Big Bang's 1st Photography Collection "Extraordinary 20s" Release Information [NEWS]

Shared by on May 10, 2012  

Translation of the latest notice from YG:

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

There will be an official release of BIGBANG’s 1st Photograph Collection, the [Extraordinary 20’s].

This is the very first time BIGBANG is releasing a photograph collection since their debut in six years.

All the moments from last year's trip to England for MTV EMA 'World Wide Act' Awards to Korea, the [Extraordinary 20’s] contains various scenes of the BIGBANG and it will be released on 6th June 2012.

The concept of this collection is about “Special People’s Normal Life” and this also relates with their trip to London. One of Korea’s best photographers, Hong Jang Hyun, raised the quality of this collection. BIGBANG and Hong Jang Hyun showed best team work as they have been working together since BIGBANG’s debut. The collection contains various and exciting contents. For example, BIGBANG members personally participated in designing of the shots taken in Korea.

Special items in the collection are the close-up book, mini Polaroid stand and the serial number card, which provides the link to the making video and the interviews of the members.

This special [Extraordinary 20's] that has all the precious moments of BIGBANG will be available for advance bookings from 14 May 2012. There will be photos for you to take a glimpse of the collection at a later date.

Don’t miss the BIGBANG’s very first photograph collection!

♦ BIGBANG’s 1st PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION [Extraordinary 20's] Release ♦

▶ Advance Booking Dates:
14 May 2012 (Mon) ~ 5 June 2012 (Tues)

▶ Bookings available at:
YG e-shop and all online / offline music stores

▶ Released Date:
6 June 2012 (Wed)

*The item that will be sold in Japan is not a photograph collection but just the making of [Extraordinary 20's].

▶ Price: will be announced later

▶ Components: (Photo collection + Close up book + Mini stand card + Serial Number Card)

*The details of the product and the releasing date are subjected to change in the process of producing.

*More details of the collection will be noticed later.

You wouldn’t want to miss this [Extraordinary 20’s] which contains all of the various aspects of BIGBANG in high quality!! We appreciate your interest and support!

Thank you.

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  • xxxlolxxx

    I WANT IT!!!!!!!

  • Anni_BB

    "Hello, this is YG Entertainment."

    well, hello YG Entertainment, here to take more of my money?

    "There will be an official release of BIGBANG’s 1st Photograph Collection, the [Extraordinary 20’s]."

    O_O yes you are!!!!

    "BIGBANG members personally participated in designing of the shots"

    Exciting!!!!!! Wohooooo

    "We appreciate your interest"

    Understatement of the week! I feel more than interest right now!!! Wow, I want them, I need them, I gotta have them!!!!!!

  • Jasmine 思敏

    OH.MY.GOD. Why does YG Papa release all the awesome things at ONE go?!! I just ordered YG FAMILY CONCERT DVD! I'm still waiting for the world tour concert tickets to be out!


  • kilaBB


  • linunrata

    Papa YG wants me to have a big hole in my pocket!

  • bigbangfanUS

    I want to buy it!! Waiting for the release date...

  • JIA

    I didn't even have money for YG family concert DVD,and this is coming out? Damn it.I have to marry someone rich,fast.

  • BB4ever

    I'm broke now!!!!!

  • mizskullzzz

    wow 1st photography collection of BIGBANG???
    this is a must-buy item for me >_<

  • dodo18

    lmao yg really sucking money from fans anway , i'm more intersted in tour dates or the boys solos album

  • gdalyng

    Bigbang shake, bigbang photograph, what more to come? come on bring it on. lol xb

  •!/Ar_PrimaW viptodae

    ok. not be a problem if papa YG spend it all.. But, what about my wallet? my money? if I could, one day you hand them out for free? or at least a discount maybe? Oh DAMN, I really want it all.. Oh MAN!

  • Tamara Tran

    Yep, just shut up and take my money YG.
    I won't be living in a house by the time I'm 30, I'll be living in a tent full of Big Bang items that I've bought over the years. 
    No problem with that. 

  • lovedust

    Oh good bye money! I 'twas nice seeing you... seriously. YG, y u no let me save any money for Malaysia....

  • BB forever

    I need a lots of money money money$$$$$$$$

  • jyg

    YG you meanie. i hv to buy yg family concert dvd now this? T___T dont tell me tomorrow they'll announce big show 2012 dvd release cause i hv to tap that thing.
    anyone kind enough to upload the yg concert dvd? for poor person like me? consider it as a charity.

  • Dessynatalita

    anyone here knows how to order..? i dont understand Korean, and im from Jakarta?

  • Love_RiRi

    Ohh i want!!

  • *HUG*cactus

    really MUST buy item

  • YenGDragon_

    I WANT IT!!!!! :D


    i want it like so badllllyyyyy!

  • maii lee


  • Niloofar

    YG thinks all fans are rich!!

  • Lexx

    Shall I just have my bank direct deposit my check to YG then? Seriously, all money goes to YG, oye.... Oh wellz... Totally worth it!! :D

  • LingZRaa

    I just wish there is no something called "MONEY" in this world .. oh man .. TT

  • Kristine Tan

    WILL BUY. Don't care about bankruptcy

  • pary16

    if its under $20 i might be able to buy

  • MrsKwon4Sho

    Lol they didn't go to England they went to Ireland...
    Get your facts straight, YG.  Know where the heck your biggest idol group traveled and received an award... ;D

    • Guest

       They stayed in London (like a day or 2?) before heading to Belfast though. That's where they might had the photo shoot.

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    Def, I'm gonna buy it!  but I have to give up buying one thing to get the Documentary and this one T_T
    and oh my, I don't want to think about what's next, BigShow DVD, solo albums *Sobs*

  • mek0

    finally, i was hoping they would do something like this soon. as a vip and also a huge fan of hong jang hyun, who shot most of bigbangs photoshoots, this is definitely a must-have for me. 

  • Chachachan18

    OMG I. WANT. THIS. >.<

  • Genevieve A. Poso

    waaah! wanna get hold of this! :D

  • Lim Yi Jern

    YG has a way to make people throw their money on him. Their marketing team must be the best team out there. 

  • Sayuri

    (What's on VIPs mind right now)Dear YG,VIPs are gonna be seriously broke.....Please stop releasing so many Fantastic goods all at once~! Its not like you are short of money.....First, YG Family Concert DVD...then now, BIGBANG’s 1st PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION...What's next~??People are trying to save money for the world tour dammit~! ARGH~! Gotta have them all.... If only I could~ T^TMoney ahh~ Where are you when I need euu the most~??! TAT

    Am I right~?? Cuz dats wat im thinking right nw..... XP

  • 선명한

    all about money money money . AHAHAHA ! 

  • mskl88

    why are they doing this to us? I am saving for the alive tour but then they show us this?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY~

  • Literati Tempo

    Anyone have any updates on this. I don't see a place to pre-order this anywhere. 

  • Literati Tempo

    Has anyone heard anything about this yet. hoping it's less than the Japanese 80 buck version.... which I still want

  • rumz

    Must Buy thiz. But i also must buy ticket for bigbang Alive tour. Ah Michigetta! TT.TT
    I really need much money this year

  • Hannah Baby

    Is this PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION [Extraordinary 20's] released in Korea just about photo book only, and doesn't include DOCUMENTARY DVD like Japanese release? So they are totally different. Am I right? 

  • ♛ Cheyenne ♛

    This isn't up for sale yet right?