Lydia Paek and G-Dragon: "Finished for today!!" (120915) [PHOTO]

Shared by on September 15, 2012  

"Finished for today!! THANK YOU @xxxibgdrgn 오빠 for letting me be a part of your amazing music!! #ONEOFAKIND #”

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  • AmeyEmberrewett SangJempolholi

    Omoooooo GD eyes
    Kill me again xxxxD
    Any way, Good job
    Nd good luck For ur comeback captain G....
    I'm so proud being VIP
    Hwaitiiiiiing GD

  • OhGee VIP

    support! love it.
    on a random note, One of a Kind is #3 on top pop albums on iTunes!

  • GDForPresident

    Woooahh! Really need to see the dance version. Got so much swag in it >:)

  • pascha120

    YAY more Lydia Paek!!!

    I hope to see more women with swag, confidence and sass in other YG entertainment MV's in the future just like Lydia. Of course there's nothing wrong with being a girly but there's something about a woman with confidence and swag that's definitely empowering/cool/sexy too. :)

    • TabiBB

      Couldn't agree more!!!

    • hardcoreVIP

      who is she? the new YG girl group?

  • Annalee_VI

    Crayon where are you??????

  • VIP.until.Infinity

    Lydia is so beautiful!! And GD is so ONE OF A KIND.
    But I am sad. VIPs just got trolled, AGAIN. -__-

    • mebz

      but yg never said the time when they were going to release crayon,vips assumed

  • Truedream1988

    Ah~ idon't know WHY I Envy THIS GIRL ~~ LYDIA~~~~ U R SUCH AN A LUCKY GIRLLLL ....T_T ....<3

  • tiggerc

    Admire these two very talented people <3

  • myeolraVIP

    That moment when lydia called GD "oppa." HOHOHO.

  • Fe

    So for tomorrow's comeback, all songs were pre recorded?? Any one know what songs will GD perform?
    Fighting GD...

    • vip1234567890

      if i was not mistaken it's crayon and one of a kind

      • Fe


  • Annalee_VI

    I want GDs hat :P

  • Avi Will

    I think Lydia is pretty even without make-up, she was so cute yesterday :)
    GD <3

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    Jiyong's face *cute*

  • mizskullzzz

    lydia is so lucky to be closed with GD and YB...
    so jealous of her..

  • Misa

    I love Lydia! So nice that I see him with my bias <3 FEELS FEELS FEELS

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    They're AWESOME!

  • Janike Bea de Paz

    gosh...i so0o0 love his hair...