Taeyang's Instagram Update (130429) [PHOTO]

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  • inouriluvgd

    chubby ghost??hahaha..seems like he was really in playing mode but i want to see baby dragon ghost also.must be the most sexy ghost & i don't mind to be bite by him.. ;P

    • Noona’s for BB!

      Ah yes....I would welcome ANY BB boy ghost to haunt me all they want! Lets "summon" them...... Hehehe ;)

    • GoodGirl95

      Is it just me or does his Manager look like Super Junior's Kangin????

      • Noona’s for BB!

        Oh! Kangin is my SuJu bias! <3
        And yes he has his cute smile & face, But Kangin is definitely not chubby anymore since he returned from the Army! You should check out a recent pic of him...he's gorgeous! <3

    • ELLE

      THAT Camera. lol

  • santa_G

    Manager Hyeong's c... cu....cute..;;;; kekeke

  • Misa

    LOL GD commented 'kekekekeke' on this :D Taeyang is GD's homie happy pill

  • mrsidoma


  • rainbowfish

    Hahahahaha Taeyang!!! You're the most dorky cutie pie on earth :)

  • Maryama

    LOL YB is so funny

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    Hehe you're so funny YB kkkk
    and the other pic he posted with the papz kkk

  • LoveYB

    YB is so funny :D !! He's happy so I'm happy too :)

  • Tbaby

    Lmao! The friendly ghost ;D

    • Twinklin star

      Rofl! XD

  • 에스라

    Chubby Manager? I only know one and thats Tabi's manager


      act hes bb manager.. he in charge of all bb member.. but if tabi has solo event, he in charge of tabi and the rest has their own manager for their soloevent or activities.. ^^

      • 에스라

        Ah good to know! Is chubby manager his official nickname? Cos i thought it was only VIPs that call him Iike that

        • HAJAR HASYRA

          idk... maybe bb member also called him that.. but most VIP really called him chubby manager.. ^^

    • afagyel

      another chubby manager i know is 2ne1's manager! haha

  • http://twitter.com/lavodnas Ana Sandoval

    ...and from that day, he was then referred as "Chubby Ghost Manager"

  • Twinklin star

    Hehe when YB's in a giddy mood he becomes the funniest dork lol.

  • morningglory1

    YB is taking pics of reporters, managers and his fans...
    That's our mischievous cutie pie hahhaa :)

  • kkknnniiiBB21


  • niakoes

    I always wonder,where is the Taeyang Manager, Kim Bo Ran? do you know about him? his manager in Solar album and i saw him too in 1night2days.

    • morningglory1

      Kim Bo Ram manager left YG and opened his own online shopping mall:)

      • niakoes

        oh I see..thank for the info my friend..

        • morningglory1

          you're welcome dear :)

  • http://twitter.com/Tsedey89 Emma T.

    but dont you think that chubby gost manager lost weight?

  • http://www.facebook.com/farah.rainarahim Farah Raina Rahim

    This is the photo taken by URTHESUN fansite
    "GD said "take pics all" then YB took some pics of fan".. and the result is the first pic above.. kkkk

    playful GDYB

    • BB~♥

      You know, honestly I think it's hilarious that YB posted that first pic of the fans or whatever they are with the caption "Hi" too. lol. I think he's just trying to show how ridiculous people look when they're flashing that camera at these boys.

      • morningglory1

        They're not pics of fans... Those're pics of reporters and managers... YB took pics of fans too but he didn't post those pics of fans for their privacy. I don't think he's trying to show how ridiculous people look. It's so natural ppl're flashing cameras at these boys because they're celebrities, reporters're waiting to take pics of them for hours at the air port.
        YB's just so mischievous and hilarious that made them embarrassed and have fun at the same time...
        Fans who've been there said all of people there spilt their sides later because of YB hahahhaha :)) He's a happy virus lol

        • BB~♥

          lol.. that's what I thought. The dude with the big camera didn't look like a fan (or he might be, who cares). What do you mean by split their sides?? Like moved out the way or what??

          • morningglory1

            I mean they died laughing and rolled with laughter after YB took pics of the reporters, managers and fans... haha everyone was happy because of random YB LOL

          • BB~♥

            oh~ lol. Well now, why wouldn't they be happy? They just got their faces splattered on the screen of his phone!! Be happy!! :D

        • Guest

          yeah.. after i looked back the pic, i think i post the wrong pic.. I'm sorry.. i think this is the correct photo of Press.. >__<

          • Guest

            This is press photo.. so i guess this is from YB's Instagram photo above.. :D

        • Guest

          yeah.. after i looked back the pic, i think i post the wrong pic.. I'm sorry.. i think this is the correct photo of Press.. >__<

        • Guest

          Maybe this is the correct pic.. :D

        • http://www.facebook.com/farah.rainarahim Farah Raina Rahim

          yeah.. after i looked back your comment, it does makes sense.. maybe this is the correct photo.. because 1st pic above, looks like a cameraman/reporter.. so this pic is from press photo.. haha
          GDYB became so playful in airport.. :D

          • morningglory1

            Yup!!! They're so playful and everyone is happy, I've never seen GD is laughing so brightly at the airport haha. Dorky YB is a magician who can make the ppl around him happy :))

  • Truedream1988

    LOL ~ YB SO COOL BBY <333

  • https://twitter.com/kechiklalala Choi Seung Hyun

    YB so funny !!!!

  • Myra Gahid

    The King of random posts is back! I wonder what he's next troll post be. :)


    *gasp* How did he know we called BIGBANG managers as chubby managers? :D You stalk us, Tae???xD

  • Guest

    Maybe this is the correct press pic that same with YB's 1st pic above.. :D

  • Avi Will

    hahaha Youngbae taking photos of reporters :D he made GD smile :)