Jessie J wants to collaborate with Big Bang? [VIDEO]

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Jessie J with BIGBANG at MTV EMA 2011:

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  • Adilla Zakaria

    good choice jess :)

  • xanneTOP

    omg!! make it happen Jessie! 

  • Khara Bage

    This is comical lol. I bet she'll remember when she sees them in their crazy little outfits!~

  • nu won

    wow, go jessie find our boys. you won't be disappointed :)

  • Samantha

    XD she's funny

  • AnnFarihan_빅뱅^^

    After Pixie, now Jessie :D

  • Avi Will

    I think MC knew what Jessie had in mind if she asked if they were Korean

    • Sev&GD

      then why she didn't say it and jessie j would have been like " oh yeah bigbang that's right" am i dreaming a little too much ^__^

      • spoiledee

        Maybe the MC is afraid she'll answer with a; "I don't know. Is that really the name. I'm not sure?"
        -Much more embarrassing 

        • Sally

          Nah i think its because the most famous and succesful boybands are from korea

  • Korea Lover ♥

    Why do I feel like she really wanted to say "BIG BANG" ? It's quite obvious right? xP ahaha ( I hope so ) ♥

  • Siti Nadhirah

    sweet, hahahaha your performance are amazing too^^ glad you love my boys.

    p/s: i went to her concert win the tix^^ im malaysian,,,,,,, if  iknow o would surely wear BIGBANG tshirt^^

  • Sev&GD

    ask he knows 2ne1 who knows bigbang ^^
    a little complicated but so much connection it's just a sign YG family is daebak. The best works with the best^^ I love jessie j she's awsome 

  • nursyafiqha

    bigbang daebak 1st pixie lott and now jessie j ..go big bang boom shakalaka2x.

  • Tako_jang55

    she mean Big Bang right????

    • Desy Paramitha Audita

      yep.. absolutely :)
      she said: there's a boyband, they are amazing that i met at the EMA..
      so it is absolutely Bigbang :D


         bigbang was the only boyband to go the EMA last year and were the only asians too

  • Maroug25

    I was like Bigbang Jessie Bigbang come on remember it..I hope the host would remind her the name...damnn..!!!!
    I went crazy wheni read the title..Jessie you knowem make it happen for real!!!

  • visaaa

    Jessie J & BIGBANG. dat wud be INSANE~

  • nomidiaRO

    i fuckiing love her and her songs i wish seeing her collaborate with our boys <3

  • bigbangfosho

    Wow fantastic baby. I would LOVE it if this happened! we can do it~~

  • ShahirahAR

    Lol a part of me tells me that BIG BANG is the only Asian act she knows. Haha. But oh well! Make it happen Jessie! Pixie has got 2/5 of them! You take all 5!! =D

  • krty

    ah ha,now VIPs are tweeting jessie BIGBANG!!!!!

  • aightt!!

    i think the MC want to say BIGBANG but she afraid that she was wrong and just keep silent...

    • spoiledee

      I think so too. She didn't know BB is the only asian there

  • Aa_BB

    asian boy band + AMAZING + with a few members only + at the EMA's!!!!...there was actually only one asian representative that attended that event,,,and its BIGBANG!!!..OFCOURSE!!!! wowowoww!!!,,,its really nice for jessie j to really think about it that hard on tv,,and trying to give lots of description to remember the name f our boys!!!mwahh jessie!!

  • btkwon

    I can just imagine Seungri squealing right now. Lol. 

    APPA YG, contact Jessie! Ppalllliiiiiii! 

  • dodo18

    i think they are the only asian act she knows but if they did she is quite good

  • Kalvin Morales

    it is definitely BIGBANG!!! will please somebody tell Jessie J. that it is BIGBANG so they could make a perfect song! ^^

  • Shakira-키라-♡


  • Malida Magista

    she forget BB name -___- so i dont think she really want to collaborate,, maybe just for answer the question.. maybe 

  • VIP501

    Big Bang are already receiving attention from British artists, they should debut here already and stop making me wait XD

  • Ellie (엘리~)


  • VIP501

    This is her twitter, VIPs lets remind her of Big Bang!/jessiejofficial :)

    • theyellowsky33

      omg don't

      • VIP501

        I meant it in a nice way.....I dunno, I dont think a lot of ppl will actually tweet to her though ;)

    • GGerda

      lets not do it(( she remember somthing and end...

  • Guest

    Looks like Big Bang isn't lying about their height...Jessie J is 174-175 cm and Seungri and GD are definitely a few cm taller than her.

  • Tamara Tran

    Oh wow, she's so eccentric, it'd be spectacular if she worked with the guys! ^.^

  • Guest

    This needs to happen...I'll even take just GD&Top collaborating with her a la Price Tag featuring B.o.B. Hopefully the Pixie Lott collaboration will jog her memory once the song gets released worldwide. People can say what they want about GD&Top but they are anything but forgettable.

  • spoiledee

    I just tweeted her :)

  • i_am_ai

    omg jessie...u've nakedly snap a picture with bigbang,yet cant remember their name? jeez...

  • tshidi

    Gotta say, I saw this coming...

  • Priscila Morais

    OMG Jessie&Big Bang? *_*


    YAY! another celebrity recognizing my boys!! It would be one amazing collaboration, but I doubt it would happen. At least not this year.... lol I miss their normal hair... I wish everyone would go back to the hairstyle in these pictures except Seungri. I like his hair now. It makes him looks so very sexy and mature! :)

  • JasmineAnastasia

    Jessie J with BIGBANG can you say amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Camelle Demonteverde

    who doesn't love bigbang !! :)  

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    try to remember their name the next time ok? :)

  • BigBangIsFly

    This is AHMAZING!!! I love Jessie J!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!! The collab is unlikely but it would be super awesome if they did. Omg if BB and Jessie J collaborated I wonder how the sound would be....Ughh

  • Gillionaire

    I totally think she meant BB. I wasn't sure at first when I first heard it, but if they collabed with her, i honestly think that it COULD be a potential hit. I think that if the boys collab with an international artist that's well received in multiple areas, they'll have a better chance of breaking into the US market. I think that BB has the potential to appeal to more groups and won't be another repeat of what happened to Se7en when he tried. 

  • Jomi25

    This made me soooooo happy! I was seriously squealing when she hinted at them. I love Jessie J and I love Big Bang. Them collaborating would be hcfkshfaslz AWESOME! My favorite singer & favorite boy group, singing together! I hope it will really push through. <3

  • Ask_me_to_be

    omg i would love that to happen <3
    i love both Big bang and Jessie J
    dooooo ittttt <3

  • Akane Kaulitz

    i would like to heard the result very soon.. will sound nice i think. well if they are the ones she wants to collaborate to.. 

  • Annie Khazalia

    how could you forget the name od BIGBANG Jessie????? *___*

  • Lizet Alvarado

    she got excited when thinking about big bang!!!

  • Anna Z

    YAY Jessie J collaborate with BIGBANG! love them both!!!

  • Dev


  • Anna Z

    awwh HOW CAN ONE FORGET BIGBANG'S name??!! but Jessie J's so busy, we can forgive her :D

  • Anjali Jaitly
    • Ana Suhana

      thanks! voted! vote for them hourly.

  • Angel♥Sol

    she even didn't remember our BIGBANG's name

  • choomseukaaa

    Jessie, make it happen!!

  • K_untiepon247g

    I know she tried to say BIGBANG

  • lisaVIP

    lol she probably couldn't recognize them now;

    with Daesung's cool blond hair, Taeyang doesn't have that blond tips anymore and he grew it taller, Seungri got a sexy cut, GD rocking rainbow seaweed, and TOP's blue ice cream hair......BUT she will definitely REMEMBER them the NEXT time around lmao

  • Dayana Anwar

    how crazy can she be to not remember Big Bang????

  • Ana Suhana

    unlike us, jessie j wasn't a diehard fan of bigbang. she didn't even know them pre-EMA 2011. so of course, it's normal that she didn't remember Bigbang by name. but the fact that she knows those "5 amazing asian boys that she met at EMA and would like to collaborate with them" was fair enough. it was her pathway of knowing and loving bigbang in 2012 - she'll eventually become a VIP and remember their names by heart. we'll jsut wait and see :) btw, i saw pixie lott liking our boys on her fanpage. wow, fantastic baby! :D 

  • smileyme14

    Woohoo.... another British singer to make a collab with BB Boys! Hooray....
    Guess the boys' winning in EMA's made a huge impact on them!
    Makes me want the boys to win in MTV Italia.... i'm so gonna vote like crazy, wanna show the world VIPs are just "The Best Fan" ^_^v

  • Eyma


  • OctoberBB

    Jessie J: there's a boy band..they are amazing that i met at the EMA ...BIGBANG!!!!!!!!! <3<3

  • Vh3n ^_^

    omg! he can't remember BIGBANG. Jessie it's bigbang. even the interview does not know haha! Anyway I love Jessie, i hope collab will really happen

  • Daedaepanda

    big bang! 


  • J.E.P.A.H

    of course it's BIGBANG..i mean like there is none other Asian boyband that attend MTVEMA except BIGBANG~kkkk


    someone should tell Jessie J,that amazing asian boy band on EMA u wanna collab with is BIGBANG!make it happen jessie j!

  • Summer Fitzgerald

    ZOMG. It's definitely BIG BANG. They are the only Asian artist who went to MTV EMA. Come on Jessie J. Make it happen...!! 

  • Kaye L. Cruz

    nice jessie j....!!!:)

  • gdalyng

    oh my Lord, please make it happen;)

  • Caspareh

    she probably said that just because it was the only asian group she knew xD

  • petrapinas




  • ☆ashihana☆ εїз ツ

    go for it jess!!

  • Aquaclub15

    GD in that pic lol<3

  •!/elanieyzww blackvip

    "there is a boy band that are amazing that i met at the EMA"

    of course Jessie, THEY ARE AMAZING, if they dont, why we're here?! daaa~
    btw Jess, you just made a brilliant choice
    but how could you forgot their name?? its BIGBANG !

    as a fan, i still impressed of the boys, they're not performed but hey Jessie said our boys are amazing.
    im proud to be a VIP ^______^

  • Jinky

     who else must it be.. she mentioned EMA and the MC asked if they are korean and she replied with, "i think so". it is obviously bigbang.. i hope that they really collaborate. with gd and top's rap in her song, that will sound great.