MTV Documentary "Big Bang: Alive Around the World" [VIDEO]

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  • Aderlin Fernandez


    • genevievelism

      video's private. i guess i'm late... T_T

      • Hinaya05

        Me too :(

        • j-


          i think it can be viewed here :)

          • Hinaya05

            Yay! Thank you soooo much :D

      • Bev Ng

        I can view it its not private. In any case u can chk it out on youtube

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    thank u!
    so cute Seungri announcing Jiyong's toast kk
    our boys are cute at the after party :D

  • arelesdici

    Thank you very much for this! :) I guess I can sleep well later :D

  • VIP4Daesung

    Watching them talk about making it to much it meant to them...and clips of the concert <3

    I will never...ever...EVER forget that week/weekend....was the best in
    my LIFE and knowing how much they went thru to get to us <3 <3
    <3 <3

  • Sunny

    Yayyyy ^^ Thank you for this!!
    Even though I couldn't get to any live concerts it feels like last year holds so many good memories of BB and the Alive World Tour - with fancams, pics and sharing the love with fellow VIPs online! Being able to look back again through this documentary was just wonderful ^^

  • TaecTopTos


  • redta

    their success has nothing to do with kpop-boom!

    love this comment! bigbang is different for sure!

    • bluexx

      exactly what I was going to comment! Perfect quote for BigBang.

    • Twinklin star

      It's so true though. They have a special appeal. I don't even stan other groups like I do with Bigbang. They've worked so hard to be where they are, and they deserve all the credit for it <3

  • Gayoung Oh

    Almost teared up recalling e wonderful concert while watching e vids! Can't wait to see thm again soon!!! T-T

  • ExtraOrdinary5

    Thx a lot elaineeeeeeee... :D

  • bluexx

    & Could they have picked a more perfect narrator for this documentary? Who other than the beautiful Han Ga In! :)

  • Anjana Manogna

    Awww, man, I almost cried watching. I'm sad that I didn't get to go to the Alive Tour, and be a part of that amazing experience. I hope I'll get the chance to go to a Big Bang concert, but... I feel like Alive was really special for them, it was their first world tour and it came after a very hard year for them.
    Seeing how hard GD worked on his solo album and the special album in between tours, I really do appreciate all he has done for Big Bang.
    And Seungri is so amazing, so wonderful for learning bits and pieces of different languages for the fans.
    TOP, oh my god, even though he had surgery, he still gave it his all, and even apologized, that crazy person. And his goals, to become an attractive elegant person with no inspiring.
    And Daesung. Thank you so much...for working out so hard! :P And for your beautiful smile, even after all that you've been through.
    Taeyang, oh Taeyang. Even though he had a nosebleed in the middle of a concert, he went on. Even when he lost his voice during the Seoul concerts, he pushed himself and still sang.

    Thank U & U

    • enxieguite

      I Cried reading your comment and I haven't even watched the video yet.. :')

      • Anjana Manogna

        Uh...Thank you? And sorry? :P
        VIP LOVE! <3

    • Twinklin star

      Beautiful summary. All this shows us how much they care for and love their fans. They always push themselves to please us :'(.

      I love them more & more! <3

  • Truedream1988

    REALLY thank U 4 these videoz ~~<33 itz REALLY REALLY AWESOME ~ & miss ma boyz SO MUCH ...T_T <333

  • lilhazel

    Surely once in a lifetime experience. Glad to be part of it. ;)

  • Jacqueline

    Whoever did this video was horrible with it. This was much appreciated, yet it takes away from the viewing ability if you can see or hear what's being said through majority of it.

  • Natasha Sim


  • Vvvipforme

    I remember watching this in our living room yesterday, and i was shocked at seeing tabi's injury...they showed it here how it happened and how the crew and tabi were shocked...then getting a second glance that's when panic kicked in cause it kept bleeding....T_T

  • Neko_Chan

    God knows how I really want to see this video! Watching their world tour journey shows how hardworking they are!

    Thank you so much for uploading this

  • mrsidoma

    Look mom I'm on MTV and is not 16 & Pregnant

    • Neko_Chan

      haha, I like your comment :)

  • Juoana Penny Dela Cruz

    Crap!!! I forgot!!!!!!! I could've seen it on our TV!!!!!! T.T
    Now I have to rely on youtube.....

    Oh God.. When's the replay?? *sobs*

  • Bev Ng

    Saw it on mtv yesterday. Saw it on youtube too. Excellent. I even took a couple of pix of N tweeted it out to GD, Seungri n Taeyang lol. Shd bring bk memories of their trip ard d wrld!! Daebak

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Yeah! BTS moment! Daebak! ToDae !Seunglish !GRi !ChoomTOP! GDYBDAE SWIMMING !

  • Hasmin

    some highlights by me... hehehe... i don't even know why... hehe..

    Alive Tour...

    aaaahhh Taeyang's epic mohawk... we miss. shirtless Tae... we miss... :)

    "SeungRi: Bang! Bang! Hey!!!!"... haha so cute!!

    someone, "their success comes from their musical talent and power. In another word, their success has nothing to do with the KPOP boom." true! Amen!

    someone, "Big Bang has high-quality music." true! Amen!

    haha lol MTV... BB won an award at MTV EMA on 2011, not 2012. hehehe... funny irony.

    "The media introduces them like an unprecedented idol group."

    omg.. special participation of Dae's body... and GD... work that out guys... i'm loving it ! haha :)

    playful Taeyang... haha so cute! :)

    forever cute and hard working maknae... SeungRi... getting busy to learn some foreign phrases... while his bros are playing... hehehe... so cute!!

    haha awkward good byes with Vivian Hsu... hehe

    "Dae: he (SeungRi) speaks foreign language with confidence... and that's a good thing.... .... .... but in America....... (Dae's unsure face..)" hahaha.. VI's i know my english is terrible... i want to kill my english... hahaha... Seunglish..

    "GD on defense for SeungRi: He learns very quickly and absorbs like a sponge... i think he has a very bright future.... he has the driving force..." hehe GRi !!! :) of course it's true!

    aaaaah... the bottled water shower.... we miss. :) TOP was epic on doing that.. :) and Dae the favorite target w/ his hair whipping back and forth... :)

    choomTOP! we miss. :)

    GD letting VIPs touch him... ooooh that epic moment.... of that one girl who went face-to-face with GD and got to hug him tight... oooooh... jelly me. :) but unfortunately... he earned scratches... hehe... cut nails girls.... it looks painful.. really. but he wasn't hurt... maybe. hehe

    billboard: "Big Bang, the true heart of KPop"

    Guardian: "Big Bang, superstars of KPop"

    and yea, we can't forget TOP's hand injury... from filming Alumni... oooh... well, he was still sexy and chooming back then with that... hehe cool swag! he's strong and a great performer............. :)

    wait, he said he was sorry because he was injured and promised to show the best of him for the whole concert... and then went on to prove by chooming... omo... and GD said same exact words too... mygoodness... these boys.... i so love you! thank God you are all strong and determined... :)

    Dae looking sincerely at the camera: "He (TOP) is a really nice guy... (and then... ) satisfied??" haha ToDae!!! hearts coming out from his cute eyes... hehehe

    them: what is choomTOP? me: choomTOP is just the best! hahaha

    ha....... mygoodness.... finally i saw what they did for their free time b4 their concert here in the Philippines.... hahaha... and i'm surprised.... SeungRi went out of the hotel room shirtless.... aaah finally had a glimpse of his body he's been hiding since the ALT in Seoul?? hehehehe......... sexy.... beautiful skin........ :) thanks for including Philippines in this vid !!!

    ohmyfreakinggosh.... that's what was happening inside the plane on their way to New York???? ooooooooooh.... gosh.... scary.

    "GD: Music transcends languages and borders..." so true! and you are an expert with that GD.... expert. as well as Big Bang... and YG family. hehehe....

    "music is a language spoken heart to heart"

    and of course... we won't forget as well.... Taeyang's nose bleeding... he was really energetic and hyped up guys... oh and when he sang his version of Don't Judge Me.... ohmy... it was SO gooooood.

    oh tearful VIPs... tears of joy by seeing the boys.... exactly what happened to me the moment they came out of those capsules.. aaaaaaah... i can't forget that moment.. that feeling of so much happiness just from seeing and hearing them live even from afar... i was crying the entire first 2 songs... the 1st ment/talk/intro and half of FB... that's quite some time... hehehe... lol. i remember not crying when it was Haru Haru... because i was so amazed and mesmerized by all of us there singing Haru Haru wholeheartedly with Big Bang even if some, like me, don't know the lyrics... we all became entirely as one with Haru Haru.. (all of us... i hope someone makes a compilation of the vids of BB and VIPs singing Haru Haru.. hehe) ... ah can't forget that... one voice one heart... ahhh it was so magical... and beautiful... it still gives me chills just by thinking about that epic moment...

    and so after the con, i ended up with hoarse voice from hard core singing with the boys ( esp when it was Monster and Love Song... haha i feel so proud that i know the lyrics for those songs sans the rap parts), screaming and shouting for the boys.... hehehe but i'm so happy with that... proud. hahaha... and after the con, i realized how beautiful and how good the songs Stupid Liar and Cafe are... they became part of my playlist... hehe...

    aaaah... The Final.... the band played End of the Road... the boys danced to it with their respective partners of course... GRi and ToDae... and Taeyang... forever alone?! haha dancing w/ himself... hahaha.... oh it felt sad coz the Alive Tour came to the end after collecting ALT memories with Big Bang, ALT staff and VIPs worldwide for the whole year of 2012.... ... but it felt happy coz it ended successfully and safely... that cake was super cool and sweet.... :)

    the boys' final words... (paraphrased)

    "SeungRi: ... the difficult challenges we faced and this Alive Tour experience will make us do better than the best, live up to being 'alive' and be better next time... "

    "Dae: .... through music and performance.. even after six or seven years,, i'll be doing the same goal.... to make people happy...." awww Dae....!!!

    "Taeyang: after this tour, i might feel that something is missing... the emptiness... but this tour made me realize what i really wanted to do... and this is what i want... i want to be the singer that is the best at it... and i will continue bringing good music..."

    "TOP: rather than dreams and ambitions, i want to be someone who's attractive, elegant, proud of himself, and no enemies... i'll think on how to make my life meaningful..."

    "GD: creating music and living as a celebrity, i want to be someone who can help and support Korean culture. From a small country, we are now very influential so we need a culture. so when i become 30 or 40, i want to be someone who young artists can learn from.."

    aaaaaaaaahhh Alive Tour, how i miss you so damn much.... everything..... everything about Alive Tour was truly epic... EPIC first world tour Big Bang!!!! thanks for this MTV Asia, brings back to life those beautiful unforgettable memories of my first concert experience.... of the year 2012 which marks my ultimate hard core fan girling ever in my life... and the start of my love and loyalty to Big Bang... the one and only... or the five and only.... hehehe... I LOVE BIG BANG SO MUCH and I MISS THEM SO MUCH... :)

    how i wish that the second time around they're here in flesh... i would get to see them closer and clearly with my own eyes.... and touch 'em even w/ just the tip of my finger... hehehe.... that's a dream come true if it happens... :)

    DONE. (note: I still don't know why I did this... hahaha lol.. i copied this post to MS Word and it was freaking 3 pages (10.5 font size) and it's freaking 6am now and i'm still up... mygoodness...!! haha.. Big Bang... what are you doing to me...?!!! what am i doing to myself??? haha lol.. )

    • anna_enira

      huhu!! really love your excitement!! VIP UNTIL WHENEVER=)

      • Hasmin

        hahaha... i didn't even expect that you and those who voted this up will even read this freaking loooooooooong post.. i was shocked.. haha thanks anyway.... and yea... this is the result of my excitement... hahaha... and i (we) just really miss ot5... ^o^

    • Kris R.

      I know how you feel coz I felt that way too. Bigbang's concert was the 1st ever ONLY concert that I've went to in my entire 27 yrs of existence. . So it was really epic and memorable for me.

  • 2NE1LG

    OMG I can see myself at 1:00!! It feels so good lol...
    I wish I could go back to that wonderful day!! BB <3

  • SumOneHea

    Huge thank you or sharing the videos!... And Alive will 2012 remain in VIPs hearts. I am so honored and still can't believe I got to be a part of this. Cant wait for future occasions.

  • BB_Lav_Cam

    GOMAWO for the upload! =D

  • BB_Lav_Cam


  • ale c

    Great documentary! I'm so proud to have been able to go to this tour in New Jersey!

  • Kim ♥

    How can I watch it? It's private :(

  • Kim ♥

    How can I watch it? The video is private T______T

    • anna_enira

      try this link, remove (), http://www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=y2HYpw1u3g8&feature=player_embedded&list=PLu-Mbc7YPcURvv7R1nzKVTyFhlYye-1V1

  • Yi Ting Teo

    Can's says the video is private

  • haiosh

    I can't watch its say its private :'(

  • PrincessKitana

    So happy to be part of and witnessed one of the concert leg of this tour!!! Mabuhay VIPs!!!

  • Pau

    its private now!!! cant see :( thats what happens when you leave things like this for the weekend! stupid school work!

  • BB~♥

    LOL. Daesung was so funny on here! I loved when he pointed out Seungri's English, talked about TOP, and stated that they'd have a whole movie, if they all did as staged. LOL They're too wild for staged performances (must have felt restricted).

  • G.O.O.D. Music

    They're AWESOME!!!

    -BIGBANG Fanboy

  • LoveYB

    OMG !! I almost cried... I'm so proud of them !!! And so proud to be a VIP !!!! BIGBANG Fighting !!!!!!!

  • Yana kwon

    I saw a lot of fans crying.. during the concert.. If i was there i would have cried buckets as well.. T.T Oh that overwhelming feeling of seeing the 5 guys i adore so much.....

  • Lydia

    I feel like i spent the one year touring with them as a VIP <3


    I cried while watching this... I want to be a part of it.

  • BB_Lav_Cam

    I just wanna say.. I SOOOOO LOVE THESE BOYS.... =D

  • Raidori07

    narration by han ga in? okay, its getting a little weird at this point lol

    • Joanne Belle Quirante

      Not really, since she's a huge GD fan. Someone even spotter her going to their FINALE concert in Seoul. :) I'm sure she was glad to do it for them.

  • Ambernicholl

    I am getting flashbacks of the concert watching this, like when they showed the small clips of their Birthday celebration, I remember how badly my ears hurt while we were singing to TOP.
    I always love it when they are playful and silly and just goofing around being regular people. They don't have to act cool like they do on stage for me to have my eyes glued to them and what they are doing.

  • Flory82

    HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION,yes Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Holmes

    Thank you I wanted to see this so bad yesterday, I almost cried ^___^

  • Mouna Youssouf

    THis is one of the most beautiful video. Thank you so much.

    I never went to a Big Bang concert, but seeing all the tweets, the fancams, the updates from BBu. I just feel like i went there and 2012 is deff a memorable year. It just passed so fastttt

    I cried when they sang Haru haru with the fans that song introduced me to kpop and it's my favorite song. This song is meaningful to me and to VIP & to BB

    I just love it ~~~ Big Bang JJANG

    • anna_enira

      same here! haru-haru got me into BB & then watching Family Outing that got me into Daesung and after that start to listening to all BB music=) Look Only At Me Taeyang, Heartbreaker G-Dragon, Strong Baby Seungri, Turn It Up TOP!!! REALLY LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! EACH OF THEM SUCH A TALENTED ARTISTS!! sorry for my bad english (^.^)

      • Mouna Youssouf

        aww don't worry for the bad english. it was good.

        Ah and yes they are all special. Let's support them. BB&VIPz until whenever

  • linnunrata

    I think I am not the only one who got so emotional and teary! I thank everyone who made or contributed this wonderful documentary.

    As a VIP I'll never forget 2012 or The year of the Dragon which held incredible Big Bang moments, memories and showed everyone how Big Bang was STILL ALIVE as a group both in & out the music scene!

  • tiffxy0415

    anyone notice that it was narrated by Han Ga In? Is it THE Han Ga In? The actress? The super Jiyong fan we all know? If it is... THAT'S AMAZING~

  • Amber Christon

    Although the boys didn't talk about Alive in LA, I'm still very proud to have experienced such an awesome concert! I loved the end when they talked about their life goals. I'm so proud of these boys!! I can't wait for them to go on tour again. I know that touring is long and stressful, but to meet them on stage again would be epically spectacular!


    P.S. Han Ga In would narrate this!!!

  • Thandy

    This video was beautiful , it reminded me of how great their concert , how I wish was able to go to one of their concerts, one day I will for sure. It made me proud as a fan that they were so successful as usual, even though they had challenges they gave their all foe their fans and they enjoyed themselves .LOVE BIGBANG so much.

  • Truedream1988

    Love them <333333

  • Butako

    I appeared in like.. Litterally one millisecond near the end of this puahahah! Awesome :D I miss the concerts in London so muuuch.

  • camitakeVIP

    2012 the year the kings returned MORE ALIVE THAN EVER.
    2012 was the year they owned 12 countries and 24 cities.

    2012 was all about BIGBANG.
    2012 BIGBANG made countless memories with us.


  • Hoang Kim Anh

    Incredible documentary video! Unique and amazing Big Bang!!!

  • VIPJena

    I cant view it :(((((

  • LoveBB

    Love the video <3 Shows them as the heros they are :D But I just wondered something.. In the fifth video at 0:05 they say BIGBANGS first city in Europe was London, did tey visit other citys in Europe?

  • LoveBB

    When they'r sitting in those chairs and speaking every member has alot of clothes on O-O Are they freezing or something? Ps. 4th video 0:50 and 0:38, so funny! xD