Taeyang spotted at 2NE1's filming for Running Man [PHOTO]

Shared by on July 17, 2013  

Taeyang spotted at 2NE1's filming for Running Man at YG Building on July 16, 2013:


2NE1's Running Man episode will air end of the month. However, there is no official confirmation if Taeyang will appear in the broadcast.

Source: twitter.com/TszTszlam

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  • superhonest

    Super excited to see this episode! Two weeks feels too long T__________T

  • https://twitter.com/BERLespi BERLespi

    Hope he does. It will always be epic :DD

  • shaboom

    and here is another one... :)

    • superhonest

      He misses his dog.

      • shaboom

        I hope he's fine..and stronger too..
        Youngbae fighting!!!

    • Twinklin star

      Cool. Ninja YB! Like a boss :D

      • shaboom

        With his comeback this September, I hope he will be the next Running Man guest...and Jiyong too...okay..all of them..OT5.. XD

        • Twinklin star

          Yes please!! The best episode of RM was with our OT5 <3

          • shaboom

            IKR....those ToDae moments...Haha playing with Jiyong..YoungBae swift movements... (I really need to re-watch that episode before going to bed)..

          • Ace23

            and Seungri with his comback in october

    • bonikka

      THIS ISN'T FROM YG BUILDING. This was during Big Bang's world tour in Peru!

      • zoey 101

        nah, thats YG

    • GoodGirl95

      Well that's not creepy is it....... lool jus kidding :)

      • shaboom

        Totally not creepy at all. XD

    • shelicious

      wow O.O

  • https://twitter.com/kechiklalala Choi Seung Hyun

    This will be awesome! Daebak!

  • shaboom

    and owh...how I wish Tabi was there too..miss him so damn much its hurt. :(

    • tabioppalittlesister

      Anyway, do u know something about tabi oppa new film? i cant catch up the news..

      • shaboom

        All I know that it will be released in November. Few more months to go...seem like years *sobs*

        • Potatop

          Will it be released in Nov in Malaysia too? I thought they were planning to release it during autumn.

          • shaboom

            I think so but I'm not sure about that. Let's hope for the best :)

          • FarahTOPwifey

            from what i heard, the movie will release in Nov. and Malaysia is not in the list.. i'm just telling what have i heard but its not confirm yet. hopefully its not true

          • Potatop

            Noo.. I really hope it's not true. :(
            Or else I'm flying out of the country to see this movie.

  • LiiLy Park

    I think he's just watch...
    to better annoy 2ne1 XD

  • Guest

    Warning! Spoilers.
    Running man had to fetch 2NE1 at YG building. Thats where they bumped into YB. YB greets rm, cheers hwaiting to the girls and tell them to have fun. After that they took off to start their mission. Taeyang will appear in the show but just for that moment, not throughout the whole episode.

    • Twinklin star

      Aww really? Ok still excited to watch and see YB however briefly.
      I think it's going to be a fun episode with 2ne1 ^^ thanks for the info.

    • SpanishMaleVIP

      Well, its something. I wish he will appear in September for his album release.

    • Guest

      are you sure? from what it looks like from 2ne1 kfans, yg building was at yg building around mid/end of the show. Plus as for him being included, no one knows until the actual broadcast. Not like I'm being a downer. I'm just saying what I know from people who were there.

      • Guest

        Right, from the photos on twitter during the opening for the show, the background was somewhat like a stage and the girls weren't wearing uniform then. Also, Taeyang, Lee Hi and Epik High were seen at the YG Building because of course that's were they work. It is unknown at the moment whether they were filming that time or taking a break which is why they were interacting with the RM members. It's best not to expect too much before the actual broadcast of the episode.

    • shelicious

      thats a great info !

  • Twinklin star

    Woah! Throwback display pic, ok lol. Cute ^^

    Word is that 2ne1's episode on RM was filmed at YG building and YB was just snapped watching on the side. But it would be so awesome if he does take part so I hope so.

  • PERfect VersatilitY

    haha Taeyang, do you miss RunningMan? i enjoyed watching you in the show with your members ^^ p/s: i watched many imes and never get bored

  • Noona’s for BB!

    2NE1 fanboy <3

  • Eleanor Sim

    I hope he takes part :D I love Running Man and Taeyang!

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    Aww so cute YB! I'll watch that epi just in case :-)

  • Ariya V.I.P. 5

    If its at the YG building then yeah Taeyang WOULD be there

  • Roceial Celeste

    I'm too excited about this episode!!

  • ♕ ßålqı§ ♫♬ ♕

    LOVELY !

  • Piikaboo

    another few taken by kfans

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

    ~ Wow I'd be glad seeing him with 2NE1 :D~

  • guest

    ninja bae needs to come back!!


    aww, I want to see BIGBANG on Running man again!


    COOL !! So we're going to see again the luxurious building of YG !! Hikhik !! YB Ninja moves , Like a boss <3

  • tabilovesmetoo

    Am I the only one hoping that TOP at least make a cameo? >.<

    • shaboom

      Of course not. I pray hard for that. XD

    • iwa_love_gd

      your not alone..millions of us hope and pray for that too

  • zollipop

    Stalker YB lol

  • zollipop


  • Andy Tjhin

    GARY, HAHA, TAEYANG... i want to see Taeyang collab with GARY

  • Andy Tjhin

    i remember GARY and TAEYANG... GAEYANG AND TAEYANG hahaha LOL

  • ShimmyG

    TAEYANGGGG.. i dreamt of Taeyang last nite.. and it was nice, he was tooo nice... hes noiiiiiice! i love him! truly!

  • Myra Gahid

    Aigoo! Excited! :D

  • Neni Diankrisna P

    Oh wow. So 2ne1 decided to appear in runninn man? I heard that they will not make an appearance in running man because they are afraid that the episode will not funny. Cmiiw

  • YukiYoYo

    those ninja VIPs! :p