G-Dragon: [Star Column - #BIGBANG] Behind story of the World Tour

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Hello This is Jiyong from BIGBANG.!!^^
Bit late but happy new years & I hope everyone's healthy.

gd_alivetour_bts_naverFirst, Bigbang's 2012 world tour has been successful with only few final concerts left in Korea. Of course, we are most thankful for our fans and our staffs. Clap clap clap!! Thank you for your effort~!! Hope to do well in Korean Concert too ^^

gd_alivetour_bts_naver_2Now~ What fun episodes can I reveal? I was thinking, to me,World Tour was more like traveling rather than schedule. So when I look back, each and everything is left in my head as a fun memory. I will tell you some special stories among them~ It's short but impressive so be ready! ^^

First thing that comes into mind was when I was with DARA noona in the Philippines. Dara from 2NE1 came to see our concert. (Nuna~ Thank you!!^^)

gd_alivetour_bts_naver_3 Since DARA was experienced with the Phillipines, our members and I stubbornly persisted her to take us to nice places. Finally, DARA nuna said she knew a good restaurant so she suggested that we go eat. So for the first time ever, All five members decided to eat! out! Even managers, staffs and securities!! Since it was our first eating-out in Phillipines, we were all excited and we got all dressed up and left with nuna ^^

At first we were excited so we talked about this and that, enjoying the view, in a picnic mood. Dara nuna said we would have to go to the suburbs but we were going too far~ Then people started falling asleep And it started getting dark. (I heard this later but Dara was anxious. Didn't know because we were in a diff. car ㅠㅠ)

gd_alivetour_bts_naver_4After 2 hr drive, we arrived at an outdoor restaurant where u can enjoy your meal with great view and beautiful sunset. B.U.T. we left late so when we arrived it was already dark... We just had to eat in the dark. PPA RA BAM~! (DARA ver.) But since it's a famous restaurant, we just ate the food Dara recommended and it was a meaningful time and we talked. (This is where I took the picture with the Long~ Beer bottle~ You guys all know right??)


Philippines long beer bottle

One more shocking fact we found out when we were almost done eating! There was a same restaurant 5 mins away from our hotel.. But I won't regret the fun talk with good food with good people. IF ONLY.. we didn't have to drive two hours...^^; Dara nuna!! Thank you for making good memories! Ssang you~!!!^^

gd_alivetour_bts_naver_6 There weren't any special episodes but I remember my traveling for few days in London after the show.

Roaming around London, I saw and learned a lot of things and met lots of fans who recognized me... It wasn't an official schedule so I wasn't prepared for the trip & I faced many problems but it was all left as a good memory.

We always drive in a hurry so we didn't have experiences like this so it was nice to sightsee, eat and talk with the staffs. I couldn't stay for long but if I get a chance I am planning to go back there (London) ^^

gd_alivetour_bts_naver_7 Us, BIGBANG, enjoy eating good food. We always eat each country's special food. We ate Crabs for every meal in Singapore that I almost got sick of it. hahaha^^; (But I would eat it again!!)

But a place we cannot forget is a Korean Restaurant~! We ate more Korean food outside Korea. We ate at least two Korean meals. Some Korean restaurants in other countries tasted better than Korean restaurants so I was often amused. ^^

gd_alivetour_bts_naver_8 Before the show, we always fill our stomachs with Side dish, Kimchi, Korean food from chef all the way from Korea.

Thank you again for all the staffs who take care of every little things to help us focus on our show. ^^


In London with staff

Ah!! And this is about the concert stage.Once the show starts the stage becomes a mess that’s almost like a battlefield~ We have to get dressed, fix our hair and makeup in a few seconds and appear on the stage like nothing happened. Lots of staffs work to make this happen. From all this chaos, I always do one thing. That is…MONITOR SEUNGRI’S SOLO STAGE!!

It's cute when Youngbae and Daesung run out of the dressing room, even though they’re not ready, to watch Seungri ...^^

Seungri is still a little bro to us & everything he does is so cute so now it became like a program to monitor his solo stage. He appears to look cool but is it just us that it looks a little cute~?^^ (Seungri fans~ don’t misunderstand~! Seungri is always a cool member to us!!^^)

gd_alivetour_bts_naver_10 Seungri's stage that the members always watch

When we are done performing we gather and discuss about that day's performance. Fun stories that only we know, even though it's only guy members when we gather we talk endlessly ^^;

gd_alivetour_bts_naver_11 We always said we will travel together but we never actually did. But through this tour, we were able to travel together. So this tour was a special time for me. Since we can't really go outside the hotel, we hung out in our rooms or in the pool. We were busy with solo and overseas schedules but from this tour, I got closer to my members than my family~^^

gd_alivetour_bts_naver_12 Jarkarta, with Taeyang

Going to good places with good people with good food and talking about good stories... Best thing I learned from this tour. And through the tour, I can say that I am the happiest right now! ^^ End of Jiyong's story~!!!


Everyone Good~~~Bye~~~~!! See you at the Seoul Concert~!^^

Source: Naver
Translated by: @BIGBANGGisVIP

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  • amiew

    So far i think TOP story is the best. The article really really touch my heart as a fans (sorry for my bad english)

    • Guest

      Lol why there's a thumbdown

      • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

        Those who vote down someone's post are "confused admirers" like how a friend of mine said in Facebook ^^ LOL, it also means you're recognized ;) Don't mind them ;) As long as you didn't say anything offensive, you must not care about those ^o^

    • myTOPsecret

      maybe because TOP seldom expressed his feelings thats why it Touch us most and Top has great writing skills(runs from the blood,knowing his grandfather ^^),i mean the first time i read his article in a korean mag,i was totally bow down to him,his words are so sincere and prudent and a bit poetic.. another reason why his my bias..:) same goes to his mom,his mom always have the best msgs for him..

      • Momoko

        I really don't want to be mean, but "Koreans eat kimchi, Koreans eat kimchi...(to infinity)" isn't what I call poetic. People need to realize there are things that shouldn't be taken seriously. Although I understand the your feeling on article that he wrote.

        • coffeelover

          omg whats wrong with you, i think u are the one that take this thing seriously.

          • Momoko

            I think I expressed myself the wrong way: I mean people aren't always poetic (as in the case of G-Market), but the message that came TOP in this last message was touching.

        • myTOPsecret

          hahhaha not the kimchi part ,,lol..i know where he acts childish and where his serious ,..have u read some of his serious article in some mags???he talked about his personality and how people perceived him..hahaha im not pertaining to his cute and childish persona..all of them has this childish and serious moments though

        • myTOPsecret

          lol i know when Top is serious or not..,,ofcourse the "korean eat kimchi"is not poetic its cute hahaha..if you read his interview in a korean mag which is very serious then you know what i mean..his childish but very deep inside i think..

    • Sunny Lee

      Um...it's ok to think that...but...why post it *here*?...i mean, I agree that TOP's article was definitey heart-felt and amazing but by posting the comment here it sort of takes away from the heart-felt things that GD shared with us fans.
      ...it's hard for me to explain but I feel like this page should be for appreciating GD's stories...not compare who's is better than who...

      ...sorry I don't mean to be offensive in any way...I know you didn't mean anything rude or anything. I just hope you understand what I mean ^^'

      • amiew

        Yes i understand what you mean,i appreciate that ^_^

    • fei

      it's not a competition whose story is the best tho...

    • Guest

      Lol I can't beleive you did a "Kanye West" on GD..."GD Imma let you finish, but T.O.P. had the BEST article!" smh...

      • amiew

        Lol. I think youre too much, i dont even think about that. I just speak up my mind ^_^

    • helleuw

      Please don't apologize for your English, it isn't necessary when you really didnt say anything wrong...

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      Kkkk, my very emotional nature makes me agree with you ;)

      Don't mind the vote-downs. People have their own opinions, and most VIPs don't want to compare one member to another ^^

  • VIPtop

    "Seungri is still a little bro to us & everything he does is so cute so now it became like a program to monitor his solo stage." Awwwww ~~
    GRi, GRi, GRi Baby, Baby~~ ^^ ♥

    • gdbaby8282

      I love the way he talk abt their baby brother.. They fond to each other, that's make them strong.. ^_-

    • Kathy ❤

      T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon & Daesung are really lucky to have a very cool and cute Panda maknae. It's amazing how monitoring Seungri's solo stage has become a habit to the other members. Kyeopta! =)

      • tez

        and seungri is the luckiest maknae ever to have a kind and loving hyungs

    • shelicious

      hahahahahah XD members love <333

    • nadine

      They monitoring Baby Ri.. Sooo cute hyungs, they even there when they are not ready with their dress, how much fun they at the back stage.

    • Yutsuki Sohma

      It's so cute how they take care of Panda Maknae soo much! G-Ri foreva!!!

    • https://twitter.com/haily___ BB4DKILL!

      They're sweet just like woah!!! KNEW IT XD
      I hope this feeling never ends, our boys really ADD way too
      colors in our life~
      GO BABY RI!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/farah.rainarahim Farah Raina Rahim

    Seungri still a baby to them.. lol
    That's so cute.. :D

  • fei

    the story about seungri's stage. awwww.... cute hyungs with cute maknae.

  • Noona’s for BB!

    G-Ri <3 Hey my baby, I'm your daddy

  • a_lei_lei

    Jiyong, you may be a grown man 24 but you have the cutest face ever. He really loves his VIPs.... he wrote such a long overview complete with pictures from his twitter/instagram and everything!

  • McBuffy

    Oh Jiyong! So humble, so sincere, so thankful. I was grinning from ear to ear as I read this. Dara's restaurant and Seungri's stage! They love their cute maknae! I am so blessed I was able to see them on their Alive tour. Especially knowing how happy it made them. I love BIGBANG! And I love you, Jiyong!!

  • http://twitter.com/jennie1878 Uncle Kwon

    lmao damnnn longg XDDD he sounds so happy here ^^ thanks for the trans~~

  • gdbaby8282

    This is... THE G DRAGON ^_^


    A great ending to the Star Column session by our Kwon Leader!^^ But I really hope this is not the end of it...:") And that part about Ri's solo stage, OMG that is the BEST PART!!!>.<

    "...even though it's only guy members when we gather we talk endlessly ^^;..."

    LOL I can totally imagine that! :D A couple of years ago, when my male classmates sat together, they would talk endlessly too, even more noisy than us girls!xD

    • http://twitter.com/agnesjogen123 AGASSI AGASSI

      i hopefully this is not the end of his happiest moment

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      HAHAHAHA!!! It's soo fun to read that detail indeed!
      We could only wonder about what all their topics were ~~ Kkkk ^^ Anyway, Thanks to Youngbae-ssi, he said this about what they talk about: "This time the themes are really small such as which program is funny, and about the movie that we watched..."
      I also saw my guy classmates talk in my highschool days ~ They were really soo noisy and their mouths are like waterfalls!!!

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    • http://www.facebook.com/mars.rodriguez.1 Mars Rodriguez

      yes! i was like going crazy... and gigling...he said special memory of the concert he thought of DARA in the Phil. concert >_< super happy

    • Guest

      There are actually several Gerry's Grill in Manila but Dara decided to bring them to Tagaytay for the view. I hope people will realize that the view is actually breathtaking if you see it. You are eating beside a lake, and not really far from where you are, a volcano gracefully juts out of the water. Too bad it was really late for them to enjoy it. *sigh* I guess, it's the thought that counts.

      • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

        Poor them. I'm very sure seeing the Taal volcano right in front of their very own eyes would make them exclaim "Whoa, daebak!" and start to take lots of photos with that awesome view as background. There were also other tourist attractions there but it would take them another day to go sightseeing. Unfortunately that time they went here, it was a rainy time in Southeast Asia.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001657476931 Khim Tamodashi

        your right.. its breathtaking view of philippines i was smiling ear to ear that GD mention philippines all of sudden i thought his best memories was in malaysia bcoz i saw bfore she enjoyed much there than phil but i was wrong.. and i can breath and so flattered.. and im so proud that Gd mention daraall of sudden im so glad that he really like the philippines..till next time GD!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      I wonder why those people would say he didn't enjoy it here when there were photos he posted in twitter enjoying the pool ~ And because they wanted a private go-together, they opted not to post photos of them in Tagaytay. It was a wise decision.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001657476931 Khim Tamodashi

        hahaha.. your right but i hate those ppl said that GD was not enjoyed in phil bcoz he badtrip during the concert.. ithink he just acted that bcoz they finish their hengsho moments with dara this is the greatest article i've read that make me happy..im so proudly my biases

  • coffeelover

    Awwwww it's so cute gd talk about seungri. ;).

  • FFrida

    Alive Tour, such good memories :')


    i can see that they enjoy it !!!! BIGBANG MANSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you have the best final stage !! GD my bias so funny and cute gosh i love them all

  • http://twitter.com/agnesjogen123 AGASSI AGASSI

    hahaha.. lol i love the pparabam (dara ver.) lmao its cute hahha expression your the best swagger Gd

  • Mary

    Awww~ cute g-ri ^^ I wish I could have seen their reaction when they found out there was another restaurant close to their hotel xD

  • GisseleN

    Finally the last part of Star Column by GD. I hope this world tour give all Big Bang's members good memories. I love it when they show us the importance of all people behind the stage for them to create that amazing concert. And SeungRi, ofc, he will be forever their maknae, their youngest brother.. Wow GD i like the fact you wrote long entry like this. ^ ^

  • GDYB

    lol, Dara is the first V.I.P. who came across his mind!!

    • 행쇼 unniniveh♕

      lol ikr out of all the countries they went his most memorable and special experience was a 2 hour drive to a dark restaurant lmao so cute XD

  • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore

    Did he just mention my country.....???????
    Did my ultimate bias just say that he enjoyed staying in Pinas??????????


    • Kathy ❤

      Yes, he really did! I'm from the Phillipines too and I feel so proud that one of G-Dragon's fun memories during their first World tour happened in our country. All thanks to Dara for making Big Bang's stay here in the Philippines a memorable one. ❤

      • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore

        IKR?! I couldn't contain my happiness when he mentioned Pinas!! He went to MANY countries but I'm VERY glad they were able to create a fun memory here~ Thanks Krungy!! I love you more more!

    • anarow

      you are not alone! I'm so happy that they were able to eat together here in the Philippines :"> So it was really true that they went to Tagaytay... -_- Amp!

      • KaAChiMarcaida

        haha,,tama,,,at 22o po ung gerrys grill sa tagaytay nkainan nrin po nmin un,,,,

    • BB_Lav_Cam

      HERE!HERE! also from the Phililppines and i am happy that he had a memory and fun time in our country!! mwah! MABUHAY!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

      HAHAHA! Hellooooo ~ (one of a kind tone) Where do you all live? Let's go to ""Gerry's Grill"" (that's the restaurant they went to!)

      • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore

        AHAHAHA! I ate there last night!! I was tooo happy!! But not in the Tagaytay branch though~ But it still counts right?? kkkk!

        • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

          Ay! Why did you not tell me? I feel mad with you!!!

          What did you order, btw? What are the foods in their menu?
          I feel sad I live in Davao City and can't meet with you - I bet you live somewhere far from me - in Luzon or Visayas!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

      SO FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT? On cloud 9 now. :) You attend the concert?

      • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore

        I did!!!! Cannot miss it for the world!! I flew half-way across the county! kkkk!

        • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

          WOW! LUCKY YOU. What seat did you get? From where are you btw?

    • J.J.

      who can deny the awesomeness of kare-kare?! LOL

      • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore

        Kare-kare is AWESOME. PERIOD.

        • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

          WELL-SAID! For those who are not Filipinos and don't have time to research what it is,Kare-Kare is beef with bones with vegetables (eggplant, chinese cabbage or pechay, okra, others which are common Filipino veggies) in soup mixed with peanut paste (the same as peanut butter in consistency but it's not sweet) ; )

          It may be weird to read about and imagine how it tastes like, but when you taste it... Believe what J.J., muggledore and I said!

          • J.J.

            You forgot string beans or haricot vert. I also add kale when I plate it. It's a nice combo. :D If I were in the Philippines I'd mix some banana hearts too~ OH goodness, I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow!

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            Hahaha, I forgot about stringbeans ~ it’s because when we cook kare-kare, we don’t put it anymore due to my parents’ arthritis ^^ Thanks to for the English name of “bataw” – it’s soo cool, haricot vert (^,~) And I’m a fool for forgetting the banana flower/blossom! That’s what I eat most in kare-kare! Kale is expensive here :( Anyway thanks for that recommendation ;D

          • J.J.

            haricot vert is French! LOL

        • J.J.

          btw @muggledore:disqus if you guys follow Youngbae on instagram, I noticed that he "liked" a picture of Halo-Halo last night. I was like "SAY WHAT?!" and got the craving for flan LOL

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin


            ((I ate one last Saturday^^)) Ha! We always make flan here~~ I would like to send you one!!

          • J.J.

            T_T Flan~~~

      • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

        Why did you raise up Kare-kare? Now I want to eat it!!! I soo miss it!!!

        • J.J.

          I live away from my parents now, and I've made specific lifestyle changes. I miss Kare-kare, so I make it... but I choose to make it vegetarian. It's surprisingly the same taste, except much "lighter" than the original version.
          I will not give up bagoong though hahaha

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            Yes, we can never give up the bagoong (shrimp paste), especially if it’s sautéed first with chilis and tomatoes! It really goes well with the soup! Yummmm~~~!! XD
            Yees, the vegetarian kare-kare really tastes “lighter” than the one with beef … it’s the beef which makes it taste so “full”^^
            So you're abroad now? I wonder where you will get the peanut paste; I think it's still available in where you are ^^

          • J.J.

            I grew up in the US. Moved from NY to Cambridge, MA for school ^_^
            I use veggie broth, instead of simmering meat stock/beef stock. While veggie broth is light, it can NEVER replace the unctuous texture of meat kare-kare.
            Truth be told, I got Whole Food's store made peanut butter. It doesn't have a lot of sugar/sweetener so it works out fine. But I don't like the Filipino peanut butter they sell in the Fil-Am stores. It's got coloring.
            I'm easing into vegetarianism LOL (about 90% there anyway)
            Nung isang bwan, nasa NY ako. Katakot-takot ung handa. Tatlong lingo merong lechon sa church namin. Kumain ako, kasi handaan, pero hindi ko gusto ung ma bigat na pakiramdam pag katapos kumain ng karne. :P

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            Wow! You are very good in Filipino! It’s as if you grew up here! :D

            That’s the most difficult part in cooking Filipino foods in other countries – looking for the right alternative to a not readily available ingredient. Kkk, these business-minded people; they think they could fool everyone ^^ Ahh, so as long as there is the peanut paste, the kare-kare will just taste as it is ~ now I think the meat just adds “a bit of flavour” and definitely, more texture to the whole dish ;) Next time, we’ll do kare-kare the vegetarian way.. Thank you soo much for the info! ^^ Btw, may your vegetarianism be 100% successful! ;D God bless you for your studies, too!

            Hahaha, hindi talaga nawawala ang lechon, kahit dyan pa sa USA ^^ Oo nga, mabigat sa pakiramdam pagkatapos kumain ng maraming lechon :S Mabuti nga mahal ang lechon dito ^^ Hindi naman ako vegetarian pero “soo sick” na ako sa baboy at baka. May “something” kasi siyang nakakasawa ~~

          • J.J.

            Sure! From what I've experienced, you may not want to add tofu/tokwa. It's not good. LOL

            Ating usapan tungkol sa pagkain hindi dapat nan dito lol. Basta, mag kita-kitahan na lang tayo sa site. :) Good luck sa pag luto ng vegetarian Kare-Kare, at God bless din sayo~

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            Thank you soo much for your kind and quick responses! Oo nga, na off-topic tayo XD Pero oks lang ;)

            Sige, kita-kita lang tayo dito! Take Care ‘Cause I Care (^,~)

          • J.J.

            oh~ na kita ko ung fb link sa pangalan mo. add kita para makipagusap tayo sa fb na lang? (para alam mo kung sino, babae ako haha although that doesn't help much -_-)

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            Ok, ok ^^ Friend Request accepted. ANG GANDA MO. HONESTLY :D

    • http://bigbangand2ne1.tumblr.com/ AYE♥BB4EVR♛♛♛♛♛

      Waaa IKR! All this time i'm still wondering why GD erased his tweets during their stay here in Philippines then here goes his story! He loved being here! T^T Aaah *sobs* i'm just sooo happy that they enjoyed here in our country:'))

    • Flongskie

      Dara is not just known now as Pambansang Krung2... she should be also known as Pambansang Ambassador... Sooo love Dara... :)

  • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore

    Thank you sooooooo much Dara for making their stay memorable here!!!!

  • miGSu

    Sorry for translator... it's too short for me...can i get volume..jiyong shii... ???How can I...how can I not falling in love u...cute la..

  • strawhatluffy

    thank you for this fantastically-written story!! I actually really like how you describe the cuteness of YB, Daesung and Seungri ;)

  • http://twitter.com/dhanaedizon Dhanette Dizon


    • 2815

      Sweet of him in thanking Dara but It is obvious GD is telling his fans that Dara is just a friend or a big sister by the amount of time he addresses her noona and he hinted that he was never alone with her or it was the members idea that Dara be there. He is not dating her but probably kiko since they are always tweeting online at the same time and all the hints he has given with his IG.

      • http://twitter.com/2ne1em Teresa

        really? I don't think he is dating kiko but I have a strong feeling that he is in a relationship with his dara noona...there were just so many evidences like the gayo perf, sweet twitter convos, and gd liking a pic of dara holding an i Iove gd banner....dont you smell something fishy about that??? lets say because they are yg family, but why dara was the first 2ne1 member he followed on twitter when in fact minzy and bom had twitr acc. first . He didn't even thank minzy for featuring on his song but thank dara for just 20 sec appearance with him.well then, lets just wait for gd to reveal it himself..kiko~dara~or whoever she maybe it wont matter to me anymore..for as long as gd is happy~~ill be happy too~~ I will still support him as a performer...:-D ^_^

  • NK Mantatao

    Now please include the Philippines in your world tour GD!!!! Oooohhh and I am soo happy because he enjoyed his stay here with DARA. Hihihi :"> :))))

  • nadetz

    He is so lovely.....many ^^ sign...

  • H A Z E

    cute.. aww gd loves seungri forever vip

  • choomtop22

    Alive tour will always be a good memory to me and of course vips.. im so happy that they enjoyed their stay in PH (^o^) it seems that they really want to tour around but they have limited time but there's always nxt time ryt?! i was lol about seungri's stage.. im with u on that GD your not alone haha

  • Mardaile

    So happy to hear they loved their stay in the Philippines and that it is one of the most memorable. I believe the restaurant he's referring to is Gerry's Grill in Tagaytay. :)

    • anarow

      Agree! :)

  • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore



    I'm sooo freakin haaapppeee! <3

    • PrincessKitana

      me too XD i can't stop grinning from ear to ear hahahaha

  • myTOPsecret

    watching seungri's stage in dressing room is not new to us(vips) i mean we already know this story but i still feel so happy and amaze by it especially its coming from Gd...and another thing lol at their Philippinnes experience..sad they havent seen the great view in Tagaytay tsk!

  • ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    so cute and thankful Jiyong !
    "It's cute when Youngbae and Daesung run out of the dressing room, even though they’re not ready, to watch Seungri ...^^ Seungri is still a little bro to us & everything he does is so cute so now it became like a program to monitor his solo stage." oh my LoVe this part! it's so beautiful the love and caring between our boys T___T

  • 행쇼 unniniveh♕


  • Danielle

    huhuhu I wonder where they ate here in the Philippines...

    • Mardaile

      I believe the restaurant he's referring to is Gerry's Grill in Tagaytay. :)

    • http://twitter.com/JiDeeBaby BabyDALYONGie=)

      at Dara's favorite resto here in Philippines~ Gerry's Grill - Tagaytay Branch

    • http://twitter.com/manilababyvip Happy

      i think gerry's grill tagaytay

  • 크리지야

    I think Dara brought Bigbang to a a far place bec. If they went to Megamall they would be flocked by fans haha. Glad that they had a great time in the Phil.! :D

    • Mardaile

      I believe they ate at Gerry's Grill in Tagaytay. :)

      • PrincessKitana

        they did!

    • PrincessKitana

      True! it's much better that they went there...in addition if I may say at least they all travel together even if it's for only few hours instead of just being inside the hotel...

  • Sunny Lee

    What I love the most about this:
    - GD's happiness...after all the struggles and obstacles, and knowing how much he's been over-working ~ to hear him say how happy he is, is so uplifting!! ^^
    - The tight bond the members share. The fact they are closer than ever before!
    *Like A Real Family* :3

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    TOP= touched story
    YB= real story
    Dae= very good story
    Ri= fantasy story

    *I'm so damn love with this guy. they're such a complete package, right?!!

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  • minakwon

    It's cute when Youngbae and Daesung run out of the dressing room, even though they’re not ready, to watch Seungri ...^^...dawhhh...yes sir. They're cutie pies. But sad to know mlysia was not mentioned :(

  • 행쇼 unniniveh♕

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    • choomtop22

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      • gdbaby8282

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        Sorry i cannot help but to write something.. when u talk abt Choi TOP... He just... ^_*

        • choomtop22

          IKR its ok were on the same page ;)

    • http://twitter.com/JiDeeBaby BabyDALYONGie=)

      maybe dara brought some GOLD MEDAL hahaha. she's too adorable for bigbang to resist hehe

      • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

        It's not because of the gold medal... it's because of the FOOD! Remember, he loves rice! (read his latest Yes Magazine interview in HongKong) They also never forgot to mention something about food in their star columns >>

        Daesung: "I was taking Roasted Seaweed Snacks away from staffs and eating."... "After we had delicious food, we were considering where to go..."

        Taeyang: "And we sleep, or get together in one room and eat some refreshments and chat."

        Seungri: "And then I felt an appetite ^^; I tried to find a good restaurant and
        found hamburger restaurant!! (It REALLY!!!! tasted great~~^^)"

        ~~~ and last but not the least, the person in question...

        TOP: "Some members order ramen that is cooked in the plane as soon as they get on..." ...."in Central Park while we were having delicious dinner.", .....Being outside was nothing special but it was fun time going to some restaurants that I like. SHAKE SHACK BURGER which is a famous burger in NY and Totto Ramen are the menus that I’d like to recommend to you.".

        • gdbaby8282

          Good one hun.. Yes they loves food, even during tour, when they hv b'day cake on the stage, they eat it there... ;)) on top of that, Choi TOP is a BB member who's really loves to eat.. .. if the foods is a new to him, he will get surprise himself... And he will makes every member to eat what he's eating.....Cute!!

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            Huwaahhh!! Thank you very much for those new info (for me) about him and when they have cake on their concerts!!! I don't yet know that he is the one who really loves to eat among the members although I knew him for over a year already ~ I thought that he lost interest in food after becoming thin, but then, wahhhh~~~ he still keeps it!!! Thank you sooo much!!!

          • gdbaby8282

            Infact, before any show/stage, if there is BTS video, they sometimes caught TOP eating something.. Cute right... I can never get over with this boys.. All 5, cute. Oppa!!!

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            Woohoo, thank you very much again for that info (it’s too obvious I can’t watch all videos of them)! I think I pity him now ~ If he were told he still could be part of YG family despite of his chubbiness before, he would still have kept eating as much as he wants. I think I’m the only one who still thinks he’s very handsome and cute on the pre-predebut times?? Ah really, I think maybe he likes how he is eating right now, and is happier of his body figure, so he doesn’t regret if he can’t eat much but just eat in random times when he feels he’s hungry…

    • PrincessKitana

      i thinks that's what Dara compromised with BB when she flew in here in the Philippines to watch their concert with the Filipino fans... Now, I want to know if someone from Tagaytay we're able to get a snapshot back then with them...Migad! I'm so into this now and plans to go to that resto in Tagaytay. It's really very famous here. And Jiyong was right, it has a lot of branches, so if you're craving for their food/menu you can easily do so...

      • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

        do you know the exact location? Please tell me, so if ever I visit Tagaytay, I can imagine how they enjoyed the place. :)

        • KaAChiMarcaida

          hi unnie, ur filipino ryt?,,=) i speak in tagalog nalang po, napunthan din po nmin ung restaurant na un GERRYs GRILL po ganda po dun,as in open view kc sya nkaharap sa taal volcano, sarap din po ng mga pagkain nila dun,,ka2takot nga kc ung backside nya open tapus bagin na ung kasunod pero ang ganda tlga kc maki2ta mu ung taal at ung view sa baba,,

          • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

            KaAChiMarcaida's description above gives us a clue of how the place where they ate looks like. She described it very beautifully, and I hope, my translation would be okay...

            "...It's very beautiful there as it is an open place, and the Taal volcano is right in front of the restaurant. Their foods also taste great! However, it's somehow scary there because the backside (of the restaurant) is open, and next to it is a cliff, but really, it's very beautiful there for you will see the Taal volcano and the view below (the restaurant is obviously located on a high place^^)..."

            WAHHHH!!!! ANG GANDA PALA DOON! Sige kung makakapunta ako sa Tagaytay (hohoho, di pa nga ako graduate sa college^^), pupunta ako doon!!! Salamat sa info!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

          Ah! Nice. I hope to see that place soon. Maybe dining with Big Bang members themselves. :)

    • merbie sajulga

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    i was so happy that you dont forget about my country did gift to you and member..
    oh, so proud.. the second last its~~~ make me jumping into the ceiling.. XD
    thank you for coming to indo.. i love you leadahh, and your member toooooo.......
    ( o. ˘)з┌◦◦◦♥

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    • http://twitter.com/dawn0985 Dawn Cantillo

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    P.S. for always monitoring our cute and cool maknae seungri, aww jiyong, how much sweeter can you get..

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    • Mardaile

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    I hope they include the BTS footage of the hyungs running out with half their make-up done to watch their baby bro in their Alive tour DVD...!! I so wanna hear them commenting on his solo stage!! XD

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    P.S THANK you all the staffs for look after [big bang] <333333

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    Yeah well i don't know but i still see Panda as a mix of cool and cute lool <3
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  • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

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    Hahaha!!! My elder sister fell in-love all over again with him! Thanks for making this a very cute story 지용이~~!!^o^

    I guess every VIP who lives in Philippines will go to Gerry's Grill now. Glad there's a branch near my home ^^ They must thank 지용 for endorsing their restaurant unintentionally!!!

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    the thing with Seungri is also cute. hahaha it's nice to know that even though your having a chaos back stage during concerts you find time to watch Seungri. He's cool alright but I know that in your eyes he will still be your cute little bro maknae.

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    this World Tour... traveling, good food, meeting VIPs around the world, getting much more closer like a family, ... I'm happier that you feel the happiest Jiyong...! you and Big Bang deserve to be!! thank you for this Alive Tour... thank you Big Bang and to each and every person (including BB, all the staff, sponsors, VIPs, etc.) who worked to make this happen and always Alive... thank you thank you thank you!! we had the best night of our lives! see you all again soon!! Good luck to your solo activities and Fighting !!!!

    p.s so GD, include Philippines in your list of tour stops ok... Philippines has more good places to go to like here... in my house... hahaha... (hallucinating...)

  • http://www.facebook.com/marie.shamimin Marie Shamimin

    Some Korean restaurants in other countries tasted better than Korean restaurants so I was often amused. ^^

    WAHAHAHA!! This made me laugh my heart out! Honestly, if the South Korean-based Korean restaurants would read this, I wonder how they will react!

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    Please perform in London again!!!

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    • http://twitter.com/JiDeeBaby BabyDALYONGie=)

      "it's been a long time since we've seen our fans in korea & i feel nervous. it's like my girlfriend is next to me" - GD

      That's what GD said during the concert that was translated by VIP's in twitter

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    Love how he mentions Dara and tells about FOOD !!
    Of course uri maknae, he's just cute and cool in the same time. ;3
    Thanks to everyone, BIG BANG, all the staff, VIPs around the world, etc.
    I'll keep in mind all the stories about US!!
    Love you Guys. <3

  • mrsidoma

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    WOAH!!! Never knew will turn out to be an essay but my GRI feels are going crazy at the mo!!!! XD You understand right???BigBang,GD,TOP,Taeyang,Daesung,Seungri,Nyongtory,ToDae etc FTW!!!!!!!

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    And GD posted a photo in Jakarta. woo I miss you guys.

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    MYX Magazine has Bigbang as its cover.. but I cannot see it here.. why? :(


      yes..it isn't here..i have to look back at the past articles to look for it but can't find it : ( they were the front cover right?

  • http://twitter.com/glyn_n muggledore

    Because I was tooooo happy with GD's column, I ate at Gerry's Grill near my place last night! Kkkkk!

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    Although it looks weird .. it is cute at the same time !!
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