Updated: G-Dragon's Twitter and Instagram Updates (130717)

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G-Dragon's Twitter and Instagram updates for July 17, 2013:


"My last shoot in NYC Amazing @terry richardson studio"

Edited lighting:




(Let's work)

soemthing is off

(Something's a bit off with the placement.)

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  • MrsTOP

    His body actually looks really good!!

  • alltheskies4

    Terry Richardson again? Oh boy... T.T

    • Pepper

      IKR. His photos are nothing special and he has such a bad rep :( It makes me frustrated that Big Bang is working with him.

      • ListlessAgent

        You and me both. :/

      • Jussy McCarthy

        Its a bit like the Jeremy Scott situation, so long as their encounters have been positive they'll continue to be on good terms, also these guys poor reputation in the west is not as well known/cared about in Korea.
        While I don't want to insult GD (or anyone's intelligence) I do wonder if it came to being pushed/suggested into 'unusually' provocative photographs would he be swayed knowingly or understand if he realised the situation turned shady, he is free spirited as well and seems into non-conservative/liberal ideas for the sake of art or more but it depends on just how its put across. There is a worry that respect and good past relationships means if a situation arises he would trust when he should run.

        • shelicious

          but do you really think that YG reps don't know ? i doubt that !

          the concept is over looked and the concept is calculated ..
          as what my friend say i think GD the rest of BB or 2NE1 if they would associate with him they can take care of themselves and not drift away ! CL did a photo shoot with him .. it went smoothly

          • O_O

            You know I'm not really concerned with Terry doing something to them.. He's known to be shady and with his bad rep, it's just a bad move to be associated with him at all :s

          • Jussy McCarthy

            Yeah, if Terry's reputation became public knowledge in Korea it will not be good news to be associated with him. Thankfully so far so good but it always makes me anxious when he pops up.

      • http://CHOIGYRL.TUMBLR.COM/ choigyrlrumblr

        You're taking this too seriously. Terry is a great photographer/artist, that's why celebs use him. IDK why you're so upset, judging by all of your raging comments, if you're saying you don't like GD (and other YG artist) taking photographs by him, because YG people are innocent virgin flowers, then you must not know them, I'm not saying their nasty not so innocent devils (we don't know them personaly, they may have a kinky, bad side to them ahaha) but I don't know that, they can work with who ever they want , no one's going to ruin their ''innocent'' image?

      • 에스라

        If u look at it that way BB has also worked with lesley kee who was accused of doing pornographic photos

    • Ruby


  • Aitak

    Ah Kwon leader is looking Fab as always. Needs more tattoos to decorate his body.. :P

  • Pepper

    Ugh why Terry. Big Bang needs to disassociate themselves with this pedo :(

    • Avi Will

      But no one can deny that he has a very huge influence in his field, he's very popular among celebrities. As long as he doesn't do anything bad to GD I don't really care about his "pedo" past. And I don't think he goes for boys...at least I hope so O.o

      • Pepper

        "As long as he doesn't do anything bad to GD"

        Yeah. Let's only think of GD.
        Also, I'm not saying he'll do something to GD. It's about being associated with him. http://jezebel.com/5494634/meet-terry-richardson-the-worlds-most-fked-up-fashion-photographer

        • Avi Will

          I know, I read that last year. I'm not saying the guy isn't f*cked up but you think there aren't creeps like that in Korea or any other country? Terry's case got published to the world but there are bunch of other famous people that might be same as him and we wouldn't know. All I'm saying is that disassociating yourself won't fix the problem.

        • Ruby

          You and I are on the same wavelength about this for sure. It's disappointed me time and again when BB has been in his studio. :(

        • shelicious

          you are scaring me !
          cuz CL did a photo shoot with him O.O !
          i don't think that the man would be able to pull some BS if the person is not willing... don't you think ; !
          now i'm worried O.O"

          • Ale Littlewitch

            I don't understand why are you so freaking mad!!!! That model could lie... and in the other hand, GD is not a white dove. He knows what he is doing and why... he is not a baby... and repeat... maybe that girl lied, where are the proves?

          • shelicious

            Oh god no im not mad xD .. i was trying to tell her as i said in my comment that he is a grown man he can take care of himself .. it just pepper looked like she knew .. honestly this is the first time i heard about richardson bad reputation

      • Amy

        "I love shooting nudes of guys, but it’s harder to get guys to do full nudes, I don’t know why, but they don’t want to show their junk. I love doing guys." - Terry Richardson
        (Just sayin')

        • Guest

          *_____* this could be the right path for Ji to finally do his naked theme xD~ oh well i might apply for a job for richardson xD

        • Sabrein Bryma

          please keep trying with GD ><

      • Ruby

        Um. He sucks. In no way is shining a light directly on subjects with a flash and taking a photo professional photography. He's not even good, so I don't get the hype. And he's gross and should be charged with crimes in my opinion.

    • Ruby


    • Guest

      thanks to this pedo ! we would be able to see G-Dragon topless as hot as ever *____________* can't wait to see the pic and drool over my laptop and ruin the shit outta my keyboard


    • shelicious

      thanks to this pedo ! we would be
      able to see G-Dragon topless as hot as ever *____________* can't wait
      to see the pic and drool over my laptop and ruin the shizz outta my


      anyway no worries .. he is a grown man he can take care of himself !
      terry would not force him into sth bad ...

      • Noona’s for BB!

        Girl, between the uber-HOT Vogue cover shots & anticipating these shirtless pics, you & you're partner gdbaby8282 must be completely freaking out! Happy for you to see so much of your bias lately! ^^
        Now speaking of bias' I need more Tabi, and I need him NOW! : /

        • shaboom

          That ninja boy who loves ice cream so much is torturing us!!!
          I miss him. </3

        • gdbaby8282


          • Noona’s for BB!

            This is jut TOO CUTE for words!!!!!
            I wanna take this cutie to the ice cream shop NOW!!!
            (Thank you gdbaby!!!!) <3

          • gdbaby8282

            Look at his kitten lips, his puppy eyes... Awww....

          • Noona’s for BB!

            I want him.....now!

          • gdbaby8282

            Noona, my treats.. ;))
            ..... CHOI SEUNG HYUN

            (Hopefully, they will not kill me for using this space... )

          • gdbaby8282

            *im drolling over his innocent-sexy*

          • Noona’s for BB!

            Oooommmmmggggg......young Tabi makes me drool too! Thank you SO MUCH for always spoiling me with these delightful delicious pics! <3

          • Myra Gahid

            O_O <3_<3 I have a whole ice cream store prepared for you Tabi oppa! kk

      • Pepper

        You guys are missing the point. It's not just about "worrying that he'll do something to GD" =.= Oh well, whatever floats your boat

        • shelicious

          No its not like this.. we know he have a bad rep but there is nothing we can do about it GD is a grown man and all we can do is trust him because he knows what he is doing .. lol xD floating our boats is the only thing we do at the moment

    • Guest

      Do you guys not trust GD? (Or Bigbang, or CL for that matter) Yeah he may have a freak side to him but that doesn't mean he would force that on every model.. and would every model really take that from him? You really think GD, Bigbang or CL will go through molestation just for a photoshoot with him?Enough with these worries please...

    • ThatKpopFan

      I didnt know about his pedo stuff until i read ur post, but before i read it and was looking at the pictures i was like "this guy looks like someone who would shoot child pornography" oh boy just bad

    • PJ

      Agreed. Terry Richardson famously said "it's not who you know,but who you blow"( -.0) and how he always has a hole in his pants.:/

  • Guest


  • VS

    i think terry's photos show moments in their most raw experience because he focuses on one subject at a time versus an overstimulation. that way, they're super sexy.

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠


  • SarahKT

    I thought it was cool that GD's shirtless in one of the photo's at first, but then, after finding out more about this Terry Christian guy, the second photo just makes me feel ill and concerned for GD :S

    • SarahKT

      I mean Richardson...
      (I swear I'm dyslexic sometimes...)

    • Ruby

      You don't need to be concerned for GD's safety, if that's what you mean. But you should be grossed out that he would associate himself with a disgusting piece of shit like Terry Richardson who exploits females.

      • SarahKT

        Sorry, I meant more like concerned GD doesn't know who he's dealing with...
        (I could've worded that a bit better, my bad :S)

        • Ruby

          After I posted my reply, I thought "Well, GD kind of looks feminine in some ways (which in my opinion is a not a bad thing at all) so maybe GD does need to worry" LOL!

      • Jussy McCarthy

        GD once said he liked Richardson's work - how much he was referring too and whether that was said because they were working with him that one time is unknown to me.
        Since that's a third party taking the photo hopefully Richardson won't be getting into his naked tricks and the third party will be moderating the shoot, its not GD alone there and whenever BB has worked with him they've always been supervised (Richardson, from the account preys on the girls that go to his home studio alone).
        Richardson, like many others, probably likes to work where and with those who probably are less aware of his reputation so the build up associations overseas. (There are misconceptions and lack of gossip news spreading to the East aided by the language barrier and obscureness of the person), but again we can't really know how much GD/YG knows and 'accepts' about their work relations. Unless there is a greater follow up and exposure to Richardson's lewd antics in his work issues will rise and fall and those that are unaffected will not be disinclined to work with someone who is well known and willing to work with them. Richardson has worked with many people and considering how (sexually) corrupt the entertainment industry is as a whole is probably not as much as a deterrent as the business advantage of more exposure could be.

        • Ruby

          It does seem like he has been shooting foreigners more and more. Grose grose grose.

          • Jussy McCarthy

            The best way ( if one is serious about this) is to broadcast articles about Terry Richardson to Korean VIPs who can relay it to YG company, although that won't necessarily mean an immediate end to the association since they may not care about TR reputation/ or believe having staff present will mean for them things will be alright. In terms of business the question is how much does TR rep as a lewd, fantasy driven, pervert outweigh his rep as a well known celebrity photographer.

            When I see his name I am worried on 3 fronts: 1) the pictures will look bad, 2) what will he be getting his subject to do in the pictures and 3) if getting their picture taken by him will get negative feedback towards them.
            I generally hope each time they work with them will be the last, and someone more decent will take them up for their muse so they have less reason to work with him.
            I get there is risqué art and something people like in his chosen style but there is a point when you need to ask if the things he's allegedly done mean his work is no longer work but potentially criminal activity (sexual assault). A bit like the artist that cleaved animals in two and put them in resin, it was displayed as art but it was also butchery.

  • Avi Will

    asdfghjkl;'qwertyuiop[1234567890 FUUUcK! *Instant nosebleed*

    I...I just can't....Jiyong you're not allowed to take off your shirt because I think my heart can fail me anytime now...damn...

    WARNING: staring too much will make you feel naked *^*

    • shelicious

      girl lol for the safety of ur clothes and as a support for this man be free to take them off before xD lol
      ok done posting

      * runs *

  • Avi Will

    I hope we'll get to see the actual photos soon *________________*

  • Amanda Tai

    hes sooo skinny!! but i think those worries about terry richardson can b at rest.. somehow i feel gd can take care of himself against that..

  • Ruby

    Seriously, Terry Richardson again?! He's not talented, I honestly don't get the hype and WHY would you associate your name with his? Gross, GD! Someone should send him a private message on Twitter. Someone who speaks Korean and can eloquently communicate why this person is gross and disgusting.

  • lovesBB

    T.R. is a shady person and if his alleged victims haven't been able to do anything, at least people are aware that he is an ass and hopefully will be careful. And GD is a big boy and can take care of himself, also i' m sure his staff never leaves him alone too, they know them since kids and take care of them.

    and no matter who took the photos I can't wait to see topless GD =)

  • Johanna Pichardo

    i hope he doesn't rape my poor jiyong :'(

    • hayhay

      ok, come ON. first of all, jiyong is stronger than that, and i mean it physically. plus, hes smarter than that! i dont think we should be worried about his safety because hes a big boy. we should just be worried about his reputation because most people know that terry is a psycho.

    • Guest


  • Ashleigh McKinnon


    • Noona’s for BB!

      Ashleigh, I always enjoy your comments when it comes to GD!
      I can feel the love (obsession?) in your words <3 <3 <3

      • Ashleigh McKinnon

        I call it lovsession ;) it's bad, very bad......I need to be tied down and prevented from checking bigbangupdates......my poor sanity.....

    • shelicious

      i feel you girl !
      don't even bother checking your fever from now on !he will forever gives you FEVER ! *fever song playing in the background* lol

  • KGPD

    Omg this photoshoot is gonna be the death of me. And when all these pics come out rip to me. Cause I know the pics are gonna b gorgeous and will b my new phone wallpaper and screen saver.

  • VipBlackjack88

    Could be doing his photo session for album cover..that's why no way that GD in NY only for a vaca, when his solo album n final concert not yet done. But, why with TR..again??NY still got many talented photographers, I supposed. Well GD is a person who knew what he wants, so I reckon it's strictly professional..he just like his works. Nevertheless, His hyungs Ben Baller, Peter Chun and Harry Kim came along to keep him company while he was in NY..wheww so relieve!!!^.* His entourages are Daebakkk kkkkkk~Fighting Jiyong^^V

  • Sunny

    At first I was like *nose bleed* o__o - pony-tail, rock-hard abs..GD is lookin SEXY!

    ..then I read all the stuff about this Terry dude T.T Instant mood-killer.

    Well...at least it was another photographer that just happens to work for the company. But still, knowing it's associated with "that" guy who takes exposed photos with "those" kind of intentions...feels...icky :s

    • Liz

      agree about that Terry ... -___-

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    I like the 1st pic and about the 2nd well I'd have liked it more too bcz is Jiyong but i dislike the 'concepts' of the photographer and the person who is he sorry.

  • shelicious

    hot as always !!!
    ponytail is my new fetish let me tell ya lol

    can't wait to drool over the HD pic and ruin my keyboard *__* i might lick the screen though

    • Noona’s for BB!

      Go buy a waterproof cover quickly before these pics come out! ;)

  • tabilovesmetoo

    G-boss is so so so so so hot!!

  • sexydonut

    hot <3

  • zoey 101

    I ACTUALLY SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THIS!¡ /homealonesowhatever/ i was recovering from the vogue news and then he dropped the bomb and hooooooooly shit! sure, terry is creepy but gd is shirtless and i like terry's photos nwjkdrferkjn IMDONE

  • Sun_&_Raine

    You know, when I first saw this post I was like, "Oh GD doing another photo shoot! He looks so manly!" And then I read the comments/article about this Terry guy and I was completely grossed out. Although, I'm sure GD can handle himself and it doesn't seem like he was alone, hopefully it was his manager that took the instagram photo of him, so nothing to worry about.

  • zollipop

    OMG *dies*

  • ShimmyG

    JihDeyy loooks mochh better here than on Vogue..

  • Grodus

    I don't know whether all of the allegations brought against him are true or not but I will just say, having worked at a photography studio for an untalented and unprofessional photographer and then moving on to an actual good photographer, I am confident in saying that Terry R is a SHITTY photographer. Fortunately his subject matter is so good this time he should get something decent.
    And as for whether GD should be working with him if he is indeed a pedo photoger, I don't think the point is whether his safety is at risk, the point is that there are some things people shouldn't turn a blind eye for the sake of art. All celebs should use better judgment when they associate with "artists" but in all actuality we know that's not gonna happen.

  • FarahTOPwifey

    can anyone tell me about Terry? why everyone seems hate him? i'm confuse here.. O.o

    • zoey 101

      just google it or read the comments below

  • fulltimevip

    lolsss he's complaining abt the placement!!puuhahaha

  • Ashleigh McKinnon

    God that lip bites kills me every time! Why so cuteeeeee?!

  • Mrs. G-Dragon

    topless.. *___*

  • Myra Gahid

    The photo shoot = heart bursting! Leader Ji oppa... VIPS have been repairing their hearts recently bec of your Vogue photoshoot, then you post these! Aigooo

  • KGPD

    What's wrong with the placement, is it because his forehead? Lol. And where he stood and took the pic it looks like his forehead is shiny Lol oh G

  • Katinka

    Here you can see again that Ji is really super fit well trained and lean manly muscular like in the vouge shoot you can see his his upper abs >.< soo hooot
    terry richardson will certainly do a great job can´t wait to see the result

  • YukiYoYo

    Why was he in NY?

  • 에스라

    His hair in a ponytail ajdjkfk fb afhsjdk so weird on one shoot he looks so manly and on aother he is just a girl!

  • 에스라

    All the discussions abt protecting ji from this pedo is hilarious. Guys maybe he has already raped Gd! What do u think. I wouldnt blame him kkk