Seungri to be Special Guest at "One of a Kind: World Tour in Beijing"

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Source: Big Bang Official Facebook

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  • liz

    Bigbang members are so supportive of each other/// Imagining Seungri more excited than GD himself...

    • deppparadis15

      =))))) seungri more exiting than GD was a goood point oh dear =)))

    • Aini Shahidin

      I wonder what will it be the label behind Seungri's cape in GD concert. If Bae with G HOMIE, then Ri? I'm sure its not going to be the same. *wonder*

      • Mouna Youssouf

        maybe Jerry since GD refers to him and riri as " Tom&Jerry" or Nyongtory, or adorable maknae. Aigooo am so exited !!!

        • Aini Shahidin

          But it will sound funny! G JERRY? kekeke. Unless if GD come out with new cape, TOM & JERRY version. Uwahh excited tooo! VIPs in Beijing, a lot of fancam juseyoooo! ;)

      • panda vi

        how about G BABY??....hehehe... i can't wait for the gri moment on stage....

      • TOPudding_addction

        PANDA? recently Gd updated his insta account with a photo of himself posing with a stuffed panda.... and addressing it at Ri insta account...
        G Panda-ri!?!?

    • ferrida

      guys u know what.....
      special guests of Tokyo dome concert will be all 4 members...

  • Twinklin star

    Isn't that fantastic ^ ^ I think this is the promise (hehe i had a feeling). Fighting panda! I hope we get lots of fancams. This is going to be rib tickling fun :D

    • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque

      Why is this downvoted ? LOL

      • liveurlife_0818

        LOL.. that's a million dollar question..

      • Twinklin star

        Hehe no idea myself ^ ^

    • Pimboo

      who ever disliked this is a troll. they need to stop coming to big bang updates..


      OMG you're most probably right about this!!!xD

  • DragonJia

    yay!!!!!! Seungri.. ^ ^


    • vip92

      Why does Gri always get downvoted:( anyway omg I'm so happy panda is guesting!!! GD has the most fun with riri :)

      • liz

        But I love Gri...

  • jasmineVIP

    Ahhhh, Bromance! <3 Omooooooooo! Jealous maxxxx! I hope that there's special guest coming to SG too!

  • Yana kwon

    ive been waiting for this! PANDA finally coming to the RESCUE!!! :3 we all know you want this baby ri!! we all know how much u love Ji! ♥ :)

  • mizskullzzz

    baby panda must be overjoyed right now..kekeke

  • liveurlife_0818

    Finally!.. Panda will be there!!!.. Waiting for TOP to guest on GD's concert..

    • shaboom

      I'll be waiting...

    • 에스라

      Waiting for that day to come. It will be like the return of GD&TOP! It will give everyone the feeling as if it's GD&TOP Volume 2. Maybe they will even come to think about making another album together bcz of that. Maybe they save TOP for the last know the saying goes 'save The best to the last ' [jks don't want to be disrespectful to the other members bt as a TOP Stan I can't help it]

      • B3autiful Hangover

        Apparently someone didn't like your response :c I hope TOP will be the final guest member. I miss their GD&TOP days, and besides someone needs to crawl out of his hibernation.

        • 에스라

          I cry i cry. Not everyone has to like my comment and some people lack a sense of humor if they didn't see the joke I did with 'save best till the last. However I'm not going to change anything about my above comment bcs to me TOP is in my opinion one of the best that's why people have biases. If everyone disliked other people's comments made about their biases it would be very very ridiculous. Biases here biases there in the end we are all here for Big Bang. Comments like mine shouldn't disturb anyone. I recently tweeted GD 'ur da best' does that mean I'm putting down the other members? No. People can go ahead and try to dislike my tweet to him. LOL

        • 에스라

          I recently heard Big Bang is going to be the final guest. Not sure tho how true that is

  • Yana kwon

    Tabi!! we are all waiting!!! come out of your shell now and help your baby Ji too!!!! im pretty sure tabi will guest on the concert after this. dont disappoint me tabi!! lol ♥ u!

  • Sunny Lee

    OMG Yayyyyy!!! Riri with GD!!! It's gonna be GRi galore!! *Fancams Juseyo!!! Lots and lots pleeeaase* ^^ BB Brotherhood ftw!!!

    • GoodGirl95

      OMG Sunny this is gonna be sooooo good :D the whole concert is gonna revolve around GRiiii AAAAHHH so excited many fanfics do you think are gonna be made out of this concert???? lol :D

      • Sunny Lee

        Omg right?? Usually when it's bigbang, sometimes gri go to there own little world, but are brought back by the other members lol. This is gonna be pure GRi uninterrupted!!! ^^ And how many fanfics you say? Hmmmm....I'm just hoping there are plenty of moments for writers to gain inspiration! :P hehe

        • GoodGirl95

          LOL and us GRi shippers will be there in front row lol :D

  • Lara Mae

    wow seungri will be there after daesung and taeyang's guesting i will be seungri now . Go !! Go !! Fighting !!

  • LoveTheLove

    Why don't all the 5 get on the makes me crazy....TxT

  • G D’ETAT

    Beijing is so lucky

  • shaboom

    Hope Tabi will be the next guest...can't stop smiling by just imagining it.

    • vip92

      Same can't wait! GD&TOP please

    • VIP Potterhead

      Who would downvote this? Tabi has to be next!

      • 에스라

        Maybe Tabi himself bcz he doesn't want to come out of his cave lol

      • shaboom

        Don't know who are the downvoters. I guess they don't really like our Tabi. :((

        • 에스라

          Someone downvoted my Tabi comment too. Guess there are TOP antifans checking this page cos a normal BB fan wouldn't dislike Tabi

  • Victoriii

    I want him to sing that xx!!

  • dloor VBP


  • Jitaeri

    Yay, everyone is guesting! So, where is our elusive Choom TOP?

  • pinkgirl

    So for Philippines, GD should bring TOP. mwahahahah *evil laugh* LOL

    • jijibubu

      is it confirmed? GD in the Philippines? :

      • pinkgirl

        I WISH GIRL. I WISH. T_T

    • Kris R.

      Yeah I hope so too since I miss Tabi! though I want Seungri more to be his guest if he includes Phil. I want to see some Gri love LIVE!

  • menunggu Jakarta

    Then that mean just TOP who left.... Who know maybe he will

  • Jedirani

    I can't wait the moment when they would announce, "The next special guest will be T.O.P. TOP,TOP ,Tabi, my love Tabi!!!!!!!!! Can t wait to see you.

  • nina

    i hope Top will be the guest for the tour in Indonesia

    • Liza Aryani

      and if possible I hope both Seunghyun for Indonesia :)

  • TOPfans

    OMG.......I hope TOP will be the next guest at Singapore concert...please bring Top here.. .. :)

  • Myra Gahid

    OMO! VIPS who'll watch are lucky! I hope I get the chance to watch a BB concert too. *someday*

  • Kris R.

    waaah! I'm excited for this though I'm not from Beijing but I'm excited for them and for the fancams...hope there will be lots of G-ri love!!! Yah maknae, Be good and do your best for your favorite hyung....

  • VIP

    I've been wondering if there would be an album for michigo, can someone please tell me? :O

  • Vicky Yang

    I'm so jealous. I want to see them.


    that would be a lot of fun~ in another word, TOP will be the special guest soon too aight? kekekeeee



  • zollipop

    Waiting and wishing TOP will be a guest too.
    Gtop lols

  • Farah Raina Rahim

    YB is guest on April, Seungri on May, Can we have TOP on June?? ;)

  • Farah Raina Rahim

    Maybe this is what GD had promised to Seungri, to invite Riri to be his guest in his concert.. kkk
    G Ri~~ >__<

  • Neni Diankrisna P

    Can i request Tabi as guest for Indonesia concert pleaseee?

  • Bev Ng

    First was taeyang, den daesung now seungri. Plz plz by the time GD comes to spore, let it be TOP dat would make a special appearance!! O pretty plz!!

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    Oh my, beijing vips are so lucky :-)

  • GoodGirl95

    Fellow GRiii shippers let us all gather and may we just all have a HALLELUJAH MOMENT OOMMGGG just instagramed about this, i'm sooooo excited.....THERE'S GONNA BE A GRI CONCERT....OH BEIJING YOU SO LUCKY!!!!!!!

  • GoodGirl95

    GRi GRi GRi GRi baby baby

  • RC reacts

    Osaka was great with Taeyang & Daesung...but Beijing will be a damn show with the maknae running around.

  • Maryama

    Aha! Seungri's turn. I wonder what they'll have in store. Look forward to seeing it :)

  • Lexy Burris

    Now all we need is TOP!!!! >____< Kehehehee! These boys sure cant be without each other!!! ^________^

  • KGPD

    aww yay its so sweet that they're supporting their beloved leadah. All thats left is the caveman TOP. if hes guesting i envy that country very much and i want full fancams!

  • ArielLM13

    Seungri is really popular in China. I rmember during the alive tour he was swimming in panda gifts.

  • Ken Andari

    GD & TOP JUSEYO...?!

  • fei

    yay Seungri!!!! hope they can perform duet together.

  • arelesdici

    No one can stop GRi moments now :""""">
    (edit: Aw. i didn't know gifs won't work here)

  • Truedream1988

    ThAtz really COOL ~ & No wonder why Seungri learning Chinese these dayz when he mention it in one of his diary ~ haha ~ GRI Fighting itz gonna be an awesome Concert ~ <3

  • Avi Will

    oh, Seungri must be very excited for this haha :D

  • vipforever

    love gd and seungri~~

  • Liza Aryani

    I hope Seungri will be a special guest at the gd's concert in Indonesia :D

  • Leasseable Lee

    Baby Panda really love his hyung!!