Big Bang Gmarket 2013 Calendar (Scans) [PHOTOS]

Shared by on February 11, 2013  

bb_gmarket_2013calendar bb_gmarket_2013calendar_2 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_3 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_4 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_5 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_6 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_7 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_8 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_9 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_10 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_11 bb_gmarket_2013calendar_12

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  • ❀rero❀

    they are sooooo cute $_$

  • ANNS

    even though i've seen most of these pics, their adorableness are still just so... ugh.

  • bbgdvip9


  • bremxavier

    August <3

    • Aunt Rita

      I was born in August <3

      • joslyte

        me too :D

      • bremxavier

        me too :D

      • BigBangMyHeart

        Me too ^.^ On the 17th a day before Jiyong's Birthday :D
        -edit-: And my name is the same as yours! lol XD

        • TOP The Life Ruiner

          Oh really? One day before me then, August 18th here, same as GD and I'm quite happy about that lol xD

          • BigBangMyHeart

            ooh so lucky T^T you celebrate both your birthday and jiyong's then hehe lucky you!

          • TOP The Life Ruiner

            haha yeah! x3

      • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque

        The 5th !

    • Kimbo

      I was born in August, but ooh November!

      • Noona’s for BB!

        My birthday is in December, but I could care less about that right now, cuz I've suddenly become quite biased of November!!! ** TOP **. Wouldn't it be so amazing to hang out on the beach with these boys? ;)

        • gdbaby8282

          Noona.. My present...

          • Noona’s for BB!

            Oh gdbaby you are teasing me with this "present".....look at me Tabi please!!! ^^

          • Kimbo

            Hahaha... the infamous Japan pants he wore to GD's Bday dinner. No one liked them but love this.

          • gdbaby8282

            Yea.. That's why i give it to noona, because it's still related to GD... ;)) and she like TOP. Glad you recognized and liked it ;))

      • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque

        Same situation as me XD

    • gdbaby8282

      My FAVOURITE month ever.... ;)) kyak!!!

    • Naliya

      By far my favorite pic..Seungri's face while calling for Dae..pure love.<3<3<3

    • jjwunvip

      Today (Feb 10) is my birthday! thanks bbu, for this awesome birthday present!! ♥♥♥♥♥

      • addictedtomusic

        Happy Birthday to you!! (or is it belated already?) best wishes to you :D

  • elasticmonster

    May <3 Daesungieeeeeeeee

  • dede


  • Aunt Rita


  • Avi Will

    I want this :3

  • black_pearl94

    But of course, Taeyang will be in October. My baby loves me and that's his present for me.*usualthoughtofafangirl*.. <3

    lol, no.


    awww, jiyong on my fav month, march! ^^

  • pinky

    ♥♥ TAEYANG ♥♥

  • B3autiful Hangover

    July get's the back end if them :D I wish the lighting was brighter so I can see Dae's butt better >.<


    thank you lord for blessing me with gd's beauty on my birthday month <3

  • Elise Broadway

    born in November!! Hurrahh!!!! :)

  • LoveYB


  • Ac193

    Ahhh my bias on my month.. March & GD <3

  • Misa


  • Maymuna Kabir

    i like my month... April! ^^,

    • Visindahouse

      April kids ^^
      All of BIGBANG for us

  • H A Z E

    i love all the pictures

  • Jitaeri

    Aw, our Big Bang is so cute ^^ Lol, in the november pic, I feel like TOP is looking at himself in a mirror going "I know. I look good"


    won't be looking for the dates,those pics are too distracting..oh TOP,i was like let me help you get down from that van *.*

  • jasmineVIP

    OH.MY.GOSH. THANKS SO MUCH! I bet everyone needed this! <3333

    PS: it would be even more awesome if G-Market could release a desk calendar version ):

  • Riza Nicdao Soberano

    March <3

  • Guest

    starting today august & may is my favorite month

  • carlease

    so happy to be an August baby. ^.^

  • Vyki_5215

    ahhhh y wasnt i born a mth earlier in May!? Daesungieeee!!


    I'm gonna print one every month...^^v

    • Myra Gahid

      Good resolution if we can't buy the original one. :)

  • tuong ok

    omfg i was born in november<3333333333333333

  • Ferrisfair

    It's funny, I didn't notice there were months on the pictures til I scrolled down to the comments. The one with gd is my fav, only to realize its march, my month!!! I'm spazzing out here xD

  • Farah Raina Rahim

    i was born in February but my eyes keep staring at November.. lol

  • ShimmyG

    ohhhhh Taeyang is sssshhhho CUTE in October... like, "c'mon, join us!"
    oyyy, Taeyang, you think its that easy? we wish its that easyyyyyy!
    me died spazzing!

  • miss_blacque's only Feb, but I'm already using November as my desktop wallpaper. (>.<,)

  • Luvtabi

    every month is November....Thank you for sharing >.<!!

  • piLegster

    I keep staring at March!!!

    • addictedtomusic

      me too! me too! and my birthday is in march too ^_^

      • gdalways

        me just like present..jiyong in March...kkk...

        • addictedtomusic

          yes yes. an early present for us! (:
          then, in march too..GD's new album!!!!

  • Truedream1988 boyz photo make me say ----> from january to december ♥♥♥love them all ~~~

  • GDForPresident

    I need that calendar >.<

  • Myra Gahid

    Handsome as always, as ever, as will be. :) Love their smiles! <3 BB

  • VIPhalcyonnie

    I was born in November. Same as TOP.
    Birthday calendar:)

  • lovesBB

    Obviously I would only buy this calendar for the pictures, because the calendar in that format is useless to me lol.

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Their expression every month is awesome! Backside! Wahhh, sexy!

  • Dami Kim ♠

    Jyaa they r so handsome aaahhh!~

  • BBshineTT

    January = TOP !

  • alysa!

    top oppa!!so handsome!~

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    Ahh so beautiful pics :)

  • smiley

    Is it fate that it's Seungri on my birth month?

  • Roshni Ahmed



    look that fluffy panda in september

  • Guest

    SO PERFECT my b-day is in december and it has all 5 of by babies MARCH THO

  • suzie

    June..why did maknae run to opposite direction? kkk..but oh look at August, such a happy kids :P

  • Alna Kalista

    Oh, if only Taeyang was February's picture........

  • Aqies_vips

    My bday one day b4 top. ♡♥

  • Bonita Nacua

    My Birthday is May and I'm really really glad its Daesung :)

    So inlove with him ♥

  • Kanu

    My birthday is in November so...IM DEFINITLY DOWNLOAD IT TO HAVE IT ON THAT MONTH!!!!!!

  • iAmViP.007

    i was born in august.. while scrolling down i wished for a solo TOP or Dae but it's all of them.. i was disappointed but when i saw GD's smile.. then i said "not bad" XD

  • Sophia Maye Lubiano Masincap