Seungri's Twitter Updates (121219) [PHOTOS]

Shared by on December 19, 2012  

Seungri uploads photos of London on his Twitter: (no captions, just pics)

121219-seungri-twitter-london-4 121219-seungri-twitter-london-3 121219-seungri-twitter-london-2 121219-seungri-twitter-london

Source: @ForVictoRi

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  • MsMeryJoe

    love it...feel like i'm in harry potter movie....<33333

  • Fortuna Sahiti

    4 Things: 1.Seungri takes great pics 2.London is freaking beautiful. 3.I'm honestly glad he decided to open a twitter account Last but not least My love for him is growing each day<3(ruining my bias list T.T)

    • VVVIP

      Riri will be really happy to read that lol

    • vip <3 blackjacks

      the same thing is happening to me bias list is going all over the place

  • Jazz

    Panda is good at taking pics •ω• ♥

  • Carolina Gita

    He's a good traveler, photographer and stalker hahahaha

    • Guest

      Ri got skills! You go boyy <3 :D

    • gdalways

      Stalker..he learn from Us...Vips..kkk....i got u boyyy (Gd intonation) =)

    • minakwon

      The best skill is stalker...

      • Carolina Gita

        cannot agree more hahahaha

  • aj.gdrgn

    goshh these pics and familiar places make me wonder if I just simply walked past him over the last couple days after the concert, and didn't realise! (gd too!)

  • K Dol Kan

    You are crafty with the lens PANDA.. am impressed!

  • Twinklin star

    Funny how he has given me a new found appreciation of my city. Seems panda is missing london already. Besides all the rain, I guess it is a pretty cool place lol. Hope they come back soon <3

  • Gill Lam

    hope they will come back to london soon

  • 행쇼niniveh♕


  • Truedream1988

    our maknae REALLY REALLY good at TALKING A PICTURE ~<3333

  •!/elanieyzww xxelxx

    photographer Lee seunghyun. is he eyeing for location settings for his solo? kkk

  • Julia Kim

    a night view... ;p

  • Lyz Buenviaje

    Panda Riri is really talented >w

  • GDForPresident

    haha seungri so cutee :D

  • alive_aufiq_still

    London is the best place to travel. Seung-chan you really a good traveler,, the angle,picture is so dynamic and awesome and make you the best photographer,, last but not least a good stalker,, be a good man,and trust yourself you can do anything to make us as VIPs happy...

  • Maria Isabel Huertas Criado

    Oh London Oh London how am I gonna miss you and been so close to the boys on the shopping streets and the parks Oh London!

  • Love_RiRi

    Like an expert photographer!

  • GisseleN

    Those pictures are beautiful! SeungRi, you really good in shooting video on every encore and also in taking picture! A talented boy, SeungRi!

  • Laura S

    Seungri posted the best pictures. He is usually the most selfcentered but this shows something different.

  • Gica Elumba

    Nice to know Ri doesn't just have eyes for the ladies ^^

    On a side note, do you think any of the boys voted today?

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    So beautiful !!

  • Brynne H.

    these are really beautiful pictures, our maknae has quite the eye for photography!

  • ReveLi7

    My Baby have eyes for beauty~~~ and London is a beautiful~~

  • TabiTOP

    it would be much better if Riri was in picture too ! btw, nice picture u snap V.I.. i wonder whats Tabi doing while in there.. damn much too know. please sign up ur personal twitter Tabi. update yours.. we are hunger here to know a little bit bout u

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    You're a good photographer dear SeungRi :)

  • minakwon

    The second picture is so dreamy! like it

  • B.Happiness/Rockaway98

    He really loves London. :-)

  • Zeynii Blackjackvip

    SEUNGRI's awesome on photography. like srsly.

  • MiaVIPBlackJack

    Im not kidding! he took the best shot!!!!! COOL MAKNAE!!

  • minakwon

    I hope stalker RiRi will stalk this page...kkkk. This makes him proud!

  • JessThy

    He's a good photographer <3

  • Dami Kim♠

    OMG !! His skills <3 ~ I love these hhotos <3 ~ I just want to visit London now xD ~