Big Bang’s G-Dragon Expresses His Patriotism

Shared by on November 9, 2012  

Big Bang’s G-Dragon is attracting a lot of attention for his patriotism. Recently photos of GD during his world tour made their way to several online communities, drawing much interest.

In the photos, GD appeared hip and trendy as usual in a wild pink jacket. What especially drew netizens’ attention were the Taegeukki (the Korean national flag) and the words Dae Han Min Kuk (the Republic of Korea) printed on the back of his jacket.

Netizens who’ve seen the photo commented, “G-Dragon sure has great taste,” “Love the Taegeukki on the back,” “GD and national pride!” “I think the jacket would sell well if it were on sale,” “So cool and chic,” and more.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be performing before 24,000 fans at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey this weekend. They ill then head over to Peru and wrap up their North and South American tour.

Source: soompi

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  • Ashleigh McKinnon

    GD: fashion with a message. <33

    • Gold&DiamondsGurl♠

      I love your comment ;D

  • alltheskies4

    TOP's blue jacket also has "KOREA" text on the back too ^^ Yay national pride!

  • VIP4life

    This is why we call him fashionista. Bold and daring in his style. Showing the world how much love he have for his country.

  • GDForPresident

    i would buy his own fashion clothes!

  • Madison

    Great artist with so much love for his beloved country! I love you Mr. G..^.^

  • Jasmine 思敏

    Omg. What else is this guy not capable of?! Fashionable, Talented, Handsome, Cute, Polite, Humble and now... Patriotic too! <3 Ji Yong-sshi, can you please don't be so perfect? People would be soooo jealous of you~


    Not just the clothes, look up for Light It Up's translation. He expresses his love for his country everywhere!^^ National pride, indeed...:)

    • GH2G1826

      LOL. Yes.
      And after declaring his love for his country, he goes on saying "But all these fake motherfuckers don't know how to act"

      LOL. Gotta love GD <3

  • Avi Will

    That's lovely :) I love Korea too! :D

  • Mouna Youssouf

    Seungri & TOP are promotting Kimchi & GD is doing his thing too.

  • Konnie Phawn

    Not only GD was representing but also TOP too. He had "Korea" printed on top of the diamond. Man GD's the only guy that would look so damn hot in a hot wild pink leather jacket seriously. I LOVE YOU!

  • janellechloe

    i feel so proud of bigbang as always!! they are proud being korean!!! ♥♥♥

  • J.E.P.A.H

    pink i love it!!!!

  • Truedream1988

    Cool ~~~<33

  • mizskullzzz

    this is not the first time GD expresses his love to his country..
    im not korean but im still proud of GD who is proud of his own country...

  • Evelyn Lambintara


  • Maria Isabel Huertas Criado

    GD' s message has always seem unique an stylish expression GD in everything he wears. This is designed for the GD & T.O.P part where they casually rise the Korean flag as a matter of patriotic sense and is perfectly done in Knock Out.
    by othetr news IM THRILLED TO KNOW THEY ARE ARRIVING TO PERFORM and rock out South America being Peru the first country where YG enters HOORAY!

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    yes! the boys wearing the national pride ^__^

  • iamaddictedtothatxx

    im so proud! go korea! (insert: im not even korean!!!)

  • Fantastic5

    BB STYLE...... I'll take anything they have....... Soooo BB, soo jiyong

  • Xtine Santio

    OMG! Love u so much!

  • B.Happiness/Rockaway98

    He's got some pride right there. B)

  •!/elanieyzww xxelxx

    patriotism in fashion. Bigbang is elitist

  • Shayshayxxx

    No matter how other countries influence them, in the end..its always about spreading hallyu to the world..and BB never forgets that. #PROUD.

  • Ginaisbigbang

    I wanna have that jacket !!

  • Timmy


  • Choi Seung Hyun

    awesome fashion with cool messege . BIGBANG !

  • florizza

    Leave it to GD to make a fashion statement (literally :P).

  • SuGD87


  • It’sGD,BITCH!

    omg when i saw gd jacket + red circle on it i was like OMG NOT A JACKET MESSAGE SCANDAL AGAIN but oh i was relived so proud of my man !

  • Jasmine

    Has anyone else realised that our jiyong has NEVER made a fashion mistake? Shows what good taste he has, Psy is the only other person who has a chance of carrying this off keke

  • ladyperona

    THIS! And I remember during MTV EMA's winner speech last year they were supposed to speak in english but in the end GD still gave the speech in Korean language shouted "We're Big Bang from Korea" ... Awesome GD is awesome!