Fan-Taken: G-Dragon & Daesung @ "Incarnation" Recording (130314) [PHOTOS]

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gd_dae_incarnation_recording_(130314) gd_dae_incarnation_recording_(130314)_2 gd_dae_incarnation_recording_(130314)_3

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  • tranquilamongstchaos


  • GoodGirl95

    I just want to hug and squish all their adorableness aaah so cute!!!
    It's so lovely seeing them laughing and smiling like that.....CAN'T WAIT TO SEE (ENG SUB OF) THIS :)
    OMG JIYONG OPPA'S HAIR.....*dies of hotness*

    • Myra Gahid

      Keke. Leader Ji's hair makes him look younger and definitely hotter. :)

    • Dragon Fly

      I prefer another one :)

      • gdbaby8282

        Wow.... Cool!!
        The eye sight... Lost in it..

        • Dragon Fly

          The camera loves him :)

          The eye sight - "Come and bite me'' kkkk

          • gdbaby8282

            Oh my... "Come and bite me"... ;))

      • GoodGirl95

        WOAH!!!! Now that's taking it to another level lol....he's cute-classy-squishable Jiyong by day and Fantastic-SWAG-BABY by night :)

        DUDE this guy can literally pull off every single hairstyle......just for fun i want him to try the hideous *shudders* curtain haircut ewww i bet GD would make that look super dopetastic too :D :D

  • Ac193


  • Noona’s for BB!

    So CHARMING! ^^

  • gdgdbabebabe

    ahhh gd cuteeeee

  • smiling angel

    aaww gdae so cuuuttee i am so excited to watch this <3<3

  • Lorena Abrodos A.

    omg the first pic jajajaja

    • Myra Gahid

      Leader Ji looks like a child here. keke

  • glow_glow

    I cant wait for the show! I love seeing G-Dragon and Daesung interact, they have such a lovely brotherhood.

  • WiLd&YoUnG ~ Cara♥

    Come here, you two...just come here so I can pinch your cheeks. I can't

  • babyGDnight

    Always smiling and laughing! That's what I like to see!! =D And it looks like they spoke about something embarrassing..? Hehehe xD Can't wait to watch this!!!

  • D-chan

    Wahhhh!!! glad to see they laughing & smiling in this show. It's look like the atmosphere of the talk is relax & fun!! Can't wait for this to air...what so funny Daesungie & Jiyongie =)

  • bbissou

    it's going to be hilarious as usual :p

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    oh my, those smiles and laughs ^____^ cant wait!!!!

  • jeelee

    I know this is going to be so much fun to watch. GD and Daesung are so amusing together. Dae's infectious laugh and Ji's amazing smile... I love both. I can't wait.

  • anna_enira

    I miss your smile dae=)

  • Aty Cristianoronaldo

    GD is so cute...!! love his smile...:X:X:X

  • Naliya

    Ok, WHY am I laughing???? I think I am crazy..

    • Myra Gahid

      Keke. No you're not dear. That's a symptom of BB sickness. :)

  • gdbaby8282

    GD Smiling face, GD covering his face, GD interact with D
    >>>i can't wait, when can i see this in full..

    • shelicious

      this show will be the death of us !! i know !
      4 photos already caused multiple heart attacks T_T

  • J.E.P.A.H


  • Maryama

    D-lite in full form! Look how happy he looks. Such a vibrant smile he has :)

  • Sunny Lee

    *Breathes a sigh of relief*. And here I was worried that it'd be all emotional and sad! Love seeing those smiles; GD n Dae look so cute interacting together like that! ^^

  • iLuvTODAE

    I can not wait to see this show!!! I love seeing GD n DAE laugh, those two never seem to be able to contain themselves, their laughs are contagious the first photo already had me lol so hard...:D

  • kath_grca

    Ahhhh, so adorable! Can't wait to watch this! Can't wait to spazz! LOL



  • orangejuice

    Dae's laugh is so adorable. altho it's only a photo I could imagine the sound of his laugh and makes me smile. lol.

  • ShimmyG

    yayyyyyyy!!!!! look at daesungs face in the last shot... aaaaaaa... im smilling tooooo... cant wait!

  • K Dol Kan

    nice to see those smiles... makes my day!! GD and Dae.... fighting!!

  • barbie06

    Aaah GD's smiles have always made my day brighter! =D

  • liveurlife_0818


  • choomtop22

    love there smiles haha.. cant wait to see it too!!! ^__^

  • ❀rero❀

    aaah i want to watch this i really wannnnnnt >_______<

  • minakwon

    1st pic...Jiyong eyesmile is priceless. He is so cute. OMGD! I cant wait. Fighting~

  • Truedream1988

    So CUTE in the first foto ~~ <33 & can't really wait 4 this Show ~<33

  • arelesdici

    wae so cute trying to eyesmile!? X"3

  • arelesdici

    It was hard looking for Dae's eyes at the pictures. He sure laughs hard.

  • Choi Seung Hyun


  • 진격의수미칩빂

    i cant wait ㅠ.ㅠ two boiis r so cute... ha

  • Myra Gahid

    These pictures killed me with love, happiness and excitement. Please release the episode soon, with subtitles. Thank you. :) <3

  • shelicious

    oh my god their big smile made my heart warm and flutter <333

    i hope laughter and happiness to never vanish from our boys <333

    • gdbaby8282

      Amen.. ;))

  • Sung Yo Min

    any HD photos for this??
    omg! seriously G-Dae smiling so hard
    wonder what they are laughing so hard about
    I'm curious lols

  • mizskullzzz

    so excited for this has been a long time to see BIGBANG members on variety show..

  • YEN

    Luckily I can watch this show on TV with HD in my country :D

  • Jawad Kassar

    i lovve his smile and laugh so much im smiling widely like a stupid girl right now loool

  • Avi Will

    aw, my two lovely babies >3<

  • jojoleekim

    Little did I know, there was a smile on my face just seeing these pictures. Instant cheer-me-up pictures!

  • PearlyGD

    Woaa, , , GD and Daesungie laugh so hard.
    What they do w/ uri boys??
    Wanna wanna wanna know what's happen!!
    Can't wait for watching the show !! Kyaaaaa
    Happy forever, my boys!

  • Jennie K

    Seriously CANT WAIT for Daesung to finally speak Korean again lol it sounds so strange but its so trueeeee jidfowphaiowngo495u43noihf so excited

  • Priscilla Luah

    Can someone give me a link to watch this g dragon and daesung episode on incarnation eng subbed?