More Big Bang for KakaoTalk [PHOTOS]

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More photos of Big Bang for KakaoTalk:







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  • wahida wahab

    where's seungri???

    • ShimmyG

      yup... mana itu budakkkkkk? pi buat cf ngan lain perempuan kot... :D hehe


    why can't the whole BIGBANG can be in LINE :D

  • IHanna

    Want that Daesung's leather vest... OwO

  • anbeeel

    hooo jiyongah~ say that to me "kok anbel belum balas katalk aku sih?!??" hahha i'd die~

    • Amelia Nurunnisa

      Pengharapan tiada henti~ haha XD

      • vinahyngrum

        belum liat CF mereka di tv. :'(
        di stasiun tv mana si?

        • Amelia Nurunnisa

          Dimana - mana kok, waktu itu di trans 7 /eh, nyebut merek ;p
          Download aja di youtube, pasang deh di tv, hehe

      • anbeeel

        kayaknya emg cuma bisa ngarep hahha yah at least I had that dream, kkk

  • Ashleigh McKinnon

    LOL Taeyang what are you so excited about? Do share!

    • ↖ϻΐʗhῐġʘ↘

      at first I was like oh my tabi , Jiyong and Dae-dae , why so cute ??
      Then I saw Yongbae's pic , I was HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Twinklin star

      I guess he really likes the stickers hehe. His expression goes so well with the captions. Cutie pie :).

      Oh panda... where art thou? >.<

    • xteFisVIP♥빅뱅♥

      Taeyang really excited...< cute expression <3

    • anya

      Found it in tumblr, oh my...I want TOP's jacket

      • BBUntilWhenever

        Wait, does that say "US $1,547" at the bottom?
        $1547 in US currency? :O

        • anya

          yepp, that what written there.

      • disqus_iid8lvEHCR

        what a great price


    TOOOPPP....hi!~ :3

  • Misa

    What's written on their pics? :) Trans juseyo <3

    • Amelia Nurunnisa

      The translation based on my ability, keke

      Top pic : Hi Sherina (artist from Indonesia)
      GD pic : Why Sherina hasn't reply my Katalk? :(
      Daesung pic : Woah, so many Indonesia's friend in Kakaotalk :)
      Taeyang pic : Bigbang's stickers are cool! Daebak!

  • Amelia Nurunnisa

    Daesung first pic, omo omo omo omo >.<

    • Sunny Lee

      right? his hair, his jawline..he's such a beautiful sight :')

      • Amelia Nurunnisa

        When i opened this page and saw the first picture, I got excited suddenly and like "Whooaa, whoooa, handsome!" even i hadn't do that before ._.
        yeah, really beautiful sight, oh, handsome sight... ^^

  • syifa ‘afiyah

    GD: "why sherina hasn't replay my katalk?"

    Dae: "so many indonesia's friends in kakaotalk"

    Tae: "bigbang's sticker are cool!! daebak!!"

    sorry for my bad english ^^

  • Noona’s for BB!

    Tabi SO handsome in the white jacket......I need to stop staring at his picture & get on with my day but I keep going back to it..... <3

    • shaboom

      He is too beautiful to be true. ^^ so gorgeous!!

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Hahaha , so cute ! Send massege to me Ji , i'll reply ! They're SWAG !

  • Tabi27

    but...actually they arn't on kakotalk, are they? :o

  • kwonoona

    Daesung looks exceptionally handsome in the first picture :O

    GD: "Why hasn't Sherina replied my Katalk (message)?!?"
    Daesung: "I got a lot more Indonesian friends on Kakaotalk!"
    Taeyang: "Big Bang's sticker is so awesome!!!! Daebakk"

  • mrsidoma

    T.O.P = perfection

    • Myra Gahid

      And I can't agree less. :)

  • GisseleN

    I wanna hear Taeyang say those words with that expression.. They all look so good! Where is SeungRi though??

  • cherchezlaghost

    Big Bang paper dolls! I have always thought those would be a good idea- complete with a ton of outfits. But do people know/say "daebaek" in Indonesia?

    • kwonoona

      Only people who like Kpop here know/say daebak, but I guess it kinda got popular even to the non-Kpop lovers haha

  • jane

    whereistop. (top's stan daily whine for almost 3 months already that bastard)

  • elasticmonster

    Why is Daesung so sexy? Is there even an answer...?

    • smiling angel

      He was born to be sexy so we cannot find the answer why :)

  • Twinklin star

    Woah Top looks like a doll/ mannequin with his poised expression <3

  • smiling angel

    LOL one of the funniest way to advertise they are so cute <3 OMG DAEEE!!!!!!! baby you are just jcvndjkvfndaslkn.......................

  • shaboom

    TOP's jeans jacket and T-shirt, GD's sweater and shirt, Dae's leather vest...oh my..I am so jealous of Indonesian VIP. No matter how slim the chance is, they have the chance to get those...

  • Decie Puri

    i love u GD

  • swinter101

    where is panda

  • trixce38

    so handsome but where is seungri

  • Eve | 에블린

    where is Riri? ._.

  • Divachu2

    you just can't get enough of top..

  • Avi Will

    I'm curious if they even use kakao talk XD

    • fei

      they use it. they even have their own group chat. they mentioned it on healing Camp last year. Dae used KKT to chat with his sister.

      • Amelia Nurunnisa

        if i'm not mistaken, now they are communicating through LINE :)

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    aww aww Tabi's mesmerizing eyes ^^
    Dae looks so cute looking atthe phone =)
    Handsome Jiyong doing that face and his cute pose :)
    YB's pic is so energetic like him :D

  • PuErtto RicCo

    keren hahahaha

  • anya

    Wanna share this, cr: kakaotalkina

    • Myra Gahid

      If ever I saw that in reality, I would stare at that billboard probably for hours. :)

  • Truedream1988

    SO Cute & So Adorable Fotoz ~ <333

  • baynstalk

    oh my TOP!!!

  • Myra Gahid

    *stunned* The lapTOP screen has already melted. <3

  • Yosy Triyani

    Itu isa gak diganti jangan Hi Sherina tapi Hi Yosy !!! LOL