G-Dragon to Debut New Single thru Lady Gaga's Stylist's Show

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Group Big Bang's G-Dragon on top star Lady Gaga stylist's show, will release a new song.

YG Entertainment's official who on the afternoon of the 15th, talk to OSEN and said via telephone call " On the 16th, G-Dragon will come to Lady Gaga's stylist's Nicola Formichetti's show and unveil a new single."

This morning on Nicola Formichetti's own twitter, he said "Coolest Asian dragon is making music for my show on Wednesday", revealing it.

In this post Nicola Formichetti and G-Dragon's charisma is overflowing in the photo, bringing great interest to fans.

Now Nicola's twitter/SNS has received over 1,500 comments from abroad, commenting things like "exciting" and "I am really looking forward to it!".

The YG official commented "This morning, G-Dragon will depart for the awards show in Malaysia." And added, " So, in Nicola's show, he will reveal only the digital single music."

Meanwhile on March 30th and 31st, G-Dragon is scheduled to hold his World Tour concerts in Seoul.

Source: Naver
Translation: @VIP4Daesung (Thanks to "Guest" in comments for corrections)

Note: I think by "show" the stylist might have meant "Fashion show" and not television show. He was known to have debuted one of Lady Gaga's new tracks "Born This Way" at a past runway show, and that might be what this is as well, since he tagged his purse/bag line in the tweet. (~Kimmi/VIP4Daesung)

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  • missNurul

    we're waiting for you kwon leadah...

  • http://www.facebook.com/nazra009 Naz Ra

    whoa .. !! .. i saw malaysia there ,, hehehe , ,

  • Wow

    Nicola is Kikos best friend. I don't ship anybody with GD, I just think that's interesting.

    • Maharani09

      Kiko and GD hang out with people in the same circle of friends, I think... So no wonder they have the same connections!

      • PandaLILI

        Emm, don't you know Kiko and GD and Dae and Tae were in sushi bar together? For vips who still in their dreams, GD and Kiko have been dating for 3 years already...

        • nn

          who said they're dating? i-fans? hmm, very reliable source. lol.

        • Maharani09

          Oh yes now I know where that rumor came from kkk yes I've heard about that and didn't TOP join them too? Cuz what I know it's only the maknae who's missing~ :D

          Oh, and I just want to clarify that my comment above doesn't mean to /deny/ whatever reasons or arguments that they might be dating or what! Haha like Wow, I don't ship anybody with GD but I don't mind if he's dating Kiko, seriously! :D It's just I want to tell that despite all the dating rumors, they do hang out within the same circle of friends. Dating or not, they basically do have similar connections! :D

        • Guest

          ...."for vips who still in their dreams,''...? auch!!!! harsh, harsh..
          *he's the one, who's never be mine, not even in my dream*
          i think, u know and everyone in here know the reality..
          so don't act 'smart'!!!!!

  • http://www.bigbangupdates.com/ VIP4Daesung

    OMGD....I feel like this is my baby! LOL! So happy and proud of GD...and at the same time, myself for translating an actual article! WHOOT WHOOT! LOL!

    Sorry...don't mind me. A year of Korean class (and a little google trans.) has really paid off.

    • alltheskies4

      Thank you for hard working! ^^

      • http://www.bigbangupdates.com/ VIP4Daesung

        awww >/////< I was happy to! The real thanks goes out to the KVIP and others who translate a lot and bring us the great photos and artwork we see! They all work so hard!

    • http://twitter.com/Starr_Kpop Starr_Kpop★ Jazz(째즈)

      Awww you make me smile so hard sometimes. I know with little accomplishments here and there, understanding a convo ect. you feel like all those restless nights staying up studying Korean really starts to pay off. I'm proud of you kimmerz. :) And this is awesome news too. 대박!

    • shelicious

      good for you i'm still struggle with it T_T

    • kaneca

      thanks for everything:)

    • LOVEisshhhh

      yeah... PROUD VIP's here tooo... It's a good translation actually.. thx.
      only take a year of korean class.. wow.. on my first mth i just pick up all the cursing words, all the bad words.. ( really fast! ) hahahaaa.. but know i'm studying seriously. :!

  • Truedream1988

    WOW ~ and really waiting as always ~ *PROUD*


    Yeah, GD!^^ LOL I had to read the title slowly to connect with the news...:D

  • lolcat

    so this is like his official US debut or what?

    • http://www.bigbangupdates.com/ VIP4Daesung

      To be honest, I'm not sure where the show airs...or is filmed...or anything...LOL!

      • Sivakumar

        The show is on the 16th in Paris,france 6.30 pm

        Mugler mens wear fall winter collection.

        Nicola formachetti is the guy behind the mugler collection

  • anna_enira

    is it GD comes alone to malaysia?? the other members?

    • aeyn93

      the other couldnt come cause buzy with solo thing, dae with upcoming concert and album cover in japan, t.o.p must finished his alumni film as fast as can,yb with upcoming album and solo and sr with business solo activity(not sure tho)^^

  • KGPD

    holy crap!! this is such great news! i really cant wait to hear his new single!! will there be a video? or him performing?? OH MY GOSH G-DRAGON is moving up!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000140171094 Gilang D Akbar


  • Maharani09

    It's such a fantastic way to release a song! Unpredictable! I'm looking forward to it, Jiyong! Good luck ^^

  • alltheskies4

    You can watch the livestream of the show here I think:
    ustream(DOT)tv / muglerlive

  • Guest

    The translation are made a mistake little. Sorry for VIP4DAESUNG. Your translations are so great. But, here are little misunderstanding.

    1.So the schedule for Nicola's show has yet to be released."
    <- This is a wrong sentence. I think you wanted this sentence translated. "따라서 니콜라 포미체티 쇼에서는 음원만 공개될 예정이다" This sentence means " So, in Nicola's show, he will reveal only the digital single music." This meaning is G-dragon will not be in the Nicola's show. GD will not physically feature in the show. I think GD just allows Nicola to use his new single. I think Nicola asks GD to use GD's new song using friendship relationships.

    2.YG Entertainment's official who on the afternoon of the 15th, called OSEN
    <- The article was not said who called who. Just saying they had telephone conversation.

    I always thank you VIP4DAESUNG :)

    • monix

      ty both <3 <3

    • http://www.bigbangupdates.com/ VIP4Daesung

      Thank you :) I will correct now.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/elanieyzww xx

    GD stans/VIPs will forever waiting for his new single. and since it will be on Nicola's show, so ENGLISH SINGLE PLEASE

  • heartattackxoxo

    OMG i literally am squealing like a retarded girl lol

  • nofiqa

    16 is my birthday... The best biryday gift ever... Gd new song!! XD

  • Misa

    I hope he has plenty plenty plenty of rest tho'. How does he do all this? GD's amazing.

  • J.E.P.A.H

    by mean he'll go right away to airport right after GDA lorrr~~~ >.<

  • https://twitter.com/kechiklalala Choi Seung Hyun

    yeah ! GD fashionista ~

  • yayaya

    This is big news in such a short notice....! OMG!! A new single from GD tomorrow... today already in Korea. Wow! Okaayyyyyy. (: I'm wondering if it's an English track. It'll be interesting...... (: Mah boy doing it big with a bang! ^___^

  • mizskullzzz

    so excited for the new single

  • ❀rero❀

    no no no why ! i want him to rest >< T^^^^^^^^^^^^T


    Kimmi! Congrats on translating your first article. :) (I miss you~! ^^)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

    Global is the adjective that will soon be engraved on BB's name. <3 BB

  • Guest

    Im so exctd..

  • joy

    omg im so over exctd about this,,keep it up..<3

  • Soulgirl1

    So excited!!!

  • http://twitter.com/LucidDelight Martina (☞゚∀゚)☝

    16th of what month?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/KwonJiYongVEVO GDForPresident

    I'm so proud of him omg!!! Working for Lady Gaga's stylist is really huge :oo

  • naTSu_VIP

    New single before 1st solo world tour? My exciting level for his world tour raise to the max!! Thank's to GD and YG.... :D

    Oh my~ now I'm thinking about how much I have to save my money this year. LOL

  • kaneca

    he is so busy :( please don't get sick bro stay healthy:)

  • mrsidoma

    Nicola Formichetti is probably my favourite designer in the entire world. His transgenic and contemporary artists ever alive

    Got him to work with probably my favourite idol fashionista is just a dream come true.

    As I remember I started with pop because of their amazing fashion knowledge and specifically with BIG BANG because of this. Now It has gotten t prove the level of style and involvement they got or partially the agency YG as to be the best in the korean media, as for Nicola to be the perfect artists to complement their both arts and what a better figure than G Dragon to be blessed and to work with such a great fashion designer, as for Nicola to work with such an influence and creative guy as is Jiyong

    Everything is perfect now having both of them working together is not just perfect for me but another way to show hoe Korean media in fashion style and off course music is trespassing borders

  • mrsidoma

    I just hope Nicola not to become mainstream :)

  • mrsidoma


  • BestGD

    EXCITED FOR THE NEW SINGLE :D loving the boys' productivity nowadays, but hope GD does get some time to rest too baby

  • Crystal S. Harrison

    thats right GD, i really proud of him , he's really making moves lol. i cant wait to hear the new single

  • http://www.facebook.com/yanni5566 Yni Feng

    he looks so good in this pic, thumbs up~~

  • A.Z.


  • http://www.facebook.com/shizuka70 Shizuka Lee

    please! where can I watch the livestream? T^T I cant find it!

  • Lina90

    Why lady gaga name has to be in this article? Like everything with her is always in. Seriously, Nicola do his own show for his fashion line

  • miGSu

    A bit hard to understand..... anyway. .GD.. new single..fashion show...Nicola....damn... so proud of him..... his new single...can't wait.. GD jjang.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Rockaway98?feature=mhee B.Happiness/Rockaway98


  • PearlyGD

    Very excited!!