G-Dragon: "New Tattoo" + More Instagram Updates (130206) [PHOTOS]

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G-Dragon's Instagram updates:



"Chaerin (CL), how about his?"

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  • http://twitter.com/vipjanz J A N Z `

    new tattoo again Ji ?
    okay, if that's what makes you happy i'll support you. kkkk~

  • http://www.bigbangupdates.com/ VIP4Daesung

    OH! OH!!!!! Now I am curious! It's like playing "Where's Waldo" on GD's body....LOLOLOLOL! I wonder where he'll get this one!?! His arms....his chest? Maybe try something new and get it on his leg...

    and I wonder WHAT it will be! OHHHHH! This is so exciting! I love his tattoos!

    • alltheskies4

      Chinese fans say, on his "little pepper"... LOL

      • shelicious

        is that a joke? ; and when did they ;

        • alltheskies4

          Of course it's a joke...

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1153638932 Maymuna Kabir

      so he's getting a real tattoo and not just a fake one like he has for his MVs and other promotional stuff?

      the picture with the 4 arms...
      whose arms are they?

      anything GD related is intriguing, so I can't wait to find out what it is that he's gotten tattooed on himself this time

    • shelicious

      oh i would definitely play this game XD

      GD body discovery !
      XD hehehehehehehehe
      i'm getting naughty i should get out of this page !! like ASAP ;p~

    • http://twitter.com/lavodnas Ana Sandoval

      Not "Where's Waldo," it's a map to hidden treasures! A pot o' gold!

    • http://twitter.com/CelinaMAngeli Celina

      I think he's getting it on his neck. I thought he'd get it on the back of his neck but some people pointed out the writing on the side of his neck too. either that or wrist i think

  • Hasmin

    i usually don't like men with so many tattoos... but apparently, i love GD. what's happening? otoke~~~!?? hahaha.. ^^

    • http://twitter.com/kitkatsudon Maria Katrina Sy

      Haha I feel you ^^

    • http://twitter.com/bigbangmm Mouna Youssouf

      I got you ;)
      At first i liked tattoos but only when it's small sentences and not huge images.

      Now... I don't care whether it's an image, a sentence, if it's beautiful & meaningful i like it... DAMN YOU GD AND JAY PARK !

    • shelicious

      i used to be like this 5 yers ago but now !
      after i saw it i went like : OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !! my dream will come true

      everything he does is sultry and subjective that is why we go crazy over it !

    • gdgdbabebabe

      is the new tattoo under his chin/around his neck? why do i feel i see sth around there? am i being illusional? ahh gd! i wanna see your new tattoo! tattoos are sexy!

      • Lalaith


        • gdgdbabebabe

          that's EXACTLY what I was thinking! high five here lollll

      • http://twitter.com/CelinaMAngeli Celina

        I think it is on his neck, i was thinking he'd get a neck tat before i even noticed that on his neck haha. but i thought he'd get one on the back of his neck i duno how i feel about it on the right... i can also see him getting finger tats.

        and i think its the $ <3 F thing.

    • GoodGirl95

      YES YES This was so me.....i didn't even go for bad boys let alone guys with tattoos dude only a few months ago my dream guy was Choi Siwon (YES YES the cliche stereotypical korean drama flithy rich CEO type lol) but i have no idea how i've fallen for Kwon Jiyong.....God save me :)

      • shelicious

        not hating or anything but i think he's boring ; no matter how many times i see him on shows he bores me
        i always did

        dunno why ;

        • Virgin Snow

          I can't agree with you more kkk *high five*

    • PandaLILI

      His tattoo "forever young" - "young" sounds like "yong" in "jiyong", don't you think? So it has double meaning - obvious and "forever dragon" (yong=dragon in Korean) No?

      • shelicious

        it could be anything is possible when it comes to our leader !
        he's all about symbolic hidden meaning things !

        • minakwon

          symbolic hidden meaning things in good ways! Lovely Ji is a good boy.

      • http://twitter.com/chanrinchy Charina Agcaoili

        Actually "forever young" is supposed to be "forever youngbae". He mentioned it in sketchbook.

        • Lorena Abrodos A.

          jaja I think it was a joke jajaja =)

        • Sue

          Actually no lol it was FAKE BIGBANG SUBS...that did it on tumblr...I know sorry I thought it was real too haha but it's not.

    • minakwon

      Kkkk....me three. But Ji's tattoos kinda cute, meaningful and not too much. I love it!

    • https://twitter.com/haily___ BB4DKILL!

      Because of GD, I STARTED appreciating or liking men w/ tattoos.. haha, to the point I wanna get one ^^

    • anya

      Becouse it was GD. G Dragon, the one with much swag, whatever in his always suitable.

  • Guest


    • http://twitter.com/bigbangmm Mouna Youssouf

      LOL, I bet yeah well he already did it in my fanfics. Lol no but seriously, his a grown ass man and am sure he did lots of things.

      • http://twitter.com/kwonntabi Patbingu

        :D:D:D:D:D can i read your fanfics!? XDXDXD

        • http://twitter.com/bigbangmm Mouna Youssouf

          oh if you can read french well of course lool I only wright in French.

          • http://twitter.com/KwoonMinji YƓ BIΛSΣD

            Woaaaaaaaaw moi je suis française! kkk passe-moi tes fics pleaaase <3

          • PandaLILI

            I don't know French, but why I understand what you say? o.o I am French, give me yours fics?)

          • shelicious

            i did too o.O

            ( oh jesus christ !! pass me the fics please )
            ; is it !?

          • http://twitter.com/KwoonMinji YƓ BIΛSΣD

            *O* Yes that's right hahhaa actually french has a lot in common with english. It's not that different in some points... ^=^

          • uwvfelfvhwfvkwvf

            Ok, I know this is a dead conversation at this point- but I love writing fanfics. The only reason I am embarrassed is I have a family and I would die if they read what I wrote so I prob. need to find a more mom-like hobby. Anyways I am xdny1168 at asianfanfics- mine are all GD

          • http://twitter.com/KwoonMinji YƓ BIΛSΣD

            Yes that's right kkk that's exactly what I said :)

      • shelicious

        we all know that he does things XD but keep on denying it

        T_T snif snif

    • http://twitter.com/jiyongplz SSUP H8ER

      well ofc, they're not THAT innocent LOL

    • Avi Will

      well, knowing GD I think that F stands for FASHION lol

      • shelicious

        but that comes under money though ; i mean its GD :D

        i'm not sure anymore XD unpredictable

    • Dragon Fly

      Ha ha ha he's 24...and he's a man....LOL

    • shelicious

      sex is it !? u men the symbols he posted on insta ? ; i thought it represented gender ?

    • addictedtomusic

      S=Swag, F=Fashion XD

    • gdbaby8282

      For the 'SEX' is that really a question??? Like seriously?? lol

  • http://twitter.com/JustSyue ♔SyuE♔

    you wanna make couple tattoo with CL, Ji??

    • http://twitter.com/ChuChuNisha Nisha

      My thoughts exactly~ ^^''

    • cherchezlaghost

      Oh, I thought so too. But then I was like maybe he wants 2NE1 to get blackjack (the card game) tattoos. For the longest time I thought 2NE1 meant, "to anyone" like they are singing for all you all. It took me a long time to realize they meant "21" then when I heard their fans were called "blackjacks" I was like, you mean like the weapon? It took me forever to put it together, "okay, 21, black jack, I finally get it!" Just a walk through my ditzy mind for everyone. But really I am okay now, I finally understand!

      • http://twitter.com/JustSyue ♔SyuE♔

        yaya maybe. bcoz there have four hands right. kekeke ^^

      • PandaLILI

        Oh you are right o.o

    • DarknessRa

      I think he shared that last photo with CL to show her what would be the best for 2ne1 girls to have as a tattoos.
      The object of the card game blackjack is to reach 21 points... And ofc 4 card symbols for 4 members!
      See all the symbolism? ;)

      • http://twitter.com/JustSyue ♔SyuE♔

        yaya. why so serious? hehehe ^^

  • http://twitter.com/bigbangmm Mouna Youssouf

    I love GD's tattoos, but not all of them are my fave " mind control " is the one i like the less. and the " XX" on his belly aren't my fav either.
    But am wondering where is he going to get a new tattoo. GD said tattoos are meaningful to him, he get one every time he achieve something he wanted or things like that. isn't it ?

    • shelicious

      really ! i thought it was really cute that xx tattoo on his belly button XD

      but right the mind control one isn't my favorite the writing style ruined it !

      • http://twitter.com/bigbangmm Mouna Youssouf

        yeah it's kinda cute ( the "XX" ) but u know... meh i can't dig it lool

        I love the " forever young " & " too fast to live too young to die " they are my too fav.

      • gdbaby8282

        That XX tattoo just right at the place where it's should be.. A trail to the south, so you will not get lost.. ;))

        What's in my mind actually???

        • shelicious

          (XX) door to heaven ? :D


    • IG anointeddancer

      I like the XX tattoo. It makes a face with his belly button. In my mind he got that one so we can eventually focus on his crotch. Because he's an adorable perv.

      • shelicious

        OFMG hahahaha
        little did he know ! thats the first thing the female VIPS land their eyes on ~(*P*)~

    • http://twitter.com/CelinaMAngeli Celina

      yeah i dont like the mind control either

      i think it's going to be on his neck and it's going to be $ <3 F

    • gdbaby8282

      Yes.. and now we know he's 'officially' on something....

      Owe... Dragon Ball was my fav..

  • IG anointeddancer

    I got so excited when I saw his IG! I didn't get this excited when I got my own tattoos honestly. I want to see it when it's done.

    I would also like to unread all the comments against the tattoo. Because he's already getting it whether you approve or not. He's getting a tattoo, not clubbing a baby seal for heaven's sake.

  • http://twitter.com/kwonntabi Patbingu

    Rumour has it that those who have toooooo many tattoos will be dismissed from getting enlisted. Idk but, I hope ji dont have to go serve.. :/

    • sarajgh

      If he doesn't serve he'll be hated even more. He should go to the military.

      • http://twitter.com/sealtielgalero Chiller

        I totally agree with you. Those who skip (and those who screw up inside) always gets dissed.

      • blue_angel08

        i agree with you.. in korea its really mandatory for men to be enlisted unless you have health problem or athletes with gold medal from olympics or asian games ...if he will not serve his "anti" will increase and we dont want that to happen so its better for him to serve... and its only for 24 months... so we will wait patiently for them...

    • shelicious

      they are rumors !
      i don't think YG will be that reckless !

  • http://twitter.com/jiyongplz SSUP H8ER

    i hope it's on his back or chest so we can get some nice pics *hint hint* ;)

    • http://twitter.com/jiyongplz SSUP H8ER

      omg no.. his hips! yes...yes.. hehe ok, i'm out haha

      • shelicious

        omg yes yes yes !!! XD

        tushy ? what do u think XD ?

  • DarknessRa

    Tricky Ji! x)
    And I love those tattoos for 2NE1!

    • shelicious

      these symbols could be tattoed on his knuckles i guess ! :D
      omg what if F doesn't stand for fashion and for sth else instead :D and its on his middle finger o.O'
      *cough cough cough*

      < close the page then the lap top then run outside her room

      • DarknessRa

        phahaha That's a good guess! lmao
        I was trying to guess politely, but who knows what our dear Ji has in mind! (¬‿¬)

        • shelicious


          well we all know whats on his female vips mind XD
          can't wait

      • http://twitter.com/CelinaMAngeli Celina

        i have a feeling he's getting $ <3 F like i love money and fame :/ that's how i interpreted it

        • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

          If that's really the meaning, then I would say it's very sad more and more people get lost to the tempting world of materialism. People may say they can find happiness from those, but as those things are temporary, so is the happiness those give. There are so many ways where we could get permanent happiness from...if only people would take time to reflect and have a personal time with themselves, they would realize what those ways are.

      • http://www.facebook.com/aLjen11 Aljen Aguilar

        Agree agree and jst in case the 'women' tattoo will be in his ring finger *squeals* lol

      • DarknessRa

        you were right about the middle finger! It looks like he tattooed F there, between his fingers lmao

  • https://twitter.com/#!/elanieyzww xx

    new ink again. i hate people with inks. but tattoos on Ji somehow i found it cool. but please, it still-- i mean his body is not canvas TT-TT

  • Dragon Fly

    The last pic...2NE1???? Blackjack! Like it :)

  • Julia Kim

    pretty tattoos...go to sleep... ;)

  • https://twitter.com/kechiklalala Choi Seung Hyun

    Recommand tattoo to cl ? leaders ! swag ~


    Is CL getting one? and he is just there to accompany her? ...1st pic looks like he got one already on his neck.

  • shelicious

    T_T oh god oh god oh god !T_T
    this is going to be freaking DOPE , SEXY and HOT !!
    oh god oh god oh god oh god !!!! T_T

    what if it was on his knuckles?

    < excessive nose bleed then dryness then Death XD

    it might not be close to ( that XX Tattoo ) that i dream he'll have but its close i bet :D
    oh my Happy VIP Heart is fluttering

  • jeelee

    I guess I’m in the minority here. I don’t like guys with excessive tattoos. It’s all good, though. I respect GD’s choice to do whatever he pleases with his body. *Nods*
    On a separate note, I hope he uses Taeyang’s tattoo artist. I don’t normally like tattoos, but his new one is beautiful!

    • shelicious

      yeah but i think thats tae's taste u see his tattoo has some artistic design and drawings while GD's are more symbolic and have creepy meaning to it
      both are amazing though T_T

    • http://twitter.com/Sazzaa Sarah Holding

      I doubt it, isn't the one Taeyang uses in New york? I'm still excited for GD's new tattoo though, I live vicariously through him XD

    • daydeeb

      Agree with you. Although when I read the title, I winced, then sighed in resignation. Haha. More like, I give up, it's his body anyway. But the tattoo looks to be a nice one. As long as it's not huge like the one on his side.

    • gdbaby8282

      Erkkk... That's Taeyang's beautiful tattoo..
      On a separate issue: ;)) this G DRAGON.. We talk about..
      The G DRAGON..... ^_- 'start with the G and end with N'

      • jeelee

        Yes, we are indeed talking about G-Dragon. However, if I want to mention the aesthetics of Taeyang’s tattoo in relation to perhaps the same artist doing an equally amazing job on whatever tattoo GD decides to get I am free to do so. Freedom of speech. You respect mine and I will respect yours. Deal?

        • gdbaby8282

          Owe hun, I'm not saying anything bad abt your preference... I just said, this 2 guys are Youngbae and Jiyong. The beautiful spirit of Youngbae and the wild&young spirit of Jiyong. I think my standing point is clear.

          • jeelee

            " I think my standing point is clear."

            Initially it wasn't. That's why I responded the way I did. It seemed like you were reminding me that we are talking about G-Dragon and ONLY GD, and not to bring other members into the conversation. I apologize for misunderstanding you.

          • gdbaby8282

            No... Don't be sorry,
            My bad, it's lure you the diff direction. ;)

    • http://twitter.com/CelinaMAngeli Celina

      I don't like a lot of tats either but it matches Jiyongie. Just hope he doesn't get anything cheezy lol. I have a feeling 10 years from now he's going to be covered with tats though haha

  • sknh_ad

    new tattoo? plz show it to us ur sexy tattoo :)

  • kath05

    what he has right now is not too much not too little but I guess one more wouldnt hurt.. I just hope he doesnt get to the stage where his whole back and arm is all tattooed up .... hmmmmmmm

  • mythb

    If that's his own photo (the one with the hands), I swear that's Taeyang's. But if it's not, then... someone that looks like Taeyang's? lol

  • chewthj

    Apparently ji and CL had an insta conversation about the tats?? Did anyone see it?

    • shelicious

      yeah we need BBU to translate their adorable convo T_T

      • chewthj

        I couldn't find their convo :'( butbut lol i've been stalking insta comments and according to some translators CL said random stuff like siwonhan, cool guy, and something like missing slippers

        • shelicious

          because fans got hyper XD and instagram cannot show you hundreds thousands of comments

          but i saw it live XD
          its cute they kept on replying to each other !

          one of the fans wrote sth funny

          she tagged both of then and then wrote ( in sickness and health ... etc you may kiss the bride )


          • chewthj

            LOL gotta love the fans that feed into the CL-ji platonic love :D
            Awwww that stream of comments was exactly what I was looking for!
            Neh mind, trusting in the awesome tracking skillzz of bbu to translate+upload this (Y)

    • Lina90

      I saw some translator in twitter posted it with screencaps few hours ago, but can't find it and forget which acc :( amyway, I just see the one which CL put comment in that blackjack tats pic of GD said "cool man" in korean blabla-namja whatever lol

      • chewthj

        Lol the insta world went crazy for awhile there, was abit hard to track the posts and tranlslations!
        *drum fingers* waiting on bbu! xD

        • Lina90

          wew!! I actually have saved the screencap!! lol I forgot I did. LOL Here it is, GDCL insta convo!! XD >>

          source : @ShrimpLJY

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1153638932 Maymuna Kabir

    anyone else notice how there is a ❤ above the "$" and the "F" and even a tiny one above the religion sign...
    and a tick mark above the "♡"?

    and nothing around the women sign?


    I wonder what that's about...

    I guess he LOVES money and fashion,
    and religion just a teeny bit
    but has/had/needs ♡ ?

    • http://twitter.com/CelinaMAngeli Celina

      i read it as $ ❤ F like i love money and fame lol

  • mrsidoma

    So he will get another one mmmmmm its gonna be significative thats all i know not just anything

  • mrsidoma

    CL.... You are doing it wrong

  • iLuvTODAE

    I haven't even seen Taeyang's new tattoo yet!
    I heard or seen a rough picture of it and I think it's a scenery of Jesus not sure...idk

    • Lalaith


  • addictedtomusic

    F = Fashion, S = Swag , <3 = LOVE!

    • http://twitter.com/CelinaMAngeli Celina

      i think it's a $ not S

  • Lina90

    I just hope it won't turn out ugly like the "mind control" one.. it's hella ugly font imo

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/KwonJiYongVEVO GDForPresident

    ;ooo i wonder what tattoo he will choose

  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    Oh my, another one ... hope is not big kkk

  • Maryama

    They say getting inked is addictive, i now wonder whether this theory is true lol. I honestly do hope both gd and taeyang will know when to say that's enough. We don't won't them all covered now do we lol.

    • SumOneHea

      It's true. I have 2 of them. One is the size of a mini CDrom, the other goes from my neck to the top of my upper arm... I have been looking for my next design... Or actually.... Designs. It is addictive!

    • http://twitter.com/CelinaMAngeli Celina

      i have a feeling in 5 or 10 years (depending on how much they let him while he's in BigBang) he will be covered in tats lol

  • LoveYB

    I don't really like tatoos but I like GD so... It's okay :)

  • Tbaby

    ...and another one haha, as expected. Not too many though boo, k? ;)

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

    Oh Myy Gwerdd ~ where where where is the ban ovah?

  • PoojaVIP

    Another tattoo? GD said whenever he gets a tattoo done, it's when he sets a goal. Another ambition GD ? Hwaiting~ ^.^

  • Misa

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO /agonized LOL. Marking his beautiful skin again? Or is he guiding CL into the wonderful world of tattoos?

  • J.E.P.A.H

    My Random Analysis:

    "GD getting new tattoos = MV where GD go shirtless is cooming soon~"


  • Myra Gahid

    I can't clearly see the tattoo on his neck in the first pic. I'm trying to decode the message behind the second pic. And the third pic... whose arms are those? Are they all Leader Ji's? The leaders sharing insights = so cool! <3 BB, YG FAM

  • mariaaaauw

    new tatoo kekeke

  • little_mai

    Pleaseeeeeee, Gd.... No more.. :(

  • zeyzeyzey

    aw. another tattoo. dunno wat to feel tho.

  • Truedream1988

    Show us what ya GOT when it done <3333 hahah ^^

  • MissChoi

    money, love, fame?

  • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

    Am I the only one crying here because I don't like tattoos? (T_T) I guess I'm the only one. Okay... (T_T)

    • goldengluvsk2

      no, u're not the only one... i dont like tattoos either :S x.x

      • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

        Very glad to meet you :) GD is handsome but IMO, he will be handsomer with his clear, "peaches & cream-colored" fair skin without any tattoo just like in pre-debut times.

    • PearlyGD

      Me toooooooo !!
      I just love his clear skin T_T
      milky skin....<3

  • mizskullzzz

    another tattoo?

  • http://twitter.com/jini454 jini

    i don't like tattoos oh... gd if you made mistake someday that tattoos of yours hit a big issue...will you just stop its too many already...beside being young and wild doesn't mean...full of tattoo..

  • sam-LDN

    I'd better send him my pic. So that he can have it inked all over himself!!! ; )))I

    • sam-LDN

      So curious to what he'll have done. Must be major for him openly say it like this. Not like the XX above his belly button - he kept that quiet. How exciting!!!!!

  • Jacqueline

    I still believe that a beautiful tattoo on his back would be a lovely expression of his art from his soul. Tattoos are meant to be a story told on one's body as a way to communicate to others ones journey on this Earth. Each tattoo has a significant meaning of which there is more to tell in case. I know that YG doesn't want him to add anymore, yet isn't it his body for which to do with what he chooses? The members always say that they do what they want against any and all ways of tradition and such. I don't know, they seem to obey very well. We'll see what the future holds, as well as when and if the bubble will be popped. Who will have the courage and the boldness to bring something and do something we have never seen in expression.

  • Alycia Rice

    Dumb reasons to start liking tats. Nothing wrong with them in the first place its a ancient art form.. people are just prudes. Don't jump on the tattoo bandwagon because gdragon has them. Good lord. So glad I live in the US would hate being raised in a close-minded country.