Alive Tour in Singapore : Seungri HQ Photos Day 2 (120929) [PHOTOS]

Shared by on September 30, 2012  

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Credit: @karayuki_

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  • ♛ Miss Panda ♛

    omg!!!! RiRi is the cutest maknae!!!!

  • Love_RiRi

    Big panda playing with little panda ♥♥ so cute!!

  • Dee

    Aww double pandas.. keke. You are definitely the best maknae!!! Our handsome maknae, you don't know how much I miss to see those smiles....

  • jaed

    He looks handsome in the 6th pic!
    The last pic is Taeyang, so cute haha :)


    Fluffy panda & cutie panda!xD Cuuute!>.<

  • Aini Shahidin

    picture no3 looks like the plush panda is shy in panda riri hand! *kyeopta!* ^^

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Third and fourh photo is really cute. He's with panda bear.

  • Maria Isabel Huertas Criado

    A wild Taeyang appears haha
    both so handsome

  • Wildfire

    3rd pic-
    "It's so fluffeh!"

  • Shay D.

    Taeyang also trolling Seungri's page. lol XD

  • hibiki♕

    I wonder how many Panda stuffed toy Seungri has by now. And I was thinking of buying one too XD arr guess I won't do it anymore :/

  • bbvip

    Awww ri!! LMAO why is Tae here? haha

  • polarVIP♛

    aww he's holding another panda! hehe, more animals added to his animal zoo~

  • Merilk

    aaaawww!!! I died when I saw the panda!! haha

  • Annalee_VI

    the 2nd picture...WHY HELLO BAD BOY!! Seungri should wear more snapbacks!!

  • EhhHello

    I noticed that after all that incident that happened to him, he stopped posting stuff in his diary :/

    • ReonSoru

      I think he might have planned to stop anyways, since the fanmeet was the last official activity of his solo promotions ?

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    oh my, Seungri ! you're so pretty!!!
    2nd and 4th pic aww
    You look so adorable with the cap like that and the little panda ^~^

  • Truedream1988

    Lil panda also SO CUTEEEEE ^^ kekek <3 <3

  • Sunny Lee

    Is it just me or does this boy get more handsome by the day @_@ (my Panda feels!!..) btw he looks cute with that cap! :3

  • Judy_승리

    finally i saw this smile. he's really really cute with the little panda. i love all pics. Riri's more n more handsome. haizz he make me crazy now <3<3

  • Ciscalim

    so handsome such a good dancer omg when he gangnam-ed style I could die. He kept doing silly moves. One time when GD and Seungri were switching dance position, GD totally touched Seungri's stomach in a playful way and they kept laughing omg, why like that. Seungri kept saying all the casanova lines to all the singapore fans, making me scream with voice octave i never thought i possessed!

  • rahmaaulia

    omg , taeyang . <3 <3

  • Ayaze

    guys, I'm just wondering if camera's are allowed in their concerts... cuz I got tickets for their NJ concert and i'm planning to buy a camera... just wanted to double check if it's allowed.. and also if you know what kind of camera they used for these picture...

    • koalapanda

      i don't know about BIG BANG concert but,when mblaq you can't bring camera but polaroid and samsung tab it's allowed,but you can sneaky...

  • GDnic

    Panda is so cute!! and the little toy panda too ^^