Vogue Korea's 17th Anniversary Issue featuring G-Dragon

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"Super Meets Supers"
Vogue Korea is celebrating its 17th anniversary by releasing 3 special covers for its upcoming issue to be released on August 3. The covers will feature music icon G-Dragon and Korean supermodels Soojoo, Sunghee Kim and Jihye Park.

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  • Avi Will

    ASDFGHJKL holy sh*t!!! omg *_____* LOOK AT THAT FLAWLESS FACE!
    uhh, I'd be so happy if I could get my hands on one of these! Somebody please ship it to Europe! :D

    • linnunrata

      (Just a quick tip: check dvdheaven. They sell magazines online when idols feature, like last year's Harper's Bazaar with GD)

  • Stephi_VIP4Life

    omfg the last one.. im jealous ! :D im dreaming about him doing that to me XD i love gd so although im jealous i like those pics :)jiyongiii fightinnggg, he knows what he's doing and it's always the best so hopefully VIP's wont attack him or her...

  • nadetz


  • rinjiru

    wow, just wow. he looks amazing and beautiful.

  • lovesBB

    OMG I want! He looks incredible in all of them, the models are beautiful too. I want to see the bts, please vogue =)

  • ListlessAgent

    We should have known he had a magazine shoot the moment we saw he had his hair freshly dyed lol

    But seriously, all 3 covers are lovely and the models for each are perfectly casted. I can't even decide which is my fave.

  • noel

    oh wow vogue cover, that's huge.

    i get gd's comeback routine now.

    dye his hair blonde, travel somewhere "fashion", get vogue pictorial.

  • Lina90

    the first pic looked so much like lesbian couple.. LOL why U SOO PRETTY??

    • shelicious

      lol *_________* so hot

  • QueenBee

    Too good! :D

  • guest

    his nipple is hard lol

  • Genevieve A. Poso

    For some unknown reasons I like it! ;)

  • linnunrata

    I am speechless...GD effect hits deep (expecting all will be sold out soon)
    All these covers are beautiful...
    He is indeed one of a kind=proved once again

  • ugh

    I will buy it for sure omg.

  • Miss_Tofu

    O.O *flips table*

  • Sil GO

    O(≧∇≦)O ME LIKE!!!! specially the patchy/quilting one and no suprise here GD looking great!!

  • yolo

    can I be that girl? D:

  • http://rins-world.com/ Rin Sanada (真田 りん)

    I would LOVE to buy these. GD is just so FREAKIN FINE!

  • lemon84

    I dont know why I like all the VIP's!!! Because so guys so cool.. I thought u guys reaction will like curse the models.. VIP'S JJANG!!!!♥♥
    Me?? I like of course... big bang biased in KPOP world!

  • grilove

    Those are so artistic.. Gdragon looks like androginy model though. reminds me of xiah junsu.

    I love dat expression on the third page. dat STARE,, woo hoo

  • adindaprima

    Ooooooomooo...... So coolllllllll..

  • VipVip


  • Lina90

    Soojoo is 178-179 cm.. poor Jiyong!! LOL

    • Dragon Fly

      He doesn't care :)

  • panda-riri

    GD in the 1st cover reminds me of emeli sande O.o lol
    but the 3rd one is my fav, its really eye-catching.

  • Amanda Tai

    it kinda bugs me that for the half nude one he has the same hair as the girl so it makes him a bit androgynous. i wish he had his own hair like the 3rd pic more so it can be sexier like the way that pose n choice of wardrobe (or lack thereof) was made for.

  • zety shahirah

    Ah so effing hot. He kinda reminds me of Andrej Pejic abit with the whole long blonde hair thing going on. Hottt

  • LUIE


  • Hanna

    *3* I love him so much <
    G-Dragon FIGHTING~~ !!

  • Loena

    Jihye and Soojoo are so perfect ;-; I wonder how tall are the insoles of GD to be near their height xD Anyway, I can't wait to see the picture!

  • Liyananoat

    OMG ! I'm speechless here

  • shelicious

    holy freaking fuck O.O i call the GOD to have mercy on us !!! i can't even breath !

    those fingers ! those fingers are taunting me its like a cover of a dark fiction ! him with sooj mooj ljdflsdjglkdshgls ppl have been bitching about how she is tall and shouldn't wear heels but oh GOD dammit oh god dammit oh god dammit only him will look like a sex GOD with a hot model !! its hot this way !

    and the next photo

    ho god tell me she isn't topless T_T tell me that her nips did not touch his back ! OMFG i have lost the ability to think .. my OVARIES TT______TT GD why you so FINE ? like why ? WHY ?!!!

    Bad GD bad GD he looks like trouble in the third one T_T so taunting so delicious

    i'm gonna go and cry since my life is so boring T_T i have lost the will to live ....

    • gdbaby8282

      VOTE for the 3rd!!!! He's so high.. ^_7
      (Literally all 3)

      • Dragon Fly

        For you :)

        • gdbaby8282

          Omo, omo... Chingu.. so much THANKs...
          Because of you i'm going to have 6packs of 'HOT' chocolate bar for my first meal..

          ( can't stop staring at IT )

        • Zeeyy San

          WTF ?? that girl w/out knickers ??? O.o

    • Myra Gahid

      Laughed at your comment unnie, especially the word ovaries in all caps. :) GD is just HOT

      • shelicious

        lol you see i just wanna have some light in my life T_T and loosing my ovaries might ruin that chance of living lol

        • Myra Gahid

          Haha. Ruin the chance of living, huh? And only BB, specifically GD does that to you. :)

    • dloor VBP

      ur comment is just priceless!

      • shelicious

        lol thank you :$

  • Rani Heriyani

    love him on the 3rd pic!!!!!

  • nonomiho

    first pic - GD: you're mind!

    second pic - smexy~ yet lovey dovey

    third pic - badass GD (looks like a lone wolf to me XD)

  • Mary

    I'm in love with third cover, but they're all beautiful. Vogue and GD seem to work really well together.

  • 2ne1&BB melons

    i freaking jealous avid fan of GD but i know i cant do anything because im just fangirl of him .. i really love GD thats why i felt this way.. GD ahdahdakjsdh i cant breath!!! help me!!!!!juseyoo~~~

  • shunnmi

    who is she? model?

    • http://bigbangupdates.com/ VIC

      The names of the models are in the post :)

  • FarahTOPwifey

    I'm kinda impress with people's comment here.. everyone seems so matured by only commenting on GD.. i thought anyone will curse that girl.. haha
    GD's half nude pic just give me mini heart attack.. lol

  • Misa

    SO HOOOOOT OMG OMG I can't believe I'm finally seeing a topless photoshoot WAA sorry girls but oppa is prettier than you LOL

  • http://www.mykoreanhusband.com/ Nic (MyKoreanHusband)

    all so beautiful!

  • TOPudding_addction

    Bye-bye world...My time is up...what a happy way to die! ^_=

  • me

    third picture : which anime is that? LOL

  • TOP is King!

    1st cover- 'Sophisticated and mysterious GD'
    2nd cover- 'Artistic and calm GD'
    3rd cover- 'Boho beautiful GD'

    Honestly, I don't give a damn of what sasaseng fans think. They can think whatever they want. I am just going to sit back, relax, and wait till they release the pictorials online.

    Also, fingers crossed for a future Vogue cover with Taeyang and TOP. Vogue Korea please!!!

    • disqus_bNjKCChRKf

      Include VI and Dae too. That would be stellar!
      I am IN LOVE with this shoot. The third pic is my fave because Ji looks like a super hot warrior in an anime. (+he doesn't look too close with the model unlike in the other 2 pics lol.)

    • NunmulBaboBB

      I am starting to think our fandom doesn't have sasaeng fans...*fingers crossed*..

  • Myra Gahid

    HOTNESS spelled G-DRAGON! <3

  • AureLia-Xtefany Ou

    uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa...GD so awesome..i love you GD..and you're so hot at the 2nd pic <3 i love all pics <3 i want the magazines <3

  • Ashleigh McKinnon

    damn damn damn
    vogue, you did good

  • jeshkahhh

    second pic . ohmaigawd. this time, i'm fainting for real. gd, the things u do to me.... *smash head against the wall, fall unconscious.*

  • gio ann

    wow. *speechless*

  • fulltimevip

    hommmaaiii shoott mee!!!! hawwtnesss overloadd!!!XDDD

  • http://seungdragon.tumblr.com/ seungdragon

    2. I WANT TO HUG HIM SHIRTLESS!!! and omo we can see his nip!*-*
    3. Ji you sort of look like a hobo in the last pic, come live with me and i'll treat you like heaven on earth:P

  • Keazar Rain Campillos

    (first time I saw the 2nd pic) Oh,2 girls hugging....Oh the nipples...Oh the tattoo..G...G..GD!androgyny!

  • Teymommy Oc

    C'mon!1 Ji yong has his beautiful face .... SO F*CKING HANDSOME....LOOK AT HIM OMG

  • https://twitter.com/BERLespi BERLespi

    Damn it! What more could you ask for?! It's like two bodies becoming ONE!

  • Maryama

    I think the first cover with Jihye would have to be my fave of the three. Very poised, i like that very much <3

  • https://twitter.com/haiosh97 haiosh

    Omg he look so handsome in last pic with that long white hair !! Damnn XD

  • liveurlife_0818

    his stares!!.. OMG!


  • Sabrein Bryma

    damn sexy

  • Twinklin star

    Wow! Ji and the models look so pwetty! ^^ I'm loving this photo shoot.

    @Vip4daesung have you seen the Vogue special ed. featuring YB's home? O.O I saw it on twitter. Also any idea how we can get hold of these special editions internationally? TIA ^^

  • g_bby.BB

    He so cute^^♡

  • PERfect VersatilitY

    whoa love his hairstyle on the first pic, so hot!! The 2nd pic look like twin sisters O.O Gd is prettier though =P

  • Ariya V.I.P. 5

    She looks like a stick

  • Laura Holmes

    they look so similar,

  • rrraton

    OMG GD and Soo Joo Park, two gorgeous people together

  • isonly4u

    I swear that when I saw these pictures on tumblr, i thought it was a damn photoshop!!!

    I'M SPEECHLESS......

  • Michele

    These are some lucky, lucky, LUCKY women!!! Brains, hearts and ovaries are imploding world-wide as these pics are viewed!!

  • totoroed


  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    3 covers, wow! i like the concept, Jiyong looks amazing :)

  • GoodGirl95


  • Ẻḿḿa 김.뱅

    GD is just ONE OF KIND !!

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

    DUUUCKKK O_O~.... The hands..on his boddy..oh please

  • Mylenne Shindou

    Let me go crazy about this:

    the first one is like a model and her designer, he telling her something like "don't say nothing, they don't know a thing, you look incredible in my design" (he is like upset there, don't you think?) xD

    the second they look like twins! xD really, and somehow I think there are a good amount of photoshop there xD

    and the last one, my fav!! like anime characters, or FF ones, I don't know, maybe someone have an idea?? They both look great, GREAT here.

  • dloor VBP

    oh my gosh. Ji how can u do this to us ? dont you think about those poor fangirls who will just pass out the moment they see this? please just stop toturing me and get into my bed already !! (sorry for being a pervert but i cant take it anymore this guy is KILLING me)

  • Kokoro Ai

    I really love this look. Blondie hair and long he looks like a rock star.

  • sexydonut

    gd is trying to make us go even more crazy than we already are -.- ...hahha love you ji <3

  • zollipop


  • ladyperona

    Some fangirls might think these women are so damn lucky... but hey, GD's the one who gets to posed with these 3 gorgeous supermodels!! I don't know who's luckier than who... kekekekekkkee

  • YukiYoYo

    I just like the photo in the middle, the others are too weird -_-