YG Life: Taeyang's new album to be released in September

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From YG Life:

How is TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album going?

TAEYANG’s 2nd regular album that is to be released in September is his first one in 3 years. To make it an album in which he can be completely satisfied with, TAEYANG himself is in charge of everything related to album production.

Unlike G-DRAGON who has an experience of being fully in charge of producing BIGBANG’s entire albums and his own solo album, it’s the first time for TAEYANG to be producing on his own, so it may take him some time. But we believe that the hardship will reap a fruit for his career and that the skills gained will aid him in many ways for the rest of his music life.

For the last few years, TAEYANG has been working not only with the main producers but also been traveling to the United States several times to work with world-renowned songwriters. Just a few days ago, we completed the track list of about 10 songs for his 2nd regular album, so there will be no change in plan for releasing it in September.

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  • myTOPsecret

    a BIG YES!!!!!! hope everything goes smoothly without any delays pls..

  • gdbaby8282

    FINALLY TAEYANG!! The SUN is going to shine bright in September

    • ooooo

      hope this year will be year of Taeyang. even though his album doesn't release Taeyang is already in The 25 Most Beautiful Faces of Boy Bands! and the 10 Sexiest men in kpop! hope he will get achievement a lot more when his solo album release!

      • candyfloss

        He's so cute T_T

    • Myra Gahid

      SUN = SEPTEMBER. I wonder, what month was SOLAR released?

    • shelicious

      a HOT sun indeed

  • Sollana

    FUCKING FINALLY. Cross fingers they won't change the schedule!

    • Nicky Nickyka

      my first love and ultimate bias of kpop is back!
      Taeyang! The real King of Kpop!

    • Sil GO

      a month a half away!!!!! saving for the special edition since now OMG!!!! are this....tears of joy?.....yep

    • pinkgirl

      Wait, THE DETAILS ARE TOO INCOMPLETE FOR ME! So he will promote the songs on music shows on September right? And release an mv on the same month right? Oh gosh how I wish they stated a specific date for the release for me to say IT WILL REALLY HAPPEN. T-T

      • candyfloss

        I agree. I want more too T_T. But after so long, I'm happy to hear there are 10 set songs YB did himself, that will be out in sept. I hope there will be more details announced a little later. One thing I really want to know is the genre. Then I'm cool.

  • katey880901

    So excited!!!!! And bring back the mohawk please!

  • Tbaby

    Finally! I'm so proud of my Taebaby!! Super excited ^_^

    Bring it on baeby! Been waiting 4 ya <3333

  • (([OoO]))


    • Raidori07

      world tour with MSG and Tokyo Dome appearances! MAKE IT HAPPEN YG >:(

  • allaboutkpop24

    September needs to hurry up and get here!

  • http://blissfulconfections.tumblr.com/ Wild&Young

    YES YES YES! Finally! Can't wait for this!

  • Andy Tjhin

    i'm waiting for TAEYANG NEW ALBUM


    i'm waiting for TAEYANG WORLD TOUR (NOT JUST ASIA)

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    so glad to hear YB's album is going well =)

  • http://aflamed.tumblr.com/ VIP501

    Teayang is back!!!!!
    I wish him all the best in his solo!

  • browneyesoo1

    Taeyang, unlike these other silly fans saying to bring your Mohawk back, I DONT CARE what your hair is like for your comeback as long as you give us the music we have been longing for sooooooooooo long!! Solar was so perfect, Im hoping for Solar 2.0 if not something better!

    • Raidori07

      I hope his hair is totally different! I don't want him to take back his own fashion choices because of the pressure from some fans who don't accept change. :/ if you love him for who he really is, than let him explore. he is an artist.

      • Bau

        I'm a fan but he honestly looks ridiculous with his current style. His look makes it hard to take him seriously as an artist. I hope he doesn't do a GD and be so gimmicky. I just want quality songs, not like Michi Go crap.

        • pinkgirl

          I never have encountered a VIP who treats GD's songs as crap. Dude watch your mouth cuz VIPs here love each member. That crappy song you're talking about is made by an artist which has a big impact on kpop in general itself. And regarding Taeyang's look, I have no problem of it whatsoever, he's trying to explore fashion in his own way. Just let him be. If you can't handle it, it's your problem.

        • Jussy McCarthy

          Michigo was techno electronic genre, a club song for fun and its pretty good to dance to.

        • Twinklin star

          That's your opinion and not a fact. I think YB looks adorable (especially with his fro-hawk), and I actually like MICHIGO ^^. Either way, you should respect their choice. You don't have to like it, but let them be.

          • Fondy TaeyangWife

            agree :)

        • Dragon Fly

          You're not a VIP and you'll never be.

  • jessicalovesdaesung

    This makes me happier cause it's written "so there will be NO CHANGE in plan for releasing it in September."

  • Sunny

    Yayyyyy finally YG's update came!! ^^ lol So great to hear that they have a solid track list! And he took charge of everything! (plus working with American song-writers too) :o I feel like we're to expect a really diverse yet refined album from him (tho I hope that he does stay true to his R&B routes - when he sings those soulful-type songs his voice his is simply killer *-*) Fighting YB! Can't wait!~

  • Ashleigh McKinnon


  • disqus_OSgmg2XG4q

    like a finally!!! i can't wait to hear him sing! and i'm sure he can't wait too (see his twit a few days ago~)

  • A-in


  • kkknnniiiBB21


  • kkknnniiiBB21


  • Visionary


    • Raidori07

      lmao! i grew up and became an adult since i heard that song...

    • Twinklin star

      Hehe ^^
      Unfortunately by now I think it's been scrapped :(. I really wanted to hear that song it sounded so good! but YG are full of perfectionists, and YB is definitely one of them.

    • LoveDust

      i remember it! i hope it is one of the 10 songs in his album. the lyrics, the melody, his voice PERFECT!

  • Maryama

    Wonderful, long overdue news! The fact that it's YB's co-written, self-produced full album is really something special and personal, and makes it all the more exciting. Looking forward to September :)

  • aprilblossom_girl

    finally!!! the sun will shine so bright on september! can't wait :) :) :)

  • GDYB

    Wow, YB produces his solo album for the first time! Highly anticipating! Hwaiting, Youngbae! :)

    • morningglory1

      YB always co-produced his solo albums, it's just first time he produces fully all by himself :)

  • retnolaras

    YG please don't trolling us with the false schedule.

    *still praying for T.O.P solo album*

    • tabilovesmetoo

      me too! or at least GD&TOP vol II.

  • Mrs. Youngbae

    YES YES YES YES YES. I CANNOT WAIT for this album to drop. And a humble request: Please do shows in the US and have lots of this, too:

  • tabilovesmetoo

    Teydaddy is back in action!

  • Raidori07

    R&B king of asia returns! Soon, world takeover! book it!

  • fei

    finally!!! youngbae can't wait to hear your album!!

  • anbeeel

    Plese September come sooner, I want my baby YB!!!

  • linnunrata

    Confirmed...yay :)
    This was what I wanted to hear...
    I am looking forward to listening to your new songs...
    (Just gimme the pre-order date ♡)

  • elise

    When will TOP have a solo album? :( everyone has one except him. Not including the gdtop which I loved. Haha. Really wish he will have one soon!

    • toptop

      if i remember correctly, in one interview he said that he doesn't really want to release a solo bed he's not so comfortable performing alone.

      • Eleanor Sim

        Awwww :( I think TOP's solos are really great though...But maybe a comeback from GD&TOP or a todae subunit would be fine with me too ;)

      • elise

        Oh really? :( that's sad! :(

  • JULY

    I can't wait to hear his self-composed songs!

  • Myra Gahid

    "Yeah baby, yeah baby" (Taeyang in MAMA 2012, if I remember it right.) Aigoo! This should be an epic album. VIPS have been waiting for this a looooong time. <3

  • Neko_Chan

    I've been waiting for youu...

  • Eleanor Sim

    Wow, really impressive. Self-composed and produced. Just omg. I never knew he could compose <3 I can't wait for its release!!! :D

    • Fondy TaeyangWife

      Taeyang composed many songs in his previous album with Teddy like One of the most popular song "Wedding Dress" and etc. TAEYANG also composed and wrote some songs for Bigbang and Se7en too! :)

  • Twinklin star

    Yay for YB! Daebaak! Excited for it ^^

  • 에스라

    Cant waittt

  • candyfloss

    I'm happy the date is set. I really hope there will be no more changes. Been waiting for this. September is going to be epic XD

  • Midahali

    FIGHTING YB dear! can't wait no more.

  • LoveDust

    10 songs! booyah!! /biting nails cause of excitement/

  • ShimmyG

    yay. finally. good news.

    ilovetaeyang! the forever smiling. love him for that!

  • Mazzy

    Is this really happening?......

  • https://twitter.com/kechiklalala Choi Seung Hyun

    !finally! yeah

  • adrianne

    i just want a sexy rnb song from taeyang but what ever he comes out with ill be happy!!!! Can waitt!!!!! :D

  • thislove


  • http://missnfr.blogspot.com/ Nur Farahin Roshdi

    omg !! i cant wait ! missing his sexy voice :3

  • KyoKuzanagi

    Hell yeah!! My idol is finally coming back!! Im looking forward to listen all his 10 new songs! :D