G-Dragon in L.A. California (130824) [PHOTO/VIDEO]

Shared by on August 24, 2013  


G-Dragon arriving at LAX for KCON 2013:

From Ben Baller's Weibo:

sunset drive

"We driving into the sunset! Me Harry, G-Dragon and Peter #YG"

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  • Gbaby89

    Seems like he doesn't get jetlag now! :) He's probably used to flying for hours already. Enjoy KCON baby!! I'm sorry I can't go. I'm saving up for the next BB world tour. I wanna see you...and the other members in one stage. ^^ <3

    • linnunrata

      I think he is a night owl ( like me) who doesn't get jetlags quite often..

  • shaboom

    Aww..look at him. So happy. I don't really like Ben Baller but somehow I feel grateful because he keep us updated about GD. Thanks Mr Baller.

    • shelicious

      it looks like he is a close friend now to our leader <3

      the fact that he is picking him up is cute xD lol

      • shaboom

        Indeed. And seeing GD is so happy with his friends warms my heart. That is all that matters to me now. :)

  • Noona’s for BB!

    He's HERE!!! <3 <3 <3
    I wanna go find him...........

    • shaboom

      Nevermind I'll find someone like him (here)
      I wish nothing but the best for you...Noona
      Don't forget me I bet he must be with Ben

      • Noona’s for BB!

        Oh I can only imagine what/where they must be right now....it's 11:30 pm & they are probably clubbing & partying like crazy with some other famous "big names" here in L.A., but Mr. Baller better not keep our boy out too late ;)

        P.S. how could I ever forget you? ^^
        We share "something" so very special, and HE is forever #1 in our hearts, always 50/50 ;)

        • shaboom

          Our forever #1 cannot be found. He must be inside the cave somewhere in this universe. Waiting for him is like waiting for meteor shower XD

    • shelicious

      you should have went to the airport and slept there i know i would T_____T

  • Avi Will

    wow....so many fans he can barely walk through :D

  • KGPD

    Ben is like a John Lee. Majority of us don't like him, but he keeps us updated with pics.

    • http://www.facebook.com/farah.rainarahim Farah Raina Rahim

      haha.. ikr.. he updates us about GD and John Lee updates us about TOP.. kkkk :D

    • Jussy McCarthy

      Ben can be a bit rude and crass so that's why people are concerned with GD hanging out with him, so the dislike is understandable although at least he seems to go out of his way to look after him.
      John seems like a very happy, kind, classy man who is very supportive of TOP and understands him like a older version of himself, he's been nothing but a respectable friend as far as we know, its just people have got it in their heads ideas about him that are just speculation. So the dislike of John seems strange in my eyes.

      • heloeolo

        fanfics. lol

    • ggbe

      But John seems really a nice man... Ben is uh, a bit rude.

  • http://twitter.com/fayelfrida fayelfrida

    wow look at the fans!! :)) anyways whatever the issues with BenBaller, as long as he do nothing that will make GD's image bad idc about him. and again thanks to his photos of GD.

    btw guys is this TRUE?!!!

    Guinness refreshed their record from TVXQ to BIGBANG for being the korean lead in the new century -US Internet statistics(环球韩流)

    im soo PROUD VIP!

    • g-baby

      Really? Where did you hear that?

      • http://twitter.com/fayelfrida fayelfrida

        i just saw this on my TL tho. i hope this is true .

  • Paula Chambers Lautner

    GD needs to come to Canada <3 but he looks so unaffected, and non-chillont it's sexy<3 wish i could have been at that airport and go to k-con but sadly i cannot so i will wait until his next tour and pray it's in a place and on a day i can go <3 VIP for life!

  • princess kang

    I always feel weird when people have their phones in GD face... I find it kinda rude

    • BIGBANG’s Wife♥

      I know. I hope he is okay with it though, but I do understand the fan girls!! I wouldn't miss my chance to see GD!! But I would at least do it nicely too

  • Jan_Ice

    GD and the gang lol. the best gang ever!

  • Suvip

    oppa, you r so crazy

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    glad that Jiyong arrived safely :)

  • JihunH

    I like that GD picked up the gift that fell from the fan's hand :)

  • GioVIP

    wow. i hope GD is having fun in LA !

  • Vikeejeah

    I'm sure it's annoying to him to have cameras in his face (like inches from his face) every time he is at an airport. But since he's a star, he knows it's part of the life he chose. So in that sense, I think he's ok with it (at least I hope he is). Now, when it comes to giving him gifts and stuff, I think it;s very sweet of his fans to show him love in that way and very sweet of him to accept them. I'm happy he's here and even happier for the performance tomorrow with Missy. He seems well rested and excited for this show. I hope he has a great time as this will be the debut of his new music to the public and a groundbreaking moment in music history not only for KPop, but for American music as well. I think for GD, and BB, this is the official crossover moment. The world will be watching this (if they aren't watching the VMAs).

  • CrownLove

    Who are the guys ``protecting`` him? lol that was ectually kinda funny >.< It was REALLY sweet of GD to pick up the gift that felt from the fans hand... :)