G-Dragon to Debut New Single thru Lady Gaga’s Stylist’s Show

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Group Big Bang’s G-Dragon on top star Lady Gaga stylist’s show, will release a new song.

YG Entertainment’s official who on the afternoon of the 15th, talk to OSEN and said via telephone call ” On the 16th, G-Dragon will come to Lady Gaga’s stylist’s Nicola Formichetti’s show and unveil a new single.”

This morning on Nicola Formichetti’s own twitter, he said “Coolest Asian dragon is making music for my show on Wednesday”, revealing it.

In this post Nicola Formichetti and G-Dragon’s charisma is overflowing in the photo, bringing great interest to fans.

Now Nicola’s twitter/SNS has received over 1,500 comments from abroad, commenting things like “exciting” and “I am really looking forward to it!”.

The YG official commented “This morning, G-Dragon will depart for the awards show in Malaysia.” And added, ” So, in Nicola’s show, he will reveal only the digital single music.”

Meanwhile on March 30th and 31st, G-Dragon is scheduled to hold his World Tour concerts in Seoul.

Source: Naver
Translation: @VIP4Daesung (Thanks to “Guest” in comments for corrections)

Note: I think by “show” the stylist might have meant “Fashion show” and not television show. He was known to have debuted one of Lady Gaga’s new tracks “Born This Way” at a past runway show, and that might be what this is as well, since he tagged his purse/bag line in the tweet. (~Kimmi/VIP4Daesung)