Soul by Ludacris Spring Event [PHOTOS]

Shared by on April 16, 2012  

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  • love riri

    i love seungri hair here....

    • little_mai

       like Seungska <3

  • NanananaB

    I want it!!! So hard!! :(

    • Noona1227

      That's what she said ;)

      sorry. I couldn't help it...

  • luvBae

    wow baby Bae, so cool :-*********

  • GBOM Jjang

    where is Daesungie??
    because Dae didnt sign a contract with Soul last year due to his hiatus or what??

    • Ann

      I also don't get it because I remember they released other adverts after his hiatus where they did phtotoshop and include him since he came back so it meant that he is taking part of the promotion as well. Plus it's a contract with bigbang so daesung should now be included, guess they were lazy or didn't pay much attention... Daesung <3333

  • Gillionaire

    Oh, I can't wait until they release individual promo's for this so I can play with them in photoshop <3

  • Trisha Recio

    why isn't there any daesung stuff....? :(

  • Sailormoon200599

    Where is Dae, Many time I can't see him with you guys together? Where is mah Dae?

  • Korea Lover ♥

    It's missing Daesung here >.<

  • aniway

    why must it be iphone?
    why can't be other phone?


    • yui

      Ikr D: Not even for Samsung S2 TTTTTTTTT
      Why can't they do it like Gmarket?

    • bigbang13807

      because somehow iphone is THE phone lol
      but agree, at least they could make it for the samsung galaxy 2

    • Malak

      I have an IPhone but they don't cell it here! T^T

  • Anni_BB

    I would like to order the headphones on the left with the blue, and the cute guy in the middle with the beanie please! <3

  • Anna Z

    awwhh.. where's Daesung? Without Daesung, BIGBANG will just be 80% BIGBANG...... I totally want those headphones!!!! >.<

    • Mohammed

      NOPe without daesung or any of them big bang does not exist

      no 8o ro 60% its all or its not big bang

    • Sailormoon200599

       No, not Bigbang anymore. Bigbang must have enought 5 members they are, must be GD, T.O.P, Dae, Tae, Ri and no one else

  • maggiestrange

    What has been done to TOP's hair? o.o Silver hair suits him, but blonde? :P

    Daesungie, where are you? :c Loving Seungri's fluffy hair, though.


    Blondie TOP, only for a short while but gives off a really BIG impression...;)

  • SeuиgRi (México)

    SeungRi so sexy & HOT with that Hair Style...^^
    Dae is Missing...BIGBANG isn't the same...>//<

  • Cghjk

    why cant they make one for ipod? i dont have a freaking iphone! >_<

  • JIA

    Anyone here want to buy me the GD case.NO? I though VIPS are family..HAHA.JK.JK.seriously though..

  • ♛Adriana 아드리아나♛

    awww Seungri's hair *sighs*
    no iphone so :(

  • myadlito

    i don't have iphone.. =(

    • VIP_BIGBANG1987

      me too.hihi.but we have BIGBANG AND VIPS, ALL RIGHT.

  • aliceinreality

    Why is "n" coloured pink? Sorry, graphic design nerd here.

  • avissa

    Top looks like an elf with that hair..:)

    • Anni_BB

       from Lord of the Rings, right? hehe Only he's the Lord of sexy voice and eyes! lol

  • Dark

    Blond TOP.  *____*

    Why you so hot Tabi? <333

    I think it applies to S2 too as stated on their website. I really hope so, At least. ._.

  • Shine_a_light_GD

    GD, I Love You so much ...

  • Ann_labor02

    young bae!!

  • dodo18

    where is my daesung ? 

  • EllySeeYa

    TOP why are you so damn handsom......why........

  • midori

    daesung? :(

  • bigbang13807

    want to have tae case >_< how much does one cost ? there is no price given  hmm

  • MichelleGoh

    Is there any link to buy this item? 

  • Tamara Tran

    OH woah, I have an iPhone 4S but.... 
    There's no individual Dae in these.

    So I'm a little heartbroken and torn ;_;

  • anne2big

    where the hell is my sexy hot cute Daesung!!

  • Key Love

    please vote for bigbang now vip 

  • jyanwong

    i want it! how much!?

  • jiyong180888

    I WAN THISSSSS !!!!! 

  • BigBangIsFly

    I like Seungri's hair better like this. <3 


    daesung </3

  • Summer Fitzgerald

    Blond hair's Tabi. I prefer the silver hair but any color will do for him. Where's Dae?

  • Hidden Words

    They should have one for Daesung too .

  • Adlyns J. Ninethieyfours

    i want it !!

  • tran to nguyen