Big Bang with Avex President Max Matsuura [PHOTOS]

Shared by on July 16, 2013  

From Avex president Max Matsuura's Twitter:


With Big Bang and Yang Hyunsuk


With G-Dragon

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  • alltheskies4

    First pic, GD looks like a good kid, because of YHS? lol

  • Elys Thia


  • Twinklin star

    Cute! It's funny how we can always tell how old pictures are depending on their hairstyle hehe ^^.

  • Guest

    The mohawk. The mohawk. The mohawk. This picture is recent right? Taeyang back to Taehawk for comeback? Let this be true!

    • TOP The Life Ruiner

      Nope not recent, this is from last year xD

  • Avi Will

    GD looks adorable in the first pic :3

  • liveurlife_0818

    YG.. looking proud with his boys..


  • neverada

    If TOP actually died his hair brown again, I am going to kill myself from HAPPINESS. HE LOOKS SO PERFECT WITH THAT MESSY BROWN HAIRSTYLE OMG

  • Aunt Rita

    There you are, T.O.P!

  • Eleanor Sim

    This isn't recent right? ._.

    • Max

      Yeah, I think the group pic is from last year when they had concerts in Japan.

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    The 1st pic, the big company bosses with our boys kkk

  • Max

    That Max guy is shorther than Taeyang!?

  • Dami Kim ♠

    Gahhhh handsome princes~


    In the first pic, YG: Jiyong, my son. lol.

  • tabilovesmetoo

    Oh how much I miss seeing 5 of them in a picture! My Tabi looking damn fine, as always!

  • Myra Gahid

    Wow! Handsome! I miss the Kings. :(

  • YukiYoYo

    What is avex?? (I love the last picture!<3)