Seungri and Se7en on "Sakigake Eight" (120912) [VIDEO]

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  • Dream

    OMG this is too handsomeness for a single video!
    i need subs >_<

  • VIP4Daesung

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look at RI and Se7en...and all the joking...showing Ri's clip covering Se7en's song...SO CUTE! I can see where GD and RI get some of their reactions from when I see Se7en joking around and getting loud! I guess it rubbed off on them a little :P I hope someone translate this at some point. I would love to hear all the comments they make!

    • soluiz

      They should've shown the highlight! Which is seungri trippin XD

  • Lea

    I've been waiting for this video!! Thank you...Se7en is a very nice sunbae and hyung for BB.. Love it so much. Seung chan ganbatte!!

  • Dee

    While watching the video... smiling... laughing...laughing again. How it can be so funny for me to watch when the only word I understand is 'senpai'... LOL-ing myself..

  • Fortuna Sahiti

    They played I LOVE YOU during the commercial(Am I the only one who noticed?)
    The show was so funny and great even though I didn't understand many words T.T
    Seung-chan gambare daisuki^.^

    • DarknessRa

      yess! I was so happy to hear it! ^-^
      And then these two talented and handsome men! *-*
      YGF <3

  • soluiz

    With Se7en is the funniest segment to date! Lol!! The intro was so lame i lol too and was seungru wearing se7en's jacket in the second segment lol

  • soluiz

    2ne1 should've been in the maybeline cf too. Not just the song

  • DaeGD4ever

    The three boys at the end was so funny and so comfortable with Seungri...He can make anyone fall in love with him. He also genuinely seems he knows a lot about Japan, their celebrities, movies and dramas.

  • REEM

    Yg family

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    oh my, so cute with the lightstick and counting =)
    aww Seungri looks adorable preparing that yummy food, I'm so hungry now kkk
    so awesome that part when Seungri was rapping and Seven singing BJ :)
    both singing come back to me =D aww Seungri's lovely voice ♥
    I'd like to understand Japanese :(

  • iLuvTODAE

    RI is so freaking loud..haha
    gotta love him!
    RI looks so amazing in that gorgeous blue blazer/jacket/coat whatever u call it...idk!

  • AmeyEmberrewett SangJempolholi

    Smile smile smile xxxxxxxD
    Laughing Laughing laughing so loud
    Se7en seungri sooo funny

  • Sunny Lee

    Lol Seungri is such an adorable dork xD can't wait for subs to finally come out! :)

  • Truedream1988

    YG FAMILYYYYYY BEBE^^~ our seungri<3 & SE7EN <3 & 2NE1 <3 SONG @ CF ~~ hahaha~~~ ^___^ V V V

  • Rui | 塁 | ルイ| 0426

    who is that random ladies =)) =))

  • Genlisa

    there is one this, among all things of this interview that i'm glad for to see from this clip...that Se7en & Seungri didn't show any point of their interview that it was awkward or miss a moment of silence to speak in Japanese when they could have done it so much easily in Hangul and had it translated with captions in Japanese.

    and somehow,
    i think Se7en won't allow his maknae to get away with it, too.
    professionalism is prime. YG taught his kids well. :)

  • Mizu

    Is it just me or is Seungri wearing the same jacket TOP once wore? It feels familiar xD
    Anyways, even though I don't understand much of what they're saying, this is still so funny!

  • notamonster

    Ohmygod did you guys see the Maybelline ad? There was 2NE1's I Love You at the background. It's like a YG Family playlist in the whole video.

  • Mohiuddin Ahmed

    The introduction of Se7en by Seungri was funny as hell; didn't anyone notice the subliminal messages in the beginning? 7 white dumplings, 7 lemons, and 7 people. The number "7" in each of them is the obvious one since the main guest for this episode is the Korean artist Se7en. The next one is 7 + 7 + 7 = 21; which adds up to Seungri's current age. Lastly, 7 (3) = 21; the factor of 3 suggests that Seungri is 3 times better than Se7en. I have noticed it by just watching it once; I guess I have a weird way of visualizing things. Any comments on my analysis?

  • VIP

    Hey did you hear about seungri's scandal ? :(((( it's obviously a lie let's support our poor baby panda !!

    • farahlovesbigbang

      yup.. it hard for me to believe that the maknae having a scandal.. he might be a little bit naughty with girls but this scandal doesn't make sense.. poor him.

  • Sandaraalps

    Remember, daesung and seungri's passport where stolen and other stuff from his manager's car. To sum it up, this crazy lady is a sasaeng trying to get pics and sold to magazines.