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G-Dragon's full cuts on 'Thank You':

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G-Dragon reveals he finds ballerinas to be attractive on ‘Thank You’


Fans would assume that G-Dragon hates ballet after previously recalling his negative memories of wearing pink tights. But not only does G-Dragon want to have his future daughter learn ballet, he also finds ballerinas to be very attractive!

While filming for the upcoming episode of ‘Thank You‘ G-Dragon shared, “During my school days, I attended a performing arts middle and high school. The female students who majored in dancing and ballet looked pretty in my eyes” Ballerina Kang Soo Jin happened to sit next to him during the interview and she smiled after G-Dragon’s statement.

G-Dragon also revealed his wish for ballet to run in his future family, “I want to have a daughter, and if I were to have a daughter, I would like it if she learned ballet.” Cha In Pyo responded, “Does this mean you’re going to marry a ballerina later on?”

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G-Dragon discusses Yang Hyun Suk’s role in his life + Big Bang’s visuals


G-Dragon‘s appearance continued on the 22nd’s episode of ‘Thank You‘, and two of the topics he touched upon were about his boss and mentor Yang Hyun Suk, and Big Bang‘s visuals.

MC Cha In Pyo had asked, “Is there someone who has played an important role in your life?” G-Dragon answered, “I think my best partner in life is Yang Hyun Suk. Even though he will intensely criticize me to my face, he always supports me from the back. I think that’s how I was able to become who I am now.”

He reasoned, “If I do something wrong, he criticizes me. But he always praises me from the back. When I get praised by him after I get criticized, I receive even more strength.”

G-Dragon also brought chuckles as he honest remarked, “When we first came out as Big Bang, the public commented that our visual was bad even though we are supposed to be idols. But I was okay with that because I already heard that so many times from our CEO, so I was already used to it!”

He further touched upon the topic of the members visuals as he revealed Yang Hyun Suk used to say to them, “I know it’s going to be kind of weird, but you guys will be debuting as idols.”

G-Dragon, who had originally believed that he and Taeyang would be debuting as a hip hop duo, also went on to talk about his reactions to seeing the visuals of Daesung, T.O.P, and Seungri, who joined the group later. He said, “When I first saw Daesung, I was extremely surprised.” He then described his reaction to seeing T.O.P and Seungri’s visuals, which didn’t seem to belong with the rest of them, saying, “When I saw T.O.P, I thought, ‘Why is he with us?’ Then I saw Seungri and thought again, ‘And him also, why is he with us?’” bringing laughs with his humor.

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G-Dragon might possibly retire one day?


G-Dragon shocked VIPs all over the world by revealing his plans to possibly retire from his career as an idol artist on ‘Thank You‘.

G-Dragon shared, “I am experiencing a big blessing right now, but I don’t think that I’ll be doing the same thing forever.”

“When I see myself not being handsome [on stage] and unable to share good music anymore, I will leave the stage. I perform on stage to give a good energy. But if I become in a position when I can’t give good energy, I will leave the stage with no regrets.”

“Probably around that time, I will have a happy family. I will get to share stories about how I met my wife and so forth, and I want to have those kind of stories to tell soon.”

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G-Dragon Says His Love Confessions Were Rejected in the Past

Though it may seem G-Dragon would have been popular all his life, the singer said himself that his confessions of love were often turned down in the past.

The singer spoke up on the March 22 broadcast of SBS′ Thank You, revealing "I was often turned down after a confession when I was little. I don′t know why," he said.

Ballerina Kang Su Jin replied with a big smile, "I bet they′re really regretting it now."

When asked by Cha In Pyo on whether he prefers women who are older or younger than him, G-Dragon also answered, "I don′t care about her age. Age is just a number."

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G-Dragon Says Yang Hyun Suk Once Called Him the Source of Evil

G-Dragon confessed that YG′s Yang Hyun Suk said some harsh things to him in the past.

The singer appeared on the March 22 broadcast of SBS “Thank You” with ballerina Kang Su Jin, comedienne Kim Mi Hwa and actor Cha In Pyo.

G-Dragon said on the show that Yang Hyun Suk was “the man who made me,” and added, “Now, he′s softened up, but even three years ago he never really smiled much.”

He picked the worst comment he had heard from Yang Hyun Suk to be “You′re the source of evil for our company and Big Bang.”

G-Dragon emphasized, however, that Yang Hyun Suk said such things with the idol star′s best interest in mind, saying that he was trying to train G-Dragon to prepare him for the outside world.

G-Dragon then joked that thanks to Yang Hyun Suk, he never got really hurt when people shot him down for his looks.

He finished by calling Yang Hyun Suk a “great partner.”

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G-Dragon Wants to Get Married Quickly

During a recent recording for SBS’ Thank You, G-Dragon, comedienne Kim Mi Wha, actor Cha In Pyo, and ballerina Kang Sue Jin shared their thoughts on dating and marriage.

There, G-dragon revealed that he wants to get married quickly.

“[If I had someone,] I could get married tomorrow,” said G-Dragon. “They say you can spot the person you’re going to marry with once glance. Is that true?”

G-Dragon also asked if it’s really good to marry someone who’s in the same business field and other questions concerning celebrity marriages.

The four stars later talked about ideal types as well as family.

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G-Dragon Talks about How His Marijuana Scandal Humbled Him

G-Dragon said on the broadcast this day, “I suddenly hit bottom after a certain incident the year before last, and many of my fans, who had been like sunflowers, showed their disappointment and left me.”

“I don′t cry often, but I cried a lot during that time,” he added.

He then said, “I think that was the first time I started thinking about myself because of a mistake or fault. I had six months of self-reflection because I couldn’t appear on TV, and I got thinking on how I had merely charged forward all this time without looking back.”

He finished, “I think that was when I learned the most, and after that I became humbled. I learned how to be thankful for the smallest things, and I′ve started to take better care of my family. I′ve lived apart from them since I was little, but after that incident I started living with my parents again. As I became a part of our family again and had mom wake me in the morning and feed me her cooking, I started wondering why I hadn′t done this sooner.”

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G-Dragon Almost Debuted as an SM Singer?

In the March 15 broadcast of SBS′ Thank You, G-Dragon said, “First I trained for five years in SM, and then I moved to YG Entertainment. That′s where I continued my training.”

He then added that his composition skills had been honed by YG Entertainment rep Yang Hyun Suk.

“He had me write a song every week. That went on for six years,” he said. “I started when I was in my third year of middle school. I had to make a song, even if it was just a melody on a well-known pop accompaniment, and have it checked. I didn′t know where to start, and I wondered where it would lead.”

He said, “I thought I would be getting songs from famous composers, but he kept testing me. After about a year I became better at writing songs.”

“In that cycle, I had to write lyrics all day,” he said.

Source: eNewsworld

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  • Misa

    "G-Dragon might possibly retire one day?" OMG REALLY? *sarcastic* How could this be? I was thinking he's still gonna get his Cray On while babysitting our kids.

    • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

      hahaha xD let me love you xD

    • shelicious


  • http://www.facebook.com/bibi.labajo Bibi Labajo

    He said he will retire if " he see himself not being handsome on stage and unable to share good music anymore"..
    Well duuuh?!that"ll never happen right?even if he will become an ajusshi, he still would have SWAG all over him...

    • BB_Lav_Cam

      meaning?>>> GD will NEVER retire.. hehehehe

      • ANNS

        EXACTLY! :D

  • ANNS

    he is still (an amazing) human after all.. love to see all this new sides of him :)

  • Mary

    wow it's like they write an article on everything he said! Do I even need to watch the actual show anymore? lol


    It's inevitable, but the retirement will eventually happen. Same with us, eventually we will stop fangirling over kpop artists as we grow older. But the good thing is, we have something to look back in the past that would make us smiling by ourselves. :)

    • 마린

      true true, but i guess i will not be able to stop drooling over these guys when they are so so so matured in the future.

      • PANDA_EYES

        Yep, VIP until whenever...^^

        • minakwon

          Me three, VIP until whenever. GD biased forever <3

      • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

        omg imagine TOP grandpa OuO ./slapped/ ..
        no wait..imagine Taeyang and GDragon grandpas...OuO..Bad Boy Grandpaaasss <33 /major slap/

    • genevievelism

      you're right, hehe.
      but, it did say "retire as an idol artist".
      it didn't say, as a "rapper/songwriter", "music producer", "musician", "fashion guru", "designer". i look at Gary and Gil (of Leessang), Tiger JK and i see that GD can still play the game in the industry, and the future of hip-hop in Korea is finally blooming...i just feel he may be able to play it differently next time.

      who knows, he'll be the revolutionary one who'd pave way for idol artists to retire gracefully, or show them how to shave away that "idol" part and be "artists" and still survive in the industry.

      plus, i am guessing by the time he reaches his 30s to 40s he may be doing what Sean & Jinu does for YG now. so we'll still see him be the same guy going to work at YG every day...and night.

      as long as he doesn't retire from what he loves most...
      which is music, i am fine with what he does. :)

    • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

      Until whenever is a promise!

    • shelicious

      story to tell our children and grand children about a guy named G-DRAGON and a band named BIGBANG and a Company called YG that we once used to fan girl and still love !!

      i will soo tell them about it :D can't wait !!!!

  • McBuffy

    Ahhhh, I could listen to him speak forever! I love his speaking voice as much as his singing/rapping voice!! Seeing him driving that simple little car, with little make-up and regular clothes, smiling and chatting and using his hands when he talked, made me all warm and fuzzy. Images of domestic life danced in my head. And I fell in love with him just a little bit more! ( '}{' )

    • cherchezlaghost

      Okay I have to confess there is something about him driving the car for me too, I have watched the same episode of Running man countless times because he and Taeyang take turns driving a small simple car in that too.

  • shaboom

    "I was often turned down after a confession when I was little. I don′t know why," he said.
    Ballerina Kang Su Jin replied with a big smile, "I bet they′re really regretting it now."
    -love it-

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    Jiyong ridding the vespa and having that litle convo aww so cute !
    and driving the car so cool :)
    so many confessions in that show :D after reading these news i cant wait for the subs :)

  • Nellana Selva

    the source of evil.. :( aww

  • shaone21@hotmail.com

    yeaah GD.. they were like "Why would I turned him down? aaaahhh!!" jk :p

  • Noona’s for BB!

    Oh the way ballerina Kang Su Jin looks at him.....SO ADORINGLY!!! <3
    She probably just wanted to lean over and give him a big kiss! ^^
    I admire her restraint......
    but as a fellow noona, I KNOW she was thinking about it! ;)

  • http://twitter.com/bigbangmm Mouna Youssouf

    “When I see myself not being handsome [on stage] and unable to share good music anymore, I will leave the stage. I perform on stage to give a good energy. [...] I will leave the stage with no regrets.”
    That's exactly what Chaerin said. This two are similar lol.

    Anyways, even if GD retires I believe he will still be an producer or something. As long as i can hear from him ( just like Teddy Bear Park) it's fine.

    I am actually so thankful to Yang Hyun Suk... If it wasn't for his attitude and the way he trained BB they would have never comeback after those scanduls

  • Kris R.

    Well ever celebrity has to retire someday. but please Jiyong not too soon. We're not ready!

    i bet those girls who rejected his love confession is really regretting it and maybe even boasting that G-dragon confessed to them b4. lol

  • fei

    i can't wait to see your wedding. i'm sure Jiyong will be a great husband to his lovely wife. ^_^

    • blue_angel08

      i totally agree with you.. i think GD already have a girlfriend that he wants to start a family with...hwaiting, for that moment...

  • Truedream1988

    you are amazing & So Honest GD <3

  • Guest

    "Why is he with us?" XD hahahaha

  • Avi Will

    age is just a number, right? that means I have a chance! ^^ *dreams on*

  • ❀rero❀

    i regret because i open this post because of "G-Dragon might possibly retire one day?" >__< aah

  • miGSu

    I don't understand anything.. But just seeing him and listening his voice.. HEAVEN...Even his normal talking style and tone is very musical.....so in love with this guy....

  • Jacqueline

    Yang Hyun Suk have used the excuse of saying those things to toughen him up, yet I believe he said those things and probably still says some things (lightly) because he is jealous of Jiyongssi. He has always known what he had in Jiyongssi since he signed him. Everyone that Jiyongssi has met has always been surprised and impressed by his talent and I'm sure has had some envy. When someone speaks down to you in that way, it's always because you touch some sensitive spot in them where they don't feel as secure. Jiyongssi is very capable of doing Yang Hyun Suk's job. He has been for quite some time and that can be threathen no matter what he says to the contrary, I'm sure he feels a sense of that. Daesung was always called ugly, yet there wasn't anything wrong with him. He still looks the same just new hair, clothes, and less stressed so he doesn't break out as much so his skin looks better. There wasn't anything wrong with anny of them from the beginning. They all looked handsome from the start. Jiyong always speaks about looks and I know it's a part of their culture, yet that is so unfortunate that this superficial thing is of great importance because looks has nothing to do with talent. Just keep creating great work and you'll be successful. Asian people age and live on for what seems like forever so he also needs to stop talking about being old. Even though he says he's young, he also refers to being old. I guess age is another thing. Asian people are great with age. You can not tell how they are for how well they age. Sorry everyone, I just issues of my own with how their culture is and trying my best to respect it, yet it is quite challenging. Ya'll know that black don't crack (and I have more than just that in my system, lol) I'm often asked if I'm Korean. I need one of those dna genetic test done to find out my full make up. Anyway, and Asian ain't aging, so he has absolutely nothing to worry about. He'll be around for a long time unless he just wants to stop thinking he has to in order to have a family. Yet, I believe it's more about him desiring to be a hip hop artist instead of an idol. Retire from the boyband stuff and be a hip hop artist like TigerJK and Tasha (love 'em). He can have it all, it's women that usually are the ones that have to give something up in order to have a family then go back or start a career or stay home and take care of her family. Just saying. I wouldn't worry.

    • Jacqueline

      Let me add to what I said to be clear. Yang Hyun Suk (YG) has a sharp tongue as does Jiyongssi. So I'm sure Jiyongssi has given lip as much as YG gave it. It is in both their natures to be that way. Honestly, I have one as well, yet, I try my best not to cut others down since I tend to hurt other feeings quite easily. Now Jiyongssi probably imitated and repeated what he experienced from YG to his members. The comment about the way the other members looked may have been a reference to their clothing appearance not just or solely their looks, yet he himself dressed in pretty much the same way. Jiyongssi doesn't think much of his looks so if he felt a sense of jealousy, he too would use that sharp tongue either because he had jealousy or he just again imitated and repeated comments to keep the others in line. Now, he only occasionally has a sharp tongue. Not as much though since everyone has basically defined their own style now so no need for his input for improvements. Still, Jiyongssi had to be a leader and sometimes you have be a force in order to get things done and sometimes it hurts. Still, you do what you have to do. Just saying, lol.

  • Jacqueline

    As I have said before, that area they were in was beautiful! Reminded me of different places here in America and makes me wonder 'why am I still living here?' I should become more fluent and get myself to Seoul with the quickness. I desire to go to orphanages as well. I wonder if I can volunteer there. Oh, I desire to help many. I was saying today how much I would love to create and build up an entertainment empire because of all the talent in my area that is going to waste that are getting passed over or they leave and go to LA or NY. I don't think I could do the same thing in Seoul as there are enough giants there. Yet, I do have a great head for business and ear for music. Anyway, I really would love to see more of South Korea, even the parts that aren't as appealing. I love to see everything about everything and everyone. You really can't judge a book by it's cover. So I'm sure there plenty to love about such a rich country (meaning in culture and tradtion). I so love the people. I have always given great respect to all Asian cultures and peoples. They have all had a long rich history that we can all learn from and appreciate. That country keeps looking like home. How is that possible? Oh, it be home for me? So many decisions. Those of you who are from South Korea is it really a great country to live in? If not, what would you change? I'm so curious and no, I'm not a Kpop anything. I only know Bigbang. Sorry.

  • mrsidoma

    Why to make a deal for no deal about his retire
    Lets better focus on how great he's going now and how he has a great relationship with YHS a little complicating but progressing as such as for his career and realize he will marry son, he will live his life happily thats all

  • mizskullzzz

    im sure even GD retires, he will keep doing music..
    he may not active as singer but im sure he will be active as composer or maybe CEO of music company

  • Guest

    Jiyong, you're the source of evil for our company and BIGBANG. Or to Panda-chan? But I still love him. that bad boy...

  • Bev Ng

    what GD says make sum sense. to quit while the going is good(not when its bad or burnt out). but just dont make it too soon ok, GD!! you've got a good few more years ahead of you!! as for getting married, you'll definately find somebody whom you'll love(not necessarily at first glance tho lol) and you guys will build a wonderful and beautiful family(with your little ballerinas in tow, who knows!). just let nature take its course and see who comes along. you dont have to go searching high and low for HER. let it be. no point in rushing into a marriage. may end up regretting it. just follow your 6th sense/instincts and i reckon you'll be ok. do things for the right reasons not for the wrong ones. like i said b4, i'll be yr supporter till the end.(as well as BBs). until then, keep fighting! xoxo

  • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

    His talking about getting a wife... here we know how much difficult it is for famous people like them to have a love life. Don't worry bro, you're gonna find that right woman!

    And wouldn't his future wife be touched if he would tell the public how they met? <3 Soo cute!

  • Myra Gahid

    Leader Ji is being honest and open about his answers. VIPS are more in love with you now dear. :)

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

    Well, I've thought about it...in a couple of years..BIGBANG will be like legends of KPOP in years 2006-???? !! They will be remembered, and we VIPS, will stand there proud on how much we've supported them !!!
    And then we'll see "New YG boygroup...song composed,written by GDragon" ..that's where WE are gonna be proud ^_^ ~ Hwaiting!

  • https://www.facebook.com/florentina.top Flory82

    I wanna see this with eng sub! it's more fun to see the leader speaking and in the same time understanding him! hope ninja subber will do the work! PLSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • http://twitter.com/xxxleeseunghyun Seungri

    i can't wait until the day you get married and she is the luckiest girl ever to have you beside :'D

  • http://twitter.com/JReannam JA’JA