Preview of G-Dragon's "Missing You" feat. Kim Yuna of Jaurim [SUBBED]

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G-Dragon One Of A Kind Track List
1. One Of A Kind
2. Crayon [Title Song]
3. In the End (featuring ?? of YG's New Girl Group)
4. That XX
5. Missing You (featuring Kim Yuna of rock group Jaurim)
6. Today (featuring Kim Jong-wan of Nell)
7. Try to Set It on Fire (featuring Tablo and Dok2)

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    I love his styleremindd me GD heartbreaker era


    Sounds like this song is even easier to sing along!:D And I like the woman's voice, it's really smoothing...:) Can't wait for the album to drop this Saturday!>.<

  • D-chan thisss!!!! =)))

  • Heartilly188

    This is the biggest troll! It's a preview of GD's song but the preview is only of Kim Yuna -_____-

    • Yen8

      There's some GD parts too! Just listen carefully!

  • nominomify

    It sounds really catchy, more of like an OST for a drama!!!

  • Suzie Yusuh

    its beautiful.. i love songs that consist a whistle sound, it remind me of my childhood..^__^

  • なよ

    As excited as I am, I got really distracted looking at his hands the entire time. They are really nice looking....♡( ´艸`)ww

    • jiyongie’s

      me too..his hands is so~~~ >__<

  • Shine_A_Light

    Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...its awesome, so smooth :******

  • Kimbo

    Ok does he change his hair styles every time he changes his undies... Everyday! Well I hope everyday, and more piercings ROCK OUT!!!

  • Miss Dea

    (love the whistle) Sweet melody, i really enjoy this song even it is only a preview. Can't wait for the full song. Feel relaxing when heard this ;)

  • Dream

    What a sweet song, i love it!

  • Kimiko

    WOW!!..I really like it although it was only a preview..I like the feel to it and i like Kim Yuna's voice..and of course i love GD..very nice =)..

  • AmeyEmberrewett SangJempolholi

    Waaah GD more pearciiiings

    Well, It sounds really catchy
    I'm very excited with this whistle sweet melody

  • dream2000star


    • dream2000star

      No but really, I love how versatile G-Dragon is <3 :) He really is one of a kind :P

  • Truedream1988

    Already Love the song~ ♥ and GD IN THIS VID.....from head to toe LOOK SO HOT & CHIC & expensive MAN ♥_♥
    Still ma eye's
    ♥_♥ V

  • blacky80

    Wow, GD, you look ... so intriguing!
    Really don't know how to say... Missing you! XD

    GD awesomeness!

  • Hafi Ism

    "I feel gloomy, but there is no one to talk to"
    "I'm a man, but sometimes I cry and scream out when I'm alone"

    Oh C'mon, G ~ Come here~ VIPs are here for u

  • fantasticheaven

    how could a human being possibly be so adorable and cute and sexy and beautiful and talented and perfect and omg. ji, i love you forever & ever. <3

  • ^_^

    I honestly didn't really like both of his previously released songs, they are both nice but wasn't addicted. but this sounds really promising. GD fighting! looking cute as ever!

  • Jasmine 思敏

    Awww! Such a happy girl right now! <3 Missing you~ He's always trying a new style, a new feeling for each and every of his song. This song, sounding great as usual. I can't wait till end of the week! Oh, meanwhile, an intro video to each song will be released everyday! WOOOO! My fangirl's heart is revived! <3

    PS: Oppa, stop turning the chair! You're making me dizzy cause I'm staring at you for the entire video~ xD

  • becbee

    Did you guys see #MCM "director chair"?? GD, I'm counting down for your album to be released everyday :)

  • Sunny Lee

    YES!! GD i love you more and more! Can't believe he's bringing old school back into modern music! <3 GD thank you for keeping this mint music alive! (that cap and those street clothes make him look adorable and sexy at the same time!)

  • Cold Rice

    I like that YG is offering eng subs to the video but I didn't bother to read them...had a hard time focusing while staring at GD and his beautiful ear...well the camera keeps zooming in on it so it was hard not to!

  • riedictator

    3 MV, 3 different hair colors . I'm worrying with his scalp

    • Carin Twitty

      He should be okay for now since it's already bleached. Colors like pink and yellow don't tend to do any damage since they're basically sitting on top of the hair. As long as he's not continually using permanent dyes or bleach on the same processed hair he's fine

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    sounds really good ! sweet song =)
    Jiyong looks so cute talking :)

  • Andy Tjhin

    sounds so JAPANESE MELODY in this song... by the way not bad GD...

  • enterwind

    GD..the genius one, always makes different sound with his songs

  • leni delliani

    kim yuna I love your voice, nice melody, thankyou GD <3

  • amanda

    :D :D :D :D

    I'm already forming a playlist around this song. This album needs to come out now! ;A;

  • gdno1

    Omg I love this look reminds me of breathe...<3
    aww and I love the way he talks...

  • Kimmy

    So handsome and such a good song

  • pascha120

    Ah it seems with this era GD is proving to everyone how versatile he is as a performer, collaborator, fashionista and producer by trying all kinds of sounds, experimenting with all kinds of genres and trying all kinds of different looks/styles.

    The lyrics 'wild and young, do it just for fun' and 'one of a kind' really sum up this era so far. I'm so proud of GD making a comeback and and the quality of work he's delivering is just pure genius... can't wait for more! ^_^

  • Kari

    Its sounds so pretty~ *lost in the song*

  • choomtop22

    i love the song! <3 cant wait to listen on all the tracks.^_^ for sure it will be daebak!

  • Gloria Caballero

    I think he likes her...the way he spoke about her just made me smile because he seemed like a nervous boy talking about his crush. That may just be me though, I'd love to see these boys dating someone without having to fear for their lovers because idiotic/immature fans.

  • TabiBB

    I fall in love with this song! I think it perfect to hear the song when I'm on a road, I can already imagine it. :P

  • gdno1

    I just noticed that there are only 3 songs
    that are just GDs. theres too many songs
    feat other artists.

    • Bread

      Well he is mainly a rapper and since his songs are very melody driven it's expected that he will have a lot of featuring artists to do the singing bits (minus the bonus track with Tablo and Dok2). Have you taken a look at who the featuring artists are though? They're amazing and well respected musicians who rarely feature in other artists' songs. We should be proud that they respect GD as a musician and hold him in high enough regard to accept his requests to feature in his songs.

  • Sarah

    That was a rather weird and abrupt ending.... I feel like Ji is constantly pouring his heart out during his off stage interviews & interactions these days. Adored by so many but just another lonely soul.

    • Jacqueline

      I have said it before that he's a lot like MJ. Constantly surrounded by people who love him, yet super lonely. It worries a great deal T_T

      • Sarah

        Yeah... it's worrying. I really hope they continue to spend more time together as a group but I have a feeling they're going to spend much more time promoting their solo activities. Sigh.

    • alltheskies

      Actually I think he's really happy with his close friends and family, it's just like... he "needs to be sad" somtimes - it's part of artists' life, to write songs, ect...

  • Bread

    I love what i'm hearing already. Kim Yuna's vocals sound fantastic and perfectly suited for the song. I love that he is featuring quite a few well respected artists outside of YG, which only makes me anticipate this album more. GD continues to amaze with his versatility as already we have heard 2 and a bit songs, each one different in genre but still just as amazing. Love that he is trying out new genres and not recycling Heartbreaker (what an awesome album it is) or making music similar to Big Bang's style. Love that he dared to make a completely hip hop song, then turned around and released a beautiful pure acoustic song. Love him. XD

  • linnunrata

    "I'm a man but sometimes I cry and scream out when I'm alone"
    We are all human beings, have emotions- famous or not.

    The song sounds great and my expectations for this album is getting higher and higher..

  • REEM

    I love it

  • gdtop1804

    i cried of happiness. this song is beautiful.... T_______T too much gd, too much. i am happy!!

  • Thuy Dung Phan

    Waiting for his new album :*
    Go go go G-Dragon :x

  • GDnic

    his hat and hair colour made me think of Breathe MV hehe
    i cant wait to hear the whole song!

  • mizskullzzz

    this is so this song already <333

  • whatsmyname

    just ordered the album few mins ago XD can't wait till the day i can hold it on my hands XDDD

  • Avi Will

    omg I love it already!!!! wow *-*


    I order my copy already and I can' t wait to get my hands on it. I love when GD talks about music and the making process, cause I can tell how much he loves what he does.
    I love how he answered the lonely question "I cried and scream when I'm alone" I mean the guy is human and feels everything we feel anger, happiness, loneliness, the only huge difference is that he lives in a fishbowl and everything he does gets maginified 10x over and is just not him, all BB members pretty sure feel the same way he does.
    My personal wish is that all memebers get their own personal happiness with who ever they choose.

  • Jace Roxanne

    i love i i love it i love it!! I LOVE IT!


    wowowowowow! the melody is nice and simple.. kwonjiyong~~~~ kyaaaaaa.... i'll definitely buy this album....super excited..

  • fayelfrida

    GD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ghad i love his style. i freakin love all those earrings in his ears. and the new song, wew i cant wait!

  • Christy Wong

    OMG.... every song you released is just awesome........i love them and can't wait for the album !!!!! Fighting Ji Yong ah~~

  • J.E.P.A.H

    my brief opinion is..ONE OF A KIND album might have a very free+underground feelings into it..I'm more than sure that all of the tracks will never ever ever sounds like typical Kpop songs these days..but it didn't really surprise me because i believe all of us already aware who is the man that we are talking's The a kind man..the king of uniqueness...

  • sunoverthetop

    OH I LOVE IT.. but kinda reminds me of primadonna girl.. all she ever waned was he world... ;) wachu think??

  • sunoverthetop

    i love it so nice, refreshing yet it reminded me of primadonna.. i hope no issues for this album ahhhh fighting...

  • Timea B

    is it only me who is bothered by the ear piercings? He ruins his perfect ear :(

    • Jacqueline

      That piercing is incredibly beautiful! I have piercings myself. Body piercing or modification has been around just like tattoos since the beginning of time - ancient times. It has been done for many reasons like spiritual and tribal reasons. It is also a beautiful form of self-expression. Jiyong has always been creative in his approach to his craft, his work. Think of it as an extension of said work. The older he gets the more you all get to discovery more his his true self. He MUST grow and change and become more of who he truly is or he will die under the oppressive nature of those who are stuck in a bubble or want things to stay what may be comfortable for them yet no longer works for him. He must be given the chance to freely be or he will perish. Be free people, peace.

  • mhawj

    I want the melody as my ringtone.

  • maymi

    yup, this song is (probably) refreshing, nice to our ears, etc. I'm not fond of melodies like that, but... haha the last hitting drums were magical kk. I really don't know how to explain this feeling. It's amazing. It's GD-ish.

  • Himei

    I could care less for the other tracks, I AM MOST EXCITED FOR THE TRACK WITH NELL!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Nell + GD would be amazing.


    okay, today was missing you preview, tomorrow will be other prev, the day after tomorrow will be other prev, and the next day will be crayon MV. that xx and one of akind, are already out. but the total tracks are 7. how about the rest one?

  • Maria Isabel Huertas Criado


  • ♛ HunnyBB ❤ 지용 ♛


    such fantastic melody~~~~


  • Patty

    Even its just preview, I keep repeating it. the sound of the woman and whistle are so addicting

  • khalie

    he knows how to bring back the old musics and makes us addicted towards it. :D

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Wow ! awesome collaboration ! I missing the whole song ! can't wait !!!