Press: G-Dragon @ Psy's Concert (130413) [PHOTOS]

Shared by on April 13, 2013  

Press photos of G-Dragon @ Psy's Concert:

G-Dragon performed One of a Kind and Crayon + Fantastic Baby:


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  • Gee-Dee

    i missed it D':
    but really enjoying watch PSY now XD

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Daebak ! YG FAMILY !!!!!! <3

  • Tea

    So quick

  • alieqalieqa

    SWAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU G-DRAGON!!

  • Hasna Nadila

    PSY's concert was so AMAAAAZIIIINGGG XD and GD was so ... uh i can't say it XDD Daebak!

  • addictedtomusic

    damn! i missed the live stream TT.TT
    i hope YG uploads the video

    • Anjali Jaitly

      they are doing a RERUN...go watch!! :)

      • addictedtomusic

        oh yeah.. i just saw it. thanks (:

  • Kari :P

    I really wanted him to perform MichiGo but I guess thats only for his concert lol
    But i missed his performance :/

  • gdbaby8282

    Ma DRAGON!!!! in RED ;)) ' Yessir.. One of the kind'
    Watching this concert.. 2NE1warming up the

    • shelicious

      wow ! live from youtube ?
      can't watch T_T because i the very unlucky girl got an exam tomorrow

      • gdbaby8282

        Come on.. Just a 'little peeping'.. Some Motivation..
        Sorry girl.. Good luck with your exam!!

    • Noona’s for BB!

      I'm SO happy for you (and just a little bit jelly ^^) that you got to watch it! :)
      Your baby dragon OWNED the stage & it looks like he was having SO much fun! :)

      • gdbaby8282

        Don't be jelly.. Watch it at AKP link...
        That Dragon... Having fun with GD's style...
        And.. Writing his own history..

    • mrsidoma

      Like one week ago he was in red hair now he's in orange no Ron Mc Donald anymore...but the pants are amazing

  • Guest

    He's the king of the stage....even it isn't his stage!

  • jijibubu

    SOOOO HANDSOME!!! I see new jordans! ;)

  • Shin Kwon


  • mizskullzzz


  • shelicious

    so cool <33
    his facial expressions <33

    • Noona’s for BB!

      ......his one raised eyebrow when he makes the heart with his hands! <3

  • Ribka Oktaviana S

    always OWNED THE STAGE!!!! yaehhh my Gold & Diamond boy!!

  • Myra Gahid

    Leader Ji rocked the place! And his fashion shall be a trend... uh, tomorrow? No, hours later. :)

  • Brandon Julian

    G-DRAGON Cool PErformance!

  • dragonhyun

    Loves what I see in here. The leader.

  • Fantastic5

    The leader of the great 5 -BIGBANG.
    Proud, proud.

  • Umkeo

    I feel as if I am seeing a video of GD. Come on, this is just picture. How could I feel this? I mean it's just picture. But this feeling is something like seeing a video. Even in a picture, he is so dynamic.

  • glow_glow

    I love when he styles his hair exactly like that, ugh he's so gorgeous.

  • rinjiru

    Saw it. Did not get much worth it:)

  • nadine

    Every single pictures killing me inside. This guy is a 'drug'

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    I really like Jiyong's hair here :-) great outfit as always :-)

  • Mylenne Shindou

    Some pics are so sexy and others so funny ajajaja

  • mrsidoma

    JiYong is wearing a Givenchy sweatshirt of last collection MW 13' $1050

  • Truedream1988

    full of SWAG~~~~

  • miGSu

    That namja... I shouldn't know his existence. NOW TOO I m out of control... too poisonous... JI YONG Ahhhhhhhhhh

  • loveyoungbae

    Can't this guy look bad in at least one picture?! Its unfair to us mere mortals! LOL! He looks so awesome!