Seungri @Incheon Airport to Beijing and Arrival in Beijing (130504) [PHOTO]

Shared by on May 4, 2013  

At Incheon:

gogo panda ranger1

gogo panda ranger2

gogo panda ranger3

gogo panda ranger4

gogo panda ranger5

gogo panda ranger6

gogo panda ranger7

gogo panda ranger8

gogo panda ranger9

gogo panda ranger10

gogo panda ranger11

gogo panda ranger12

Arrival in Beijing:

the panda has landed1

the panda has landed2

the panda has landed3

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  • ReiKwon VIP

    he's so handsome... I cant stop loving him. Let's crazy with GD tonight !!!!! moment GRI *exciting*

  • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque

    I hope they have a great show tonight !

  • Aini Shahidin

    Is he wearing GD's skull bracelet? *_*

    • Virgin Snow

      No, if you look closely, It's not the same with GDs one

    • ♛ Miss GiyongChy ♛

      chrome hearts bracelet~~~ ^^

  • Yana kwon

    aww he's getting more and more handsome everyday.. @.@ isnt taeyang gonna be there as well?

  • Sunny

    Oh lord....I think I'm dying from this man's sexiness. Those close-ups of him are the facial hair...and the beanie and...and...that broad looks like he really has been working out *-* .........//DEAD//

    • Maknae

      True..true. I can't wait until he shows his abs which he is working hard to gain back ;P
      But why is he not so happy? Even GD was not looking too happy when he arrived at Beijing :/

      • Noona’s for BB!

        Bet they're happy now that they're together! ;)

      • Sunny

        omg yes, the return of Riri's abs! ^^ and don't worry they usually look serious at airports lol. Some of the pics I saw of them at concert they were really energetic and happy! :P

  • ri88

    Seungri and aviator really suite...

  • sameer

    look good

  • Twinklin star

    Panda looks so hot! Ugh, why so fine panda! >.<
    I'm so excited! I hope there will be lots of fan cams please! ^ ^

  • ateen_anneey

    What?? GD's bracelet?? woowww..

    • Ale Littlewitch

      No... it isn't the same... look carefully

  • shaboom are my 2nd bias wrecker now..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Victoriii

    cant wait to see fancams!!! he looks so good!

    • Noona’s for BB!

      "All dressed up in black & white,
      I'm gonna leave it all on the floor tonight,
      Love is swingin' in the air tonight,
      Let me show you a few things about (GRi) looooove!" <3

    • Farah Raina Rahim

      he looks like big seunghyun when wearing suit.. :D

    • Sunny

      so handsome! ^^ can I add this too?...(I just can't explain my feels with this pic *-*)

      • Victoriii

        Omggg... he looks sooo cute.. specially his eyes!!

        • Sunny

          right? *-* I melted as soon as I saw this!

  • GoodGirl95

    WOAH!!! Maknae looking super fine in plaid,he should wear it more :D


    • Sunny

      I had to share this with you! Gri commenced and it looks beautiful!! ^^ (apparantly VIP were chanting Seungri's name and GD said with aegyo "but this is my concert" so they started chanting his name LOL)

      • Noona’s for BB!

        Waahhhh!!! The aegyeo has already begun! _<
        Thank you for sharing this photo Sunny, as we are all impatiently waiting more news of the show! :)

        • Victoriii

          I think it says CREW.. but his seems like a shirt!

        • Sunny

          Hehe I just couldn't contain my excitement and had to share it right away! ^^ But it was like at 2am so I zonked out pretty much straight after lol
          and yeh, can't wait for fancams!

          • GoodGirl95

            YES YES NEED FANCAMS!!!!

      • GoodGirl95

        AWWWWWW you know me so well :D i'm literally going crazy over here and on tumblr, the GRi tag on tumblr is going super crazy with all the GRi love, there both so adorable.....loool ofcourse no GRi concert is enough without Seungri's love declaration :D
        Love how Seungri comes in and steals the show :D
        AND THIS ON LY DAY 1......let's see if he can make him do Kiyomi player today lol :D

  • Black Bobby

    riri looks rather tired :???

  • ♛Peanut (피낱)♛

    uri maknae. all grown up :)

  • gdbaby8282


    (i saw Jiyong and Seunghyun bracelet on Riri's... )

    • Hasmin

      yea..... the blue green one looks like Ji's bracelet w/c I haven't seen GD wearing since ALT ended... i think...?

  • Hasmin

    omo... SeungRi looks SO gooood... his clothing choices are getting impressive... love it. and that beanie looks so good on him as well... his own styling is so good... so good so good! hehe... GRi fighting!!! :)

  • Krystalxx

    He's wearing one of GD blue bracelet ^^

    • Ale Littlewitch

      No. The Seungri's bracelet is a little different

  • Ambernicholl

    He looks really comfortable.

  • Ana Sandoval

    Fatty Ghost Manager!

  • Leasseable Lee

    Verily, this photos proves that they are the best dress and handsome singers!! Love him<3

  • Jen

    I said this on twitter last night, but I'll say it again here. Ri just loves to melt the noonas! Puddles of noona's everywhere!

    • Noona’s for BB!

      Oh YEAH!!!!!!!! .<

  • ♛ Miss GiyongChy ♛

    love his t shirt~~~~

  • Kris R.

    ooooh looking good there!

  • Aunt Rita

    He's soooooooooooooo handsome *-* I miss you <3

  • Mouna Youssouf

    he grew up so fast. I mean even last year he looked so young and all... but now.. oh my... He looks so manly and gosh his body is larger and all.
    Sexy Panda

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    Gosh, Seungri looks soooo handsome!

  • Sung Yo Min


  • 에스라

    Knowing all the fanclubs by now. They're all hardworking and are where ever the boys are daebak! İt must be a really hard job to do. I think they should do that professionally

  • liveurlife_0818

    Woaaaah.. he's getting more and more gorgeous.. and.. and.. and... nvm!!


    He looks so handsome in red~!!!!>.<

  • Truedream1988

    Cute riri <33

  • Anna

    WAAAAH! Seungri's really the bias bender. So handsome

  • kath_grca