Big Bang on "MTV World Stage" [VIDEO]

Shared by on May 5, 2012  

Part 2 dailymotion link here.

Source:  @YT and kimint@dailymotion

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  • GHETTO leggo

    need PART 2 ! ! ! DYINGGGGGG 

    • VIP4Daesung

       The link to part 2 is below the first video :)

  • gdalyng

    omo thanx for sharing! ;)

  • FFrida

    Mexico :´)

  • Lindsay D

    I like the introduction <3

  • gg

    I got very emotional watching this. Esp when they showed clips of Big Show 2010/2011. They showed a bit of 'Fool'!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!! The narrator also said many good points about Big Bang and MTV did their research well. (Like how Alive peaked at #5 on the US iTunes Albums Chart, NOT #7 like how other sources keep saying; and how Alive had FOUR top FIVE tracks; etc :].)

    I hope that all this attention from MTV (EMAs, Italy's TRL Awards, and now MTV World Stage) means that Big Bang will be invited to perform at the 2012 EMAs, or that they'll be nominated for another category....! (I can hope!)

    But I'm still so pissed with MTV USA. How can the US, out of 160 countries, NOT air this???? Aren't we supposed to be one of the biggest builders of cultural bridges...??? Ugh. Whatever. Just gonna focus on the fact that this was shown all over the world and that so many VIPs got to watch Big Bang on their TVs for the first time ever. So happy for you guys :').

    • TeyD

      so they show Fool too? I really like that song, but after i checked mtv only show abit. T_T

      • GGerda

        Russia not air it too((((

    • Munchi1020

      Hopefully they will air it on paladia cause
      That is where they air all the mtv world stage shows in the US.
      (crossing fingers)

      • gg

        Yea I learned about that last night. Too bad palladiatv is not part of my cable package ;_________;. But for those in the US who do have it, I hope they air it soon! Big Bang's episode is nowhere in there channel's schedule -.-

  • silversnowvip

    Kings of Music.........go our boys.......<3

  • Ellie (엘리~)

    It aired in Germany as,dhfjklgdsj 

    our boys are really taking over the world T.T

    • yui

      I watched it too!!!!
      With my friend who is also a vip <3
      I wonder if viva will also upload it to their site....

  • YoungBi

    Ji Yong so cute :">~

  • EllySeeYa

    OMG i watch these performance so many times that i know every step they these boys sooooo much,nobody are like them.....NOBODY

  • DaeMing

    I was in the dental clinic having my braces adjusted when this suddenly showed up on their monitors... lmfao, I almost choked

  • Hinaya05

    So proud of them!! :')

  • nana

    Watched it on TV last night ;) 


    Now you know you're a VIP when this is not the first time you've seen those performances, lol BIGBANG is the best ever! I will do everything in my power to attend their world tour concert(s) in the US!

    GOAL: See BIGBANG live in concert! :D

  • Trinamarie_young

    Thank you a million times over. Kinda got teary eyed seeing all the yellow lanterns

  • linunrata

    " Leading the (K-pop) way is Big Bang....."
    BB's music was aired all around the world 

    So proud..incredibly proud !

  • Maroug25

    thanks alot...i couldnt watch here in the states but because of BBU i're the best :D

  • Sawda

    I watched it lastnite on MTV Sweden. I cannot explain how awesome it felt seeing them on My screen, My sisters and i were fan girling so hard LOL. I felt like a proud mama our boys are the best

  • Genevieve A. Poso

    got so emotional i literally went crying and group messaged my not-a-KPOP-liker friends to watch at their homes. Glad that they did tried to watch, now i recruited lots of VIPs here in one of the province of Philippines! :D I really loved how they featured Big Bang, Thank you MTV World Stage! :D Fighting!

  • cherrybomb

    I thought it was a bit... short ._. They showed a bit of everything and I thought they were gonna show the whole Alive concert :( 

  • Tonia Mitrea

    I'm so happy to see that Big Bang is everywhere these days!  So proud of them!



  • moderngal369

    i fell in love with them again.. and again.. and again..

  • Lisa

    That was awesome... thanks for sharing. I meant to watch it but got busy... so thanks a million!!!!

  • Sara Nicole Rieira


  • Sabrein Bryma

    thank so much 4 uploading these videos i been searching 4 it
    thank u ^^ :D

  • hinata19647


  • jigsaw_youth

    >///< Tabi's growling voice in Fantastic Baby. <3

    • Lindsay D

      and also in Hands Up <3

      • MJ

        yes in hands up his voice just too awesome..:)

  • Yiyoungbay

    I don't know why but I feel so emotional and proud of big bang. It feels so surreal that it's their time for the world to recognize them more and the freskin world tour!! I've been a fan since 2006 and dreamed of going to Korea for their concert, but now YG is bringing them to us?? Love love love! Please world, accept them with open arms

  • Mina

    I'm so happy it aired in Norway yesterday. I remember screaming when I saw them (with them I mean TOP). It was awesome! :D

  • ArLyie

    this part 2

  • Van Tran

    This seriously makes me feel so emotional. To know that they've worked so hard and that it's paying off~ I feel so proud right now <3

  • Baboo’

    I cry when i see on my tv:'D i can't believe :D oh thanks MTVla :D so beautiful, i never thought that be aired in mexico! 

  • Kheitaa

    I was screaming and dancing around like crazy while watching this on big screen in the living room. I still couldn't believe that there was BIGBANG in MY tv!!! So happy this was worldwide. Even we VIPs in Finland could enjoy it ~

  • aliceinreality

    It's so funny and endearing when Taeyang holds the mic out to the excited businessman during Tonight :)

  • H_alam43


  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    yes! I saw this last night in MTV with my mom and my sis, it was awesome!
    I saw some mistakes with the dates of some performances.

    here's full:

  • Anni_BB


    (my apologies, let's try this again)

    OMG ... I just saw BB .... on TV .... here .... in New Zealand!!! Wuaaaaaaa can't believe it!!!!!! What a perfect Sunday morning!!!!!

    And I just watched the 2010 Big Show the day before, so when they showed clips from it it was like deja vu! Awesome!!

    Was it supposed to be only 20 mins though? Still, the best 20mins on NZ TV ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • bigbangfanUS

    Aww, they should've shown Lies with the fanchant.. That's freaking epic. But even watching this I feel so proud. I hope many will turn to be a VIP after watching this.

  • JessicaSnow

    So proud and happy to be a VIP!! BIGBANG<3

  • mizskullzzz

    awesome perf as always...

  • aienassa_love

    I'm so proud of our boys :')
    DAEBAK !

  • qistinaBB

    AWESOME ! 


    when was this and where was this???

  • hananmz

    All of the awesomeness of our boys are here!!! Im sure there will be new VIPs born after the show!!! BIGBANG FOREVER!!!!

  • Parcelita Martínez Reding

    I was sooo excited watching it... it was good!! the only thing is that the quality of the video was terrible... dont you think??? but I am really greatful with MTV for giving them what they deserve! that all the world can see them like they are... a GREAT STARS and BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

  • Simone La

    omg i can't believe i missed seeing them on TV

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