Seungri: "I WILL QUIT TWITTER" (121207) [PHOTO]

Shared by on December 7, 2012  

SEUNGRI (@forvictori): SEUNGRI: This is.... This isn't me.......If this picture gets around..I WILL QUIT TWITTER!!!!

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    I wonder how long had he stalked our tweets ROFL xD

    • gdalways

      when he have a free time?? i wonder all his hyung will laugh out loud when see this pic..kkk

  • gdalways

    LOL...makanae-ya....kkkk....oppsss...sorry i couldn't help to not laugh.. =(...Don't say like that...u're our reason to be smile like idiot when twitter-ing...don't quit... huhu...

  • aishahbillodeu

    maybe he read bigbangupdate???

    • Flory82

      that will be the awesomest thing ever!
      maybe he also leave comm here,like "how sexy is 'Ri lately !!!" :)) :)) :))

      • aishahbillodeu

        hahaha that's funny... seungri is really one of a kind hahaha

        • Flory82

          I was thinking if He wants to quit twitter, He can always make an FB acc!
          He is very welcomed there.......surely I will be happy if he makes a FB acc,too...bcs I'm waiting for that ;)
          baby Panda if u stalk ur Vip's and U get to see my comm. PLS make a FB,too :)) :)) :)) u can stalk urself overthere,too :))

  • Szilorsi

    Poor panda xD

  • Blin Gwen

    So self-conscious about his image :')
    He's so funny. Don't worry Seungri, you're still cute even with a derp face ♥

  • MissSechsKies

    aaawww...that is a cute threat.


  • ygfamily

    lol..seungri ah~~u make me so curious about!don't quit..u still look cute,,haha

  • caress carranza

    well if he posted in twitter it will surely spread out in a second haha

  • Meow

    why is this man my ideal man. sometimes i question my choices. but how can i not? this is man is head to toe perfect ♥ SEUNGRIIIIII

    • vinahyngrum


  • Ac193

    HAHAHAH this tweet made my day :D

  • Jazz

    Lol Poor panda...Is he really mad?? XD
    So Cute~!♥But where did he get the pic =.=
    But panda should know that this pic will spread even faster when he tweets it himself...'__'..

  • Maria Isabel Huertas Criado


  • Maria Isabel Huertas Criado


  • shunnmi

    funny!he is a stalker of his own stalker! hahahahahaahaa

    • alyson

      HAHAHA!!! omg i love your comment (Y) XD

    • Ac193

      Seungri is his own biggest fan, you gotta love him though XD

    • Flory82

      :)) u're so right
      'Ri is the funniest person I ever knowed! :))
      he stalks himself
      he is his own saesang fan :))

      • Genlisa

        i'm at work and seeing that last sentence just had me fall over. haha..!

    • Sunny Lee

      *In latest Ri Twitter News*: He already deleted the epic tweet... T__T


    LMFAO!!! I just can't with this kid..he is hilarious. I'm sure he is stalking all his fan-sites on twitter.

  • Hapiangle

    My oh my~~ seriously Seungri, will you quit twitter for real?? haha, coz this picture been spreading already....

  • GDForPresident

    haha he's so cute xD

  •!/elanieyzww xxelxx

    haha. i remember i posted the photo & mention him earlier. it was either he stalk his fan site or read his mentions lol.

    Riri is so adorable. he asked us not to spread it around, but he make it worst LOLOLOL. even with derp expression, he look extremely cute & lovable

  • Marie

    Someone needs to make a meme out of this~

  • mizskullzzz

    u are fine need to quit twitter >_<

  • Mitcha

    LOLLLL . This make my day so happy. funny seungchan!

  • Dream

    seungri, why u so perfect?

  • ANNS

    OMG i'm LOL-ing so hard right now. seungri oppa wae so funny??? :D

  • linnunrata

    Ri- it is not a picture of you, it is a picture of a handsome yawning Panda
    No need for "free fall from apartment" drama thing again, OK???

    He is so hilarious...
    ( *insert my desperate request: Dae, get a twitter account)

    • dodo18

      telling vips to not share is like he is asking them to share lol! and free fall from appartmnt never get old!

      • linnunrata

        Telling VIPs not to share it means get more of me on tumblr!

        If his apartment is on the ground floor, he can do this free fall thing as much as he wants after being energized by resbull....hahahaha....

  • qchnch222

    thank Seungri oppa, now all VIPs can see this pic. Thank for sharing this derp face all over the world, kkkkkkkk

  • maymi

    BBY PANDA, ok, if you really want you can quit twitter, but please... DON'T FREE FALL FROM UR APARTMENT

  • Carolina Gita

    Bwahahaha afraid if those photo gets around but he post it! I love you maknae!

  • cut darmawati

    don't quit to use twitter seungri. it doesn't matter this is just a picture. but in fact you really handsome..

  • VIP4life

    Seungri, it is spreading already.. all i see is a handsome man yawning. (:

  • Shayshayxxx

    Didn't...Didn't thought he'd react this way... XDDD

  • endlessabyss

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  • Syakila Eleeza


  • farahlovesbigbang

    Love it when he posted fan's photo.. maybe he read Bigbangupdates and read our

  • vipanda :)

    LOL when i got the notification of his tweet on my phone i'm like "what could this picture be?! hm...maybe another derp picture..." then clicked on the picture in the tweet and LMAOed ahahaha omg totally made my morning xD it's okay riri, you know we still think you're adorable...even in that picture!

  • amJhazsie

    u know what's funny? it's when you actually make it a bigger picture! ahaha.. lol..

  • iLuvTODAE

    OMG! the title totally scared me I was like noooo!!! why?!!! T-T kkkk
    no matter what face u make RI we still love u!!!

  • disqus_sWwbOnuLFM

    I was in the hall for the whole conference, and I could see Seungri was working very hard for it. He did really want to show his sincere heart to Hong Kong public and fans, so don't take serious of this photo :)

    Seungri, I am not sure whether you can see this post, anyway, Cheers~ it is just a way to get closer with fans.

  • mythb

    lol he's looking at fans' pictures of him....
    oh no...whatever may he find there...just don't go to tumblr :D

    I love Seungri

  • Truedream1988

    LOOOL~~~~ & NO DON'T QUIT ....O___O i already LOVE THIS PHOTO SO MUCH ~~~<33

  • Avi Will

    is that really him? because his english here is perfect which in real life is not

    • Judyi

      He is learning. I bet he uses his hyungs or google to help him with his translations

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Hahahaha! Don't quit! Please don't! he stalk the fans .Lol

  • silversnowvip

    the pic is not that funny.......but he makes me laugh the way he post on can we stay without loving this guy........just so adorable..

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    You're so cute! this pic just show how adorable you are!
    oh my, you're reading BBU? aww there's a possibility you read my comment? aww ^_^

  • Arlethy


  • niriabb

    lol kkk. oppa 121212 can't wait ^^


    you so funny, we still love you. Don't worry !

  • o_x__o

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  • Judyi

    Lol it doesn't help when u post it yourself my boy

  • RiRiGee

    Don't show this picture around... He might really quit TWITTER! lol

  • Hiihanisa✌

    That pic is posted on bigbangupdates right ;P lol maybe he stalks us. that would be totally awesome ;D

  • CrCa

    ohhh Love this boy... he makes my laugh a while... ajajaj waiting his next tweet...

  • estipratiwi

    ROTFL.. make your own picture gets around -,-
    maybe we never know about your pic, but because of your tweet.. it spreads around internet.. lololol

  • superKee

    hahaha he don't want it to be seen but he posted it on twitter!!!! seriously panda?!?!?! LOL

  • Sabrein Bryma

    lolololololol seriously seungri!! ur saying that after u just tweet by yourself kkkkkkkkk xD but no please do not quit T.T your twitter is the best and most fun twitter ever, and even though u deleted alot of it but the the memories forever remain ^^ please don't quit or eles i'm gonna free fall from my apartment we love ur twitter Ri

  • Clea Marshall

    I really do hope he doesn't quit twitter X-P

  • Suzie Yusuh

    he make my day..laughing so hard when I saw his tweet, aigooo :D

  • Misa

    LOL he revealed the picture himself :D Seungri is overflowing with comedic sense

  • ,

    Haha, seungri. If you never tweeted that picture we never would have known that it existed in the first place. Silly panda~

  • Sunny Lee

    LOL omg he's bringing attention to his own derpy photo!! xD like whut?... hahahahhaha how can you not love a guy like this??? so frikin adorable! :3
    hm...wonder what GD and YB will say once they see this? :P

  • Lea Meeka ☺

    LOL. he is stalking himself!

  • 4everwithyou

    I bet he thought himself as cute when he saw that pic.

  • Grace

    I like how he says, "If this picture gets around" dude, you just circulated onto twitter where EVERYONE is going to see it. OMG Seungri only you would look for pictures of yourself!!! XD LOL

  • Love_RiRi

    Funniest photo ever. Don't worry oppa we still love you!

  • o_x__o

    Awww... He deleted the tweet. :( Oh well. Like his Twitter profile said, "Once the tweet goes out, it cant be taken back kkkk' XD

  • naoyamira

    Lolol! Ri-ri, ure so funny!!!

  • loveyoungbae

    Haha!! I bet he's just saying that. He won't actually quit Twitter.
    It's okay to have a bad photo Seungri. Then it shows that you're still just a normal person even if BigBang are Kings!! :)

  • choomtop22

    seungri is just trollin~~ and besides all of us have a bad photo its normal haha

  • charm_girl

    then do it

  • Emi Z Love Fung

    Ri..dont u ever think that u can quitting twitter...don ever stop..don ever thinking...keep stalking..who know what u might found..kkkllkk

  • bigbangvip4ever

    he delete the tweet~~=P

    • maymi

      maybe he was drunk again : p



  • J4Y4


  • Yutsuki Sohma

    Am I the only one who finds this pic cute?? Anywho, don't quit Twitter, panda! I need at least one tweet from you to make my day!

  • K Dol Kan

    maknae.. that's you and we still love it... !!

  • bringingyoulove

    This is what I love about Seungri XD

  • HeeYoung

    did he delete that tweet ?
    i didn't saw it on his twitter

  • Guest

    hahaha Seungri always make me laugh~

  • GoodGirl95

    OHMYGOD Such a baby!!!!! I love him he's adorable <3