

    • RISKA

      its impossible bcoz that day GG have concert in Indonesia #GGWorldTourINA2013

  • Maknae

    Oh WOW....all the greatest K-pop bands together in one place *_* Although I am betting there will be more number of glowing yellow crown sticks in the crowds ;) So excited...I'm imagining Seungri is even more excited and GD more worried for the troublesome maknae...Kekeke~
    As GD once said, when Seungri is around, the day becomes more tiring for him!

    • bLack_RoSE0414

      but they always take time to watch him while performing on the stage alone..when they are on their concert..ihihi

  • fayelfrida

    wow daebak! haha imagining travelling to korea that time exactly landed on ICN then take a seat and watch MuCore .

    This is Huge considering Bigbang and other great kpop bands are there. Im excited to see the our OT5 together again!! ghaad.. woo BIGBANG IS BACK!

    • Ribka Oktaviana S

      what it's mean of OT5?? I don't know.. hehehe

      • fayelfrida

        its like One True Pairing thing. since Bigbang is consists of 5 members it became OT5. and will be forever 5. sorry im not good in explaining. but something like that.

        • Ribka Oktaviana S

          aahhhh... Thank youuuu fellow for the explanation..!! :)

  • Laura

    I'm just happy to see the BB boys together, missed them so much <3 FIGHTING! !!!

  • Jinasrfjj

    I don´t understand what do they mean with "this is free concert"?

    • xx

      Most of the K-pop concerts in Korea are actually free (i.e. you don't need to pay). You just have to line up to get tickets.

      • xx

        I meant the special ones where different groups perform.

  • Amal Saadoune

    BIGBANGupdate in twitter : Update: BB is not listed in SkyFestival's official site (previous info was fr @AsianaAirlines). So for now, let's wait for YG to confirm :)

    • fayelfrida

      really? i was like on the hype and then.. T.T

      • Ema Albaniel

        Me too :/

        I really hope Bigbang would be there!

    • Laura

      how can people not list BB O.o... this is really strange -_-

  • Guest

    Holy. Is that event so big that all those Special Guest are attendance? I mean, this is huge. For the first time in my life to I want to fly to Korea so badly. This is like a one-life-moment :

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    how awesome but yes, let's wait for YG's confirmation

  • bLack_RoSE0414

    big names are here..waiting to the fancam only bcs i can't fly to korea or even made myself a special guest :(

  • dustdevilliz

    Am I the only one who is curious/obsessed with all of the logistics of having a music festival at an airport?

  • Dami Kim ♠

    2NE1 x BIGBANG ~ YG family's coming through ~

  • Ema Albaniel

    Finally, BB is back. I miss them so much! :)
    and 2ne1 and GG would be there too! AHHH..Fantastic Baby.LOL

  • nHurs

    YG Family♥♡♥figthtting~~ i want them to colaborate
    the ending its rock!! jiying has a new single coming up ryt!
    so this.he comes first and then all the members appears
    but then 2ne1 too!! fantastic,, like what they did in mbc gayo daegun.

  • nHurs

    if alll the idol are on stage i mean the performance are ending or d end
    u cannot seen wheres bigbang they areN't there just 2ne1 in the side.
    i want the boys in the back of are girls while in ending!!
    its good to see they are all there.protecting the juniors!!

    • Genevieve A. Poso

      OMG!! Am so happy to see them both at the same stage again! YG Family con was way back early 2012, this will be epic! m/ my OT5 and OT4! I love BIGBANG and 2NE1 so much! 21BANG! <3

  • Miss_Tofu

    I'll be arriving in Incheon on 14th! O.O


    OMG let this be true I will have a heart attack if it's not XD
    It's going to be amazing the kings and the queens going to be there BIGBNAG&2NE1♥
    I wish that I live in Korea so I could Go.
    The KINGS ARE BACK!!!!!! people better watch out.

  • Genevieve A. Poso

    WOW! BIG 5 leading groups will be there! Wow oh wow! If ever this is true then this will be an EPIC concert! BIGBANG, 2NE1, SUJU, GG and Shinee.. Oh my... m/ And if they still add up TVXQ or JYJ plus 2PM and WonderGirls, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHM! *MULTIPLE DIES* T_________________________T

  • Syzzie

    I'm from Indonesia. I'll be in Seoul on that day. Anyone could help inform me the contact person to book seats?? Help help help pleaseee.. very much thanks before :"')

  • Syzzie

    I'm a VIP & Black Jack.. need help to book seats.. please help. :") muxh thx before

  • Myra Gahid

    WOW! This will be entirely DAEBAK! <3 I hope it happens.

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Yg family!

  • Eleanor Sim


  • jeshkahhh

    so am i suppose to go to incheon first to meet bigbang?? :"" ... I WANT I WANT AAAAAAAAAAAAA PLZ SOMEBODEH I WANT TO SEE BIGBANG PLEASE PLEASEEE *insane*

  • CrownLove

    How amazing it would be to go to this... look at the list of celebs!

  • mushroom

    OMG BBXSNSD I've been waiting for this moment since....FOREVER. Never see them together T^^T hope this is true!! PLEASE.

  • Kshep

    Since everyone in BB are going different paths with solos/acting/ BB over? :/