Oh Yeon Seo Wants to Be in a Romantic Comedy with Big Bang’s T.O.P

Posted October 26, 2012 by

Hoping to do what every girl wishes she can, actress Oh Yeon Seo said she wants to film a romantic comedy with Big Bang’s T.O.P.

On October 25, Oh Yeon Seo of KBS’ Unexpected You fame, rode the yellow cab on tvN’s Taxi.

During her cab ride, Oh Yeon Seo was asked what kind of project she would like to do after Unexpected You. She thought long and hard before replying that she still wants to show her bright side to the audience.

The MCs asked her who she wants to film a romantic comedy or a melodrama with, and without any hesitation, Oh Yeon Seo replied, “I want to act with Big Bang’s T.O.P because he’s handsome.”

“He can be the rich, cool, and chic guy, while I’ll be the bickering and playful girl, and soon we’ll fall in love with each other.”

To the surprise of viewers, Oh Yeon Seo revealed that she was actually in a music video with T.O.P before. “But he probably doesn’t remember me.”

MC Kim Gura then proceeded to say that men usually remember most women.

Oh Yeon Seo acted in several music videos, including Big Bang′s With You.

Source: tVn via global.mnet.com