Seung-chan’s Diary: “Happy New Year” (130210) [PHOTOS]

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Today is Korea’s Lunar New Year day! Although New Year’s Day in Japan has passed, in Korea, it’s New Year again!

Everyone is going back to their hometowns, visiting the relatives, greeting people who take care of us. The older people give packets of money, which is one one the things to look forward to. Before this, I was the one who receive the money, but now I’m the one giving the money. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I guess some of you might want to know the differences of Japan’s New year, and Korea’s New Year.. Here, I will introduce a bit.

Firstly, Korean’s traditional clothes for our New Year.


Everyone, do you know hanbok?^^
I guess you’ve heard about it somewhere.
In Korea, people wear this hanbok and pay respects to our ancestors’ spirits. !!



This looks like Japanese mochi soup

Tokkukku!! (Ddeok in Korean or rice cake)
During the Lunar New Year Day, eating Tokkukku is a must for everyone ^^
For years now, there’s this story that’s been passed around that if we eat this food, we’ll get 1 more extra year to live! It’s interesting right?^^

When I was kid, I ate this a lot because I wanted to be an adult faster. But I found out that ages are just like that wwww

Lastly, this one!


This is a game our families and relatives gather to play together! Throw 4 of Yuk, and depending on which sides appear, Do (1) Ge (2) Gal (3) Yuk (4) Mo (5), we can move our horse. If our horses make 4 complete rounds, we’ll win!

There are a still many things..^^ but I’ve explained a bit for those who have no idea about it! Everyone, Happy New Year ^_^

(TN: Some words he wrote are Korean in Japanese, so I’m not sure of the spelling)

Source: @partnervi via fyeahseungri@tumblr
Translated by: @0401rurutic (Japanese – English)