Daesung: [Star Column – #BIGBANG] Behind story of the World Tour (Part 2)

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(This was attached to Seungri’s Star Column)

Wait! It’s Daesung again!

I’m here again because there’s another episode that I didn’t say. ^^ After we finished LA concert, we were going to NY for NJ concert. All the flights was canceled because of heavy snow in NY, except only one flight! All members and staffs took that airplane and were going to NY, We arrived at Buffalo airport, not JFK.

While everyone got confused, we could hear an in-flight announcement. It said we couldn’t go to the JFK airport because of bad weather. The concert was near at hand, we tried to find the way to NY, we could only take a bus and it took more than 10 hours. ㅜㅜ If we took bus, we only had time to change our clothes and we should be on the stage immediately.

While our manager hyungs and staffs tried to find measures, there was another in-flight announcement. It said we could go to the NY if we waited only 1 hour! We were so worried but we had still a faint hope. So we was waiting inside the plane.

There were Seungri talking to foreigner, Jiyong hyung listening to music and YoungBae hyung talking to dancer hyungs and noonas. I was taking Roasted Seaweed Snacks away from staffs and eating. And an hour passed. And then finally we could make a landing. I thought ‘finally we are here in NY’ and then! The plane shook.

I’ve met many turbulences but it’s very severe. All kinds of thoughts went through my mind like a flash, in a very short time. But anyway, the flight landed safely. I was not the one who got frightened, I could see many ppl who gave standing ovations. Hahaha~^^

daedae1Waiting room in NY ^^

We could perform far harder because it’s really hard to meet NY fans, and they enjoyed our concert impassionedly! (They seemed like they knew how we could be there lol) NY Fans, Cheers~^.^

daedae2here’s the NJ concert ^^”

Next time, there will be TOP’s world tour story. ^^

Source: Naver
Translated by: @LueKim