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Hello. Forever Maknae in Big Bang~! This is Seungri. ^0^

riri3"Taking picture at waiting room in NY"

I heard that we reveal the secret(?) story about Big Bang’s world tour that only we know in this Star Column, so Hello to you guys here.

I’ve visited so many countries through this world tour, I’m gonna tell you not one episode but short stories happened in every country. I don’t mean that I prefer quantity to quality, I want to tell you every story because so many interesting things had happened~^^

riri4"This is the exterior of the Tokyo dome, so many fans were there"

First of all, we had held dome tour at 3 of the biggest domes in Japan. Before we had rehearsal, we visited the dome, looked around and then memories of that first time we performed in Japan came into my head.

riri5"The interior of the Tokyo dome."

Before we had major debut in Japan, we held our 1st showcase at small hall next to Tokyo dome & at that time, we performed in front of 2,000 people. While I was performing at that day, I hoped “Hopefully the day when we hold Big Bang concert at dome will come!” So I was very excited and proud of myself at the day we held concert at the dome!^^

riri6"Thank you again for celebrating my birthday! ^^"

Especially surprise birthday party at Tokyo dome..ㅠㅠ I thought there would be birthday party at Hong Kong concert, not Japan. I heard Japanese staffs prepared it to encourage me because they thought I had worked so hard in Japan. Thank you so much again! And I will never forget about the people who celebrated me at that day.

riri7"This picture was like I tried to find my candles ^^;;"

Ah~ all this talk of birthday party is making me think about Hong Kong. When we had my birthday party on the stage, the cake was so big and beautiful~ I was so happy and then tried to blow out candles, but I realized there weren’t candles. So I kept saying ‘Where's my candle~’ in my poor English~ After the concert, I heard candles fell on the floor while they brought big cake on the stage.^^

“Where is my candle!?!? Where is my candle~~~~~!!”
(T/N:Riri wrote English in Korean)


I have had the habit of going over the empty concert stadium before the rehearsal. It’s like encouraging time for me to promise to make great stages, because it felt a bit different to look around the empty stadium. While I was walking, I could meet staffs who always supported and helped us behind our backs as well.


Maybe at Singapore? I said hello to staff and he called me. So I asked what happened, and he said he wanted to say something to me. Then he said “Mr.Seungri, It’s an honor to work as staff in Big Bang’s concert.” When I heard that, I was like.. I was lost for words and suddenly my mind went blank. (T/N:It doesn't mean anything bad.) When I came to the waiting room, I could feel enormous gratitude to staffs who had worked for us again.

Actually we need so many people helping us to hold one concert. : Thanks to Korean staffs who follow us everyday, everywhere we go and to local staffs who help us in the other country, we can show you great stages as always. I’m so sorry that I cannot thanked to each of them directly, I want to say people who had helped us now through Star column.^^

고맙습니다, Thank you!, ありがとうございます, 谢谢!! Kokunkap~ Terima Kasih~ etc ^^

Well, this talk of staffs is making me think about Japanese masseur. (We had local masseurs in every country.) My body felt much lighter after massages. So we called him ‘God’s hands’ and all members tried to be first to get a massage. ^^

Whoosh~ I’m gonna talk about the USA~

After we finished LA, NY and Peru concerts (I come to think of the story of arrival in NY, I’m still so scared ㅠㅠ), I decided to stay in New York for a few days more, urgently. Next day, I went to restaurant to have break breakfast : and then someone who looked familiar passed me. (I usually prefer restaurant to room service if it’s not that dangerous~^^) So I was like “uh? Who is he?” “Ah!!!!! Ashton Kutcher!!!” I was so surprised, so thinking a bit and then said I was his fan and after a short talk, I asked him civilly to take a picture with me. Thank Ashton Kutcher for taking picture with me!^^

riri10"With Ashton Kutcher! Hyung, you're fine, right? ^^"

I was so surprised, so thinking a bit and then said I was his fan and after a short talk, I asked him civilly to take a picture with me. Thanks Ashton Kutcher for taking picture with me!^^

I had always received looks from people, but at that time I was the one who gave a look. I thought, I’d be more kinder and nicer to my fans


"We had good time with staff at the waiting room in Malaysia. Everyone was happy because of Daesung hyung's individual skill."

You guys are wondering what we are doing in the waiting room before the concert, right~? I’m gonna tell you a bit~^^ Usually we spend time eating, talking, sleeping, exercising and getting massages.

riri12"Before the NY concert, Daesung hyung exercised hard. It looks cool, right!?"

But in this world tour, there were always game consoles, so we lost track of the time while we played games. One time, I played a game with Taeyang hyung in Thailand, we seemed to be having fun like we were real athletes~

riri13"I was completely lost in playing game with Jiyong and Taeyang hyungs!"

I can’t remember I won or not, (Actually, I have high percentage of victories^^) You can feel that serious atmosphere, right~?

Nah~ It’s Seungri’s last episode of the world tour~!!

I heard there would be flea market in Notting Hill where was well known for movie, so I went there with staffs. While I was walking the moist street, (I don’t know how to explain but it’s like… London’s weather^^) I thought I couldn’t feel this happiness because I took a car so much and I could feel relaxed for a while. And then I felt an appetite ^^; I tried to find a good restaurant and found hamburger restaurant!! (It REALLY!!!! tasted great~~^^)

After having meal, I wanted to take a picture~^^ So here’s the picture that I took with my phone~

riri1"I really like it because I think this picture is really good~^^"

riri2"And here is the picture that I took with mods in Notting Hill~^^"


It was very precious time because I could experience so many things in so many countries. I was so glad to meet fans who met by chance, who loved me. And I promised we would have another world tour again, Seungri is gonna say goodbye. Bye~~^^

Source: Naver
Translated by: @LueKim

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