T.O.P: [Star Column - #BIGBANG] Behind story of the World Tour

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Hello, This is TOP of BIGBANG !!

It’s been a while since the last time I said hello, especially to Korean fans. I’ve spent a bit busy days doing BIGBANG World Tour and filming the movie “Alumni” at the same time. But there will be the Final Concert in Korea a few days later so please look forward to it.

There was a lot of time being in a plane during BB World Tour. Are you curious about what the members are doing in the plane? Some members order ramen that is cooked in the plane as soon as they get on, or watch a movie or sleep. Especially on a long flight, I usually get some sleep because I’m lack of it for filming the movie.top3

There is something that all members do. It’s reading fan letters from the fans at the airport. I can’t share the exact contents, but reading fan letters they’re mostly about the monitors of performances in each country, supporting messages, and the daily stories of the fans.


Reading the fan letters which is more interesting than any books and full with devotion and love, I feel sorry thinking that I’m not giving the love back as much as they give it to me. After reading the fan letters I receive some positive energy from fans. They give me strength to do the better stage.

I often say that I love you as the last comment on the stage. Actually I think a lot what to say before I go up on the stage. Many times I ad-lib what I honestly feel at the moment while saying what I prepared before.


Because I feel so touched all of the sudden seeing you, the fans. Watching the fans one by one on the stage, I want to remember those eyes and the passion as much as I can. I act and say things as if I’m joking but I’m very sincere when I say that I love you.

Actually BIGBANG members don’t really remember going outside during the World Tour. Especially in a few countries, we spent all free time in hotel worried about the accidents for a lot of fans gathered at once.


Members spent great time with the staffs and the dancers at the hotel swimming pool in warm countries.

However when I have a free time, I analyze the script and have a meeting with the director -a lot of times on the phone for I’m also filming the movie. So I spent the times very busily not knowing the time passing.


I couldn’t get out of hotel during the Tour much. So I flew to NY after the concert in LA and have some personal time shortly. Being outside was nothing special but it was fun time going to some restaurants that I like. SHAKE SHACK BURGER which is a famous burger in NY and Totto Ramen are the menus that I’d like to recommend to you.

I remember visiting the furniture shop in NY because I’m interested in furniture. People usually go shopping for clothes or shoes but I’m very interested in furniture and there are many times that I forget time passing looking at furniture. –Sorry to the manager who always go with me and spend time.


There is one more reason why I specially remember NY. Actually I was not in NY alone. My mother and aunts came to see the NY concert and they spent some time with me. There was not much time being with my family promoting BIGBANG, but at this NY concert I spent meaningful time with my family. My mother said she spent great time on a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park while we were having delicious dinner.

My aunts who have profound knowledge said they were so happy and touched visiting MOMA-Museum of Modern Art. Even I wasn’t there myself but it was like I could feel it. I was so happy.

I’d like to tell you that this World Tour could end successfully because of you. I realized there are a lot of people who love us once more during this tour. Meeting fans in each country was a meaningful time that I could learn and feel more.


I got a fan letter written in Korean from a foreigner who seems like she doesn’t know any of Korean and even the country Korea. I saw fans who cry just looking at us. I’m more touched by the fans.

Honestly it was hard doing two things at once, this Tour and filming movie. There was also the pain that I can’t tell enough. But with you the fans, I could spend time that I myself grow more mature.

By the way there are only few last scenes left for the movie!! Though today’s a bit hard and tiring, I’ll be BIGBANG and TOP who does his best to meet you with better music and figure.


Actually I want to tell you more fun stories but there aren’t special episodes for I was thinking much about filming the movie. I’m sorry I can’t tell you some fun stories like the other members but I’ll try to tell you more stories on the next World Tour.

Though I’m still filming the last couple scenes for the movie, I’d like to thank to Star Column for giving me a chance to look back some fun memories talking to you about past stories shortly. I’ll just go back filming the movie. Please give much attention and look forward to the movie “Alumni” which is coming to you soon! –The movie is very good. *laugh*



TOP’s Mother Story

Hello, this is BIGBANG TOP, Seunghyun’s mother. I went to NY to spend my son Seunghyun’s bday together and to see BB concert.

I was unexpectedly touched by my proud son who’s all grown up in NY. Also the amazing performance at BIGBANG concert and the live scene was the fresh shock.

The people who have various skin colors and who are various ages from the old to the young were all became one mind dancing to BB’s music and singing along. They were shouting at my sons on the stage and they’re still in my heart.

BIGBANG was so perfect on stage and the classy performance and the sound were also touching gifts. Also thanks to my son Seunghyun’s consideration, I was staying at an artist’s house at beautiful Soho and visited the art museums. I had a very happy trip.

Mom; It’ll remain forever as an unforgettable memory for my family. Thank you son ♥

Translation: @HuisuYoon

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    Choi Seunghyun's mother's love is what makes him a man that he is today. Thank you omuni :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      VERY TRUE!!! His mother (our mama-in-law) is very, very loving, sweet, and supportive! He and all of us have nothing to ask for about her!

  • Maral

    I dont know why, but when I finished reading his story I burst into tears and I just couldn't stop. Anyone else had the same? He's so great. Seunghyun fighting! <3

    • Koreanfanatic Agassi

      I cried too ㅠ.ㅠ

    • ListlessAgent

      I'm trying not to cry since I'm at work. Such a good man, I wish him well in all his endeavors!

    • Aini Shahidin

      Me too! tsk. He such a good man! "hint:one of his written song title* >_<
      He is forever his mom lover. Tabi hwaiting!! ^^

    • KIKI


    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      It’s only HIM who made me cry while smiling because of how GENUINELY VERY GOOD his heart is. I’m very glad he’s my one and only crush now. ((TOP, you made me a “one-man woman”!!!))

  • Raashmi Varadarassou

    Ahh, gosh is it even possible to like him anymore?? After reading this, oh heck yeah... <3

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Agree!!! He says something rarely but when he does, he makes the world turn upside down!! ((Turn it up now!!!))

      • Raashmi Varadarassou

        You're so right!! After reading this, I just sat there with a stupid smile on my face for ages... oh TOP.... I love you my bingu oppa! xD

  • Raashmi Varadarassou

    nice special appearance, TOP's mum! Gah, how can he be so sweet?

  • http://cheapassgaijin.tumblr.com/ 二ココ


  • lana

    Finally.. ive been waiting for top's part. Vips love you so much seung hyun. he worked so hard and being busy with the filming and tour. i know your hard work will pay ^^ and he likes furniture? thank you for sharing a lot of things and we vips know more and feel closer to you. i can see how much he loved his mum. and to top's mum, thank you for giving birth to this wonderful person :)

    uhm am i the only one who thinks top have every quality of my future husband. i want a husband like him. but i guess he will forever be my imaginary boyfriend/husband hehe. i love him too much. we all love our boys. BigBang fighting! ^_^

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Finally you now know he loves furniture ^^ Hahaha, when I found out about that when I was starting to love him, I was also soo surprised because even before knowing him, the furniture area is my 2nd most favorite part of the mall (1st is grocery)!!! I always think "I will buy this-that someday, wait for me!" ! It would be soo nice to shop with him in furniture shops!

      Your comment makes me not to stop my mind from talking...
      Me, too. I also dream about him to be my husband. There are millions of us in the world, and when the day comes that he finally says he is in-love with someone, all of us would be very depressed... despite that, let us all be happy for both of them :') Let us continue loving him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, unconditionally, and with a love that is more than love. Even if he doesn't love us back, let's still love him...

      And yes, we're so aware that it's very impossible to have him as our husband but you know, to encourage you a bit even if we know that truth, for everything impossible, there is a possibility that it will happen. God does miracles, and there are soo many miracles that happen/ed in this world (for TOP to live and remain a good boy in this chaotic world is a miracle itself). So, keep hoping, and praying to God. We'll never know he might be the one for for one of us. But if it's you that would become his one-and-only, I will also support you! I believe you will love him with a love that is more than love! :)

      • lana

        omg your comment shed me to tears. you are so nice. i love you :* ;_______;

        • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

          Thank you sooo much :') I didn't expect so much that you would cry because of my comment... but really, I am just expressing what I feel because it's hard to stop my mind ^^
          You're soo very loving and caring for him; even if I don't know you yet, I can feel it by reading your touching comment above-above-above ^^ Also, I instantly got a connection with you because we are the same - who dream of having him as a husband :) I love you, too, dearie friend and thank you very much again!!

          • tabioppa littleprincess

            okh,., enough!!! stop making me shed more tears. i do really love them this whole 6 years, and it's the first time a cry a lot reading comments of them. You guys are amazing fans. maybe just like me. love them though already realize that this gonna be one sided love 4ever. they entertain us for this 7years and we love them for that. so guys, just in case, one day no BB anymore, please, keep your love as much as your love right now.
            cause, we are VIP for ever,.,.,

  • oneofakindd

    i can feel his sincerity, care, love everything for his fans. like " without fans i couldn't even succeed in my life bro' or something. look at him. he is running a tour while filming for his fans. even i'm proud to be his fans. no,no,no,no. i'm proud to be a vip. to be loved by them like this. i'm proud.

    • Kathy ❤

      “I act and say things as if I’m joking but I’m very sincere when I say that I love you.” – T.O.P

      This is so overwhelming! I suddenly feel like crying. I'm really glad that our idols are acknowledging their fans. A million thanks to T.O.P for this very heartfelt column. His family, especially his mom, is definitely proud of him. Who wouldn't be anyway? All of us are proud of him and BIGBANG. ❤

      • HanaVIP

        I really am crying right now... I can feel his love through this... thank you Tabi.. thank you Bigbang.. thank you for loving us... We'll love you guys too.. always <3

        • carlease

          i really happy im not the only that cried because of this. T^T

    • https://twitter.com/haily___ BB4DKILL!

      I'm glad TOP (and all the members too) highly values our sentiments^.^
      VIP FOREVER with love of furniture :p
      just a question, how can you give them letters =P~

      • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

        Fans usually send letters when they have concerts on their countries. You can give your letter to YG personnel who go around to get letters, or luckily, you can give it to them yourself....just be sure to be first in line in the airport or have a VIP ticket in their concert ^^ There are also times when you coincidentally/accidentally see them walk on the streets of Seoul or any place they are in... gather your courage, face them then, give them your fan letter ^^

        Hoping that we can give them a letter, too (most preferred way is the last I mentioned)! I gave TOP a letter but I'm not sure if he received it because my sister's friend was the one who went to their concert.

  • Twinklin star

    TOP surprisingly wrote so much lol. I really enjoyed reading his column actually. It doesn't even matter that it wasn't full of fun adventures or funny stories like the others. I just wanted to know what TOP gets up to! Lol. He's really a mama's boy, so sweet. Nice to know he appreciates the fan's letters he receives, even though he may look so serious at the airport. Can't wait for the movie that he has been working so hard on! Hwaiting! :-)

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      The nicest thing to know is that they read them all :') For him to say that reading fan letters is more interesting than reading any books, and to say that fan letters, unlike books, are full of devotion with love, makes me want to say he is a very, very loving person. . He always gives us reasons to love him more, and keep him more inside our hearts.
      [[unrelated: I hope he really received my letters. unimportant fact: it was 4 pages long]]

  • http://twitter.com/Andrea_chy Andreachy ~lala~

    I love it when top expresses his feelings. Top shld do more interviews or join twitter like seungri and tweet abt himself all day long. It will be so cute^^

  • http://twitter.com/pinkresbull MJchan @(・●・)@

    I wish TOP could write these more often :(
    I felt closer to him after reading this :)


    They said that behind every successful man, there is a woman, and for TOP, the woman is clearly his mother...:")

    • Gwenouille

      I thought the exact same thing :) !! VIPs mind work the same way (when it comes to Tabi's mom)

    • coffeelover

      hes truly a mama boy. :).

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Loving your comment! Don't forget his aunts! No wonder why Lee ByungHun said he thinks like a woman ^^ Soooo nice!

  • Aunt Rita

    "I feel sorry thinking that I’m not giving the love back as much as they give it to me." WHO SAID THAT, DEAR BABY??? T-T

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Aw TOP, he's very concerned of that... He must not worry anymore. When he thinks like this, it means he also loves us more than we love him! But...we all know we LOVE HIM MORE than he loves us!!! We always make sure of that!

  • T.O.P.ing

    omg, i can't stop my tears falling from my ayes. this man really unpredictable. many times he looks so rigid and strong but actually he's so smooth, care and heartwarming. *i'm melting now*

  • Jojo Maling

    We should see more of this, real life stories of BB members and their family.

  • coffeelover

    im crying. T__T. Tabi, we love u so much. he such a sweety. omg,im seriously feel soo touched by each of his words. :(.

  • branded

    My mother in law is sooo nice. I met her in nyc and I inmediately recognized her because their resemblence is uncanny. I asked her if she was going to the concert and she said "of course, and you should too"...and she gave me a vip ticket that she fished out of her (super expensive designer) purse ^^

    • ListlessAgent

      Lucky duck! She is so sweet and I can see that she did a fab job raising her children with that manner.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Uwahhh, I feel so jealous of you!!!

      "My mother in law" --- she's my mother in law, too! So...how are we related then?? Hey, chingu ~ Hello another wife of my husband! XD

  • fulltimevip

    ommooooo~ why so sweeeet~~ make me fell in love all over again with this guy~ #i'll remember each and every faces, till we meet again (LOL i've remember that)

  • 에스라

    i was looking forward so much to this. And TOP really wrote this amazingly.i love the fact he is being so down to earth and so considerate and grateful for the fans. he is just beautiful inside and out! and aw TOPs mum seems to be such a lovely person, I am sure she is so proud of her son! i wish TOP would do a diary like Seungri too or join twitter. that way his fans all around the world would have more of a chance to kinda connect with him

  • Choomtabi

    omo tabi i lov u >.<. tabi lov fan so much, and lov his mom. Good mama boy my tabi <3

  • violetkinoshita

    "I act and say things as if I’m joking but I’m very sincere when I say that I love you."

    VIPs love you more. and BB too.

    sincerely :')

  • http://twitter.com/imvvip_ siska

    What TOP said is just everything to me. He shows how much he loves his fans and never at once they abandon us no matter how tired they're. It also feels like he was writing a love letter to the fans because, for me, it's so damn romantic when he wrote how much he loves us.

    Please, TOP, I'm tears because of you

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Loving your comment!! How much more would he be if he is to write to that lucky-blessed-soo blessed girl who would be his future wife? If we are to put our feet on her shoes... if he would write us a letter in every special day, he must bring buckets because he will catch our tears of happiness!!!

  • gdbaby8282

    Staring for a few second.... he actually said 'NEXT WORLD TOUR' -
    ;( this pic actually can be a 'book', telling us abt his condition during ALIVE Tour. which is my heart sinking but happy in the same time.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/elanieyzww xx

    TOP's story is the most touching somehow

  • Gica Elumba

    This article is as beautiful as the writer.

  • MrsTOP

    Oh TOP, he is so deep. You can tell that he really cares about the fans and he is always working hard to please the fans. He is also very caring and loves his mother so much which is very sweet. He is such a family man. He also really worked hard on Alumni and I for one cannot wait to see it. I am sure it would be very good. Hope he has time to rest, now that he has finished filming the movie.

  • TOPfans

    wow...I'm so touched by his articles, that the best one that I read, he wrote every things that the fans wanted to know, the best is he explain why he was missing in LA, thanks TOP and his mom's words touches me too, great mum makes great son, loves TOP forever.....:)))))

  • Shaliegh

    This is one of the most heart-warming behind the story I've ever read so far... The way how TOP opened up about his feelings to us VIPs is so flattering! From a guy who really valued his privacy, shared to us what he usually do during his free time. Also how he answered VIPs most-sought-question (Of course, it's pure coincidence), Where's TOP?? During those 'loneliness of self discipline', members late at night shopping, etc. where we can rarely see him.. Well, he's in his hotel room, practicing his lines for his upcoming movie so that he won't disappoint those who's looking forward for it. And I can't help but smile when he apologized for not making his story as funny as possible... You know what TOP, you showed us enough of your funny side already, and we LOVE you for it!! After all, you don't need to be funny, sexy, cool whatsoever... just be T.O.P, and us VIPs already knew the rest!! :)

    • Kathy ❤

      Very well said! Your comment literally made me cry. Being true to himself is indeed one of T.O.P best assets. He is simply amazing without doing anything other than being himself.

    • coffeelover

      beautiful said. :)

    • kioko_hihara

      beautifully said! thumbs up! tabi is always tabi! *sobs*

    • shaneffer badiola

      I couldn't agree more.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Hahaha, his revealing of what he does when he's out of sight is truly a Slap On The Face to those who said he was spending time with his "girlfriend" at those times! ...Oh well... his girlfriend is none other than his script. Lucky director, btw :))

      (Hearts of TOP's supporters have finally calmed down)...

      • Venezia Ryanka

        who is his "Girlfriend" they mean?

        • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

          I read some VIPs in the web said they saw a photo of him with a girl on Peru... they assumed it right away that it's his girlfriend. But the fishy thing is that they didn't show that picture they saw. I searched for it but nothing came out so... I think it's just a rumor brought up to "explain" his absence on the photo of BIGBANG with a famous band in Peru.

  • olivia

    OMG this is so precious, TOP oppa wrote a lot. Every time I open this site, I've always wait for his column and after reading this I'm so touched about his feeling toward the fans. He's so sincerity, kind, lovely, adorable and awesome. He's the only man who have extraordinary handsome face with the pure heart. I'll keep this link forever. I'm proud to be VIP and I'm proud I love TOP that much, now I know he loves us back.. Thank You oppa for your love and your existence. You're my everything... xoxo

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Kyakyakya, his handsome face is a reflection of his VERY GOOD heart. Oh but then even if he weren't blessed with a handsome face, he would still be ""our everything"" because only he is the man/baby who is soo remarkable and most impressive in this world!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004171182746 Umisyafa

    TOP tankyou this story...I realy enjoy reading your story.wana be surprise...so much...

  • kymmoe

    I'm crying reading this. He's such a fine, very fine guy;) thank you for being so much alive;)

  • http://twitter.com/angel_heart1990 hannat z

    WOW I'm so touched in his behind story you can feel his pure heart and his kindness i appreciate especially his relationship with his mother he is a hard working and kind son she must be proud of him

  • myTOPsecret

    for some reason i love his mom..:)

  • mizskullzzz

    the part when TOP writes abt reading fans letters really bring tears to my eyes..i can see how grateful they are towards VIPz..they may seem cold at the airport but i believe they definitely love VIPz so much _<

  • http://www.ohhaijayde.blogspot.com/ jayde wynn

    This made me cry. Although TOP said he didn't have exciting stories like the others this one was my favourite. He is so sincere I love that he took his family along, i love that he is a family man and i love that his omma had her little say. I'm such a proud VIP and i'm so proud that i was able to witness the Alive Tour first hand FOREVER VIP <3

  • ateen_anneey

    TOP diary is different with others members..he really sincere.he know we cry because of them..and he cry because of us (vips) to...and we all crying after we read this..

    Dear Top mother , thanks for giving birth to this awesome man, and rising him very well..

    Dear YG, thanks for everything u done to raise an awesome man like him and others BigBAng members too.

    Dear TOP, thanks for understood how the Vips feel bout u..

    ~~ burst into tears..

  • chandler

    top.....that was deep bruh real deep. this is why he's so adorbs!

  • http://www.facebook.com/farah.rainarahim Farah Raina Rahim

    *CRYING* T_____T


    i don't know what to say no more.. omg TOP u made me cry.♥♥

  • http://just-a-vip-feeling.tumblr.com/ justaVIPfeeling

    Wow his story story is so touching ♥♥♥

  • It’sGD,BITCH!


    • brownpaperbag_12

      I feel you. Yes. There are onions in my room. *wipes tears*

  • gdalways

    tabi....i'm happy...i'm happy knowing what u feel...
    i'm happy knowing what u go through to be who u now..
    i'm happy to know u do a a better work day by day..

    i'm really happy to knowing that i'm a fans of an amazing group and an amazing persons...
    BB n U such a wonderful person n group! =')..
    now..i'm waiting for jiyong story... =)
    thanks tabi to be a one of wonderful man that i ever love n know =')

  • http://www.facebook.com/farah.rainarahim Farah Raina Rahim

    "I’m very sincere when I say that I love you"
    I don't know what to say no more.... S2 S2


    Tabi I wish I could give you a big hug, cause I'm truly feeling the love and the honesty of your beautiful words. This is just perfect, I never really get emotional reading this type of things, but his words and then his mom words really touch my heart.
    He is such a sweet and thoughtful person, thanks Mrs. Choi for raising such a great person, we all VIPs promise to take care of your boy.

  • VipBlackjack187

    Seunghyun oppa..as the oldest member, you are very thoughtful and sincere..very gentleman like, I am touched!!!Thank you for thinking about the fans..VIPs. Thank you for BB performances all these years..you've become a fine actor too..very proud of you<<33 for your lovely mom, stay healthy ajimonie..ur son is soo adorable..Fantastic!!!

  • Neni Diankrisna P

    This is what I've been waiting for hundred years (feel like that since Dae write "TOP is next" in his star column). And I was soo exciting. Even just read the first say hi words from TOP my heart beat faster and I cant to read it more because too exciting so I decided to see the photo first and.. Bang! I found his omma photo and i'm touched. After calm down, I start read and realize TOP has a deep feeling for us. I flashback to the concert where I feel I see her eyes when he look one and one VIP eyes. He really did it deeply because I see it. And this star column is the answer of my little disappointment because TOP is really seldom to talk. But now I understand why: he lost his words. So what he can do is just make a heart shape in the end of concert. I understand now, Choi Seunghyun. And thank you for alive!

  • anna_enira

    such a warm story=)

  • Julia Kim

    Thank you for being who you are... :)
    늘 건강하시고 행복하세요. ^.^

  • tez

    tabi u made me cry...

  • Lau Ele ♕

    "I’ll be BIGBANG and TOP who does his best to meet you with better music and figure" Better... figure.... Better figure...!! I'll wait for the day you finally show us that figure!! =))

  • coffeelover

    'There was also the pain that I can’t tell enough. But with you the fans, I could spend time that I myself grow more mature.'

    he think bout his fan more than himself, how such a perfect man like him being so beautiful outside and inside? :)

  • Cheridan Buck

    breaking into tears in the middle of computer lab and I don't care!! I really love how Top and Bigbang members just LOVE their VIPs and work very hard for us! I love you Oppas!! BIGBANG FIGHTING!!

  • Luvtabi

    Tabi, i love you more and more....and u answer my question all this time. lol. i love you so much

  • fang_1205

    oh my i have been waiting for this, so happy and so touching!

  • Tabi27

    T.O.P is talking about fan letters...how can I write him one? Can't find a address :(

    • http://twitter.com/undomielchoi vepea

      I think he refers to the letters fans hand him at airports-

      • Tabi27

        Ah ok.... thats sad... coz then I coulden give him one ._.

  • https://twitter.com/kechiklalala Choi Seung Hyun

    The sincerity, the way he express his feeling. It touch me! Im proud of our Choi Seunghyun. Im proud to be apart of this! VIP BIGBANG I LOVE YOU! Im so touched! we love you boys !

  • mrsidoma

    Some few things to notice:

    You can instantly notice the level of maturity he has from the other b oys, maybe because he had nothing funny to say maybe because he just wanted to give a personal message to the fans, to make us really understand.

    "I want to remember those eyes and the passion as much as I can. I act and say things as if I’m joking but I’m very sincere when I say that I love you" I am hopping he remember when he pointed at me and my shock face lol

    Can we notice he (idk) choose a pic of him and GD that autoshipping :)

    Again you can notice T.O.P to be really passionate and mature at what he says, I think not because he is my bias but because although he doesn't have that a connection with the world about all social network having a diary and stuff he is really sincere when telling feelings in such a special way, I will say at his way whenever the opportunity comes that makes him even more attouched, his love is pure and his feelings even more.
    I am really surprise of his progress and how he get to express what he thinks that well...I only hoped one day he could have a twitter account to tell him :)
    Still he's perfect and still my top n°1 bias. after the filming experience and the tour make him a better person as he says and to get a better perspective of how his artist career is going
    WELL DONE SEUNG HYUN the effort was worth

    • Pollyana Coura

      I loved your comment and I really agree with you. Looking at him on stage sometimes we forget that he is an adult and not a kid. It's the reason why I love to read his interviews, because we have the chance to see a new Choi Seunghyun. He can act as a boy, but he's a wise man.

      • mrsidoma

        I Knoow it must be that sweet expression in his face, hes growing and growing next time I see him live I will remember what his last words where I really will maybe make a poster quoting one of his words he

  • mrsidoma

    You can notice T.O.P to be really passionate and mature at what he says, I think not because he is my bias but because although he doesn't have that a connection with the world about all social network having a diary and stuff he is really sincere when telling feelings in such a special way, I will say at his way whenever the opportunity comes that makes him even more attouched, his love is pure and his feelings even more.
    I am really surprise of his progress and how he get to express what he thinks that well...I only hoped one day he could have a twitter account to tell him :)
    Still he's perfect and still my top n°1 bias. after the filming experience and the tour make him a better person as he says and to get a better perspective of how his artist career is going
    WELL DONE SEUNG HYUN the effort was worth

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      That's the most amazing thing about silent persons - when they speak, it's truly sincere that it makes people who listen to them/read what they wrote not notice tears are already flowing from their eyes ^^ Everyone in BIGBANG are silent persons but he is the most silent so.... :) He's like that --very cute and sweet of him <3

      • mrsidoma

        the slient got the power lol and you know what is better? you can never tell what they are thinking or how they think and reflect in some things....look me I am like GD, secure that can speak his/her mind so I am kind of predictable and not the mystery girl lol

        • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

          Oh I hope I can be like you because... I'm a very silent person, and people have hard time understanding me that's why instead of interacting with people, I tend to be more faraway to make life not hard for them (not obvious because I talk soo much here, right? It's because nobody sees me ^o^) But I'm not as deep as TOP... He's really remarkable...

          • mrsidoma

            :O neh each one with her or his own personality been me is not that perfect you become kind of predicatable that makes things boring I think haha, but being shy is not that bad, maybe in the vortual way you are not shy and you may show a little more better your personality but is a matter of step by steo little by little you will discover that as nice as you are here you can show yourself with people :) I will like to talk a little bit more with you haha you are nice maybe we can talk by tumblr o r twitter? :) greetings
            And yes TOP is just more mature I think, but that doesnt mean you cant reach to that point you will believe me

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            Not all people can predict what you can do next, too, like GD does ;) For example, has anyone from us VIPs expected that he would release a solo album with an all-kill concept last year? You are like him, and believe me, no one has ever thought and will ever think that you are boring. People like you make the world full of life ;D
            Yee, I'm currently learning to be more open because it's very needed for my future profession (to be a highschool teacher). I thank you very much for your kindness to me. Your words encourage me :') I will try my best to be sociable outside^^ I'm very blessed to meet you ((hugs)) And correction: I'm not nice. If only you know how I am at home ^^ But I'm very sincere with my words here. Unfortunately, I don't have twitter & tumblr. I have facebook but I am inactive there. (I'm just active here) I think this is the only place where we could connect...anyway, I comment in almost every article featuring TOP, and chosen ones about GD, YB, DS, and Riri ^^ Thank you very much for being sweet! God bless you :)
            I believe you~ Maybe after several years I can be like him, or better, if possible. It's always a long process to mature as a person :)

          • mrsidoma

            OOOOH how cuttie OMG I am really glad meeting amazing people like you over here..hope we can communicate always or mybe in aa future like this hahah thank you I really appreciate that :D

            I hope you get to reach all of your goals, and trust me we all have our dark times but then you shine like a suflower just a matter of time and persistent we all have been wreckless we all have been in dark times but we all must know how to be brighter after a bad time.

            You can take GD or whoever you want as a model always thinking I will be even better, that is what they want you will see even I am not 100% mature but I have notice a big difference, you can notice by how am I giving adivices to you :) thanks for being part of this process and you will and already are to I can notice by how you wirte and trully speak of heart thank you for that.

            Then..I hope we can re read our comments in future posts
            farewell and good luck in everything SWOON!

            Maria Isabel :)

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            :') :') I LOVE YOUR MESSAGE! I have to make another dictionary of beautiful words to describe how wonderful you are! I hope you won't get sick of "Thank you" but Thank you very much again with all my heart, mind, soul and strength, from all the atoms that make up the whole world for your sweetness & sincerity :')
            I think you speak Spanish judging your beautiful name (which I'm honestly jealous of) ~~ Muchas Gracias! Only God knows how much I also want to talk to you in length like this...obviously, I need twitlonger to be able to send you messages! I can actually make a twitter or tumblr account at this very moment, but as I want to talk with you in a regular basis and now is the period that I don't have much free time, I still can't :'( I'm very soo sorry ~~ (I'm busy because I'm going to graduate this coming April, hopefully)

            I will always carry your advices in my heart, and will always remember you! Believe me or not, but I'll do! You guessed it right - I learned a lot from you, and surely will learn a lot responding more with you ^^ You're very welcome, too! Here in VIP family, our hearts are always open to be a sister as much as possible to each other despite of the many differences we all have ^^ I'm very happy to be your sister who will support and pray all the best for you! Ah~ you are a fashion designer, right? I think I read it from one of your posts before... I hope that you'll surpass Chanel, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc (I don't know much about brand names~!) I hope you'll have more ideas that none in the world has thought before and at the same time, classically great styles! Maybe someday, the famous brands would be cheaper and yours are the "new trendy" for the rich and famous! ;D Never forget to get BIGBANG as your endorsers, okays? ^^ Of course, you won't, because you always planned to make them the ones who'll wear your masterpieces! God bless you!!!

            We'll meet again! ((bbyong))~~
            Shamaine the copycat :)

  • mrsidoma

    "I feel sorry thinking that I’m not giving the love back as much as they give it to me."

    ACTUALLY YOU CAN! Show us your abs TT_TT

    • http://twitter.com/undomielchoi vepea

      what a shallow comment. I don't need him to strip for me. I love him just the way he is, and he shows his love through all his hard work and dedication.

      • mrsidoma

        It was a..joke.

        • coffeelover

          hehe its okay,. i got ur comment :)

          • mrsidoma

            lol now you get my point

  • mrsidoma

    It's so cute his mother wrote us something I love the idea calling the boys "my sons" she's the best support for Seung Hyun so if you want to get T.O.P you better make a great realtionship with your mother in law LOL

  • http://twitter.com/angel_heart1990 hannat z

    My tabi can i even fall in love with u any deeper ?you're so kind and charming

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/KwonJiYongVEVO GDForPresident

    Just looking at these pictures of TOP makes me wanna die!! He's perfect

  • http://twitter.com/lavodnas Ana Sandoval

    "I got a fan letter written in Korean from a foreigner who seems like she doesn't know any of Korean and even the country Korea." <--- I burst out laughing at this. Let this be a lesson to not use Google Translate, rather, write in your own native language or in English. Ah, the things that one says that are lost in translation :P Trying to look all suave, yet you end up with egg all over your face.

  • http://twitter.com/lavodnas Ana Sandoval

    I also like how Mrs. TOP considers all of the BB members her 'sons' Like they say, it takes a village to raise a child(ren).

  • http://twitter.com/minathiii Untilwhenever

    Well, this made me cry. Love you TOP.<3

  • silversnowvip

    I know.......silently he loves us (VIPs) alot......all members have their own way of expressing their love for us.......we could feel that too.........So, another fandoms won't understand how VIPs and BB share our love with each others......I am proud to be a fan of them....Long live BB <3

  • http://tamaraaa.tumblr.com/ Tamara

    I cried. Seriously, through all the fame and fortune and fans and all the love that's been given to him, at the end of the day, he never forgets who brought him into this world - his mother <3

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      That's why no one can claim she is his #1 fan because it's only his mom who could say it!

  • kath_grca

    Don't worry Tabi, we feel your love and sincerity. ❤ We love you! Big Bang is forever! Ye! Daebak! Lol

  • merbie sajulga

    aw..he really is a sincere and a loving man to his family..TOP your THE MAN!..This is the best thing I like about you..I love you Tabi..;) FIGHTING!

  • Raghda~~<3

    can't stop crying~ ㅠㅠouching!! Omg cant

  • Janileth Echenique

    "I act and say things as if I’m joking but I’m very sincere when I say that I love you". - Choi Seung Hyun. THIISSS!! The reason why I love him! The reason I was looking forward his collumn! Im so damn proud to be his fan and a BB fan! *.* I cried while reading this! I can finally know what hes thinking! Hes working hard for what he loves! Hes always caring about us! Im so happy words cant explain! :`)

  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    Oh my T_T so touching words Tabi ^^ love your sincere and deep thoughts =)
    Glad you spent time with your lovely mom!
    thank you for your love and care for us, always loving you and supporting you!

  • James Ball

    The grammar is kind of messed up so some things are difficult to understand, but i'm just grateful this was translated for us at all. Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/xylajam97 janmanz

    OMG I WROTE A LETTER TO BIG BANG IN KOREAN (lol and no I didn't use Google translate my Korean friend helped me write it). AM I THE FOREIGNER FAN TOP'S TALKING ABOUT?? OTL

  • Priscilia luphita

    I wanna cry ㅠ.ㅠ
    your mom be proud have a son like you and me so proud be vip for you
    always love you tabi <3

  • Gwenouille

    Sweetness everywhere!! So here THE woman: Tabi's Mom! Thank you so much for having such a great kid! :)

  • ervanti kusuma ayu kinantika

    top is not my bias but when I saw this article I couldn't help but screaaaaaaamm. and so excited to read his thought. I never imagined that top would write a warm and sincere story.
    and also the thing that made me overwhelmed was he love his mom and really care toward her.
    I believe that the way he treats his mom is also the way he will treat his girlfriend. what a proud-son.
    and lucky for those who'll be his girlfriend kkkkk

  • http://twitter.com/Nani_Sung Nani

    This warm words really moving emotions in my heart and felt so good ^.^ <3 I never stop to belive in T.O.P and boys! They and their music are my inspiration and make me feel happy every day,and rise my mood every moment! :) I've always been proud VIP ! Sarang Heyo Boys ! Sarang Heyo Big Bang ! ♥♥♥

  • Jenny Yang

    Hearing TOP say that he saw his fans crying , I was one of those fans , I was at the Newyork concert with front row seats both for the sound check and concert , when I first saw TOP at the sound check he was rapping his part of Badboy which is my favorite song and when he walked past me I cried with so much love and happiness in my heart and hearing that TOP say he saw his fans crying makes me really know he cares for his fans :,) TOPs behind the story is so different from the members he really shared alot about his fans and his Love for them .

  • http://twitter.com/nindiaswastip Nindia Swasti Putri


  • http://twitter.com/glow_glow93 glow_glow

    Oh TOP you're too perfect. The way in which he expresses himself is amazing, he just has a lot of depth to everything he says.

  • vinahyngrum

    actually i did get eye contact with TOP when they held concert in my country..
    he is trying to give an eye contact to the fans eyes one by one..
    his eye like scanning the fans.. i just remember it and it give me chills..
    really.. this boy really sincere... :')
    aaaah.. i just miss them.. just come back to indonesia soon..
    have a world tour again soon!!! pleaseee!! :D

  • Michele

    As an older fan myself (49!) I can soooooo appreciate what TOP's mom must have felt watching her son and his "brothers" perform and bring so much love and joy to so many people! What a beautiful thing that TOP was able to have his mother and aunties along with him for such an amazing, memorable experience! This post made me very, very happy for him! (I actually saw TOP in person in NYC in 2011 when he stayed at our hotel—I walked within 2' of him!!—and that his story was so much about being in NYC makes me feel that much more blessed to have had that experience!!)

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Ah, I think i remember you! Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you were the one who saw him when he had his 1stLook photoshoot (Brooklyn Boy) there, right? You're soo lucky, and thank you soo much for sharing your fan account with us! :D He's very sweet to his mom and aunts! Uwahh, if he were my nephew, he would be my most favorite! Such a sweet cutie boy!!

      • Michele

        I feel awful that I didn't realize you'd left this mssg, Marie! Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet, sweet words!! *HUG*

  • http://twitter.com/undomielchoi vepea

    I cried throughout the entire letter. He's so honest, and genuine and beautiful. He loves us VIPs, and he knows we love him. He works really hard to pursue his dreams, and that makes me love him even more. And then his mom's letter and that pic with her... He's the sweetest man. I love him.

  • MrsKwon4Sho

    "I got a fan letter written in Korean from a foreigner who seems like she doesn’t know any of Korean and even the country Korea."
    i get this weird feeling someone used google translate with this one... xD

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Surely, this girl is very happy right now because she finally knew he has read her letter!

  • Cyllene

    awww this is so sweet and touching :) we always knew how close he was to his mom, but to share abit of that love with us was cool to see!

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

    Oh my God ~I feel like crying !!!~ Please let him spend some time writing things like that ~ he touched my heart !!~ I can't believe how beauitufl this article was !~ and the message his mother left ~ Ahh I am so touched rn !!!

  • lisaVIP

    Nothing but LOVE <3

  • minah

    im sure im not the only one who fantasizes about marrying him right ?
    but realistically speaking , whoever he does marry will be an extremely lucky gal ! he's very sensitive , and i think it shows through his writing, its so sweet and sincere , and caring . i really wish him nothing but the best. <3 i will always support you Choi Seunghyun !!~

    • blue_angel08

      yup whoever the girl he would marry i envy her because you can see how sincere, caring and devoted guy he is and for sure he will be treat her like a queen...

      • minah

        a true queen indeed !! :D hes perfecttttttt~

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Count me in!!! Indeed, we will be jealous but we'll support them and continue loving him!

      Uwahh, all you said are true. He also possesses some things that you'll not find in any man like refusing to show so much skin, not liking to say bad words or hear them spoken by a woman, doesn't like to argue, adorably childish, cares to know what a woman feels first before thinking about what he's going to say or do, is expressive of his love (I'm sure he will always say "I love you" to his future wife even though we won't ever know what he will be when he becomes in-love), is very understanding and will try his best to be the man that his future wife wants him to be... although he would suffer, he would surely take on the challenge because it's for the one he loves.... I'm sure he's this kind of man!

      • minah

        ahhh ! thats right !! i can just imagine it !! haha he's seriously my ideal type ... but i doubt in this lifetime ill come across someone like him !! hahah ... :P * and the way you wrote it it was so beautiful !! hahah *
        and i like how he doesent just take off his shirt every five seconds , theres a mysterious vibe i get from him. >.<

        • coffeelover

          Huhu sometime thinking that I love him in this virtual world just make me sad. But it's okay, that's just an imagination, haha I'm fangirling too much. He's too perfect. ><. I'm a medical student and ya the time is surely not enough for me, but because of him I'm always try to find time thou. Hehe.
          Surely, the girl will be the most luckiest girl in the world . Ahhhhhhh no matter what I'll support him. <3 choi seung Hyun.

          • minah

            oh mai !! im a med student as well !! and i sure know about not having time !! hahah ! and btw i can totally relate to your user name hahah !! :D but hess i agree with you ! she must an angel for her to have such luck :P hahah

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            I also know what "not having time" means XD

            "she must an angel for her to have such luck :P hahah"

            When you said this, his rap in Somebody To Love came to my mind~~He will sing this to her when he finally meets her, wahh!
            "naega da deureojulkke myeongnyeongmanhae arittaun kaeptin take my hand ``be my angel`` ring my bell ;)"

          • minah

            oh mai gash !! youre so right !! his rap fits perfectly in this !! hahah XD

          • coffeelover

            Omg!! This is seriously interesting!! Haha. Didn't expect this, guess that we have same telepathy or what haha. Ya, that register name, haha I have to kept myself stay up for the studying and all ><. Hehe.

          • minah

            yess !! me too !! .. in our university we fight for coffee hahah :P

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            I can totally relate with you feeling sad about loving him in my dreams only... Believe me or not, although I manage my studies right now from 7am-9:30 pm (class hours), I always think of him and talk to God about him! My sisters think I'm crazy when they always hear me "When Seunghyun and I get married, we will.. go to this place, eat things like this, do house chores together, etc..." at home, they will immediately throw things at me to wake me up from "my illusions" :'( My friends also urge me to find "someone real" to love, not the one who is sooo far away and impossible (T_T) It's very sad when I always think that it is indeed very impossible. But still, I'll keep hurting myself like this because ...I love him... This is really not crush on him, I believe! Please join me in being crazy like this ~~ please...

            And let's believe in the saying "Nothing is impossible". If something is impossible, there is a possibility it will happen, right? God does miracles, and we have witnessed a lot of miracles in this world. If both of you have Bibles, turn to Mark 11:23-24... Hahaha, I am not afraid to be called a fool right now but I encourage you, like how I encouraged lana (a friend who posted above), to believe and keep praying that Seunghyunnie will be ~~your husband~~ We shouldn't be enemies here. We have one dream! There is no room for selfishness. Let's pray for each other as we pray for the best for ourselves and us all. If one of us gets him, we must congratulate her. And I agree with you, whoever he ends up with and she is totally unknown to us, we'll still support him, them :) FIGHTING for us!

            Sorry for the long post :( I'm so carried away by my thoughts and feelings :S

          • coffeelover

            Ohhhh I Love you ! ;) we shared the same toughs. I always dream about him,dream like to meet him ohh ya that kinda make me hurt sometime, but I can't resist for not falling in love on him. U know what before this I don't believe this kind of feeling, the feeling that how can u love someone who u haven't meet yet, who doesn't know u at all haha. And now I get it, it can happen, I love him so much ><.
            Yaa, thnk u so much hun, u give me some light, some hope to believe in what I feel right now ;). But even if it doesn't happen ( thou I know that the possibility is like 0.000000001 % ) hehe I 'll keep myself in reality, to meet him or someone like him ;), lets pray for his happiness right? To see him happy is enough for me already.
            I love VIP also! Like you, I have the feeling that u are a sweet person :) <3

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            I love everything you said!! I love you, too!!! I shall say we have "twin minds"!!! :D
            Agree with you, I also thought that wasn't possible~ But after meeting him, BAM! I realized it like you do! It's also my first time to be not swayed by any handsome men. For example in my past, my #1 crush was MBLAQ's Seungho, and I suddenly met 2PM so along with him, I had crush on Nichkhun and JunK. After a few months, my #1 became Nichkhun but I still continued my crush on Seungho and JunK. Then after a few months again, I met TOP... And miraculously after knowing more things about him, my feelings for the other 3 suddenly and quickly disappeared! When I see latest photos of each of them, I would say "He is handsome...but my TOP is better and handsomer!" ~~ Wahhh!! It's only 타비 who made me feel this way!
            Thank you very much for understanding me ~ And you're very welcome! :) It's very nice to talk with fellow VIPs who I know have the same feelings as I do towards him ^^ Really before, I was a possessive fan, that kind who only thinks "탑 is mine!" But as time went by, after reading many love quotes and the Bible, I realized that when we really love someone, his/her happiness is more important than ours. With this, we can say those "martyrs in love" are the ones who really loved. I will be contented of being a martyr in love for 탑 :) I also have the same prayers as you^^
            You are the very sweet one! I'm a sour lemon ^^ Btw, where do you live? I live in Philippines. I'm just curious:)

        • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

          Indeed, there is a 0.0001% possibility that we'll meet someone like him! (LOL, I read your and coffeelover's conversation and you're both med students! ~~ I'm taking up a degree to be a teacher! In what year are you now? I'm in my 4th year, and until now, I haven't met someone as lovely inside as TOP!! It's only him who I met (T_T)
          About him not taking off his shirt ~ I agree with you! But naturally since birth, I never liked seeing men taking off their shirts because I think it's improper. I even asked myself at the age of 7 (I remember it well because I remember my childhood well) "Is there a man who doesn't take off his shirt in public? I hope I will marry a man like that!" Btw, thank you so much for your very kind words to me! I didn't expect you would say that (...blush)) Where do you live, too?

          • minah

            im in my first year !! :P and aww youre so niceee !! i live in Florida !! :D so when i go to the beach theres too many guys with no shirts hahhah !! and sometimes i wonder what if top would be here ? would he just chill by the umbrella with his shirt on !! hahah .. the day that man takes off his shirt , is the day i die of a heart attack !!! hahah :P

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            Med degree is 6 years here, I assume it’s also like that there~ I will pray all the best for you and hoping you would graduate with the highest honors as well as coffelover!

            Ah, so you live in a tropical place, too! I live in Philippines (Davao City exactly) and topless guys abound wherever I go because of the frequently high temperature ~ but still, I can’t get used to it ^^ HAHAHA!!! He would be one of those guys under the umbrella wearing 3 layers of clothes! If that day comes (he would go topless), I’d be depressed for an hour and I’d think “Ok, I am not the one who controls his mind :’(”
            Really, I’m holding on to what he said in their Mnet Soundplex interview (2011) that he’s gonna show his upper body after 50 years, and the MC said still he implies that he won’t ever do it in his whole lifetime – but then he is unpredictable so there’s a possibility~

  • VIPtop

    TOP's story was really the most sweetest and touching for me... While reading this I think I can actually connect with him knowing more of what he is thinking. I'm so happy that even though he is usually the one who wants more privacy, this, he opened his heart to us really made me teared up. The fact that he actually reads the fan letters and acknowledges them shows what a sweet guy he really is. *goes and write fan letter* ^^ Also the fact that TOP's umma also wrote at the bottom was also really sweet and I give props for mama's boy. How more perfect can this man be??? ^.^ ♥♥♥

  • notjem

    "I'm very sincere when I say that I love you." Awe, my baby bingu.

  • TOP The Life Ruiner

    I got so emotional when I read this ;w; omg I love you Tabi.

  • Thandy

    This is so touching .His mother must be so proud of him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

    *teary-eyed* So touching. I can't really say anything elaborately because of the overwhelming power of this entry...just...too sincere. :'( <3 BB Now Playing in my phone: oh mom.

  • Pollyana Coura

    I'm the webmistress of a Brazilian fansite and reaction there was the same. His column, until now, had the most comments and people were commenting how touched they were and a lot of them said that they actually cried reading it.

    I myself felt very touched reading and then translating his stories. We always see him, so classy and composed at airports and we really don't know what's going on in his head, the colours of his feelings. We look at him, but we can't really see him and I'm really touched that he gave us the chance to understand him a little.

    I was seeing his pictures, TOP beside the boys, with the guys of their band and I realized that this moment, aside fame and success, it's really meaning and unique for them and for us. Someday in the future the things that we're living and experiencing right now will be just a memory. It's the reason I believe we have to cherish this moment. I'm so happy that their music touched enough to make me part of this fandom...

    • topalltheway

      living in the eastern side of the world, i'm always interested in knowing how the ivps react to this kind of bb interviews. thanks for letting us know how you brazilian vips feel and appreciate top's story. maybe top is the most quiet bb boys when facing the public and on stage, his subtle way of expressing himself, especially in lyrics and other written texts, has always won my love for him. i'm sure the passion shown to him from you guys as well as the other south american vips has already amazed him. ^-^

      • Pollyana Coura

        I'm happy to help in any way I can. Maybe you would like to see the video we made about Brazilian people getting in contact with BB's music for the first time. I myself found it really interesting: youtube[.]com[/]watch?v=OeCoY9KKWw8

  • caitlin


  • Mandeetah

    *CRYING* right now! 1) because tabi is just so sincere & any little glimpse into his life & personal thoughts is precious, 2) i can't believe his mommy was actually there & more importantly, she & his aunts walked right by me & i didn't even realize it until i saw the picture he posted & recognized her outfit! i am the worst daughter in law everrr! please forgive me mama choi for not recognizing you :'( i was in the vip pit looking around while a cute YG staff member was escorting some ahjummas around. my friend said it looked like one of their eommas but i was like naaah...they'd be backstage. they were all covered up in hats & scarfs so i didn't pay much attention. forever kicking myself for not realizing it was thee mama choi...the loveliest eomma for giving birth to the most precious boy

  • $26363641

    /cries bc right now i'm so so so sooooo proud to be a VIP.....so proud of big bang and my fellow VIPs
    i can feel his sincerity and it's overwhelming....

  • http://twitter.com/mcesb Lyz Buenviaje

    I swear I cried so much. I can really feel each and every word Tabi has written in this column. It's really heartwarming and touching. He loves his fans so much and I can feel it through reading this. He may be "the man of few words" but when Tabi says something, you can really feel it.

    I'm actually looking forward to Tabi's column and I'm happy, touched even with what he wrote. He's a good, hardworking, mature, sweet, and sincere man. It's sweet how the most important woman in his life is his mom. It's sweet how he chose to spend his short free time with his mom and his aunts.

    I love you Tabi. Thank you for everything. I'll treasure each and every word you have written here and everything about you. :)

  • http://twitter.com/bingucat tuong ok

    Fo some reason, I love this so much, this is so meaningful to me in many ways

  • baynstalk

    wow!!! ive been missing TOP lately,if u'l noticed,GD and other members except top have so much stories and pics to share to us VIPs...and when i saw this article,it made me excited and at the same time touched...we alwys say,where'sTabi,where did he go...while the rest were vsting other places...and now i know why tabi is not with them often....reading script and preparing for the nxt shooting,aside from doing the concert,is what he's doing on the side..well,TOP we love you so much too and don't worry,ur showing enough love for anyway just enjoy your work and we will support you all the way...

  • miss_blacque

    TOP, we don't need funny stories from you. Just reading these words, as you would have said it from your heart, is more than enough.

    Thank you for your dedication and hardwork for us VIPs. We couldn't possibly understand your pains of juggling a busy schedule all this while being away from your family for so long, but we will definitely support your endeavours, be it solo or as a group.

    No amount of thank yous will be enough to convey our love for you, but still, thank you.....for being TOP of BIGBANG.

  • choomtop22

    Pure love ♡ even his mom has a story..cute! we will always support Bigbang! ProudVIP ♚

  • JessicaSnow

    omg wow. it makes me shed extremely happy tears to read this. to know that TOP actually acknowledges the huge love that fans have for him, even foreign ones. and to know that he loves us too and that he tries to remember our crying faces and that he's touched by it. sometimes I feel that I love bigbang in vain because they will never really know how much we love them but reading this assures me that they understand how we VIPs feel and that our love is reciprocated. it makes me so happy and makes being just another fan worthwhile :D

    • zenny_bb

      well said! totally what i feel as a VIP!!

  • zenny_bb

    aaaaahhh my vision!! cant see clearly, too blurry T__T TOP <3 Choi Seung Hyun <3 Thank you mom for giving birth to TOP. Your son is such a passionate, thoughtful and down to earth person and that is mainly because of the way you raised him. ..... uggh my heart <3 TOP oppa fighting!!

  • http://merilkvip.tumblr.com/ Merilk

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    PS: i also love the other members' star columns cos they're funny. XD

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin


  • http://startariottt.tumblr.com/ Trang Ho

    His touching words are making me relive the amazing concert. I am definitely proud to be a V.I.P. knowing how much he appreciates us like this. This is why us VIPs will never stop supporting our boys!! ^__^ **my favorite blog**

  • http://chingu-ssi.tumblr.com/ CHINGUssi

    "Because I feel so touched all of the sudden seeing you, the fans. Watching the fans one by one on the stage, I want to remember those eyes and the passion as much as I can."

    "I saw fans who cry just looking at us."

    i cried throughout "Lies" after they had their goodbye talk T__T

  • DarknessRa

    I actually started crying yesterday when I was reading this :S
    I'm so amazed by this man - he really should be proud of himself!
    So dedicated and hard-working, even when doing 2 jobs at the same time which look simple, but they're not.
    Tabi, I hope for your hard work to be recognised and that you'll be happy with the results!
    <3 Thank you for opening your soul to us <3

  • tez

    he love's furniture's, he can be a model lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      I hope he can go to Cebu, Philippines to endorse the nice furniture made there!

  • nabila husna

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  • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

    I read all comments here and I'm sooo touched of all that you said about him that I just liked everything here!!! But I still didn't run out of words to say ...

    From everything he said about getting energy from fan letters and from looking at every VIP present as much as possible, I could just assume he feels a different nervousness from what Seungri, Daesung and Taeyang feels/felt. He still doesn't change. He's always that nervous man who wants to give all his best to make his fans happier but needs to have that courage to show it. Happily, VIPs always supply it abundantly, and he overcomes his fears :) In behalf of him, I thank you all very much for strengthening him. Don't ever lose your love for him! We'll always love him endlessly!

    I was also struck of this: "Actually I think a lot what to say before I go up on the stage. Many times I ad-lib what I honestly feel at the moment while saying what I prepared before."

    To prepare "what to say before" just tells us that he always goes up the stage nervous, right? He's afraid of being overwhelmed that he would not know how to express what he feels for everyone in the concerts. He is always soo full of emotions!!

    And has anybody noticed he loves arts? His liking for furniture, his saying of "My aunts who have profound knowledge said they were so happy and touched visiting MOMA-Museum of Modern Art. Even I wasn’t there myself but it was like I could feel it. I was so happy", and for his known interest in classic fashion, it just tells that he is a visually-artistic person, too!

    And when he said "There was also the pain that I can’t tell enough.", I felt a stab inside me. It feels like he doesn't have someone to tell that deep pain to because he doesn't want others to feel hurt like him, for him, with him... (T_T)

    Oh TOP, I'm always here to listen to you and I don't care if I'd suffer with you. Don't worry if I'd cry because I will always make sure that I take even half of the pain you feel and make it mine. I won't ever complain :') Because, I love you.

    I hope he can find a person who will willingly listen to him, understand him, comfort him, and be sad with him without any complaint and who will not get sick of being like that everyday ~~~

    • coffeelover

      Omg.this is so touching . T_T. I love ur words and love U too. ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

        Hello coffeelover, we meet again! Thank you very much! I congratulate you for reading my boring & cheesy post successfully! Kkkk ^^ (because I thought it would just remain below) Thank you very much again! :')

  • VenezuelanVIP

    This is why he's my ultimate bias. There are just so many sides to him. But I especially love this side of him...The DEEP and WISE side of him. I LOVE all the boys in BIGBANG but TOP's deepness and sensitiveness always gets to me, whether it is through his song lyrics, his interviews, his acting or through letters like this one. I just love this man. It's such a pity there are not many men like Tabi in the world.

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      1000% agree with you! Your comment is DAEBAK!!

      • VenezuelanVIP

        Aw, Thank you! ^_^

  • tiggerishy

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  • Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench

    Your sicerity towards your fans is so heartwarming and you are such a great man of your words.. I hope that one day I can see you perform and get a chance to meet you and just talk as friends would do not as fan to star...

  • Tea


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  • Bev Ng

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