Seungri in "Exile" Magazine [PHOTOS]

Shared by on August 1, 2012  

Seungri with Exile member Matsu in the September issue of Exile Magazine:

This magazine is a monthly publication of Japanese group Exile. Big Bang was also featured in the magazine last month when Exile member Shokichi attended one of Big Bang's concerts in Japan.


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  • thebaddestfemale

    Look at the maknae appearing solo in all these magazines :D

  • Maroug25

    People look closely cause there ain't sexy panda around the planet.
    This is a special unique species.
    VIPs are proud of Seungri!

    • NunmulBaboBB

      Haha unique true, Pandas are always cute, but this is far from cute, hot and sexy , yeah

      • Maroug25

        haha..yup..he's the cutest yet the hottest panda ever ;D

  • Luna

    waaa Seungri you are .... everywhere... Previous one wearing all white and now all black.. Still all look good on you Seung chan!!!

    • MrsKwon4Sho

      Haha, maybe it's symbolism and he wants to show us two sides of him, one for the white horse and one for the black… ;)
      Either that or panda is most comfy in panda colors.

      • Najwa Shah ♛

        LOL xD Panda colour are really suit with him So so~ cute >w< The sexiest panda ever!

      • Luna

        kekeke.. true! Handsome panda..

  • haiosh

    SO HOT <3

  • DarknessRa

    killer look!!
    Awesomely HOT Panda! <3

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    Seungri looks soo handsome wearing black ^-^

  • Monster

    OMGGG so hot!!!!!! Fanning myself !!! :ooooo

  • Misa

    LOL baby's probably loving all the attention directed to him in Japan ♥

  • pary16

    at first i read it as seungri in exile and i was all like: WHY!!!

  • jessicasnow

    seungri in black<3 soo handsooome

  • Love_RiRi

    Panda looks handsome !!

  • silversnowvip

    the best maknae ever.........he does have plenty of confident....share me some RIri.

  • Choi Seung Hyun

    Busy boy! handsome!

  • ♛ HunnyBB ❤ 지용 ♛

    his stares are killin me~ maknae is doin his job vry well~ thumbs up for panda~ XDD