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G-Dragon’s full cuts on ‘Thank You’:

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G-Dragon reveals he finds ballerinas to be attractive on ‘Thank You’


Fans would assume that G-Dragon hates ballet after previously recalling his negative memories of wearing pink tights. But not only does G-Dragon want to have his future daughter learn ballet, he also finds ballerinas to be very attractive!

While filming for the upcoming episode of ‘Thank You‘ G-Dragon shared, “During my school days, I attended a performing arts middle and high school. The female students who majored in dancing and ballet looked pretty in my eyes” Ballerina Kang Soo Jin happened to sit next to him during the interview and she smiled after G-Dragon’s statement.

G-Dragon also revealed his wish for ballet to run in his future family, “I want to have a daughter, and if I were to have a daughter, I would like it if she learned ballet.” Cha In Pyo responded, “Does this mean you’re going to marry a ballerina later on?”

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G-Dragon discusses Yang Hyun Suk’s role in his life + Big Bang’s visuals


G-Dragon‘s appearance continued on the 22nd’s episode of ‘Thank You‘, and two of the topics he touched upon were about his boss and mentor Yang Hyun Suk, and Big Bang‘s visuals.

MC Cha In Pyo had asked, “Is there someone who has played an important role in your life?” G-Dragon answered, “I think my best partner in life is Yang Hyun Suk. Even though he will intensely criticize me to my face, he always supports me from the back. I think that’s how I was able to become who I am now.”

He reasoned, “If I do something wrong, he criticizes me. But he always praises me from the back. When I get praised by him after I get criticized, I receive even more strength.”

G-Dragon also brought chuckles as he honest remarked, “When we first came out as Big Bang, the public commented that our visual was bad even though we are supposed to be idols. But I was okay with that because I already heard that so many times from our CEO, so I was already used to it!”

He further touched upon the topic of the members visuals as he revealed Yang Hyun Suk used to say to them, “I know it’s going to be kind of weird, but you guys will be debuting as idols.”

G-Dragon, who had originally believed that he and Taeyang would be debuting as a hip hop duo, also went on to talk about his reactions to seeing the visuals of Daesung, T.O.P, and Seungri, who joined the group later. He said, “When I first saw Daesung, I was extremely surprised.” He then described his reaction to seeing T.O.P and Seungri’s visuals, which didn’t seem to belong with the rest of them, saying, “When I saw T.O.P, I thought, ‘Why is he with us?’ Then I saw Seungri and thought again, ‘And him also, why is he with us?’” bringing laughs with his humor.

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G-Dragon might possibly retire one day?


G-Dragon shocked VIPs all over the world by revealing his plans to possibly retire from his career as an idol artist on ‘Thank You‘.

G-Dragon shared, “I am experiencing a big blessing right now, but I don’t think that I’ll be doing the same thing forever.”

“When I see myself not being handsome [on stage] and unable to share good music anymore, I will leave the stage. I perform on stage to give a good energy. But if I become in a position when I can’t give good energy, I will leave the stage with no regrets.”

“Probably around that time, I will have a happy family. I will get to share stories about how I met my wife and so forth, and I want to have those kind of stories to tell soon.”

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G-Dragon Says His Love Confessions Were Rejected in the Past

Though it may seem G-Dragon would have been popular all his life, the singer said himself that his confessions of love were often turned down in the past.

The singer spoke up on the March 22 broadcast of SBS′ Thank You, revealing “I was often turned down after a confession when I was little. I don′t know why,” he said.

Ballerina Kang Su Jin replied with a big smile, “I bet they′re really regretting it now.”

When asked by Cha In Pyo on whether he prefers women who are older or younger than him, G-Dragon also answered, “I don′t care about her age. Age is just a number.”

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G-Dragon Says Yang Hyun Suk Once Called Him the Source of Evil

G-Dragon confessed that YG′s Yang Hyun Suk said some harsh things to him in the past.

The singer appeared on the March 22 broadcast of SBS “Thank You” with ballerina Kang Su Jin, comedienne Kim Mi Hwa and actor Cha In Pyo.

G-Dragon said on the show that Yang Hyun Suk was “the man who made me,” and added, “Now, he′s softened up, but even three years ago he never really smiled much.”

He picked the worst comment he had heard from Yang Hyun Suk to be “You′re the source of evil for our company and Big Bang.”

G-Dragon emphasized, however, that Yang Hyun Suk said such things with the idol star′s best interest in mind, saying that he was trying to train G-Dragon to prepare him for the outside world.

G-Dragon then joked that thanks to Yang Hyun Suk, he never got really hurt when people shot him down for his looks.

He finished by calling Yang Hyun Suk a “great partner.”

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G-Dragon Wants to Get Married Quickly

During a recent recording for SBS’ Thank You, G-Dragon, comedienne Kim Mi Wha, actor Cha In Pyo, and ballerina Kang Sue Jin shared their thoughts on dating and marriage.

There, G-dragon revealed that he wants to get married quickly.

“[If I had someone,] I could get married tomorrow,” said G-Dragon. “They say you can spot the person you’re going to marry with once glance. Is that true?”

G-Dragon also asked if it’s really good to marry someone who’s in the same business field and other questions concerning celebrity marriages.

The four stars later talked about ideal types as well as family.

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G-Dragon Talks about How His Marijuana Scandal Humbled Him

G-Dragon said on the broadcast this day, “I suddenly hit bottom after a certain incident the year before last, and many of my fans, who had been like sunflowers, showed their disappointment and left me.”

“I don′t cry often, but I cried a lot during that time,” he added.

He then said, “I think that was the first time I started thinking about myself because of a mistake or fault. I had six months of self-reflection because I couldn’t appear on TV, and I got thinking on how I had merely charged forward all this time without looking back.”

He finished, “I think that was when I learned the most, and after that I became humbled. I learned how to be thankful for the smallest things, and I′ve started to take better care of my family. I′ve lived apart from them since I was little, but after that incident I started living with my parents again. As I became a part of our family again and had mom wake me in the morning and feed me her cooking, I started wondering why I hadn′t done this sooner.”

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G-Dragon Almost Debuted as an SM Singer?

In the March 15 broadcast of SBS′ Thank You, G-Dragon said, “First I trained for five years in SM, and then I moved to YG Entertainment. That′s where I continued my training.”

He then added that his composition skills had been honed by YG Entertainment rep Yang Hyun Suk.

“He had me write a song every week. That went on for six years,” he said. “I started when I was in my third year of middle school. I had to make a song, even if it was just a melody on a well-known pop accompaniment, and have it checked. I didn′t know where to start, and I wondered where it would lead.”

He said, “I thought I would be getting songs from famous composers, but he kept testing me. After about a year I became better at writing songs.”

“In that cycle, I had to write lyrics all day,” he said.

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