Daesung: [Star Column - #BIGBANG] Behind story of the World Tour (Part 2)

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(This was attached to Seungri's Star Column)

Wait! It's Daesung again!

I'm here again because there’s another episode that I didn’t say. ^^ After we finished LA concert, we were going to NY for NJ concert. All the flights was canceled because of heavy snow in NY, except only one flight! All members and staffs took that airplane and were going to NY, We arrived at Buffalo airport, not JFK.

While everyone got confused, we could hear an in-flight announcement. It said we couldn’t go to the JFK airport because of bad weather. The concert was near at hand, we tried to find the way to NY, we could only take a bus and it took more than 10 hours. ㅜㅜ If we took bus, we only had time to change our clothes and we should be on the stage immediately.

While our manager hyungs and staffs tried to find measures, there was another in-flight announcement. It said we could go to the NY if we waited only 1 hour! We were so worried but we had still a faint hope. So we was waiting inside the plane.

There were Seungri talking to foreigner, Jiyong hyung listening to music and YoungBae hyung talking to dancer hyungs and noonas. I was taking Roasted Seaweed Snacks away from staffs and eating. And an hour passed. And then finally we could make a landing. I thought ‘finally we are here in NY’ and then! The plane shook.

I’ve met many turbulences but it’s very severe. All kinds of thoughts went through my mind like a flash, in a very short time. But anyway, the flight landed safely. I was not the one who got frightened, I could see many ppl who gave standing ovations. Hahaha~^^

daedae1"Waiting room in NY ^^"

We could perform far harder because it’s really hard to meet NY fans, and they enjoyed our concert impassionedly! (They seemed like they knew how we could be there lol) NY Fans, Cheers~^.^

daedae2"here's the NJ concert ^^"

Next time, there will be TOP's world tour story. ^^

Source: Naver
Translated by: @LueKim

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  • oechele

    Riri talking to a foreigner :) ..I can visualize this easily. Dae is such a good story teller and he always talk abt other members too ..how very considerate of him. And his pic can't be more perfect than this.

    • Etienne

      It is kind of wierd that he uses the word foreigner when he, as well as the other big bang members are also foreigners in USA. It is not like Seungri is an American citizen. In other words Daesung is probably referring to a USA local and calling him foreigner when actually, in this situation, it is Seungri who is the foreigner.

      • http://Bigbangupdates.com/ Naliya

        Foreigner is not the actual word he wrote..In other languages, the words foreigner, stranger, an outsider all might be used as one word. So in this case, Daesung used a word that when translated could mean either foreigner or stranger, or an outsider. English tends to be more detailed when it comes down to certain words. Generally all these words mean an "unknown person".

        • Etienne

          Ah, I see. Thank you for sorting it out.

      • helleuw

        Yeah, but in their group an American is a foreigner.. It made sense to me.

      • smiling angel

        But he is posting this for Korean netizens so he calls foreingers other than korean and it makes sense for me...

    • genevievelism

      a potential business deal for Big Bang... :)
      for RiRi, opportunities are everywhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

    OMG! TOP's story is next! I wonder what TOP was doing in the airport. Probably reading or watching people around him. Daesung oppa is compassionate for VIPs. The first pic made me smile! His hair is perfectly messy! Like it very much. <3 BB

    • yayaya

      TOP wasn't with the guys when they were stuck at the airport because he went to New York first. Maybe he'll share with us what him and his mom did in NY. ^__^

      • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

        Oh okay. Thanks for sharing. I am anticipating the words he'll use to describe the entire experience. :)

        • yayaya

          No problem :) and yes I'm right with you on that. It'll be an interesting one considering he never really express himself through writing and or sharing it with the fans. The conservative T.O.P.. Looking forward to it. ^___^

          • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

            Maybe he's style will be just... awesome. :)

          • Myra Gahid

            Just wondering. My account says you replied. I can't find it though. :(

  • http://www.bigbangupdates.com/ VIP4Daesung

    Aw! Day after your story comes out, and I even commented/tweeted on this, you had forgotten to mention the NJ concert...LOL! But now you did ^.^!

    Thank you so much Dae. I was at the NY/NJ concert, on both dates. You betcha we screamed loud, you bet you brightened everything! After the hurricane and the snow and everything getting so gloomy....your smile, the boys singing and performing...the concert as a whole...it was the silver lining to everything. I prayed to God everyday that things would be up and running in time and that you would all make it safely and have a great concert.

    God Answered my prayers and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you Daesung :)

    • http://chingu-ssi.tumblr.com/ CHINGUssi

      the highlight of my 2012 =D hands down <3

  • elasticmonster

    Dae looks like he's in charge in the picture here XD

  • ANNS

    i'm sure TOP's behind story of the world tour is the one we most curious about! can't wait!!
    seungri and daesung no doubt are good story tellers/writers. i could feel as if i were with them through the whole story. :)

  • leeeb

    Sorry Dae, out of all the things you said the part "Seungri talking to foreigner" was the one that took all my attention LOL and the "Next time, there will be TOP's world tour story. ^^" as well hehe :p

  • Rizkiyah S. Anggraini

    OMG! I can't wait for TOP's story. it would be very rarely thing that doing by top
    i'm so curious (I'm sure, i'm not the one) LOL

  • http://twitter.com/shaileeheartsbb shailee

    LOL he stole seaweed snacks from thestaff and was eating!! Daesung's two passions, one is singing/music, and the other is food HAHAHA! love him.'and yay there will be a next time for TOP's story!! woohooo!
    that pic of him in the waiting room is so sexy o_o

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/KwonJiYongVEVO GDForPresident

    His hair color is really good looking here
    He looks like a boss in the pic :p

  • Avi Will

    I love how they are doing this little alive tour back stage talking :)

  • http://twitter.com/fishcakemonster alyson

    lol did you realize that whether in Ri's stories or Dae's stories, TOP wasn't mentioned totally MIA like WHY ARE YOU KEEPING THE SUSPENSE until Dae reveals there would be Tabi's story next. omo what story would Tabi give us. lol i think it's either gonna be ridiculously cute or it's gonna be like a grandfather story XD

    • VenezuelanVIP

      LOL What if he goes all "Koreans eat kimchi! ^^" on his world tour story?! XD

      I really hope his story to be grandfather style, I really like that side of him. But knowing how unpredictable Bingu Tabi is, we'll never know for sure what he will do next, lol XD

  • smiling angel

    wooahh that picture is so so so.... you are so beautiful angel! and thank you sharing your other experiments with us :) i love the way he tells their story and mentions each member as well please tell me everything about you daily so i won't be worried much about you sweetheart <3

  • http://twitter.com/angel_heart1990 hannat z

    i enjoy so much thoses stories i look forward to top's story

  • http://twitter.com/adri_adrienne ♛adRiana 아드리아나♛

    You're so cute Dae^^ love your pic in the waiting room :-)
    so hard time with the flights, Thanks to God for always being there beside you boys :)


    ohh Dae I was praying to all the gods for you guys to have a safe flight and for the concert to go on as schedule..I was anxious and that putting it mildly, but all went away the moment the concert started. It was one of the best concerts exciting, fun and unreal.

  • Judyi

    Ohhhhhhhh tha pic!!!
    Those arms, that charisma. I'm taking that pic!

  • Rachel

    "There were Seungri talking to foreigner". I don't know why, but that cracked me up xD

  • Vyki_5215

    i lol at the starting where he said " wait! its daesung agn!" ...
    i'll always be waiting for whatever u have to say Dae ;) and e image of him snacking on roasted seaweed is super cute! ^^

  • yayaya

    Aww Daesung, thank you so much for sharing what happened during the long hours of waiting to go to the NJ concert. I'm sure if TOP was with you guys, he would had been stealing the staff snacks with you too. LOL I'm surprised Taeyang wasn't listening to music! Shocker! He always have his headphone on at the airport. If there was just a way for me to be a dancer for BB, I would die happily! LOL I'm sure they're all great friends. Lucky dancers. Haha

  • SumOneHea

    I was at the concert on the first day. I flew in NJ 3 hours the night before and prayed to God my flight wouldn't get cancelled. It started snowing so hard on that Wednesday shortly upon our arrival. Even one of my friend from another state didn't know if her flight could make it. I had so much hope on that Thursday morning though because somehow, I knew that Big Bang team would try their bestest to hold their concert. It was a bit stressing to have to wait until the time to get in line: either the concert was cancelled or I would have one if the greatest experience in my life. THANK YOU BIGBANG TEAM FOR MAKING IT OUT THERE AND STILL DELIVERING THE BEST CONCERT EVER!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

      Wow. Good thing you have been a part of the concert experience. Please share stories. I haven't been to any of their concerts, and I'm kinda dying to know how it feels like. :)

      • SumOneHea

        Oh Myra! Do not miss out on the next opportunity for a BB concert. Hands down the best concert I've been to. I still get high when I watch the mere bad quality videos I was able to take. I wish I would have done the VIP package too because in the end, I bought the shirt and BB light. My fiancé got me the sweater too, and its very good quality. I flew in from Florida and my friend met me there from Wisconsin. the day of the concert, we got there too early so we waited in one of the lobby. The sound check party was taking place, even if we couldn't see them, we could hear everything that was going on. It was nice to hear the muffled sound of their voice because we knew we were getting close to seeing them, for reals. When we finally got in and seated and the concert started, the world started spinning too fast because 2.5 hours seemed to be only 10 minutes! THE BOYS DELIVER, 'Nuff said. It felt surreal seeing them going up and down that catwalk. So much energy, passion, love, fun! My favorite part was the time when YB, Dae, and VI talked to the crowd in English. YB started stuttering for a second, VI said "yeah I'm funny guy, that's my job." It was so hard to believe that we were being in the presence of BigBang and were being entertained by them. The Encore performances were bada$$! When it ended, it was like we just woke up from a very good dream. I really wish I had a better camera, done the VIP package. I also wish they had an after party or meet and greet afterwards because meeting them in person would have completed the experience but then... That's very much just that, wishful thinking. To this day, I can hardly believe I was in their presence and that close to them. Please do yourself a favor and go to their concert at least once. You will not regret it! I'm glad I made the trip. I'm glad that somehow, I found out about the extra day and got to go. Even the cold and stress was worth it. I wish I could tell you more in details. Fighting! ^_^

        • http://www.facebook.com/mesmer.eyes.ed Myra Gahid

          OMG! THANKS SO MUCH! Your sharing made me teary-eyed, and increased the desire that me and my sister shall attend one of their concerts. They visited the Philippines October 24 last year, but we didn't have the money to go, and there was a high chance that our parents wouldn't let us go if ever we did have money at that time. Our internet connection that day was destroyed and so we cannot get live updates about the event. It was so frustrating, that we ended up going to bed restless. The day after that, we instantly checked the posted fan vids right after we woke up. We squealed in delight, and were definitely teary-eyed as we saw the VIPs enjoying the experience. I can't thank you enough. I feel sad about the goodies too because they are expensive because of the shipping fee. May I ask if you have easy access to their goodies? If ever you do, may I ask favor of buying some for me and my sister? We'll pay you. :)

      • SumOneHea

        In a nutshell, the whole time, you are just wishing that it never ends. When it's over, you are praying that they will come back...soon. When you know they are performing anywhere in the world, you just wish that you could be there. The hangover from the concert (nothing to do with alcohol, just figure of speech) is still lingering. I'm not sure when it will and if it ever will go away. :)

  • choomtop22

    i enjoy reading ur stories!!! yey top's story is next ^^

  • XGuess

    he should keep this hairstyle

  • miGSu

    Rrrr I need to see or read description of jiyong frightening.. sure still cute...or will he still act cool or cool...

  • HttestBlckjckVIP

    And all the amazing memories from the NY concert rush back like a huge tidal wave *Sighs* oh Dae, thank you for making eye contact with me during the Bad Boy encore...and no you're not a bad boy >///<

  • lata

    I love ma baby I can imagine my scary cat baby when he was in the flight >)<

  • zeyzeyzey

    "There were Seungri talking to foreigner, Jiyong hyung listening to music and YoungBae hyung talking to dancer hyungs and noonas. I was taking Roasted Seaweed Snacks away from staffs and eating." <--- wait, what was TOP doing then? o.o XD

    • fei

      top went to NY earlier to meet his mom who's in NY that time.

  • Truedream1988

    love his picture & feeling his word so much ~ hahaha ~ <333

  • https://twitter.com/kechiklalala Choi Seung Hyun

    Aww , daesung . your arms ! hahahaha .

  • 행쇼 unniniveh♕


  • shaneffer badiola

    Where is TOP?

  • mizskullzzz

    this is so sweet..despite all the problems they faced, they still gave their 100% energy for their concert..BIGBANG <333

  • Ri

    i can't wait and still can't believe i will read a story directly from TOP i can't wait to read his impressions about world tour! :D ^^

  • https://twitter.com/kkkdamikim Dami Kim ♠

    OH My Gwerd I almost cried when he said the plane shook ~ I got slightly a heart attack awkfjbawjkf oh gosh !

  • http://twitter.com/bigbangmm Mouna Youssouf

    XDD Dae is sweet/
    O wonder what will CHoom top say...

  • genevievelism

    i can't wait for Tabi's world story!!!!!!!!

  • MidnightEkaki

    I love how Daesung talks more about his feelings ^^ Shame it was so short